Stephanie Mills - If I Were Your Woman Lyrics

If I were you woman
And you were my man
You'd have no other woman
You'd be weak as a lamb
If you had the strength
To walk out that door
My love would over rule my sense
And I'd call you back for more

If I were your woman
If you were my woman
If I were your woman
If you were my woman
If I were your woman
If you were my woman
And you were my man

She tears you down Darling
Says you're nothing at all
But I'll pick you up Darling
When she lets you fall
You're like a diamond
And she treats you like glass
Yet you make it hard to love you
But Babe don't ask

If I were your woman
If you were my woman
If I were your woman
If you were my woman
If I were your woman
If you were my woman
Here's what I'd do
I'd never no, no, no stop loving you

Life is so crazy
And love is unkind
Because she came first
Will she hang on your mind
You're a part of me
And you don't even know it
I'm what you need
But I'm too afraid to show it

If I were your woman
If you were my woman
If I were your woman
If you were my woman
If I were your woman
If you were my woman
Here's what I'd do
I'd never, no, no, no stop loving you

If I were your woman
Here's what I'd do
I'd never, never, never stop loving you
If I were your woman
You're sweet lovin' woman

If I were your woman
If you were my woman
If I were your woman
If you were my woman
If I were your woman
If you were my woman...'d need no other woman

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Stephanie Mills If I Were Your Woman Comments
  1. Jorge Estomba

    Gladys is magnificient , Stephanie is second w this lovely version by a lovely lady!!!
    She and Gladys can be my woman any time !!!!!

  2. Jerome Smith

    Now, THIS is how you do a cover of a classic ballad!! Queen Stephanie killed this and truly made this song her own. This is one of the best cover renditions of a classic song ever done and no doubt she did Empress Gladys proud with her song!!

  3. special moments


  4. Floyd A 2711

    Simply wonderful Gladys sang the song and you killed it now you got pops feeling good all over thank you for posting is beautiful video 😍

  5. Kietha Simon

    Yesssss 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  6. Smart World

    Stephanie mills can really get down I swear she can do her thing on this music

  7. LaQuashia White


  8. Mr Tom Whiteside

    Stephanas mill you so wonderful and lovely 🌹😍

  9. Ronald Rucker

    This song is a song to all women that know their friends have a good man that being doged how shw would treat him.

  10. Loretta De Herrera

    Id never stop loving you..💘💘💘💘💘.....

  11. seabslew

    Damm, black girls have some God given talent and sexuality that you just can’t teach.

  12. kirk seward

    Music connected us with substance then. Real is Real.

  13. Linda Thomas

    2019 I'm here because Stephanie Mills killed this song ! If I were your woman, me and dinner would be hot and ready when you get home. Collard greens and cornbread, home-made (baked) Mac& cheese, twice battered fried chicken, that's right I'm from the SOUTH and proud of my heritage ! Southern Woman bring that bacon home and throw it in some greens for ya. Lol !

  14. Angie Dickerson

    [email protected]

  15. Tiersinski Kendrick

    Stephanie Mills the queen of extra.

  16. Marypearl Hunt

    OMG ! WOW !!!!! 👍💕🎤 DANG GIRL !!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  17. Tracey Seace

    Respectable. Gladys Knight’s version is the best, but this is a good second. That crap Alycia Keys did should be used to wrap fish scraps.

  18. Nubian Sis

    Nice song

  19. Deborah McCoy

    Sing Your Song Ms Stephanie; You Sing the “ Hell” out this song, you go Girl!!!.

  20. Tiersinski Kendrick

    Love Ms. Mills music but i don't care for this version.

  21. Tony McNeil

    One of the rare songs where I love both the original (Gladys Knight) and the cover equally.

  22. Kenneth Brown Sr

    I really like this beautiful lady! I Remember making sure that I got tickets to every show she did! I also remember one of the most employable moments was listening to her wind Home and Baby I Feel Good there is no comparison. Being a Musician myself, I think this lady is one of the greatest R & B singers of all time. In also believe she is one greatest hands down in the popular music arena. When I hear her I don't want hear anybody else. MAY GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU!🕍🎺🎹

  23. Darryl Jones

    I am still crushing on her

  24. Maureen Lara

    Christmas Eve but I can't stop listening to Stephanie Mills.

