Stephanie Mills - I Took My Strength From You Lyrics

Knowin' the way the wind was gonna blow
That was the way that I'd be goin'
Too afraid to stand alone
Too unsure to ever make my mind up
Following the crowd was where I'd wind up

Just like the tide keeps changin' with the moon
Day after day I changed direction
Tryin' hard to find myself
Wondrin' where my hopes and dreams had gone to
There I was, with nothing to hold on to

Oh, but then I took my strength from you
I had none, I had none
And then I took my strength from you
I had none, I had none
Until I met you
Just when I needed your love, I met you

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Stephanie Mills I Took My Strength From You Comments
  1. jett woodward

    This was from the last project Burt Bacharach and Hal David worked on until the 1990's. Burt was pissed off at what he'd had to go through when they'd done the score for the "Lost Horizon" movie,getting an injury shooting a tennis match,studio disputes,etc.,and he thought he should get a higher percentage than Hal but Hal didn't agree,so Burt got mad and broke up the partnership,and then Dionne got upset that they abandoned one of her projects and sued them both,but thankfully they worked it out eventually.

    Jesus O'Nazareth

    Bacharach, David and Warwick worked it out eventually--true, but it was kind of too late, as musical fashions had changed and they could not recapture the magic of their 1963-1972 recordings. There might have been another good album or two in 1973-1975 had things gone differently. On the other hand, they really did get a nice long run in together. There aren't that many musical teams that last a decade and produce high-quality recordings consistently for the entire time.

  2. Phil Watson

    Burt arranged it, I have the recently released cd. ;)


    Very beautiful song and voice but I never heard before, thanks for enlarging my musical horizons :)

    Phil Watson

    @wolverine3566 You're welcome. None of the songs on this début album of Stephanie's were ever huge hits, but they're still some of Burt & Hal's best. :)