Stephen Speaks - Armored Car Lyrics

The radio is playing low
I gotta find a road that will take me back to my home
Cause destiny won't be my friend tonight
Christmas lights and sleepless nights
Gotta keep telling me that two wrongs won't make it right
But if you see
What's inside of me

"You would come back to me
We'd Find out, If it was meant to be
I wouldn't run from you tonight, oh not tonight"

The fireplace is watered down
I gotta find a way to get myself out of this town
Memories like ghosts, follow me around
Shattered dreams, with broken themes
I gotta find a way to show them it isn't what it seems
But if you know
We will take it slow

"You would come back to me
We'd find out if it was meant to be
I wouldn't run from you tonight
And I would rescue you
From all the things you're afraid you'll turn into
I'd be your armored car tonight, Tonight"

Oh tonight
Everything is fine, everything's alright
When I'm your armored car
Protect you from it all

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Stephen Speaks Armored Car Comments
  1. soesepoesable

    I love this band. they are absolutly tremendous.

  2. Amanda Jenkins

    this is so good! how come I've never heard of this band before??

  3. John Keener

    It has been a long time since you got a comment. You go Stephen.

  4. jwinders12

    how in the world does this video get more views than the Hero Factor come on people The Hero Factor is just as good