  25. Ietta Fields



    She said her and dinner will be ready when he gets home, now that woman is a woman 💯


    You can detect a gospel background great intensity


    A voice of a goddess

  29. Annika Harris

    Hey Now! You're like a 💎 but she treats you glass🔥

  30. Althea Davis

    Man I fell in love with stephanie mills version but I still love gladys knight also😘😘

  31. Tanisha Grant

    You beg if she loves you, but me you don’t have to ask.

  32. lee denson

    Ditto 👣♥️®️

  33. danetta smith

    ...Me and dinner would be ready when you got home

  34. Yvonne Harris

    If i was your women i would never stop loving you

  35. Yvonne Harris

    Stephinie miills one of the best female singers erver

  36. delp emdog

    All I can say is damn. This don't make no sense she can really reach in and touch your soul

  37. benny bush

    Very very nice

  38. Ladi Jae1

    Petite and POWERFUL!!!! Takes you to church on every song! 5/8/18 who else still listening to Ms. Stephanie???

    Linda Thomas


  39. delp emdog

    I'm a grown man scene up here listening to this song crying


    I feel you bro

    Michelle Thomas

    Yeah, this song will do it to you, my friend. When love goes wrong

    Gregory Muhammad


  40. Paulette Hammond-Duerson

    You did a nice! version of this song. I never knew you did your Owen rendition of this song. I love it.

  41. Deborah Jordan

    I Love her song Home I can listen to her every song

  42. Lu'Trina Wright

    You'd be weak as a lamb!!

  43. Iram Ruiz


  44. Iram Ruiz


  45. Iram Ruiz


  46. Iram Ruiz


  47. Iram Ruiz


  48. Iram Ruiz


  49. qwanie18

    She touch my soul in so many ways ..

  50. Joann Scott

    Classic music never goes out of style.. love to all

  51. Sara Ann Vickers

    I love old music mainly because these women can sang they can blow, have you heard a song so well put together that you just can't interfere by singing with it because you didn't want to mess it up. Talent  knowing I'll just jump in and straight mess up the words

  52. Yuri Sasame

    I like the Original Gladys Knight version but I Love Stephanie Mills version now that's how you do a remake

    Deborah McCoy

    I get your drift, to and to each it’s own opinion, but in all honesty, Stephanie should have done the original because Gladys’s can’t even “ touch “ this version.

  53. Wynne Pettaway

    Stephanie Mills has a voice that makes your spirit stand up and pay attention!

  54. Birgitte Kjær Souissi

    if i were your woman - <3 you go girl Stephanie Mills - what a powerful and wonderful voice - you sing it with all emotions - loveeeeeeeeeeee it <3 <3

  55. Ella White

    Your a part of me, and you don't even know it!!!

  56. Catherine Bennett

    i just wanna know what being dark or brown got to do with the talent Blessed her with..everybody got to be a critic until it comes to criticizing there self. she still is one of my number one singer's today. i stayed on STEPHANIE MILLS growing up. she is a Legend when it comes to music. her Gladys and Areatha Franklin. they was not playing around on stage or studio in there time.

  57. MrLawrence7777

    Now this is real talent...😎. Stephanie Mills is the true Queen.

  58. Victor Allen

    Nobody can never be Stephanie Mills

  59. MixedRogueKhorri

    My mother used to love these songs and she really used to live through these words

  60. william george

    Love her wish she would sing some blues standards. She has the voice and feeling for it.

  61. Ronald Rucker

    to see her sings this live will make you hold on to your woman hand very tight

  62. Ronald Rucker

    if you were my woman i would treat you a Diamond that will never crack or break chocolate. cookie ummmm

  63. Zetta Takem

    I where your woman ?

  64. Lawrence McKinney

    all she has to dois tell me if she were my woman fuck it all real talk

  65. Kevin Haire

    dear Mrs Stephanie mills i will marry that pussy hit me up kevin from dallas 214-861-1037

  66. cindy pattana

    He voice is beautiful, but I still prefer Gladys's version.  I think it's sung better without all the grandstanding.

