Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Out Of Reaches Lyrics

Shot through with new and now
The thrill of loving someone that you shouldn't love
But it's moving at the pace of the clouds
So pull your little crystal from the boulevard

I can beat the day away
Suck the water straight out from the stone
We got omens that are tailored made
For every situation that you're conjuring
Out, out of reaches
Out, out of reaches

Gale-force intimacy
Every time I get some I feel oh so near
There's no more running gags to attract
The drowsy blonde carouses on the avenue

I can see you hiding out
Shrinking like the daisy that you're born to be
You did your thing and now you deserve
The voltage was the best thing that I ever knew
Out, out of reaches
Out, out of reaches
Out of scenery, eschew the scenery
I know the tide will turn
I know the tide will turn
I know the tide will turn
I know the tide will turn

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Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Out Of Reaches Comments
  1. Mark Thumb

    WOW - Thank you...WOW

  2. chrisocony

    Definitely one of the top Malkmus songs ever.

  3. Shane V

    We are a group of music snobs nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “Reaching”.

  4. Kyson Blaise

    This is the best Jicks song


    There are many great ones, but I can not disagree with you.

  5. Patrick Pearlman

    Bloody good song; thanks Stephen. It's so good, as a 50-something, to hear such good music still being produced. Kudos to indie artists like Stephen and his earlier projects (Pavement, Silver Jews) and other bands (Built to Spill, Guided by Voices, Luna). Keep it up, Millennials!


    Agreed, although I have to nitpick and note he was only 41 or so when this came out but its as good anything he did in his 20s. "40 with a kid, living on the grid..."


    Malkmus. Is gen x.

  6. William Cary

    breakin my cage..

  7. KierkanRufo X

    This song is so beautiful that it hurts so good.  I listened to this song while driving once.  I broke into tears.  I still drove to my destination safely.  I felt, the walls around my heart broke and a floodgate of love and appreciation for every good goddamn thing in the world.  I felt touched by God (I am not religious at all too),  and I have Stephen Malkmus to thank for it.  If its worth it, keep fighting and let the love of music heal a hurt heart. 


    this rocks especially hard

  9. lohengren

    The solo in this song is magical

  10. Hugh Good

    great song

  11. thinkhtink

    Can't remember what my grandma said about Escher.

  12. Dean Murdoch

    @Evocati2008 hahaha I felt the same way well put

  13. Evocati

    great...but dude you almost gave me a jammer at 4:09

  14. danielion999

    I am also in love with Janet Weiss. She is one of the loves of my life!

  15. danielion999


  16. Mike Lindsey

    He is a genius, after I fell in love with Pavement I started exploring his solo and stuff and he pleased me more than I could ever imagin.....He is fucking awesome and I want to see him live, one of the most original guitar and vocals EVER!!!!

  17. jodysoldman

    ...also check out Cold Son, Ramp Of Death - other great Malkmus tunes...

  18. chrisocony

    @jodysoldman be patient, hopefully you will wait a long time

  19. danielion999

    ...and life became art.

  20. cal searson

    funny how life has those strange moments, I just started a new job and as i'm sat in the pub with my new work mates at the end of the week thinking about how this is gonna be a new chapter in my life I saw my old company's van thru the window. totally right about the solo's too great song.

  21. jodysoldman

    I honestly cannot wait until this is played at my funeral

  22. CrazySkinsFan81

    I could listen to the keys at 2:59 and the dual guitar solo at 3:24 over and over again. And the lyrics: "We've got omens that are tailor made for every situation that you're conjuring", completely describe how I feel about the connection between coincedences (e.g. I was talking about making a change in my life and the radio ad said "Change your life today"). Rock on Jicks