Stephanie Mills - The Medicine Song Lyrics

Danger eyes are no surprise
In stayin' wise to you
Shady walks and midnight stalks
Have showed me what to do

Kept my cool, this ain't no fool
You think you're messin' with
I know how to keep you 'round
'Cause I know where you been

You think that they really want just you
(Better think again, better think again)
I'm the only one knows what to do
'Cause you've been bad, baby, oh, so bad, baby
And there's only one thing can be done

You need a little bit of this medicine
(Just a little touch up)
Mama's gonna give you some medicine

You need a little bit of this medicine
(Just a little touch up)
Mama's gonna give you some medicine

Every time I think you're mine
You're up to somethin' new
I've done almost everythin'
To try to get to you

All my friends are just dead ends
In helpin' me alone
I just keep on wonderin'
What am I doin' wrong

There is only one thing left to try
(Do it again, do it again)
On this cure I'm sure I can rely
'Cause you've been bad, baby, oh, so bad
And there's only one thing can be done

You need a little bit of this medicine
(Just a little bit touch up)
Mama's gonna give you some medicine
(Just a little touch up)

You need a little bit of this medicine
(Oh, my medicine)
Mama's gonna give you some medicine
(Mama's gonna give you some medicine)

'Cause you've been bad, baby
Oh, you've been so bad
And there's only one thing can be done

Take your medicine
(Doctor's here)
Take your medicine
(The nurse is here)

Take your medicine
(Don't you wanna get cured')
Take your medicine
(Take your medicine, baby)

Take your medicine
(Take your medicine, honey)
Take your medicine
(Oh, come on)

Take your medicine
(Go on and take it)
Take your medicine
(Go on and take it)

You gotta take it if you wanna shake it
You gotta take it if you wanna shake it

You gotta take it if you wanna shake it
You gotta take it if you wanna shake it

You need a little bit of this medicine
(Mama's gonna give you some medicine)
Mama's gonna give you some medicine
(Hey, I got all the medicine)

You need a little bit of this medicine
(Mama's gonna give you a touch up)
Mama's gonna give you some medicine
(Come on, baby, take your medicine)

You need a little bit of this medicine
(I got the cure)
Mama's gonna give you some medicine
(I got the cure)

You need a little bit of this medicine
(Mama's gonna give you some medicine)
Mama's gonna give you some medicine
(I got the cure)

You need a little bit of this medicine
(Oh, take your medicine)
Mama's gonna give you some medicine
(I got the cure, you know I do, okay)

You need a little bit of this medicine
(Oh, my medicine)
Mama's gonna give you some medicine

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Stephanie Mills The Medicine Song Comments
  1. Michael Lee

    I Loved this song when it came out!!! Lol

  2. Last Days

    I was a Teenager Lady in 1984 now how did I missed seeing this Video in 1984. I love the Retro Neon Videos of the 1980s. Madam Stephanie Mills was and still is Elegantly Beautiful🙋🏾‍♀️

  3. rahphunk

    She sang her face off on this

  4. Home Depot Loader 662

    If the dancing in this video was any more amazing, Michael Jackson would have been in this video!

  5. Bill Abbott

    What a voice! Sweet tune, nice costume changes, paging the 3 Stooges at the end. What's not to like? Sure glad this is here. "Pilot Error" is up too, and well worth your time.

  6. Gouwe Ouwe Muziek

    You can find this song and many others at!

  7. Mark Francis Nickens

    I remember when I first saw this back in the mid-eighties, I was like, damn! That little girl from The Wiz grew up.
    She can really belt out a song!
    There are no female singers in R&B, Hip Hop, pop, whatever you want to call it, singing like that these days. Maybe in gospel.

  8. Dara Sudarshan

    I'm a lesbian. I'd wrap my whole mouth around her box and vacuum out her insides. That'll be my medicine hunny...

  9. Rhino Black

    i'll take some of her medicine...


  11. john wheeler

    Stephanie Mills, all 4 feet of dynamite lol

  12. c Mac

    I honestly was looking for a different song but still glad I found this.

