Stephen Speaks - Feet Wet Lyrics

Standing at the water's edge, I feel a trembling fear
As the waves crash 'round my ankles feel the thunder in my ear
I see the change is coming, the wind is at my back
But doubt overtakes me and my eyes turn to black
My past lurks behind me, keeping me on guard
I don't want to chance it, these steps are just too hard
I know He's behind me but what can I do
I'm frail, I'm human, and I don't want to fail you
{I can't walk on water with these dirty feet
But He can walk on water and He'll carry me}
So put your arms around me carry me to sea
Waves knock against me but I know I'm free
From death and loneliness, darkness, despair
This life is choppy but I don't care
[chorus again]

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