Stephanie Mills - I've Learned To Respect The Power Of Love Lyrics

Mmm...mmm... (Mmm...mmm...)

A dee dee dee dee doo doo...mmm...

I was a victim of my foolish thinking
Carelessly I've risked my love and my life
There's no self-pity, I admit I obliged
Overpowered by love I pretended to be blind

Faith has survived all the doubts I've summoned
My heart has stood all the failure and loss
Helpless I cannot further be driven, mmm...ooh...ooh...

I've learned to respect
The power of love
I've learned to respect (Oh...)
The power of love

I've learned to respect (Ooh...)
The power of love
I've learned to respect (Oh...)
The power of love

I was always afraid of being the one left hurt
Running away from the one thing
for which I've always yearned
I'm not ashamed to tell you
many nights I've tossed and I've turned

I've learned to respect (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
The power of love
I've learned to respect (Oh)
The power of love (Yes, I did)

I've learned to respect (Oh...ooh...)
The power of love (Woo, woo, woo)
I've learned to respect (Oh)
The power of love

I need you, I want you beside me {Beside me}
I trust you, I believe, I believe in you
I adore you, I love you so...
Don't you know I learned

I've learned to respect (I've learned)
The power of love (Oh... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I've learned to respect
The power of love (I've learned)

I've learned to respect
The power of love (Baby, baby, baby, I've learned the power of love)
I've learned to respect
The power of love (I learned it, yes, I did, oh)

I've learned to respect (Yeah)
The power of love (And I'm not ashamed to tell you, oh)
I've learned to respect
The power of love (Oh, honey, honey, I need you)

It's that power, oh
Baby, baby, baby, I've learned

I've learned to respect
The power of love (And I'm not ashamed to tell you that)
I've learned to respect (Oh)
The power of love

I'm talkin' about the power, yeah
I'm talkin' about the power, oh... {Power of love}, ooh...
The power, oh, ho
It's so good, it's so good to me
I'm talkin' about power, oh... {Power of love}
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

The power of love, ooh
Yeah, say it to me
You're talkin' about {Power of love}
And oh...let's talk about the yearnin', oh
And everybody, I-I-I wanna talk about the feelin', ooh... {Power of love} oh, ho...

I wanna talk about the screamin', ooh...
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
Let's talk about the lovin' {Power of love}, oh, ho, oh, ho, oh, ho
Let's talk about the power {Power of love}, oh...
‘Cause I-I've learned the power

I've learned to respect (I've learned, I've learned, I've learned, oh...)
The power of love (I said I've learned)
I've learned to respect (Oh...)
The power of love (Baby, baby, I've learned)

I've learned to respect (Oh, and I'm not ashamed to tell you that)
The power of love (That I-I've learned)
I've learned to respect (Oh, I'm not ashamed to tell you)
The power of love (I've learned it, oh...)

I've learned to respect (And everybody, everybody needs to learn it, ooh...)
The power of love
I've learned to respect (Ooh...ooh...)
The power of love (Oh, baby, baby, I've learned it)

Please report any inappropriate comments to us I've learned to respect (Oh, ho, yeah, oh...)
The power of love
I've learned to respect

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Stephanie Mills I've Learned To Respect The Power Of Love Comments
  1. Sandra Pitts

    No one can sing it like Stephanie Mills..she makes you feel what she’s feeling!😘❤️😘💜I like Angela Winbush when she sings this song too.

  2. jw jw


  3. earchie1

    I'm talking about the Power of love

  4. Geraldine Lewis

    Now Mrs Mills is the shittt love this joint right cheaa🔥🔥❣🤞💃❤😍

  5. Brandon Page

    Dear Love my Goddess please bless this song between me, u, and Isadora... In the name of Love...Aman to Aman

  6. Rita Massey

    2020 and I'm still playing this I'm talking about the power tell them stephanie

  7. Monica Hayes


  8. Chico Person

    The power of Love

  9. Beverly Dotson

    Sitting here listening to this power of love in 2020. And yes y'all I've learn and I'm not ashamed to tell y'all. Lost my love 2017

  10. MoodyMami #1

    STILL here for this in 2020. Who's here with me?