  13. The_Bounty_Hunter

    What a great singer.

  14. Gabriella Curti

    Fa vomitare

  15. Elliott Daughtry

    Jermaine Stewart... the word is out

  16. james evans

    her sex appeal is off the chart. wolfen

  17. Moutton Noir

    A UK top 30 pop hit

  18. Andy JS

    One of the funkiest songs of all time.

  19. D W

    The 12" Long version of this song is the shiz-nik....Stephanie of a kind...

  20. Ameenah Lewis

    Dam n still fine need i say more

  21. Robert Gonzales

    Mama's gonna give you some medicine. Yes maam. Miss Mills vocals are astounding.

  22. Uncle Pecos

    Stephanie is a A FIRECRACKER!!!

  23. Brenda Orvis Shay

    Lol 😊

  24. Nelson Ross

    i need my medicine right now,give it to me!!!!

  25. melmillz Mel

    Whatever doctor did her 👃 did a damn good job!! No tea no shade!

  26. Brian King


  27. Private

    Fresh out the box and hot baby. And you can leave that modern rap right on the shelf.

  28. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    this should fit for the knight rider background soundtrack.

  29. Valerie Brown Cheers

    She put the message across really good and loved it!

  30. break boytee

    I love stephanie mills i have all the 12in singles from the 70s on up though the 90s movie soundtrack singles too i think she's not talked about enough when it comes to female signers when you hear that voice you know that's her doesn't matter if it's a slow jam or dance record

  31. D W

    Stephanie Mills vocal poeerhouse legend worked this video. Song was produced by the late great legendary musicizn/producer George Duke.
    We used to party to this song at Dillons in Westwood. Only a select few know about or remeber that place. Lol

  32. Terrence Ragin

    Who's mother sang this while giving you Medice?

  33. Cat Perez

    2018 💋

  34. Concreteowl

    Doctor regenerated again.

  35. Spirit Angelfish

    This has got to be the silliest thing Stephanie Mills ever recorded, but still with her incredible voice and her gorgeousness, she still makes you really want to like this song! LOL

  36. Andy JS

    Classic 1984 production sound.

    Freddie Luna

    agree 100%

  37. ablackman11

    You better Take it- if you want to shake it (Med-DI-Son)) LOL! Loved it and still do - Its my best song from her (yeah, even better than Never knew love like this..) . You basically need to make a song and dance about stuff - this is it! Totally bad but good! Stephanie has some pipes in such a small body, and she looks good, she worked it as she does everything. Love her! Totally underrated. Big love to her for this and everything else she's done. Love the long play version of this. Got it for my 19th b'day. Some years after this song. Aaah.. Love it.

  38. Myndja Bizness

    This song is God Awful, but Stephanie is killing them vocals!



    I think it's better than "pilot error" a year prior.

  39. Bob Cummings

    Stephanie can by my MEDECINE anytime! I just love her voice!

  40. The Black Messiah

    OMG I forgot about this track. The industry would go down hill shortly after 1985 in regards to "black American music." Take notes.

    Phillip Rhinehardt

    R&B was at it's peak in the 80's.

  41. mennis1966

    Yes Stephanie, lead and background vocal, they just don't sing like that anymore

  42. Shango Bongo

    This song is awful, but Stephanie is absolutely adorable.

  43. Carl Jordan

    Love the 2:23 scene were she throw her arms up with her vocals!!!

  44. rob yohn

    music was fun then. fashions were fun and color. things were quite different that is for sure.

  45. Fuck You

    W A L K M A N 91 bought me here

  46. MamaSodaLego

    M E T H .

  47. Martina May

    good job

  48. ThatsMrTimex2You

    And at 1:18 a young boy (me) realized he didnt want to play with toys anymore

  49. Robert Cummings

    Stephanie was my MEDICINE SONG in the 80's, She still has a healing voice to me! WOWWWWWWW!!

  50. Jxworldwidemusic

    All the grade things about the clip only add to the experience of pure 80s.

