Stephen - Line It Up Lyrics

Seven o’ five
Sunset drive
That’ll be a good time
Bourbon on ice
Pay no mind
It’s gonna be a rude night
With blue eyes
Walk back
She pulls me aside
And says to me
My ride is outside
My place is near by
Do you wanna leave?

Babe if you want this
I should let you know
I’m looking for so much more
And I promise if I take you home
I can’t say I’ll hold you tomorrow
Cause tomorrow I still won’t know you
Babe if you want this, you should let me go
Baby just let me grow

And she line it up, line it up
And she line it up
Baby just let me go
And she line it up, line it up
And she line it up

Twenty-four flights
New high rise
Girls got the good life
Look in her eyes
It's telling me why
It’s gonna be a long night
She pulls me inside
Turns off the lights
And says to me
I’m not your type
But just for tonight
We can make believe

Babe if you want this
I should let you know
I’m looking for so much more
And I promise if I take you home
I can’t say I’ll hold you tomorrow
Cause tomorrow I still won’t know you
Babe if you want this, you should let me go
Baby just let me grow

And she line it up, line it up
And she line it up
Baby just let me go
And she line it up, line it up
And she line it up

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Stephen Line It Up Comments
  1. Ryan Brandt

    Come to the icon in sioux falls south dakota you wont regret it

  2. CEOToaw

    Reminds of me of the girl that played me forget her 😎

  3. Hidden Parad0x

    The holy trinity:
    EDEN, Jeremy Zucker, and Stephen

  4. Sidratul Montaha

    Stephen, Eden n Rafid is the same person actually! Godd

  5. Space Bird17

    Okay, Since my name just happens to be Stephen, I look at the comments when I'm having a bad time and I feel better, and it is kind of weird but then again, not so much. :D

  6. Sian H


  7. mel .-.

    That pic looks like birdbox

  8. Arsh 24

    sucidesheep knew about birdbox memes 3 years before they were cool. #timetravelmuch?

  9. Saad Khan

    This lady in this picture is doing the bird box challenge

  10. Crimea River

    This song is amazing except for the edm section meh it was so good why did you have to do me like that

  11. J.F.L.

    I love and respect all the work from this artist.

  12. Sulistya Ningrum

    1:38 The way he said 'damn' and 1:50 "uhh" OMG

  13. Dark'ᄉ'

    We want Stephen X EDEN ♥

  14. Yusuf Erol

    I guess everyone who is listening to stephans music also listend to eden and other way also right ?

    Sulistya Ningrum


  15. Dave Ehrlich

    Ich liebe dich und diese Musik!!!

  16. Sabertooth

    omg :D howwwwww?????? this voice is sooooo fooooking amaziiing <3

  17. abi v

    can anyone recommend me some good songs in mrsheepsuicide ? pls

  18. Adolv malaz

    i saw that picture on cover of some e-book about shanyesaintjohn

  19. JoshhGod

    These Stephen too Eden comparisons got me shook 🤐

  20. Kudzo

    If you guys like this track of Stephens, you will probably also like the person/group Two Feet. Similar vibes in the vocals but a more traditional, jazzy undertone in their melodies.

  21. Kulcsár Lili

    This song is so sad but so incredible :O

  22. Umar Faheem

    0:50 is the best moment in the song. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  23. Janka Porubská


  24. Savi Lea

    what genre would this come under? i want to find more music like this.

  25. Rosalie Kakegamic

    705 sunset drive"

  26. U Okay Wawa?

    Oh my this song sounds Dirty Dirty..

  27. Léo Tamatoa LOISON

    has something of red hot chili peppers <3

  28. hocus pocus .

    1 second in: wha- IM BLESSED

  29. Romulo Silva

    i dont dance but this song....LOL i wish i could...

  30. Njiva Rabesandratana

    Damn the guitar is killing!!! XD \m/

  31. Felicity Wheeler

    Is it just me or does this guy sound heaps like Eden?

  32. Hemant Chatterji

    Stephen + Eden = Heaven

  33. George Kush

    jason derulo?

  34. Rumble

    MORPH. Anyone????

