Stephen Stills - Different Man Lyrics

I am a different man
Than you've ever seen me be
I got young though I'm older now
Fear and anger have no power over me

Dug a hole and i did fall in
There I stayed for a while
Who done told to be my saviour
In their pity they done lost all sense of me

Nothing really matters but the love that's in my heart
Long tall sally's standing by me
Many are the friends I have been loyal to a fault
Who have known all along
That there ain't too much good we've done
Feeling shameful for too long
And you ain't bad but you went wrong
We all are sinners
The lord forgives us every one
God forgive every one

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Stephen Stills Different Man Comments
  1. hugo richards

    sh** a credo from pap

  2. hugo richards

    a cfedo from my pap

  3. hugo richards

    top shelf folky-couintry

  4. sandra sword

    awesome stephen

  5. FungusWhisperer

    Coool tune, thanks for posting. What a groove too, hearing Stills - still awesome after all these years. A living legend, worthy of World Heritage Treasure status. To my ear, this tune so strong, mighta almost graced O BRO WHERE ARE THOU.  Guy sure knows how to tap some rich veins, stand & deliver. Like this 24 carat nugget of post-gospel gold. Thank you Mr Stills for bequeathing your musical legacy to a grateful world, posterity permanently enriched by your gifts