  67. Kevin Haire

    dear Mrs Stephanie mills my mother had cancer she recover my high priest is a good teacher kevin from dallas lines open lines 214-861-1037.

  68. Shirella Sanders

    Love the song!

  69. Cream1959

    great Lady great song

  70. jordan glover

    what about Alicia keys

    Robert Brown

    jordan glover lol

    delp emdog

    LOL what about her

  71. S RILEY


  72. Lahavia Tippins

    yesss Stephanie😘

  73. Tiffany Johnson


  74. Tamekia Williams

    I love every one of her songs.

  75. A Cherished Gem

    Mmmmmm if I was your woman... it would be love under new management and that makes me feel good all over. Mmmmm yessss!

  76. Rubnae Sheff

    Always loved this song

  77. SheAint NikaCee

    Missing my Gibbo...Love is Pain for sure! 😞😎

  78. Erica Johnson

    BTFU!!!! So what if she is dark! Guess no one told you" THE DARKER THE BERRY THE SWEETER THE JUICE" LMAO... Do the research. Umm na na na.

    Vincent Hampton

    Erica Johnson it's a myth

    delp emdog

    Vincent Hampton myth my ass try it sometime son

    Tyrone Deener

    You would have your first born on the first nite... you would have been Sangin 💥 blessing

  79. Erica Johnson

    Hands down this track is the ishh. Got to tell it like it tis.... Side chick anthem. Trust I know.

  80. Don G.

    steph just sings to my soulllll

  81. Larry DeMarco

    ok this song is probably one of the greatest songs to make a baby to think about when your woman is laying with you and this song is playing what can else can be it says it all Thankyou MS Mills for your Love and warm sultry voice you made so many babies

  82. Jennifer Cross


  83. cherri3seedz

    🎶you're like a diamond, but she treats you like glass🎶👑

    Lawrence McKinney

    cherri3seedz the realest shit i ever heard besides her telling me if she was my woman

    Michelle Thomas

    One of my favorite verses from the song

  84. Randy Bagley

    a great rendition and I love Stephanie Mills - to me she was the "voice" elegance, power, and great lyrical phrasing.  So much dexterity in her voice.

    Now, with that said, some here are comparing her and pitting two great singers against each other in Gladys and Stephanie Mills.

    Stephanie's version is more "grand" and forceful - no question there.

    Glady's version is more classic and intimate - still very much powerful and she has the best bravado than any other female singer I have ever heard - I like Glady's more, not because she is a better singer, but because it's more intimate and feels like she is singing directly to the person she loves.

    Both versions are powerful and the arrangements are completely different - but both deliver. On this song, I just like the more intimate vocals of Glady's more and her interpretation.

  85. George L

    Stephanie as good as Gladys? Are you kidding? She wouldn't be good enough to open for the empress  of soul.

    Shirley B

    +George L they are not to be compared!

  86. Toni-Ann Stewart

    wonder if this was for Michael Jackson LOL

  87. ronny davis

    She's better than Gladys Knight!!!

    Military Veteran

    BOTH are Wonderful Singers! :-) :-)

    Sheena Perez

    I like gladys version better...but I love both

    Mary Jane Lucas

    Sorry but Gladys owns this ! Woman to woman hands down !

  88. T'nikka Do-well

    Love love love me some Stephanie Mills...

  89. Brooklyn Love

    I'd never never no no stop loving you. This is the jam!

  90. Yvette Rabon

    Stephanie's runs are out of the universe. Range is crazy

  91. Yolanda Oliver


  92. Ruth Jenkins

    Hey baby, there is something I want to say, You are knocking this song out the park Stephanie.

  93. Ingrid Dickson

    Love Gladys but Stephanie tears this up....

  94. Jay G

    She sang this well, but hard to follow Gladys on this one

  95. Anne Hamilton

    Lady Steph, can SANG go girl.!!!

  96. atlantis1191

    she sang this song like she meant every word