Stellar Kart - My Surrender Lyrics

Hold the line
I would not let you in
‘Cause love is just a masquerade
In a war I’ll never win
But I can’t find a way
To keep you at bay
Without giving up
It’s all I want
Yeah, I am giving in

For so long
Running from a love
That would last forever
But I’ll hold on
To this until the end
You took your world
And tore it down
Just to turn my heart around
So I won’t run again
This is my surrender

Stood my ground
Through the ones that came before
Never backed down
Never was afraid
When there were armies at the door
And I’ll weather the tides
And lay down my pride
‘Cause with you somehow
My guard is down
And I can’t fight it anymore

The war is won
The war is won

For so long
Running from a love

That would last forever

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Stellar Kart My Surrender Comments
  1. Sidereal Freedom

    this is complete sugar. in a good way. thanks agee mr. the adam.

  2. Joe Nelson

    God gave me a personal visit a few years back and said....."surrender all perfect peace" thank you for this song

  3. Raffaele Pedale

    Why isn't avaiable anymore?T.T

  4. David Vasquezz

    Stellar kart really got better, this last album is by far the best one until now...

    midkey_ eddie

    David Vasquezz my favorite is we cant stand sitting down

  5. MenacingBunny's Mashups

    I always think they will say "my surrendering". Cause in my opinion it would've sounded better :3

  6. Jessica Caroline

    loved <3

  7. Setsuna F Seiei

    like u

  8. Charissa Lim

    Wow the best album so far :D God Bless