Stephanie Mills - Touch Me Now Lyrics

When I'm sad, when I'm blue
All the wealth in the world just won't do
What I need your heart, the key
Oh, won't you give it to me

Now I don't need another diamond ring
'Cause diamonds to me, they are not everything
You make me smile at the glow in your eyes
Oh baby, please, make it right

Baby, baby, touch me now
Make me feel alright, you are mine
Sugar, hold me, come on, touch me now
Make me feel alright, you are mine

Don't you know what I go through
Wondering where you are
I'm helplessly in love with you

Why are you hesitating?
I'm here, I'm here waiting, oh, baby, baby

Baby, baby, please touch me now
Make me feel alright, you are mine, mine
Sugar, hold me, touch me now
Make me feel alright, you are mine

When I'm gone and all through the day
Thoughts of you never fade away
But my need won't let me be

A hugging and kissing
Is what I've been missing
I don't like it
When you're not here with me

Touch me, make me alright, baby
Don't you know that
When I'm gone and all through the day
The thoughts of you never, never fade away

Baby, baby touch me now
Make me feel alright, you are mine
Sugar, hold me, so touch me now
Make me feel alright, you are mine

Baby, baby, baby
Sugar, sugar, sugar
Touch me now
Make me feel alright, you're on my mind

Sugar, sugar, sugar
Baby, hold me, I'm helpless
I want you, I need you, you are mine

Baby, baby, baby
Touch me now
Make me feel alright, you are mine

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Stephanie Mills Touch Me Now Comments
  1. Taylor Green

    I love this Queen phenomenal vocals and definitely a talent like no other

  2. croberts247

    Max Sprinkle

  3. Sharon Smith

    Yes she is the truth

  4. nylah Easton

    I found it 💯💯🙌🙌🙌

  5. Felicia Hardy

    The #1real to the core of your mind body soul true emotions put into a melody,,,thankyou Diva

  6. Empress Green

    Stephanie mills secret lady

  7. qwanie18

    That's my baby right here, love her so much 😘😘😘

  8. Ring 404

    OMG!!!!! I love this song!!

    Big Meach


  9. Ring 404

    I love Stephanie music!!!! - Sharif

    Ring 404

    She's such a Last! - Sharif

  10. julian daroux

    S.Mills what a woman always love her top three of all female soul singers.

  11. marlow845

    My favorite singer

  12. Tyrone Johnson

    Another favorite song for me.

  13. chochip10

    Wow, use to smoke one and play this on my way to class. Knoxville College.

  14. Priest shepherd

    one of my top five female singers

  15. Rahsaan Hokett

    the sound of great music

  16. mz paradise

    i love this song

  17. Glinda Mcmullen

    Sing girl....I just graduated from high school,.....

  18. Linda Lee

    Stephanie is the TRUTH!!!

  19. Buzz Davis

    Yet again, Stephanie hits us with a knockout performance. Talk about delivering the goods, man!!!!!

  20. Cartrinna Wilson

    That's my girl Stephanie Mills.

  21. Tamara Milam

    Great talent. She shines

  22. Maica Clarke

    mj and Stephanie must have met when she was at motown.

    Big Meach

    +Maica Clarke It was Michael who brought Stephanie to Motown Records!! He came to see her in the WIZ!

    Ann-marie Clarke

    @Big Meach thanks for the info;.

  23. Ms. K

    One of my favorites.

  24. Jennifer Davis

    I Love Me Some Stephanie Mills

  25. Helen Akram

    oh yeah, bought this on cassette back in the day and was one of her best!

  26. qwandiddy

    Love this sexy singer. Where is she now?

  27. Keynin Joiner

    one of the best song EVER written and sung....

    She has such grace over the music on this song....

  28. Richard Humphries


  29. Richard Humphries


  30. corey84douglass

    luv this

    Jimmy James

    touch me now

  31. Detroitman.

    I would like more details.


    hard to belive was her song to Michael Jackson....


    She is to much women for most men !!!!!

  34. LaGuiri

    amor a primera mixta

  35. Regis S

    @ArchieGe deze vrouw is good stephanie mills is moi vrouw ,de best te wereld van musik

  36. Donnan Fisher


  37. newdollarbill

    Very, very talented lady. The most powerful voice ever. She is my favorite singer. I like all of her music, but I really love her ballads. Really hard to pick a favorite from one of her songs.

  38. Ronald Harper

    On an added note, A'ngela Winbush (also a wonderful singer) wrote a couple of songs for Stephanie Mills, in fact she wrote I Have Learned to Respect The Power of Love, which was a number one hit for Stepahnie and she also recorded for one of her solo albums. Check it out -- the woman can SANG.

  39. Ronald Harper

    I too love Stephanie Mills but that shouldn't take away from the fact that Beyonce is also a great entertainier, especially for the genreation of performers these days. I saw her in concert and she deserves the accolades that are bestowed upon her. In the past we had a lot of great singers who could bring it home, but these days when one comes it is usually just one, lol.