  11. Jessie Wright

    Love this song it was my friends song . rest n peace and this one is for you my friend I really appreciate and miss you ❤️❤️

  12. Bobby Alston

    I love her crystal clear voice and vibrato!

  13. Dwayne Greene

    Who in 2020 still listening to good music

  14. Michelle Gaines

    Sounds gud in 2020

  15. Cecelia Johnson

    Who's listening with me..... It's 2020 respect the powerful of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏 RIP Kobe and GiGi 💔💔💙💔

  16. Shon

    Vocals. Legend

  17. Talonda Markatt

    Powerful voice!!! Omgggg💜💜💜💜

  18. IAmMister RedHook37

    January 29.2020 at 7:15 pm from 5:27 to 5:31 minute she wuz on it!!! Lol

  19. Wendell Davis High

    You have to have been madly n crazy in love, riding the love rollercoaster and "F"" it up to the point of no repair to come to Stephanie's epihany of what was lost... The "love pains"" will make U mad n crazy.... Then U will truly understand the power of this song and its meaning!!
    Ask me how I know that.... so the lesson of this song: Love your girl/man and raise your kids together and forever before you lose what you have.. 1-27-2020

  20. Marian Byrd

    Song is truly amazing feeling some kind of way she definitely did that

  21. 215 Queen

    20/20 yesssss💞💞💞

  22. Onna Stewart

    Glad I'm out of that relationship very evil man

  23. grandkokise

    Anyone else in here besides me in 2020

  24. Eric Groves

    Love is a command in my life

  25. Joe

    Still rocking 2020

  26. MizEvon ImDef'rant

    Love this song! Love this lady! Stephanie & Luther both have "The Power of Love" songs & they're both perfect & 2 of my fav recording artists!

  27. cindy williamson

    Sing it sista! I love your powerful voice

  28. Vidal Johnson

    D old school ladies will never go out of style I'm 46 they teach us about how to treat a lady but as a man we don't listen i love this lady for that

  29. Gilbert Washington

    If only people of the world all can respect the power of love❤

  30. Phillip Bryant

    This song still jams till this day


    Unique vocal quality!


    2020 in still playing this real 80s R&B

  33. Sylvia Hughes

    The so called WWF wrestling bad guys will learn to respect the the power of the Batman!!!!!!!

  34. Fab76

    This would be a good song for a Tyler Perry Movie.

  35. Dee Brown

    2020 let's respect each other,💞💞 💞

  36. Bobby Anderson

    DAMN that's good

  37. Kareema Gray

    One of the best voices

  38. Christopher Garwood

    This woman is one of the best ever but didn't get the recognition because she didn't sell herself to the power of the Industry. She didn't run behind,bow,sell her body and soul.

  39. Dakota Mosthi

    I Adore U.......I Love u Soooooooo

  40. Jen Brown

    I still have over 30 cassettes , and countless CD 's and my bluetooth so I will never be without any of them ever with me it goes on n on

  41. Mother of 2 Wife of 1

    Thinking about you, Momma. Rest in Heaven

  42. Biggie& Bella

    My Bella Dam she made me Respect the power of love ❤️ never knew a love like this

  43. Keith Parker

    This lady is a all time great 👍 words can’t describe her talent

  44. SKETCH 3909

    Water love the best love not that toxic coca cola relationship 💗💗💗💖💝💗💗💗

  45. Karina C

    Learn to respect the power of love

  46. Natasha Crook

    We love u sketch..... xxlifelock..xx

  47. Lester Moore

    This song got me through the toughest time of my life. I will never forget it, or forget what it did for me.

  48. Jamie Fisher


  49. Gwen Evans

    Wow who's reminiscing on this song in 2020 ,Wow I remember listening to this while riding with my mom God rest her soul,She would blast this in her old school Fleetwood Cadillac ...

  50. Vince H-

    For grown folk only!

  51. Shirley Harrell

    A man needs respect more than love. Kisses and be blessed.💝💝💝💝💝

  52. Torri Stalk

    Who still listening to this

  53. Torri Stalk

    I've Learned To Respect The Power of Love yessssss This some Grown Women shit little girls don't know anything about it Ya Heard me???

