Stellar Kart - All In (Apologize) Lyrics

It's easier to be the crowd, to just fit in and not stand out at all
To make a case for apathy, and never risk a thing in case you fall
And this is life and we all decide
The stand we take and this is mine

That I am not ashamed, wont walk away
Not trying to disguise, or ever hide the
Reason that I choose to be a fool
For the one who saved my life
I wont apologize

It's hard to walk a narrow road, and know that you might be the only one
To go where no one else will go, pressing on until the race is run
And this is life and we all decide
The choice is ours and this is mine

That I am not ashamed, wont walk away
Not trying to disguise, or ever hide the
Reason that I choose to be a fool
For the one who saved my life
I wont apologize

As for me, I am all in
As for me, I am all in, all in

I am not ashamed wont walk away
I can not deny

That I am not ashamed, wont walk away
Not trying to disguise, or ever hide the
Reason that I choose to be a fool
For the one who saved my life
I wont apologize

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Stellar Kart All In (Apologize) Comments
  1. PurpleEyed ZombieChick

    Anybody else noticed that this song sounds like good riddance by green day?

  2. Diary of a Cuber

    I love this song

  3. Eliyah Ben Adonai

    Still my number 1 band <3 #stellarkart


    🌴essa música faz a vida parecer uma mentira 🌴Deus com nos e sempre amén🙏

  5. Battle Born

    Anyone else on a stellar kart binge right now?

  6. Eudineia Barbosa

    Love you 💓💓💓

  7. David Blass

    Amo esta canción ❤️

  8. TheHennes36

    This Song is so awesome! How they Change the Key in the chorus is just perfection 😍

  9. Asher Matthew

    Lead singer kinda looks like The Miz

  10. Chris Lorenzoni

    Really miss these guys! Music was awesome!

  11. Kuthos Tsutso

    Wow, i love this song. Keep going Karts. 😊

  12. Beauty Videos

    Damn, it took me 2 years to find this song! YAY!

  13. sirsaint88

    The trouble with this otherwise good song is that unbelievers most like don't know you're talking about Jesus Christ.

  14. Ana vitoria Santos

    alguem de Brasil BR

  15. Sauni Wan Lenar

    I am not ashamed †

  16. Andrew Patasik

    this is absolutely my new favorite song, great song guys.

  17. Kalash Productions

    I'm from germany and three years ago I visited a friend of mine from germany in canada. And when we (I travelled with his brother) arrived and drove to his house with his car he said "He Chris, you like Green Day, then you for sure like Stellar Kart. They're also doing Punk Rock." And I was like "Hey cool, show me". And well. All In was the first song I ever heard from you. Yeah, it's not that punky punk rock as some other songs of you, but.. I actually don't know what I like about the song. The message, the beat, the rythm, the bass, the video... dunno. But I kinda started liking your album. And some songs got along with me in different times. In spring 2015 I was in a difficult work time. I didn't liked my job and wanted to start something new, but I was kinda scared of something new. Then I heard "Are you tired of watching your life pass you by? Well I'm beggin' you at least give live a try" (Times Not Waiting), and I send my application for a new apprenticeship. I prayed for it and then I got it. In summer 2015 I found out, that my GF of 2 years cheated on me for 4 months with my ex-best friend. I fell in a kinda sort of depression because of it. Half a year later i realized the lyrics "No longer a traitor, a faker, a doubter, a failure, I am living proof, you made a friend and a fighter, you saved my life, you make all things new. It’s just like you" (Just Like You). And in that moment I felt a kind of joy inside of me. I can't describe it, but I just wanted to cry out of joy. I remember exactly that moment.
    And all this started with All In (Apologize). Thank you Stellar Kart!


    Kalashnikow42 All this happening is God intervening in your life imo. Many of the same things happened to me throughout life. Sometimes it takes a breakdown to understand changes need to be made, (Oh man did I ever breakdown)
    Then slowly but surely God starts leading you through those doors, he has opened, the ones you know feel right. Better experiences come along and slowly you feel happier then you ever had before. At least that's how God has worked with me.
    This band has always been a great way for me to worship over the years. Hope everything is good for you now. 😁

  18. Lenin Po

    the bass player though? what happened?

    Eric Andre eating a chicken wing

    Lenin Perez people leave bands for different reasons.

  19. Wellington Nunes

    You are a channel of blessing for my life! I really love this band, always keep it up, peace! God bless you all

    Wellington Nunes

    Now there's a woman in the band?

