Stephen Stills - Amazonia Lyrics

From the heart of Amazonia
Comes the very air we breathe
But the people there are poor
Can't see the forest for the trees
In the time it takes to sing this song
Another acre's gone
Gotta save the Amazonia
Before all of it is gone

With so many people hungry
All those children there to feed
No use blaming the Sinterras
They've got families
Finding other ways to prosper
Realize the damage done
Educate them with an answer
And take care of everyone
In Amazonia

Simple answers are much harder
To accomplish than the rest
And there's always someone getting hurt
When you have to do what's best
So put your imagination
And your shoulder to the task
Save the rain forest from ourselves
There's no more we can ask
Of Amazonia

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Stephen Stills Amazonia Comments
  1. Nita Morrison

    So relevant today now that the fires are out of control!

  2. kwaichangshane

    My favorite song off this particular album.

  3. Jaclyn Watkins-Mcknight

    Wasn't he wonderful Stills is!! He is so handsome then and now


    Amen dear heart...amen!!!! hugs and prayers for you!!!