  51. Claire Tinsley

    OMG, haven't heard this song since it first came out in 1984. Found it by accident!

  52. Deep Wata

    I always take hot mess to be good thing lol I love everything! Song is on fire 🔥! x


    Just what the Doc Order, ha ha, xxx

  54. daveid1980

    This is porn from the quiet shy glasses-wearing librarian stable. Remove your glasses and blow the dust off my lengthy tome...



  56. yingany

    Easily the biggest, most luscious lips in showbiz, who's got pilot error plz???

  57. Brian Catada

    She is the best female vocalist after Whitney Houston and Anita Baker.

  58. Kay Tee

    The Diva declamation, "Go on, and TAKE IT!"

  59. Darryl Perry

    I had forgot just how "badd" she was and her vocal range, ( you better go sistah


    Darryl Perry I have not forgotten!!

  60. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard Oct 13, 1984 reached #65 ..reached #1 on Dance Chart

    Andy JS

    Top 30 hit in the UK as well.

  61. trini4me

    Fabulous words for a fabulous song for a fabulous person.. Stephanie you and your voice hit all the records and win x x x

  62. Jai Jones

    You gotta take it, if you wanna shake it!

  63. petercox9

    okay, i'll just say it: where are the hot guys in this video. stephanie has the cure! where are the men to receive their medicine?

  64. David Holton

    This is embarrassing, so silly.

  65. David Holton

    This is embarrassing, so silly.

  66. Mykenzie too cute

    this video scares me

  67. Blind Assassin MGTOW

    Walkman 91- Meth

    New New

    same :)

  68. Anthony Ogans

    this video is sooooo damn cheesy and yet Stephanie pulled it off!!! love it!!

    leonard ssenkindu

    Anthony Ogans lol 😂😈

  69. Second Story

    Michael Jackson should have married Stephanie Mills when he had the chance.

    The Alan Liddell Show

    +The Black Goddess WORD. Gimme DAT Cookie. SMILE.

    LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    Second Story oh they should it would be fly though.

    Thick brix

    Yeah he would have turned out a lot better because she woulda kept him grounded to reality!

    Reece Stacks

    Yes he should have smh, she was the only one who truly loved him.

  70. John White

    I had such a crush on her.

  71. Barbara Cole

    she favors nene leaks

  72. Reloaded

    que de tubes en 1984 ! ☺👍

  73. Keisha Wilson

    This song has been in my head so long I dreaded listening to it.....and here I am :)

  74. Ian Hadley


  75. George Hirst

    I love Miss. Mills!

  76. iSpyCars

    i love her and her music but mannn lmaooo this is one of the worst 80s videos ive seen.

  77. Daniel Douglas

    Stephanie I hope you ain't married, cause Oooooh you finer than all outdoors, good gawd Almighty
    black caramel women are my afrodisiac

  78. torres songs

    I think it's time for a sequel: Mama's gonna give you some Medicare!


    I Did Cant beat the Classic's. x

    L. Hill

    I hate you!!! LOL!!!

    Totally Amazing


    LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    torres songs 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆! you can say that again,mister. don't get me started!😄😅😫😂😅😅😅😄😄😄😅😅😅😫😫😫😫😫💯!

    Gregory Wilson

    (Singing) Ohhhhh' use your Medicare...

  79. westminsterguys

    Was the year that I came out......did I think it was a bad move ? But then I discovered Dancin n Poppers !! lol

    Jerome Jenkins


  80. dirtydiscosecrets

    1984...right when AIDS was at it's height...a bad choice considering the love affair between us gay men and disco divas....


    +Daniel Pena You don't have to be a bitch about it. I was simply passing on what I had heard

    Joey Lars

    Stick it up your ass douchebag


    +Joey Lars whatever

    rob yohn

    dirtydiscosecrets being a gay male back then was not easy. the stigma of aids was horrible. the religious right had a lot of control in the government. reagan didnt do anything about it.

    Kay Tee

    Let's just be glad the cure is here, and precious lives are saved😄.

