Stephanie Mills - I Feel Good All Over Lyrics

The night we met I often remember
Two strangers meeting for the very first time
Now here we are
Facing each other
Two lovers holding on to something real
Something so meaningful
If you wanna know how I feel

I feel good
(I feel good)
Baby I feel good all over
(Baby I feel good all over)
You and I have one another dreams
We finally where you are

Say no more
Your expressions shows it
I see a little sunshine inside of you
Just to be with you
Its so exciting
Who would've thought it could happen to me
It's no secret we're in love
Even a little child can see

I feel good
(I feel good)
Baby I feel good all over
(Baby I feel good all over)
You and I have one another dreams
We finally where you are

You know I been lots of places
I've seen lots of faces
Thought I knew just about everything everything there is to know
You know you never (ever)
Cease to amaze me (cease to amaze me)
The main reason I live
Is because
You make me feel good

I feel good
(I feel good)
Baby I feel good all over
(Baby I feel good all over)
You and I have one another dreams
We finally where you are

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Stephanie Mills I Feel Good All Over Comments
  1. Denna Taylor

    That voice tho 🎤🎤❤

  2. Fatousarr watson


  3. Fatousarr watson


  4. kem23629

    Beautiful I love you lets get married.

  5. javoris Mitchell

    This is one of those songs that makes u cry just that powerful.... #facts

  6. javoris Mitchell

    Who would dare to thumbs down Stephanie ..... Wow


    Damn . . .

  8. Vernita Johnson

    This song....a classic

  9. Common Sense

    Christmas vibe.. I'm loving it..

  10. Catherine Jackson

    I got love on my mind

  11. Paula Barnes

    Can't explain romance through song to this generation.

  12. Briah Johnson

    Give her a movie about her epic life

  13. Brandon Page

    Dear Heavenly Father Zeus please too for the holidays...

  14. Geri Williams

    Stephanie is amazing, I saw her interview with Charlamagne the god, she looks great!

    Phillips Watson


  15. Jamie DiMatteo

    Old school never gets OLD !!!

  16. Valencia Grimes

    Awesome 👍

  17. Timothy Sullivan

    I feel good

  18. LeNora DeNNis59

    This is a song for true feelings about each other, in a relationship that lasted a long time!

  19. Carrie Jyles

    Still jamming in 2019

  20. sonyaethaniel

    I saw Stephanie Mills on Broadway in 1979 or 80 in "the wiz" playing Dorothy. She was a little girl with a huge voice.

  21. robert williams

    I was so in love with Tykelia Bowen
    I meet her on the bus at 21 I am
    45 now seem's like yesterday
    When I hear this song....

  22. Linda McMichael

    Makes me feel good all over, Nobody can touch Stephanie Mills. NOBODY!!!

  23. Joye Bigelow

    I love  this song

  24. Mz Phatcatt Rivers

    I love this song

  25. Korey Sylver

    Just an excellent vocalist singing timeless, meaningful lyrics. And the combo ALWAYS produces classics

  26. Jul Muhammad

    The Specialist 😎

  27. Johnny Kroger

    Very Heart Warming!

  28. TheLadieJae

    I would say fuck her becuz my boyfriend cheated on me with her... and she knew... but this damn song and this voice.. I cant even be mad

  29. TERRY Cosby

    I LOVE U... use to hear ur song on the radio ever Sunday when my mom had us wiping the walls down

  30. Gary King

    This is and was me my amazing wife charmaine wedding song I love you baby

  31. De'Asia Harris

    Bruh my mom plays this song every morning before I go to school 💀

  32. Jacqulin Lacy

    This woman has yet to receive the recognition she deserves. She still delivers a great show and her voice has not changed. Love me some Stephanie Mills, just good music.

  33. Shahara Eatmon

    Still one of my favorite songs in 2019😍😍😍😍😍

  34. Dorothy Khumalo

    Real music during our teenage age's.

  35. Gail Starnes

    This song should have as many likes as it has viewa nobody should dislike this just listen to this song

  36. Takenna Melton

    Still here 2019🥰💕😍

  37. Synergy Awaits

    A true classic!!

  38. Donna Shinall

    I dedicate this to my future husband...I haven't met him yet...or maybe I have, and just don't know it...yet.

  39. Shirley Hogsett

    When you feel down play this song and remember the good in your life

    Phillips Watson


  40. Blakk Mor59

    My goodness, she blew the sh*t out this song!!! I still get goosebumps when I hear it.
    Ain't nothing left in those words!!! LoL

  41. Gerald Anderson

    One of my favorites, what a babe.

  42. Bruce Colemani

    That's the Lord's fun and the treasure my brother search for till there become .the once again I held his gun Jacob is his name.please take the baby .name him Jacob and I are going

  43. Bruce Colemani

    Thank you for taking my baby when I was die .thank for holding my gun so I could fix my bun.

