Stella Donnelly - Old Man Lyrics

He's reading sport on the news, white man white teeth in a suit
He's got that style
And then alone in his house, he wants to take baby out
Give us a smile
Boy if you touch her again, I'll tell your wife and your kids
About that time
Cos this is not ninety-three, you lost your spot on the team
You're out of line

I've worked too hard for this chance to not be biting the hand
That feeds the hate
So have a chat to your friends 'cos it's our words that will keep
Our daughters safe
Your personality traits don't count if you put your dick
In someone's face
And no it's never too late, we sat there silently while
You kept your job and your place and your six-figure wage

Oh, are you scared of me, old man?
Or are you scared of what I'll do?
You grabbed me with an open hand
The world is grabbing back at you

Oh, are you scared of me, old man?
Or are you scared of what I'll do?
You grabbed me with an open hand
The world is grabbing back at you

Oh, are you scared of me, old man?
Or are you scared of what I'll do?
You grabbed me with an open hand
The world is grabbing back at you

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Stella Donnelly Old Man Comments
  1. Timmy Chan

    Who can tell me what does “example 12” means at 1:05?Thanks!

  2. John Kavla

    Dick in someones face😂

  3. Katie Robknobs

    so so good

  4. falamifalami1

    Stella is so talented !

  5. Mia Schu

    Great song!
    But the video didn't seem to go with it. Unless the quirky dancing juxtaposed with the song lyrics and advice on how to defend yourself against an attacker running in small print at the bottom of the screen was supposed to highlight how sexual harassment and abuse is normalised, ignored and swept under the carpet? Perhaps.

  6. Funky Dead Cat

    Thanks to KEXP

  7. Işıldak TİVİ

    torun biliyorsun bu yorum gelecekteki sen için adamım dedenin cok iyi muzik zevki vardı

  8. Lily is Spoopu

    If you scroll down far enough, you find men who are offended by this

    seriously though, check out the Stella Donnelly performance in Sydney and you get a lot of extra input

  9. Jesse Moynan

    [Verse 1]
    He's reading sport on the news
    White man, white teeth in a suit, he's got that style
    And then alone in his house
    He wants to take baby out, "Give us a smile"
    Boy, if you touch her again
    I'll tell your wife and your kids about that time
    'Cause this is not '93
    You lost your spot on the team, you're out of line

    Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh
    Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

    [Verse 2]
    I've worked too hard for this chance
    To not be biting the hand that feeds the hate
    So have a chat to your friends
    'Cause it's our words that'll keep our daughters safe
    Your personality traits don't count
    If you put your dick in someone's face
    And no, it's never too late
    We sat there silently while you kept your job
    And your place and your six-figure wage

    Oh, are you scared of me, old man?
    Or are you scared of what I'll do?
    You grabbed me with an open hand
    The world is grabbin' back at you
    Oh, are you scared of me, old man?
    Or are you scared of what I'll do?
    You grabbed me with an open hand
    The world is grabbin' back at you
    Oh, are you scared of me, old man?
    Or are you scared of what I'll do?
    You grabbed me with an open hand
    The world is grabbin' back at you


  10. Valeria Talavera

    _this is not 93’_

  11. Valeria Talavera

    *he wants to take baby out*

  12. Adzy82

    Sad story. Same but male. Go forth my friend

  13. iago

    lol im her 10000th sub

  14. Matisse Moretti

    Thanks to Alfo Media

  15. Wylie Harrington

    Fucking love this song

  16. Joaquín González

    Name of the white girl?

    James George

    Both women are white

  17. Daniela Bustamante

    I'm in love with this woman.

  18. mikaila


  19. Alpaca Jones

    Yeah, not a fan. Been listening to this on Triple J and the chorus just really annoys me for some reason...


    You needed to comment that you didn't like it because?

    Alpaca Jones

    @LilTom956 Just to see who else felt the same way. Dip my toes in the metaphorical water, y'know?

  20. Carlos Panta Moreno

    This song makes me feel calm

  21. J J

    Great song except for the man hating lyrics and political intent. A waste of talent.


    J J I don’t think she’s a man hater I think she’s coming after a man in power who maybe sexually assaulted her I don’t think she’s a man hater

  22. Adam Poll

    That dance! :)

    Sweet melodies, beautiful vocals, and a no-punches-pulled message - pure art.

    LOVING Beware of the Dogs - fantastic album!

  23. Johnny Excalibur Monk AKA Rick Fricano

    I love the songs and video's, very cool

  24. Jennifer thongbam

    Stella's lyrics tend to have a darker side unlike the cute face she shows...which to me is not really bad 'cause that's inspiration to her and plus she makes great music....

    os terminal

    I was thinking the same thing, it's all cutesy until you dive into the lyrics and they can very be unsettling. Shes amazing!