  20. 连苏Liansu

    Love That song 😍😍😍

  21. Jonathan Perkins

    StellarKart is awesome. Vocals and beat are perfection. Uplifting. Love this band. I hope that God will continue to use them and they will succeed further. Great song All in -Apologize. Brilliant.

  22. مازن games

    ilove these song

  23. Sirapat Apichotteerawong

    Good song

  24. Jeanka PH

    stellar me encanta

  25. Harmony Eve

    You guys really inspire me, and I love this song, keep being amazing :D

  26. Daniel Arcilla

    Stellar Kart rocks!

  27. Minori-Chan

    his voice reminds me of simple plan

  28. Darth Nox

    When I lived in New Mexico they preformed a concert at my local church. I invited some neighbors/friends and we all had a good time. It was my first concert i ever went to, so as a follower it it twice as memorable ^_^. I got a signed T-Shirt, drumsticks, poster and the newest album at the time. My teacher was a fan as well so I got some stuff for her as well. God bless! ^_^

  29. Trofimov862

    this remind me of now that im bullyed them bullyies are deisued in friendship im showing out who i am ppl are gonna be mean so those bullies are helping me to become brave and better

  30. Carolina Quiroz

    Lovely song! :)

  31. robert martin

    This is such a great song I hope they do a tour soon

  32. Walkbyfaith

    Beautiful song god is Good:)

  33. FarAwayDistance

    <3 Love this.

  34. Kelly F

    I am often disappointed when I see the videos behind the awesome songs I hear on the radio. This video was no different. It showcases the band and the lead singer without giving a hint of the feeling or meaning of the song. Sad.


    I like it it's fine if you can't get the meaning im not sure the songs for you not saying this in a rude way

    Bradley Willette

    @reddeadcodvidz182 i def agree with you but let's summarize for the woman above. The song is about being all in with God and not apologizing for his love. Well that was in the name guess it makes sense now :)


    Music videos are basically just to show the band singing. Its not really supposed to grip the meaning of the song cause you really can't do that.

  35. Daisy Abregana

    I am so blessed that you are using your talents guy for His glory

  36. Robert Holt


  37. Song Salieri

    My oldest daughter got an album with this song on it...what a blessing. How awesome to find it here for when I'm where I can't use a cd player...and I found song I haven't I just need to find a website to get more albums! May The Lord bless Stellar Kart even as their music has blessed me.

  38. PandaKitty

    Nice song, and very nice voice. :3

  39. philk

    Its so right what you say. That we shouldn't be ashamed for Jesus who saved our lifes.

  40. Jessica Caroline

    I love this band !  

  41. Sustancia111

    Veeerga!!! Tenia rato q no escuchaba a esta banda. Y ahora veo que hicieron una limpieza extrema... donde estan los otros?? O.o

  42. quando você ler um comentário eu estarei lá

    Linda demais tanto a musica como a baixista.  

  43. Andrew

    RIP: old punk rock Stellar Kart

    kristin carlsson

    @Andrew Dedekam I miss the singer who was before! Although there are very many good songs with the "new" band too, but he was better.


    I haven't listened to the new songs. I don't want it to ruin me liking the old band hahaha. But I mostly listen to Jesus Culture. I go to their conference every year.


    @kristin carlsson

    kristin carlsson

    Oh nice! Jesus Culture is so good. I have not listened so much to their music, but the songs I've heard are really good.

    Rosalind Twothirteen

    @kristin carlsson Jason Dunn is still making music as Lights Go Down! You should check out his new stuff. (It sounds like old Hawk Nelson)

  44. Irang Song

    Nice song! Got to know this song from GodGirl'sClub!

  45. Abigail Garcia

    i miss the old stellar kart

  46. Вит Мастерсон

    Wow! Great clip. I love you guys and girl)) 

  47. Josué Torres

    Who's the girl?

  48. Hannah Gulley

    i love this song so much. I mean, I love everything they do. but this song is just so raw, ya know? I love it.

  49. Bazzle Frazz

    Wow, this is so bad... I came here because I saw this band mentioned in a list of supposedly good Christian punk bands... beyond the fact that this is not even remotely punk in any way, it's also the most generic, bland, emotionless junk... not an ounce of creativity here. Was hoping for something better here. If anyone does know any good modern Christian punk bands, would be interested in hearing about them!

    Luke Fuqua

    Look up some of Stellar Kart's other songs. They're more of the punk you're looking for. :)

    D.J. Clift

    This song is a ballad.  This isn't what they normally sound like.  However, I would not classify Stellar Kart as punk; they're more alternative rock.  "Criminals and Kings" would be an example of what they normally sound like.

    And if you're looking for Christian punk bands, check out The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or Icon for Hire.

