Stephen Stills - Around Us Lyrics

Any more when I think of you
There is no separating me and you
We got a whole lot of work in there
And between us there's one heart beating

Cos of your sweet love
Cos of love and devotion
We see clearly now
We can see clearly over the horizon
Ain't no dream too high
Ain't no dream out of touch
Anywhere around us
Anywhere around us, anywhere
Anywhere around us, anywhere

Takes my breath looking at you now
Girl don't you light up a room anyhow
The most fortunate man alive
Has to be me with you by my side

Cos of your sweet love
Cos of love and devotion
We see clearly now
We can see clearly over the horizon
Ain't no dream too high
Ain't no dream out of touch
Anywhere around us
Anywhere around us, anywhere
Anywhere around us

Just between us
People keep telling us
Entirely too curious
Too much to say about what we are doing
Prob'ly jealous baby
Don't let 'em come between us
Don't let 'em come between us baby
Come between us

Every time that we are apart
Time you're away
More than a couple of days
Been a start
Give it up
Pining away for you
Missing your love
Girl I ain't lost I'm just missing you

Cos of your sweet love
Cos of love and devotion
We see clearly now
We can see clearly over the horizon
Ain't no dream too high
Ain't no dream out of touch
Anywhere around us
Anywhere around us
Anywhere around us, anywhere
Anywhere around us
Anywhere around us

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Stephen Stills Around Us Comments
  1. Marty Jansing

    Trying to remember who all was in the Choir, Cass, Elliot, Claudia Rainer, I think I remember Bonnie Bramlett and maybe Rita Collage. Any help out there?

  2. Atom Aunt

    Ringo Starr wrote this smash hit song for Stephen Stills.

    Grahame Woods

    Ringo plays drums a solid as a rock (as per usual) but sadly he did not write it

    Maureen Horrigan

    no he didn't. But Ringo was on the drums

  3. ddjdd wfgggb

    this song is very poignant what hes singing about is still very fitting today ringo also nailed it

  4. lovegeorge&bob4ever

    What a GREAT song. I love Stephen Stills!

  5. S Morgan Mc Lane

    all are strangers. all are friends. all are brothers! let the music speak ! Amen! I have the original vinyl

  6. Christopher Gilbert

    Cass Elliot backing!

  7. Ichabod Heranow

    This song is neither for right or left wingers. Its basic message is that precisely because each of us is a unique individual, for that very reason we can all be friends and brothers/sister/... both right and left forget that each one's uniqueness is precisely why each of us can find beauty, wonder and love in each other. (If each of us learns how to see that rather than fear of what is different).

    Becky Peterson

    Exactly! All the name calling, hostility, anger does nothing but make the person spewing it sound worse than the people you are angry at. I voted for Obama and believe he was amazing, doing much for our country even though he had to fight the Republicans at every turn. I understand being overwhelmed with anger, fear with the person who is now the President, I'm hoping he doesn't start WW3. My problem is the language used doesn't help because people don't "listen" to it. We learned that back when I was protesting the Vietnam war. Obama would never speak in public calling those who don't agree with him fuckers, etc. Trump is using language to bully & sounds like a child having a temper tantrum. Shouldn't we be better than that?
    Well said Ichabod Heranow! We should celebrate the differences, it would be incredibly boring if we were all the same! Love "trumps" hate. *I couldn't resist!


    Oh, how misinformed you are, Becky. Hopefully, you've gotten smarter over the last ten months. It's the liberal trash who want WW3, just so they could be proven right about Trump and Putin. The left has effectively killed itself and any chance it has at winning the Presidency in the near future.


    The deluded can find what they think is support for their noxious ignorant beliefs and under-developed ethics and consciousness even in art that is trying to get them to open their eyes. This song speaks to the need for change, growth and progress, as progressive liberals work for. It is speaking to the conservatives who are so blindly desperately afraid of change that they espouse hate and violence for the purpose of resisting the change that will lead us to peace and true freedom for all, not just for some. If you don't allow people who don't share your religious and spiritual beliefs to be themselves then you have missed the point of this song and you are one of the blind people that Stills is singing about.

    "This is what has made our nation free
    For life is change
    And only blind men cannot see
    The new order is upon us now
    It is the children
    They have the wisdom to be free
    All are strangers, all are friends
    All are brothers"

  8. Glen Cummings

    This song has more meaning now than it did then. Most artists highlight the faults and hypocrisy of our political leaders. But where is the artist who can make us understand that beneath our divisions lies a bedrock of strength? That strength was founded on the blood, sweat and tears of a profoundly diverse group of people: founding fathers, farmers, immigrants, slaves ripped from their homeland, industrial workers, war heroes, civil rights leaders and the list goes on. Indeed the phrase, "... what lies between us it can be set aside and ended" holds true today, but few are listening.

