Stephanie Mills - Feel The Fire Lyrics

Somethin that you told
Stayed in my head all night long
You wanted me to love you
When you said simply
Reach out and touch me
My love is in your hands

Feel me
I want to feel the fire, mmm
Feel me
I want to feel you, oh

And if I should lose your love
For any reason, any reason at all
Then let my record show
I gave you all the love I know, ooh, ooh, oh, oh

It s somethin that you told me
It stayed in my head all night long
You wanted me to love you
When you said simply
Reach out and touch me
My love is in your hands, come on, y all

Feel me
I want to feel the fire, yeah, oh
Feel me, all you got to do
I want to feel you, I wanna feel you, yes, I do, oh

And if I should lose your love
For any reason, any reason at all
Then hey, please let my record show
I gave you all the love I know, oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, oh...

Feel the fire
Don t try to play with my emotions
Give me love, give me all the love and all your devotion

Feel the fire
Feel the fire
Don t, don t try to play with my

Feel the fire
Feel the fire
Feel the fire

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Stephanie Mills Feel The Fire Comments
  1. Nichelle Wilson


  2. Jonathan Dismuke

    I’ve only known of Pebo’s version and I just heard this on Pandora. I lost my mind, found it and lost it again. She made this song whine!

  3. Derreka Studwood that's that shyattttttt who still listening in 2020 🙋‍♀️🔥🙋‍♀️🔥🙋‍♀️🔥🙋‍♀️❤🔥❤ #MEEEEE

  4. Marcus B'More Creative

    Who is here in 2020 after just hearing this song? If you are here you know what love can be.

  5. H Vaughnes

    SAANG Ms. Mills! Give Me Love and all your devotion...SAAAAANG! Rocking still in the '20

  6. Destiny Jamison

    Summer Walker Tryna Sing This 😍😍

  7. Paul Noble II

    So who wrote and performed this first Pebro or Teddy? I know Stephanie came later. She is real good friends with both.

  8. Lizzy Pooh

    Yessssss.... Woooo!!! 2019 almost 2020!!!

  9. special moments


  10. Mello Ortiz

    Go girl 👧

  11. trenell woods

    I needed this song today haven't heard this since I was 15 damn there 16 years

  12. Mello Ortiz

    OMG memories from my young years 😋🤗

  13. tink lov

    This was before my time but damnnnnnnn you can make love off this song still fire in 2019

  14. Myra Beavers

    Simply Beautiful song - just like Stephanie!

  15. chesterescoto

    Fabulous with PEABO BRYSON!.....FABULOUS + with STEPHANIE MILLS!


    MY MY MY

  17. Marcus Boykin

    No one can still do this version i love pebo and the rest teddy too but this is not replaceable

  18. Todd Crawford

    It's a 160 ppl that have noooo clue what Real Soul Music is about ...I'm glad I was brought up from the Early 70s and my MoMA played All Soul music..these 160 are Totally lost in Space🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️I feel Bad for them🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  19. Elaine Donaway

    I love Ms Mills she was Dorothy on stage...she is so so bad...

  20. Elaine Donaway

    She was suppose to do the Wiz but ugly ass mean ass Diane Ross had Berry her love child in her pocket..oh how they dogged Gladys..

  21. Christine Porter

    Yes can you feel the 🔥 fire you can feel these old school songs in your soul ❤️

  22. Loretta De Herrera

    I want to feel the fire...just a chills in my soul..let the record show i gave you all that i love was in your hands..💖💔💖💔💖💔......

  23. Alex Davis

    She sang the song!!

  24. Angel Cockrell

    Beautiful yes love it

  25. del ham


  26. Tanya Michel'le

    Remember those Sayre Jr. High school talent shows in Philly every body would attempt to sing this song!! Nobody could hit that note at the end Lol!! Who miss the 80s?? Stephanie Mills can saaang!💗

  27. Ricky Tubens

    Question: Who the Heck are the 144 who didn’t like this song??? Seriously smh.

  28. Tru Intentions

    You Betta get yo liffffeeee 2019

  29. ꧁ Orlando Cruz ꧂

    Oh man! Beautiful. Don’t know which version I like more . This solo version or the one with Teddy.

  30. Leriyea Williams


  31. Jennifer Williams

    Dedicated to my 8th grade middle school boyfriend... we're back at it again💕

  32. Neilin Johnson

    80s love songs is the best souls music

  33. Deborah McCoy

    “ For Lovers Only “ y’all here me ; ok this is for everybody who enjoys “ Great “ Music !!!.

  34. bklyngurlwurl


  35. Mz. Courtney Allen


  36. bionicwoman

    I like the duet with teddy p
    But I really like this solo version better cause Stephanie really pulls up her vocal abilities!

  37. Latoya Fox

    Still a hit in 2019 !! I love listening to good music!!!💙

  38. D Jackson


  39. Kevin Childs

    I need you to feel this emotion in your soul

  40. Tanya Peterson


  41. Latonya Morgan

    Love this song and yes real music

  42. alvin jones


  43. Whitney Harris

    Omg sing it girl

  44. Malcom Sazon

    Words cannot describe how much I love and appreciate the vocal gift she Stephanie Mills has given us...for over 40 years!!

