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If I lay my voice down at Your feet
would you still hear my song echoing
I might end this game of hide and seek
because in You

I am complete
oh in You
I am complete

all the voices i hear in my sleep
all the sins of my past echoing
to stay off my knees and on my feet
oh but they,
they can't complete
cause in You I am complete


I am complete [5x]
If I lay my voice down at your feet

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Stephen Speaks Complete Comments
  1. Therexe Hayley

    I Love this song <3
    ~This is so touching ^-^

  2. dave vega

    @el beursk. do you believe God?

  3. pyrokineticblade

    you can use any love song to appear like a gospel song.

  4. AKScooter0321

    Xald, that's crazy! :) How did you find that out? Pretty cool.

  5. XaldBalghostriped

    Just a little history this song was written
    for a girl who loved to sing and had to have surgery. She lost her voice and wasnt able
    to sing anymore so he wrote a song for her. -UGver2