  81. Marty Moose

    Of all the songs NOT to be on her Vevo channel is Pilot Error... get real

    Jai Jones

    +Marty Moose Yes and also "Something in the way" (You make me feel)

  82. Mitch Grube

    She is great-but the song is not. Only the vocals kept me listening.

  83. Collin Green

    You need a little bit of this medicine, mama gonna give you some medicine

  84. truthhurts

    Stephanie mills and Eddie murphy could be siblings I think they both are attractive he's hot so is she !!! id take them both yes!!!!!

  85. ThatsMrTimex2You

    she's a chocolate doll....and one of my favorite songs.

  86. Samiyo

    Her vocals are SICK.... The BEST!!!

    clint johnson

    @Koolson1 they're so sick ,she needs medicine.....i'm sorry i had too

    torres songs

    +clint johnson lol

    Mykenzie too cute

    Samiyo true true

  87. Carl Jordan

    Man!! She's a shorti!!!

    torres songs

    +Carl Jordan 4'9"

    torres songs

    Less than 5 feet I think. Cute as a bug!

    Ed Thoreum

    better voice than many of gay divas!

  88. Diamandus

    Love it! Awesome dancing too

  89. plutorama

    Everything from the hair, to the makeup, and the outfits were a hot mess. LMAO. Poor thing.

    Derek Davis

    It was the 80s, and entire ten year hot mess. Surely you can give her a pass on it being 1984?

    torres songs

    It was the 80s. People thought this was the shit back then.


    +torres songs I know what it was supposed to be. I was a teen during it. I was indeed judging it by 80s standards. I repeat: Hot mess! It screams cheap production and low-budget!

    torres songs

    +plutorama All the reasons I love it!


    LOL, one of my childhood friends who is OCD could not deal with this video because the black skirt did not go all the way around, hilarious times :)

  90. A.T. Oliver

    One of the GREATS!!, in the business a long time!!!

  91. Lauren misssuger baynes

    The 80s omg

  92. D Lavar

    Lol I use to sing this song to my sister. She hates the taste of medicine. I always made her cry.


    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I am cracking up!!!

    Jonathan Graham

    Haha I randomly started singing this to my best friend last week on a vacation in France. He almost started crying as now we all sing this to him. Great song!


    My mama sang this to us when giving us medicine too!!! 😂 😭 😂

    Home Depot Loader 662


  93. SOTBP Conference

    Aint never know of this song.   she was good singer of mine from elementary.  let me hear this song and come back on it

    torres songs

    +SOTBP Conference Ok baby, we'll wait right here for you.

    SOTBP Conference

    hmm! wait where. 

    SOTBP Conference

    Sulphur & Nitrogen, is Ova' Here

    torres songs

    Waitin' fer y'all to come back on it sugah!

  94. djphilou291

    seul titre vraiment connu en France (1984-85), période très riche en tubes, 
    pas comme maintenant!!

  95. reality3775

    Still luv this song

    Aretha White

    I agree 💯 percent with you my friend 👋👋!!!!!! This song is off the hook!!!! No doubt!!!! Love you Stephanie!!!! Will always be a fan of yours 😉!!!!! I have the same 12 inch album of this song!!!! Peace out for now ✌✌😎!!!!!

  96. igorsutak

    oh the 80s...dark and bizarre decade :D

    Derek Davis

    +greg battles real talk!

    torres songs

    +igorsutak Actually it was the end of a very dark age. The last vestiges of homophobia, misogyny, and racism were breathing their last breath in the 80s. Thank goodness the 90s and 2000s have brought more diversity and acceptance.

    torres songs

    +greg battles I disagree. Having lived as a gay man in the 80s I can tell you that things are much better. However we still have a long way to go.

    torres songs

    I had a great time in the 80s.  No I have never wanted to be anything but a man.  My comment was about the social mores of the time.  You're black?  What a shock!

  97. SharkSport

    haha I think its good for 1984, her voice is amazing, and I loooove her face.