    Jennifer thongbam

    Ecks Dee ,gee thanks! it's nice to know someone shares the same view...😅

  25. nick smith

    This song is her best no doubt

  26. Isaackizzz

    "Oh are you scared of me old man
    or are you scared of what i'll do"

  27. La Luz Lovegood

    Sedap sangat 😍❤

  28. Heidi Brown

    This song is very powerful and deserves all the praise it getting

    J J

    It's dumb.

    Heidi Brown

    @J J Do you even know what it's about!!?

  29. Present Ghost Records

    Check out Fashion Haze Mask's new song!

  30. David Esteves Ruiz

    Saludos de Perú !!!! me recuerda un poco a the cranberries genial ;-)

  31. Clayton Greenwell

    Feel dumb asking this, but this video obviously has a 90s aesthetic. I didn't know if that aesthetic had an actual name, or if the dancing/skits were parodying a 90s TV show or film. I wasn't around in the 90s so I wasn't sure.

  32. Alex Smith

    She is such a phenomenal new voice. I love her new album so much. It is so funny and hopeful and comforting even when it's also biting or dark. We need more voices as clear and sharp and bold as she is.

  33. ironlungs33

    Gorgeous voices, melodic phrasing, contour and I loved the video. As a man who is kind & gentle but still embraces his sexuality, I find the lyric of "old man" to be a song of coming from a place of hate. The truth is that men and women can make a wonderful team in life and love is the way. Stella Donnelly would rather stand on the faces of men and kick them when they're down, pretending the "Harvey Weinstein" archetype is the common man.

    The vast majority of men do not rape, most men agree with most women that rapists should go to prison. Most men do not try to grab a womens ass, and most men do not whip it out in a women's face (although blow jobs are common and many women do enjoy this as a healthy way to give pleasure).

    Hating on all men as if we all embrace Weinstein isn't society changing. We do not adore him, nor do we want to be him or anything remotely like him. Pretending this is the case does not help anyone. Its simply perpetrating more hate from the opposite direction. Old man is just another post-metoo era bandwagon, "if you're white and you're a man, you deserve to have no voice, no seat at the table, you're evil and women are now taking over"....psst but we still want you to find us sexy and provide for us and protect & fight for us. Its ok to have sex when WE desire it, but you're no longer allowed to think sexual thoughts (unless you are a bad boy that we find sexually attractive and then these rules don't apply). In other words, we're teaching you to be a good guy, but also that good guys don't deserve to get laid lol. And btw, you should also hate yourself for the society that our grandfathers, and grandmothers, as well as the natural biology of our species has created for us! Thanks and go cook the dinner and do the dishes now so we can have a girls night out.

    If vitriol and hate gets her off and gets you off listening to it, I find this quite sad. The biggest truth in the universe is that hate towards an entire group of human beings (happens to be the other 50% of the planet) means that your own heart is in a very unhealthy place. For those women who think they want to live in a fair and honest way that values men and women equally, this message is not moving the conversation forward. Love is the way. Stella Donnelly's music is sunshine and roses but her words are, unfortunately, a toxic opiate cocktail to promelgate hate without challenging views. If you are white and you are male, you are less.

    Lily is Spoopu

    ironlungs33 please listen to Stella Donnelly’s live performance at the Sydney opera house, before she sings boys will be boys she talks about her brother, and that it’s not all men who are shitty

    I don’t know where you got the implication that she was directing it to everyone, because this song is pretty specific

    mom's spaghetti

    Dumbass comment

  34. GIRLTYPEFACE Arthouse

    "Hey Gary Old Man, listen to this!"

    - Natalie Portman back in 1994

  35. on ne


  36. JD Smales

    Cheers Stella stoked for this album!!

  37. Daniel Gressier

    I fucking love this song a lot <3

  38. GTXWGN

    finger nails down a blackboard

    J_ Delay

    Bad take.

  39. alexl ln

    Just discover your music with my Deezer Flow. Just amazing. In particuler this one. There is something special with the clip and its esthtic that I really love.

    Beautifful job

  40. mmmacca

    This clip gave me colon cancer

  41. Keith van Keimpema


  42. Joe

    I love this song because as a man it reminds me how women get away with shit men couldn't dream of. I love how smug she is about it too.


    incel spotted

  43. Joanne Green

    So many fragile men here who think calling out bad behaviour is the same as hating people. If you're not an abuser this isn't about you. Chill the fuck out.

  44. Matt

    MGTOW is a direct response to her anti male agenda.

