Stephen Stills - Bluebird Revisited Lyrics

The pain of losing you well it made me an angry man
Was there something else that I could do? or was it over?
Had I the chance?

So I listened once again to my bluebird sing
Oh yes and children how she made the mountains ring
Now when hearts be stilled that gentle voice is spring
Oh my precious my soul says to my blue eyed sparrow
Come back, come back. I can peal away the cages
Come back, come back. I can put away the rages
Come back, come back. Can we turn the next page together?

Listen to my bluebird laugh she can tell you why
Deep within her heart you see she knows only cryin'
There she sits aloft at perch strangest color blue
Flying is forgotten now thinks only of you

Get into all those blues must be a thousand years
And each is differently used you just know
You sit there mesmerized by the depth of her eyes
I can tell you no lies
She's got soul, she's got soul she's got soul, she's got soul
She's got soul

Soon she's goin' to fly away sadness is her own
Give herself a bath of tears and go home
So I listened once again to my bluebird sing
Oh yes and children how she made the mountains ring
Now when hearts be stilled that voice is spring
Oh my precious my soul says to my blue eyed sparrow
Fly back home, fly back home, fly back home

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Stephen Stills Bluebird Revisited Comments
  1. Roger Smith


  2. scompy

    my sweet soul sister~

  3. Tom Jones

    By the way this is from Stephen Stills 2 not Illegal Stills...

  4. Tom Jones

    This is another Majestic Song by Stephen Stills...... Stills is also a Very Underrated Guitarist and Songwriter and Vocalist. As only Stephen Stills can make a Story and Song come Alive with his Lyrics and Guitar Riffs ...
    One of my all time favorites.....
    Stills has been with many other
    Great Musicians as well through the years dating back to 1964.....
    To Buffalo Springfield in 1966 and the first Buffalo Springfield Release in 1967..... Solo, Jimi Hendrix, Super Sessions with Al Cooper and Michael Bloomfield, CSNY, Manassas, to Stills/ Young band .... And the list goes on and on and on.....

  5. Brad Stracener

    The first bridge, well along in the song, is ingenious—characteristic of Suite and the man, Stills, himself.

  6. Andrew Masset

    Both versions great...BSA was my favorite one tho'...

  7. Tim Carter

    Never heard of this song until today----didn't miss anything.

  8. peter worsley

    This man is unbelievable in his compositions and musical management of instruments and harmonies..
    never ending pleasure in the listening .Thank you Stephen in creating many many unforgettable moments
    in my life ..

  9. Simonette Simonette

    that guitarsolo.............mmmmmm Devine

  10. Greg Thacher

    Just a great song, takes me back.

  11. Mark Chacon

    forget the depression the horns🎷🎸🎺🎤🎷😎♍usic will kick you out of that low~spot Eric Clapton on axe 2🎸🎸🇬🇧🇺🇸✌

  12. Peter Fusco

    Wow, you're killing me Stephen! What a great song.

  13. randall scott burress

    Been hung in between Clinton Tn and Jacksonville Fl? for so many tears now?

  14. Jim Robbins

    One of my most loved concerts of all time. He and the gang played every song off of the LP and this song brought down the house!!! Wayne Jackson blew the doors offa the joint with that incredible trumpet solo and Nils Lofgren was the perfect choice for lead guitar.

  15. trfesok

    In my Stills playlist with the original BS version and their unedited 9 minute version. Thanks for the upload!

  16. 712dal

    This song is all over the place....maybe that's why I like it 😝

  17. Gus classic rock channel

    Boy all the memories this brings back all at once! big time like my friend!
    And BTW GREAT trumpet solo I agree with Marty here : )(also Stills lead solo taking us to the end of the song and beyond, just too much : )

  18. john cummins

    she got soul

  19. Julia Goldsmith

    I was known as someones bluebird a long time ago - this was 'our song' along with Clapton 'Wonderful tonight'

  20. lovegeorge&bob4ever

    One of the GREATEST SONGS EVER! I love Stephen Stills!

    randall scott burress

    I was just thinking johnny knoxville was probably from knoxville tn . bu he was a jack-ass/

  21. DPB1947

    One of the best all-time songs. So many elements here, blended so well. Listen to Curtis Mayfield's "Move On Up" for a similar blend of musical elements.

  22. Marty Lemons

    One of the greatest rock trumpet solos ever, thanks for sharing this with us

  23. Greg Carrier

    Good tune, but it's on Stephen Stills 2, not Illegal Stills, as the graphic would suggest.

    Paul Coles

    Yes i've still got the vinyl and it is.

  24. Robert Wright

    man, he was smitten with collins

    Motorhome mick

    Robert Wright ..that was his mistake ..letting her know it.then they treat you like crap!treat em mean keep em keen

  25. trfesok

    @halt2045: The track where Eric Clapton performs on this album is "Marianne", I think. He definitely performed on "Go Back Home", from Steve's first album.
    This version sounds like a cross between Steve and Van Morrison! Thanks for the upload!


    Clapton is on this track, too (according to original vinyl liner notes)

  26. MrDoobie28

    @ L'Aquitaine
    come back come back xx

  27. Dominantcarnivore

    Incorrect, the lead guitar at the end is Stephen Stills himself.

  28. halt2045

    The guitar lead at the end of this song is performed by none other than Eric Clapton.


    And it is beautiful

  29. oobopshbam81

    I just think it's a nice chorus... are you ok?

  30. putte2006

    I have uploaded a live version from 1969 of this song on my channel if anyone wants to listen :)

  31. Gus classic rock channel

    One of the best songs of his second album LOVE this great song
    Thx for the upload

  32. Jonathan Wyman

    The Memphis Horns amazingly sweet. This is a cross cultural wonder.

  33. MrDoobie28

    Been looking for this for absolutely ages .
    However, it was not from 'Illegal Stills'.
    It was the last track on side 2 from the album 'Stephen Stills 2'.
    Anyway, I am just glad it is here and have sent it to a silly bird in France
    so thanks merci to stevenleeita for uploading from Windsor U.K.

  34. oobopshbam81

    Still a great song though.

  35. oobopshbam81

    I love this song, up until the end bit, such a shame, I'd be happy just for that slower chorus to just go round and round.

    Brad Stracener

    Conversely, I would say the trumpet solo at the end is the icing on the cake. Superb. But I also like that chorus of which you speak. A pleasant conundrum, huh?

  36. Josh Sury

    Very great and (mostly) underrated tune. The horns and especially the blues riffs at the end are killer.

  37. Lockhart Guide Service

    Thank you for posting this