  35. Kiwi Ngo

    Lol the background i thought the girl is looking to the left but actually she is not

  36. DRAGONKING .135

    fap girls :D

  37. David Lemke

    headset, all the way up. best time Ive had all month

  38. Eduardo Matheus Barboza Ferraz

    KiXSTAr bring me here

  39. origional content

    Hands down favorite artist by a looooooong shot

  40. THAVORMITE - Rainbow Six & Mas!

    Putas mias

  41. Catherine Milette

    Stephen, Lauv and EDEN is best

  42. TheTigerGamer

    I love this song!

  43. trashman

    $322.4k max monthly. You are making dime, good sir.

  44. Kewin Król

    I rarely like videos on YouTube but this one deserves a like

  45. Jesika Md

    I've been listening to this song for more than a year and i just realized that "line it up" could refer to drugs

  46. Am I Here ?

    illenium+stephen= 0.0 ectstacy


    For the longest time I thought the thumbnail was of a girl mostly under water😂😂

  48. kenpachi

    how is still listening to it in 2017?

  49. Brian Apple

    Plottwist, it's a huge rubberband around her head. e_o

  50. sfsdf fesff

    Dare cams brought me here. Anyone else?

  51. P G 7 7 /meep meep

    someone hand this man a contract

  52. 4eversupersonicgirl

    sounds a bit like eden.

  53. Robby Boyd


  54. Nightstep Code

    I will die and i will still dont know what 705 means :3

  55. Cindy

    Been a year and this song is still awesome <3

  56. Hidden TableSalt

    It's like Santana meets EDM. Shit's great!

  57. Dragutin the Slav- Veliki

    I never knew which way was she facing until I saw her nose sticking out on the right side XD

  58. Vanoss Gaming

    I don't know how this is not getting billions of views ! 😧

  59. Elaine b

    Imagine, Stephen + Eden + Crywolf 0-o Damn


    I think you forgot Jaymes Young :D

    Elaine b

    Omg yesssss!!

    P G 7 7 /meep meep

    Elaine b seems legit

  60. bleach cleaner

    Stephen makes me wet <3

  61. Yesenia

    Ugh I love Stephen ❤❤❤😭

  62. Ario

    This song is blessing, just watched a theory about dimensions and universes, feel like my brain is melting, this lets me chill

  63. Neha Ambati

    I don't get this picture.....I'm confused ;I

  64. RightShaark

    wait... who's to say Stephen isn't EDEN.. illuminati confirmed

  65. Booming

    Nice Rhytm!

  66. Marta


  67. Lisa Übellacker

    Favourite musician at the Moment. Like your style so much. Where can I buy a CD of you??? <3

  68. BO UM9l CATAHbl

    Good myzik)

  69. Fiv3Finger

    nice XD

  70. Tsukki Edo

    hey, I love this song, and i was wondering if you know other song, which was kind of the same things, which move like this song. Thanks for your answer !

  71. RafPlayz

    This is awesome

  72. Hooligan Music

    Can't tell if Steve Aoki or girl from The Ring.

  73. Liv Carrion

    How To Slide Into Dm's 101

  74. Damien

    Haha people actually disliked this 😂 😂 😂

  75. ʚĩɞ Fěllâ ʚĩɞ

    I love it <3


    i rode the sheep traverse n appallacia and came oit smelling like $ on the southside?

  77. Borg Warner

    the wallpaper is so random :s XD

  78. Inexct Sur YouTube

    Thk you for having uploading this MrSuicideSheep ! <3

  79. Tobias Toyber

    the greatest :)

  80. big7pointer

    I like his deeper songs


    the only stephen song that isnt completely dark?? nonetheless doesnt matter cuz stephen always has amazing beats <3

  82. Nico-ca-cola


  83. tyrion lannister

    that's lit

  84. Iced


  85. LicketySplit

    Damn this is hot af.

  86. Milo

    SoaRing In Style 62 anyone?

  87. Lausac Sanduan

    The only reason people think Stephens songs cant get any better,
    is because they don't have the mind of a god, as Stephen does.

  88. lolof555

    which side is she facing? xd


    lolof555 tru

  89. Swink

    The real question is which direction is the girl facing



  90. Linn Marie B


  91. Milo

    SoaRing in style 62 anyone?