Stella Donnelly - Season's Greetings Lyrics

Let the cat out of the bag
Didn't think you'd be coming back
Seasons greetings on a card
You've been a hallmark from the start
If the gravy tasted great
Why did you poor it all away
You like to intimidate

Sliding edgeways out of strained
Border protection
List debates
Bitter look of whats to come
Why can't you be more like your mother was when she was young
And all your idiot cousins like her more than all the other aunties
Yea cos she was a punk
She was a punk
She was a punk
She was a punk
My mums still a punk and your still shit

Have you lost your fucking mind
Its never to late to be on time
You like to intimidate
Fuck up your life
Loose all your friends
Fuck up your life
Loose all your friends
Fuck up your life
Loose all your friends
Fuck up your life

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Stella Donnelly Season's Greetings Comments
  1. Mary Ablaza

    Not another aussie Christmas indie rock jam, huh? #LOLZ

  2. Woolsey Band


  3. Mvag2639

    "My mums still a punk and you're still shit"
    Love this part

  4. I was Here


  5. that tails chick

    Very Australian

  6. Erika Fröstl

    ok so idk how i ended up here but im loving this

  7. Venus Kogane

    Youtube ads wore me down.

    Tis pretty good...

  8. y o o n g i u k e


  9. Stuarrt B

    "Wanna sneaky ciggie"

  10. Futa y


  11. Little boy a citizen of world

    why have imagine dragons post link to this album in their music videos?

  12. Beth Blodgett

    Love it

  13. Stefanie Podsiadly

    imagine discovering this song in a chemist

  14. Benjamin Rogers

    Support your local artists

  15. Benjamin Rogers

    Thank you triple J for the intro

  16. Benjamin Rogers

    Thanks babe I love your stuff you are my favourite artist all the best keep it real.... so refreshing

  17. Melika Gogolian

    I'm the 666th like.

  18. elisabeth kate

    okay i frickin love this! i love you stellllaaa <333

  19. menelaus caldeaja

    thank you so much

  20. Addy Revolution


  21. Michael Dart

    Love the 80s costumes

  22. Zainab Nasiba Mkhabele.

    stella if you see this please come to south Africa I beg of you, you and Julia and Haleyxx

  23. Raszhaw Luvstock

    that's chicken or bread or what??!!

  24. Emerson Mae Smith

    such a good song, such a funny video!!!!

  25. しの

    Ketchup Man!!

  26. cammy470

    still hating myself for missing her performance at castlemaine

  27. camilla

    when ur favourite song from the album gets a music video on your birthday 😍😍

  28. Mauro


  29. Diego Alberto del Risco Ramirez

    Hermoso!!!! ❤❤❤ love you guys 😋🙌🏻❤

  30. robbieperre

    I love how she's ALWAYS having fun! She performs this way too.

    In the last scene, she literally can't keep a serious face... so typical Stella and Friends!!

  31. Grace Laing

    so fucking good. so fucking AUSSIE

  32. Becc Edwards

    This looks like it would have been so fun to film! Awesome seeing the band too!

  33. Alyssa Dalrymple

    This looks like it was so fun to film

  34. Jemima

    Yay this is my favourite song on the album!

  35. Francis Brennan

    I swear to HECK if this video doesn't get the views it deserves I'm gonna be one sad boi.

  36. Reyes2k

    Fantastic video:)

  37. みこひ

    I’m Japanese. I’m very happy to find you by chance.

    Zen Jenga

    Hey! Japan rules!

    Jason Noseworthy

    Can you recommend any Japanese indie acts? I know a few like the Drop's, Lucie too, Awesome City Club, Bradio, & Wednesday Campanella, and would love to find more.

  38. Daniela Bustamante

    Stella and Julia are the best

    Minnie Morley

    stella + julia are the powerhouses of australia

  39. Zelgaro

    That last shot was so cool, with the slow zoom out. Well done

  40. Ian

    Stella, if your listening, please come through saint louis area, saint charles, etc. love your music.

  41. Awkward

    This song go hard

  42. MrZololoL

    God bless Stella Donnelly

  43. The Washed YouTuber

    So you gonna just bless us with a new video today??????? Loving it already


    I've been waiting for your new music since I saw you at the London Scala. Thanks

  45. Andrew Pollard

    Such a great song, best album of the year. You're fuckin killing it my guy.

  46. Chris Potter

    Cool video! :-D

  47. John Paul Quevedo

    Underrated track, its one of my favorites in Beware of the Dogs

    Owen Donnelly

    to be fair is there really any song on Beware of the Dogs that isnt ridiculously good?

  48. me lo

    HEYY STELLA!!!!!