  45. Mark Majdandzic

    Made my day 💛

  46. Abby M

    Fucking hell this song is an ICON 😭

  47. Amy Andersen

    I saw Stella play solo at a festival in the UK last year and was so impressed by her as a guitarist, vocalist and song writer. What a fucking talent, I'm in awe.

    Jennifer thongbam

    Wow...did you get her autograph???...that'd be so cool...lucky ya😊

    Elisha David

    Seriously. I can't remember the last time I fell in love with an artist so fast. I get that Cocteau Twins, Sundays, perfect 90s nostalgic kind of feeling with her, but it's sort of danceable. I can't explain it. And her aesthetic matches perfectly, loving everything from her.

    David Longstaff

    Amy Andersen Green man?

  48. CheckTechDeck

    I dont really listen to stella but this song SLAPS! New fave <3

  49. nineradvocate

    Holy shit, I thought I was listening to an unreleased track from Lush's 1996 album Lovelife. I would have totally believed this was them. It's uncanny.

  50. BarryEssex

    Her music is A, lyrics a little less, she might want to read up about irony a little more ;)

  51. ひざこぞう


  52. Pusfilth

    So powerful message omg you really powerful message about sexual omg perfect message powerful about harassment you good thanks right wing we fly left wing pocketful message sexual old man harassed is coming to end and you’re message.

    Jack S

    What in the fuck did I just read¿

    Kate D

    MK ultra


    Theres a sentence in there somewhere...

  53. charles bronson

    Every song by her is literally ripping on dudes

  54. charles bronson

    Man hater!!!!

    Lemony Catapult

    charles bronson *sexual assault hater :)

    charles bronson

    @Lemony Catapult lol

  55. a girl cried red

    sus canciones son muuuy buenas, pero las escucho y extraño un poco la era de thrush metal:(

  56. abdul razak

    Trying to be Lily Allen?

  57. Lisa R

    Is this an anti younger woman older man couples song? My husband is 20 years my senior. Or is this an anti molestation song?
    I really don't understand the lyric.

    Good guitar playing but her lyric writing needs more clarity in general.

    Alex S

    It's more anti powerful men taking advantage of women and not facing any consequences

    Lisa R

    @Alex S hi! Thanks. We can all agree it's wrong for anyone of any economic class, age, race or gender to take advantage of anyone. I'd never personally single out one demographic of people. Not after the things I've seen growing up and traveling the world.
    I've survived so much in my life. I could write a book!


    Men not receiving consequences? Not in this decade of extreme anti male movements that western governments support.

    Stella is just jumping on the feminist bandwagon that already surpassed its intent a decade ago. Now they're milking it in order to emasculate men and strip them of their remaining rights.

    Joanne Green

    Its about people like RKelly and Roman Polanski who have abused women but their careers have barely suffered and how the tides are turning. Its not sbout relationships

    indy aguilar

    @Matt I really doubt that that's what she's trying to achieve, but each to their own I guess

  58. Losing It

    Dios mio, que buena canción!

  59. NancyLacey Remillard

    Who is the blonde woman in video?

  60. Jasmine Merriman

    Fucking choon x

  61. Marissa Butera

    The power this video holds......

  62. Louis Wentzel

    your music is so smooth 'n so slick. Never stop :)

  63. Real Heel Ryan

    Awful. Enjoy your 35000 views.


    Real Heel Ryan U and ur sticky fingered son can go elsewhere

  64. Terrell Worrell

    Tiny desk brought me and im so glad it did. I love your work i love this song i cant wait to keep diving in! Thank you!

  65. Ascetic

    Here from Tiny Desk. I'm in love with your music.

    Israel Buitron

    Same here!

    Lisa R

    It was a great performance. I wish I had learned to play guitar instead of violin.
    Such a more versatile instrument.

  66. Gerardo Amín López

    oh la la c'est la nouvelle vague

  67. Little Bug

    I love this video's aesthetic. Such good music <3

  68. sue

    wow wow wow

  69. Freda M

    This is so good! Also I noticed you were listening to the record Bush Doctor- Peter Tosh in this video and I just wanna say that's an amazing album that I listen to all the time and it was exciting to see it feature in ur video haha. Looking forward to ur upcoming album!

  70. sidi86

    Very good !!!!! I love it !!!


    She hates men like a pro

  72. レタス レタス

    良い - good

  73. GUiTERMaN N. Int

    My song of the month in advance 👍🏼

  74. Terence Nordberg

    Stella, you must’ve had some pretty effed up dudes in your life to date. You are supremely talented. Mean To Me live at The Bird was flawless and Mechanical Bull is still catchy. Just wonder if we’ll see you branch beyond the genre of hating half the population.