  54. Hell Kat

    It gives me chills when she sings “I’m not ashamed to you tell you many nights I’ve tossed and I’ve turned”

  55. ! KID


  56. Maslow Dlamini

    some of songs ,I just dn'' t want to skip a day without playing ,hello 2020

  57. Monica Thompson

    2020 is here people 💕

  58. Monica Thompson

    I love this lady Stephanie Mills

  59. Latasha Travis

    2020 anybody

  60. Mic Powers

    Who sang like this today?There is no end to her voice.

  61. chasacart


  62. Delois Jackson

    I’ve learned to respect the power of love ❤️. my favorite song ❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯

  63. Tameka P

    here in 2020

  64. wandering vagabond

    yeah it overpowers us all even the coldest of us. lol

  65. Caple Millings

    Love is great

  66. MsKnowItall 3000

    Who else is still listening to this in 2020 ?

  67. Angela Williams

    The Power💥



  69. Martha Wilborn

    My favorite of all times the one and only Stephanie mills

  70. Flora Braxton

    This is a Badd chick ..

  71. Theresa Miles-Brooks


  72. Ceasarlio Thadon

    1,400 haterz

  73. Tanika Hatcher

    😓😓but I know now

  74. gloriaelisebell

    One of my favorite ole school songs. I still listen to it.

  75. Empress Griffin

    Baby. Sitting here grooving to this while thinking about my man. I can't believe I actually left him for a while. Nevet again!!!!

  76. Joyce Colay

    Who put thumbs down on this song. Smh. DAMMIT MAN. YOU don't know real music

  77. Theresa

    such beautiful words

  78. Phillip Knight

    I love this woman turning water 2 wine Yesssssss😘😘

  79. Kareema Gray

    One of my favs, powerhouse

  80. Roberta Robertson

    My Husband & I danced to this as Mr. & Mrs. at our Wedding over 33 years ago! We had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Mills in concert last year, her performance was as Phenomenal as our Marriage has been. I Respect the Power of Love!

  81. Cnor The Boss

    My feelings r so hurt right has tore me apart....she didn't respect me and I didn't respect her at all

  82. Merdice Howell


  83. Anthony Taylor

    Yessssssssssssssss..... My Jam... 1987 Born...... She was definitely the Beyoncé of her Time...🤣 This is my song.....❤️

  84. Patrick Burns

    Stephanie if you don't sing that gad damn song!!! The breakdown portion(I call the power breakdown) she killing it

  85. Iris Lawson

    This is my Favorite song for Life. Thank you Stephanie Mills

  86. Shalena Gowdy

    I listen 2 this song every day 2019

  87. shyteeshia Tucker

    I love to hear her and auntie Àngela sing this song 🙌🏽❤️🙌🏽

  88. Cecil Lewars

    Listening to Stephanie Mills can send chills down a brother's spine! Her voice commands y'all attention. Where has the great sounds gone? Gives you a appreciation of great music and the artist. The lyrics are true to live by.

  89. Tyrone Carswell

    She one of the greatest for sure fell in love and lost love listen to this song

  90. Maxine Darville

    Little lady with a big incredible voice 😍❤😍

  91. regina broughton

    So powerful and touches my soul...pulls tears from my heart.

  92. Torri Stalk

    I've Learned I've leaned I've learned yesssss She sang that

  93. Bruce Ogden

    Hands down one of the best love ballads of all time☝👏✊💖

  94. Rob Jones


  95. sworc

    Faith has survived all the doubt I've summoned..... wow

  96. Atlanta Gilmore

    Here ater the Breakfast club u Stephanie!!

  97. Daisy Tatum

    Oh boi!! Have I learned to respect the power of love!!!!! THE HARD WAY!!!!😂🔥😜👑💯💫

  98. Daisy Tatum

    The realness!!!! 🔥💙🔥💯👑

  99. Denise Jones

    My daughter listen to these songs all the time!! I say what u know about these songs?? ( old Skool r n b) she says mommy u would ply them over n over!! I get a kick outta hearing her say that!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