  9. Sharon Mc

    This is my song. Children of the effort just ride on.

  10. Rev Eddro

    killa solo album

  11. James Clay

    Ringo does a nice job anchoring this song.

  12. Peter Gerstenzang

    Right Wingers. I suppose you are allowed to listen to music. But you should take your Fox-Addled opinions to the next Klan meeting. Obama was born in the USA. But even if he wasn't, he's brainy and compassionate and fixed a whole bunch of messes that W. created. If that's what a 'foreigner' can do? Bring on the foreigners!

    Gary Oliver

    Right wingers talk all the same trash...


    Peter, you're part of the reason why this country has become so against illegals and elected a game-changer like Trump. If you die in a home invasion, I hope it's by the hand of one of the foreigners you love so much. You worthless, globalist trash.

    Jeff Dunford

    CooMan Tunes - you're a pathetic worthless idiot - trash is too good a word for you

    Roger Gros

    you're an idiot.

    Keith Mayfield

    Smoke another bowl brah.

  13. Hugh Terry

    Excellent riposte to old Shakey..!

  14. Gus classic rock channel

    I just can't write while hearing some great songs, so I better put this one on pause LOL, Hey Ross! big time point you got here man! Of course he should have his own R&Roll HOF place I mean a great writer, instrumentalist plus all his great albums/songs? Totally agree lets hope some day soon he can have that place (I'm not sure what he thinks about it but he must)
    Thx and it's nice keep finding ourselves here, besides the comments Rock and Thx to @degree7, Later!!

  15. Gus classic rock channel

    Ross? is it you? LOL Thank you man! Is real nice meeting you here in this great song comments. Love the song, love the man and you bet he's one true rock Icon for the ages! Thx, take care and see you soon, Gus ☼
    PS Thx for the upload (again :D)

  16. Peter Gerstenzang

    If you tried for thirty years, every day, you couldn't be more ignorant. Fucking Zombies like you, Birthers, don't deserve to listen to an album this beautiful. You think Stills agrees with you, you brainless maggot? You couldn't think for yourself, if someone was about to throw you, handcuffed, into the river.

    Becky Peterson

    I think that Stephen would be disgusted with all the negative comments. It's hard to make a point while spewing hate. I'm sorry but ya'll don't seem to get it.

  17. Bruce Collier

    A youngster's altruistic vision for America in the late 1960's. Forty three years ago,
    Still believing in the Constitution of the United States of America.
    Now?...we have a president that did not grow up in the US.
    He does not share the values of our constitution. We have a Harvard scholar with his own agenda.
    Live well and love your children my fellow Americans. Wave farewell to the world as you know it...

    Matt Thrun-Nowicki

    Stop adulterating this music with your inane political commentary, especially when it's the polar opposite of the writer's intended message. What's next- go to a YouTube page for "This Land is Your Land" and lament about the lack of tax cuts for Fortune 500 companies?

    Becky Peterson

    wow, I guess you didn't know Hawaii is a state!!! We need this song more now than 3 yrs. ago, sad to say.

    Becky Peterson

    I hate to tell you but there are people who complained about the song. Many of us have said we would like a song like Woody's to be our National Anthem instead of a song about war. It's sad that there are so many people who still carry so much prejudice, fear/hate in their hearts. Exactly what Stephen Stills is saying in this incredible song.

    Ellen Carey

    HHAAA !! This one has really not aged so well huh Bruce?

  18. resh samech

    I had this album on 8 track in the 70's. One of the very few 8 tracks I had. Great song.

  19. jamjax

    We Are Not Helpless > America's Children. Love these little ambiguous Stills medleys. He's got a ton of them.

  20. Glenn Quagmire

    Children of hell's angels say ride on. xD

  21. Ape Urson

    Bought the album when it first came out, loved it then and still do. Good days. I was shocked at the low number of views here, such a wonderful song...

  22. christine hart

    less than 300 views on this song? omg...

  23. Gus classic rock channel

    Here Stills shows how great a musician, composer he is, just the best
    Thx again

  24. Gus classic rock channel

    This is real solid gold such a great song
    T up
    Thx for the upload