  50. Eric Andre eating a chicken wing

    I miss the old Stellar Kart.

  51. Hannah Lane

    I'm in love. Very good song! <3

  52. jose andres tarrago

    exellent song

  53. Dorinda de Vries

    i want to replay everytime

  54. Jose Bayo

    Nice  .......:)

  55. Ace Cuyo

    I am not ashamed to tell the gospel in every nation and every campus.
    All In! :) 

  56. Tod Ebetino

    Thank you guys for what you do.

  57. Lucas Jones

    I saw them at upward!! They r amazin

  58. Joshua Van Guilder

    Good band meet them at a youth event

  59. Talon Diwisch

    I felt like that was trying to be two different songs at the same time. I'd probably have to get used to it more to like it better. Descent though after first listen.

  60. Annamarie Nevarez-Polanco

    Your songs are amazing

  61. Lifely Band Channel

    wow! I love this song so much!!

  62. MsJuminha7

    Wonderful, awesome! Love this Song..... God bless this band! MY FAVOURITE ♥

  63. Julz Marie

    wow I only came across you guys today but wow!!!! a new favourite band ^__^

  64. GhostNote

    Is that Adam's wife?

  65. Darmus

    Met these guys last year. Great people and an awesome band. Keep up the good work, SK. God bless!

  66. Parker Dodson

    Just got done hanging out with Adam up in the mountains with my church.


    Tell Adam get back to SK. Please and ty.

  67. Bekah Be like Batman

    This song is AWESOME! Amen!

  68. Sarah C


  69. Blablablanc

    Dang! I want to have his voice ringing in my ears for the rest f my life. I don't care if I have to become an ally with an ugly, fat and weird-looking witch/octopus who lives in the sea and converts people into shrimps.
    I would totally become a shrimp for this band.

    Olivier Legendre

    that's an interesting comment


    +Olivier Legendre I agree. But I think she's referring to Ursala from The Little Mermaid.

  70. pritchettm1

    They've changed a lot since Nick and his sister Allie came but they've gotten their heaviness back in my opinion with Criminals and Kings.

  71. BackSeatBrothers

    They've grown a lot older from 2005 and are so differant and it is for the better :-D

  72. Lifebox

    God will always Blessed you. $☂εłłαя Ḱ@ґ⊥

  73. katy bileto

    Stellar kart has a new sound and look. hmm.

  74. Jessica Caroline

    Its a new member

  75. Katherine Weaver

    they have a GIRL what happened???

  76. Jonathan Galbraith

    Saw you guys live last night! Y'all are amazing!

  77. Nate Mittendorf

    The entire lineup has changed over the years. Adam is the only original member left. I remember Brian, Adam, Cody, and Jordan :(

  78. Matthew McHam

    There is a girl in stellar kart now?

  79. Caio Coelho

    vocês são otimos!!!! Deus abençoe vocês

  80. Pryscilla Pérgola

    Stellar Kart ♥

  81. Valéria Cutrim

    Nice song. Always talking about Jesus. Don't change!
    I hope see you guys here at Brazil. God bless you guys.

  82. Gaston Vivanco


  83. Eli Tymkiv

    (just her hair, not saying she shouldn't be there)

  84. Eli Tymkiv

    I think that they are advancing in their sound, although the girl doesn't fit the picture

  85. michk96

    Why so little viewsss? I freaking love this song.

  86. Elijah Agapito

    I miss Cody, Jordan, and Brian so much! Not to mention, Cody was buff. But still a great band. :-)

  87. OneWay 4D73

    Nick and Aleigh from SK grew up at my church

  88. MountainsTREMBLE116

    what the heck happened to the rest of the band members

  89. Kevin B.

    Just met these guys yesterday at Encounter in Maryland. Great band and very friendly :)

  90. scrufinator1

    Stay True and Dont sell out Stellar Kart. You are awesome!

  91. Josiah Kharsyntiew

    Great song ! Love the key changes !

  92. Paul Turner

    I was at a conference they were at and it seemed like they wanted to shed whatever image they thought they had. They didn't even do Life Is Good.

  93. Tigerban Gaming

    What happened to the original bass player?

  94. jayson freddy

    All in for The Lord

  95. Adam Suchacek

    More tags in descripe, Stellar Kart!!! This will secure more views, more people listnening your new music..

  96. Kierstynn B.

    Ok. Not to offend Alleigh (is that her name?) but I'm use to it bring an all boys band and this is just weird. Not cuz I don't like her but its strange. And what's with the funeral car????

  97. jayson freddy

    I love and all in for my lord my savior god