  40. 9577frasier

    7 mary j blige broken women dont like this

  41. djmusicjac

    beautiful going in DR TOUCH'S playlist with the touch theme

  42. hotrodindalou

    patti labelle has let a lot of big hits go by her what a shame!


    She has lots of flavor in her cream.What u think archiege?

  44. Jack Horvát



    Micheal Jackson's first girlfriend... he just did'nt know what he had.

  46. annette perry

    great song

  47. OjBlack100

    I just love this part of the song 3:06 when that guitar is played,so beautiful.
    Stephanie Mills is pure musical talent,this track is one of my favs from her.

  48. noxuification

    she is so beautiful :)

  49. BEN78130

    merci pour cette bombe

  50. 0acht15

    you say alicia keys i say nina simone!!!
    i do not know how ak became popular.
    she has at best an average voice, and her piano
    playing is just good, not outstanding.

  51. Dahlia Jones

    love this song!!!!!

  52. j. dupre

    my mum friend just saw her live last week and she said stephanie blow the house down she sang her ass off.

  53. littlegee

    @RayPokerKing Its a great thing that Youtube allows people access to these amazing recordings otherwise I think there would be a lot more people needing therapy due to the crap rammed down everyones ears today. Its healthy to share memories and opinions on real artists, this is probably my fav site ever.

  54. blueyekyguy4u

    DIVA !!

  55. norman martin

    I love you Stephanie...
    Thx ArchieGe

  56. sports1267

    Shirley murdock, stephanie mills, regina Belle, melba moore, barbra mason, denice williams, phyllis hyman, yes brong back the real music artist. These singers today are okay, but while they are okay, the real deal of r&b slow jams if from the above music artist. Before music videos was really big, the r&b male and female singers was kiling the music bill board.charts Today half naked, with less talnet is the thing 2day.

  57. tinaloveseddie

    ...this song hits very close to home and my heart right now.....

  58. Ray PokerKing

    Where is all the good music gone, or I'm getting older ?.... miss it so...

  59. blaquemark

    Sing the gurl!

  60. Gregory Wilson

    I love this song. My favorite part is when she begins @ 3:30 and beyond.

  61. NYhope07

    AMAZING but I think swv sampled this

  62. BooShawna Jenkins

    aww her and mj shoulda did a duet together, because they had dated at one point,but i bet it woulda been a big hit, gotta luv stephanie mills, one of the first ladies of female soul and r & b

  63. benarddor

    don't forget Chaka ya'll!

  64. Hold This L. Debarge

    you say keyshia cole-i say shirley murdock..
    you say beyonce-i say stephanie mills..

    the list goes on and on..

    Bring Real Music Back!!

  65. pianoman74

    Uhm, the "wrong" applied to your statement that "in the early days you wouldn't get to make a record if you could not at least sing a lot better than average". So tell me what these "early days" are for you. The 1950s or 1960s maybe? Well, that's yet a completely different thing...

  66. pianoman74

    Actually you're totally wrong...please go and check some freestyle tracks from 1990 before you continue judging...even then, the "take some good looking girls and the computer will do the rest" method was very common. If you listen carefully, you will realize how they all sung so badly off-key. And for the Bobby O enthusiasts out there: I would not say that Roni Griffiths can sing too well.

  67. Gregory Wilson

    God I wish she'd add this to her list when she tours.

  68. LadeeDream

    Wow, thanks for this post. I haven't heard this in so long.

  69. davey399

    your absolutely right ArchieGe, one of the many classics on that album. the best soul album I ever heard. I used to listen to Stu Allan (DJ) here in manchester, UK on Picadilly Radio and bought this album from Spinn Inn (Cross St, I think). He'd always play the latest US imports and hers stood out as class.

    Jimmy James


  70. cornbreadthedog

    thank you for gettingmme through puberty, stepahine mills! you're awesome! love you and keep singing and moving that ass, woman!

  71. Jeffery James

    Post the rest of this LP someone pleaes. You Nytro41 if you can.

  72. blueyekyguy4u

    I love Stephanie... Her songs has lifted me several times... WISH she would put a new album out....

  73. Nytro41

    Hot track! taken from the now classic album/cd "If I were your woman" which also features "I feel good all over" "Secret Lady""Puttin a rush on me" "Jesse" & the title track.

  74. darrylhaynes

    come back home baby...

  75. poppiechulo9

    my al time female artis. non better

  76. Makiba Uboke

    Stephanie is one of the greatest singers of all time. There is no one today out there who can compare.

  77. Marsbar17

    beautifully done

  78. berlynn sparks

    one of the best and i mean the best singers and it does not matter what year it is and how long its been shes still the shit.

  79. With Melanin Power

    bedroom tunes

  80. primo ludd

    where you at?

  81. David Robinson


  82. journalcc


  83. Ria Mend

    l0l...oh wow...

  84. jase171

    my favorite diva of all times

  85. 1814Brandan

    LOVE this song.....

  86. 20rich02

    Couldnt of said it better myself. Its true though, she has a touch of everythang. Woman and music is great.

  87. charles mills

    A true Diva, Style, Class, Talent, Grace and Poise. A role modle for everyone!

  88. fasho305