    Ivo Zambelich

    Hating half the population? I don't get it. She portrays toxic masculinity, abuse of power, misogyny, among other subjects.
    Reporting those issues is equal to hating all men? Please explain me how...
    You don't need to be so "effed up" to commit mistakes, to be violent, to be abusive, since the culture we share still naturalizes some of the toxic behaviours that can damage the people we care and ourselves along the way.
    If you take these lyrics or any other written by Stella as something personal (or getting offended by them) maybe you need to take responsibility for some of your actions and reflect on how to improve as a man, or as a human being.


    @Ivo Zambelich "Toxic Masculinity" is a social sciences propagandist concept that tries to separate "good" masculinity from "bad" masculinity and in no way would we ever accept such a concept as it might relate to femininity. Pathologising masculinity is pure sexism, no matter how much academic jargon you spew out to justify it. Not very different from the way race realists and the alt-right pathologise blackness as some kind of primitive uncivilised violent concept.


    @Ivo Zambelich "If you take these lyrics or any other written by Stella as something personal (or getting offended by them) maybe you need to take responsibility for some of your actions and reflect on how to improve as a man, or as a human being."

    Nice try.

  75. Mr. Music


  76. Wies

    omg that tall blond one <3_<3!!

  77. Mannix Wong

    Best thing to start 2019

  78. Bye YouTube

    This song sucks the message sucks! You should have told his wife when he did it!

    amelie w

    TrOLL THIS!!! go away pls

  79. Kevin Hutchinson

    Beautiful song

  80. Anastasia 101


  81. michael fellinger

    All Around⚘👏

  82. emanuel Posse

    u gonne love this in 30 years time cause u then also old and u hear ur young self singing öld man"/ ""old person""

  83. cicobuffy

    Love it

  84. Will Udall

    🌟 🌟

  85. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Old Man" debuted at #20 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!

    Mark Henley

    Rubbish throwaway song

    - peter

    @Mark Henley are you scared young man ?

    Joe Hall

    @- peter Got him.

  86. Erik Bergren

    So great on so many levels!

  87. katelynlim

    love how there is a message behind it too !


    The man hating one? Yeh it's great.


    @SENATORPAIN1 man hating != men hating

    Lemony Catapult

    Or maybe just the men in the song that she’s singing about? Ya know, the sexual abusers. That’s what she’s talking about. Don’t jump to conclusions lol. If you feel like you’re being targeted in the song, then you need to take a step back and reevaluate your morals and maybe how you treat women.

  88. Lukas Love

    i really like this. ill say the chorus sounds like its really going to kick into a thicker groove but it doesn't it almost seems perhaps slightly hollow? but maybe in a good way? i can't work out if i don't like it or really do......

  89. ThatOneNerd / Loser

    Seeing her in Nottingham in May and I think I've gotta learn that dance she does for the chorus.

  90. abc def


  91. valentina

    This is so good!!! I'm so excited, there's something that makes you unique 💕💕

  92. Ian Wallis

    Love all Stella's music either with a band or without. She is a very talented musician and has played with a lot of good perth artists over the past couple of years. Boat Show being one of them :) I can't wait to hear the album I'm sure it will be pretty big for her

  93. Mickey Bowser


  94. Melis Layik

    I’ve been listening to this on repeat for the past 2 days now, Stella you’re fucking amazing ❤️

  95. Gusto Formula

    I loved her EP, but now she kinda just sounds like another indie rock band. Her voice is so amazing it really got to shine in a more stripped down setting. Playing with a band is much more fun though. I don't know, maybe it will grow on me.

    Erick Martinez

    I though the same thing as soon as I heard this. But after a few listens the tune has really grown on me & I think playing with a band will probably make for a better live show. Loved her stripped down EP but i'm excited to hear more of this before I make my final decision.

    Daniel Bernas

    I would actually disagree 100%. I think this is a refreshing take on Indie Rock because she seems to find a perfect marriage between the dreamy sounds that too many indie acts try to achieve and a more acoustic sounding vibe and her vocals do the same thing.

    Thomas Braun

    I discovered her just a few days ago because I saw her NPR Tiny Desk concert and the song beware of the dogs blew me totally away. Then i listened to old man. I didn't like it that much immediately but after a couple of listens i loved it too. (Good music always has to grow on me) I know exactly what you mean with "just another indie rock band"😂, but I'm pretty sure that's not what it is. I'm really looking forward to her new album!

    Gusto Formula

    Thomas Braun
    Yeah btw I did change my mind. I love it now lol

  96. Cadee Donaghey

    i am in love with it

  97. BigZ7337

    That was great

  98. Timothy Nelson


  99. Amber Jean

    I love this video, it's amazing. I heard the song on the radio today and was like ooo yes

  100. Jack Golding

    This is incredible