  44. Bruce Colemani

    I float away please

  45. Bruce Colemani

    Yes mam you are a lady stuck in a woman's body sorry

  46. Judith Rhice

    2019 still listening.

  47. Gemini Angel

    Here because of breakfast club

  48. Gail Starnes

    Stephanie Is Beautiful inside and out but that voice I cried

    * I feel soooooooo (:

  49. Arlene Dennis

    Here from the breakfast club interview they posted today !

  50. Shiann Bennett

    What a Powerhouse! When she sings I can feel it through my entire body 🔥🔥🔥🥂

  51. S M

    You and I have what others dream about

  52. S M

    I feel good all over

  53. Rosemary Goodman

    My favorite song i still listen to this song in 2019

  54. Tanika Trenice

    We need music like this again. Fix it Jesus.

  55. *Tonché* *Tonché*

    So glad I grew up in the '80's💕

  56. YoSAmm

    The brilliant idiots brought me here November 2019

  57. Phyllis Jones-Mejia

    After Praying,Believing And Waiting, The Man God Purposed For Me Came Into My Life. Thank You Daddy! I Feel Good All Over !!!!!!

  58. Nunya Bizniss

    This song is soooo cute 😍

  59. Danyell Hollis

    love my ole school music, there's nothing like it. they don't make music like this anywhere

  60. James Jones

    Nicole Porter makes me feel this

  61. Larissia Douglas

    This shit is .100.u deserve a Grammy.I her are underrated....sing sis

  62. paris player

    I remember in HS playing the radio station at night until I fall asleep. This kind of music is beautiful for the soul.

  63. Sharon Avery

    Hi people in this world this song makes me feels good all over I feel good over Tonite 💞💗😘

  64. Melissa Young

    This is that old school Saturday house cleaning get your ass out that bed don't cut on that TV until the house is clean music.

  65. Nathaniel Aiken

    This is talent and how to express it!

  66. Tish Thomas

    Listening at this very moment... Music is still good, however this is lyrical music. Now days lyrics have no meaning...


    I feel good this morning because I'm alive and blessed. This song is so beautiful. I love Stephanie Mills and her music. 2919 and beyond...✌💜🙏

  68. fortnite player 01

    Love this song

  69. Cindy Who


  70. Michael Gee

    If anyone watches The Masked Singer, I know she is one of characters (pink one). The clues. Check it out. I bet I'm not - not like I'm gonna win a prize or something. LOLOL. My two cents.

  71. Donnie Cameron

    No that don't they make music?

  72. Keshav Persad

    Can I go to bed now ?>

  73. Mrs Chass79

    Yasssss Stephanie singggggg

  74. Donnette White


  75. Jaye Bee

    1.1k ppl don't feel good all over

  76. Tyus Long

    Being around my Mother back in 87 made me go back to listening to this in 2019

  77. Stacy Jones


  78. Salema Parham

    Yes I feel good every day morning nd night 🥰😚😘🤑

  79. Black Conscious Acts

    I have always loved her voice. Haven't heard anything close to it.

  80. Dionne Mitchner

    Music like this doesn't exist in 2019 for which it's needed to teach some what real music really is💖💖

  81. Yolanda

    Such a tiny woman with a powerful voice good God almighty thank you momma for introducing me to this type of music they don't make it like this anymore

  82. Demiel Robinson

    Me and my bae laying here holding one another listening to Stephanie nov. 10 2019 💕💕💕

  83. Stephanie Moore

    I love her! Talented. Beautiful.

  84. kelvin ray

    Stephanie the ace in the whole singer, when all else fails just put stephanie on cause she makes me "FEEL GOOD ALL OVER "!!!

  85. Kevin Alexander

    Thank heavens for you tube, I said it and meant it .. it's where all the great musicians are captured, she was nothing to mess with back in the days. A little person with a giant voice.... timeless music ❤❤❤

  86. Pamelia Hooks

    I'm still listening to this song in 2019

  87. Dirrck Roberts

    Soul stirring melody.. been rocking since i was 13 now I'm 43, Timeless.

  88. the black dominican H pusher

    this song rocking literally rocking because its was out in crack era when they made good music

  89. Monique Robinson

    There is a saying
    To keep a man have to get low.....if you next to me ....I can reach you so kekeke and hahaha...hip hop hooray and who ray!

  90. Monique Robinson

    Most mornings I send all my children a message.......
    Some messages they like and some they don't......but family is Latin people feel me...todos para familia!

  91. Trela Anderson

    Nothing like 80's and 90's R&B. Stephanie's voice is a rare gem, especially today. Help, Lort!

  92. Monique Robinson

    If we can get people to stop whining and start working again....
    I work from run is work

  93. Monique Robinson

    Yo......when you feel GOOD ALL say fuck them