  45. James Scott

    I LOVE Stephanie Mills. Always will have a crush on her. A great singer.

  46. Our Love Is A Trip 4 Real

    3:54 Damn!!

  47. Kendra M

    This song does something to me..

  48. staci bulle

    Absolutely amazing classic music it ain't today music

  49. shawn dockery

    Well damnit man.... I really just sat here and listened to Stephanie Mill's, Teddy Pendergrass' and Peabo Bryson's version 🤔😌😓
    I felt heart and soul from all.🔥🔥 Music was just soooo awesome back then 😍😄

  50. Stacey McFadden


  51. Tiffany Bright


  52. N1K

    Lord this song give me chills🔥🔥

  53. Tae Kwando

    They just don't make it like this anymore. Legendary track legendary artist

  54. Gregory Gordon

    this is just a good go song. I like all versions.

  55. Daniel Gates

    I can play this all day along with home

  56. leperso100

    This song was made for grown ass adults lol

  57. CheriRose

    What a voice... what a beautiful...

  58. Supe Smackdown Daddy

    My favorite female singer.

  59. Anita Mcghee

    This song is 🔥

  60. S S

    I feel my love ..i know..tears flow everytime ...

  61. eriterwil


  62. AJ Sassy

    I don't know who sings this song best Stephanie or Peabo because honey Stephanie put her soul and body in this damn song!!!

    Deborah McCoy

    You know The little Lady with the powerhouse voice sings it best, no competition there.

  63. Nique Loving

    Love this song


    I DON'T care who sing this the song it still sounds fye.........🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  65. Tamika Anderson

    I love your music u have always sing from the heart

  66. juanita mitchell

    feel the fire.....Stephanie Mills!

  67. S S

    I love you and miss your fire... the love of my life..Robert 💟💟 forever

  68. Richie Phillips Jr.

    Septhanie Mills Plays Lindsay & Katie Total Drama Island Total Drama Action On
    Cartoon Network 2008-09


    Richie Phillips Jr. Its a white girl name Stephanie Mills.

  69. perry crumbley

    Happy Valentine's day all lady woman Perry

  70. diamondks diamondks

    Yes!Alway be the song 🔥🔥stepone

  71. JocelynHk Carter

    JocelynhkCarter: This is a love song! Classic!

  72. Sandra Smith

    what can i say....Damn! smh😙

  73. Supreme Ali

    Dang I miss those 1970s.

  74. Nerlita Hutti

    I want to feel the 🔥

  75. Nerlita Hutti

    I love my old school music

  76. Revenge haters

    Give me all the love I deserve don't try to play with my emotions

  77. Sabrina Crawford

    LUV her

  78. Barbara smith

    Sing stephanie Mills damm this that good shit 💩 ayeeeee

  79. Dawn Rivera

    I love this song! When people used to slow dance at house parties.

  80. Shadow Play in the Woods

    OMG Stephanie!

  81. Anita Angelo

    She is a bad lady. This my favorite song. And so many more.

    Shirley Butler

    Anita Angelo I agree with you all the way on those comments TRUE DAT 4SURE! !

  82. Storm Makaveli

    Love you steph but leave this to peabo

  83. Britt Jackson

    My Lady will only know my Feeling right now

    Britt Jackson

    6 thumbs up

  84. Timothy Wedgeworth

    Great rendition...WONDER what Whitney Houston would have done with it..

    Matthew Jodah

    Timothy Wedgeworth that is a wonderful thought! I wonder too. Ms. Whitney


    Timothy Wedgeworth not a damn thang......

  85. Nisha Sorryihavetotellyah!

    Drums in this takes it away ..... master piece...

  86. Barry Stein

    Great list ! Am enjoying listening...

  87. Fuller Sherry

    Go step 😍

  88. Fuller Sherry

    Go step 😍

  89. Lousa Priest

    hell yes when music was music

  90. Tamika Reid

    my love is & your hands (( i love the way stef sings her a$$ off god bless

  91. Bronx bully whoos

    Yess i cant find love in 2017 at least i can hear about it from a classic women with a classic song ...i need a bitch to sing this to me then i know she loves a nigga

  92. Iam Gumbylicious

    Feeeeeeeel........theeeee fireeeeeee‼️‼️‼️🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. Kareema Griffin

    This is what you call Real music

  94. Norma Padro

    This is such a beautiful song. I remember when this song came out. I was young, but when I heard it I knew what love was all about. Very beautiful song.

  95. Anwar Ogiste

    Her voice oozes over the track and then explodes!

  96. True LeNoir

    Don't Try To Play With My Emotions!!!!!! Feeeel THE FIRE!!!!

  97. Kelvin Mays

    true classic

  98. Cynthia Edwards

    This is a "honey let's put the kids to bed and..... feel the fire for real song!