Steely Dan - Josie Lyrics

We're gonna break out the hats and hooters
When Josie comes home
We're gonna rev up the motor scooters
When Josie comes home to stay
We're gonna park in the street
Sleep on the beach and make it
Throw down the jam till the girls say when
Lay down the law and break it
When Josie comes home

When Josie comes home
So good
She's the pride of the neighborhood
She's the raw flame
The live wire
She prays like a Roman
With her eyes on fire

Jo would you love to scrapple
She'll never say no
Shine up the battle apple
We'll shake 'em all down tonight
We're gonna mix in the street
Strike at the stroke of midnight
Dance on the bones till the girls say when
Pick up what's left by daylight
When Josie comes home

When Josie comes home
So bad
She's the best friend we ever had
She's the raw flame
The live wire
She prays like a Roman
With her eyes on fire

When Josie comes home
So good
She's the pride of the neighborhood
She's the raw flame
The live wire
She prays like a Roman
With her eyes on fire

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Steely Dan Josie Comments
  1. Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500

    a-a-h classic 70's

    makes me feel 18 all over again

  2. Will Ritter

    I'd be honored if some Donald Fagen & Steely Dan fans would take a listen to my live keyboard & vocal performances of JOSIE and HOME AT LAST on my YT channel in tribute to the Aja album and the legendary songwriting of Fagen and Becker. Live acoustic with no digital editing. Thanks and peace.

  3. Uwash Idry

    Listening in 2020 anyone else?

  4. Jaquetta Lee

    My granny name is Josie. I'm here because I love this song and my granny Josie B

  5. Thomas J DiGenno Sr

    Funk,jazz,blues,deep groove,complex changes,great lyrics,all in the space of a 4.30 minute "pop"tune.Amazing!

  6. MerkinMuffly

    Who's listening to this song in 2020? Yeah, me neither, but soon, very soon ...


    MerkinMuffly I am.

  7. Wallace Yallup

    I think if there were an actor today that could play her, it'd be Margot Robbie; but back in the early 90s probably it would have been Sharon Stone.

  8. donald drysdale

    that Bernard Perdie played drums on some of this album should tell you something; the most renowned soul drummer. this was a band that even jazzers paid attention to. becker and fagen were also some of the most perfectionist--if your time sucked on the drums, you didn't here the end of it. they were a prime studio band, as well, that caused them some issues when they first went live, I believe.

  9. Brian Holmes

    So fricking good! Love the Dan!

  10. The Cuz

    I don't know who the f**k John Mulaney is, Im here because Steely Dan rules.

  11. Logan 5

    one of the best engineered albums of all time
    this song should have 10 million views

  12. Isabella Brandt

    I’d like to personally thank John Mulaney for introducing me to Steely Dan

  13. Bradley Thomas

    This song predicted the eagles winning the superbowl decades in advance. This song is Nostradamus with a bass guitar.

    Edward Sholar

    Could you elaborate?

  14. Eternal - Fire

    As long as you only listen to the beat and dont listen to the words AT ALL its pretty ok

    Eternal - Fire

    The words are weird and dont make much sense(to me at least), which some people like, I get it, (I dont) so if I only listen to the beat its pretty good

    Eternal - Fire

    Nope, I dont really have a favorite, though I do like classic rock

    Edward Sholar

    @Eternal - Fire
    I believe Steely Dan has no equal for these reasons:
    1. They could do it all- rock, jazz, blues, funk, reggae, pop, soul, R&B, Latin, metal and even classical, if you throw in the string arrangement on "FM."
    2. Everyone wanted to record with them. Over 100 different musicians and singers recorded with Steely Dan,
    3. They sold over 40 million albums.
    4. They have been described, not just as a band, but as an "aesthetic."

  15. liveandletsdive

    Fabulous, timeless music. Will sound as fresh in 2119.

  16. Space Cat

    Anyone here because the intro is accidentally the best Slayer riff?

  17. binface9

    Anyone here after Ben Eller's Slayer version?

  18. Jim Bame

    The jokes on all these John Mulaney (whoever the fuck he is) fans who hate on Steely Dan. It's 42 years since this record came out and they're looking this up. In 42 years nobody on this planet is going to be looking up, or interested in looking up, John Mulaney or his stupid wife.

  19. Fred O'Brien

    Got to see SD in Phoenix in 1994 at Desert Sky Pavilion with Dennis Chambers on drums and George Wadenius on guitar. Incredible night of music and pakalolo.

  20. michel fontaine

    music like that will never be surpassed... today,s trash is nothing but a bad ear sore .

  21. CandyMichelle Johnson

    Still love this 2019.

  22. Beth Virginia Phillips

    Read Fagen's "Imminent Hipsters" on Amazon..............a fantastic's his memories of a kid in the fifties and his love of jazz greats of the era..he is fantastically gifted as a reader and it's entertaining as all hell...........a quirky, witty, sardonic and sarcastic jaded kid of the fifties who made it very, very big.

  23. tipofelice

    To Robert Combs: that’s interesting information about the Vistalite Snare Drum. Where and how did you find that information? I ask respectfully and not challengingly. Thank you!

  24. Lydia Gray

    This is one of my favorite Steely Dan songs, it takes me back to my days of yore, I would say more, but do not want to incriminate myself, that is how good this song is!

  25. Edward Sholar

    Donald Fagen and Walter Becker had a propensity for writing songs in minor keys. This song was written in E minor.

  26. Suz-ze Copeland

    always loved Steely Dan!

  27. Edward Sholar

    I saw them in Boston last night.

  28. Nathanial Ponn

    Great background music.😊

  29. northsoutheastwest

    OMG that sound of real music, nothing like todays shit (absolute fecal matter)

  30. Rudy Abi Akl

    My Dad brought me here

  31. Edward Sholar

    Walter Becker and Donald Fagen strove for perfection in the studio which made their music sound so naturally beautiful.

  32. Norm Appleton

    One of the greatest character tests of all time is the question: Peg or Josie?

    Exit StageLeft

    Norm Appleton I cannot make a choice no way


    Yes lol

  33. William Wilson

    Who the fuck is John Mulaney? I remember when this song was first hitting the airwaves.

  34. MaybeMelina

    Even though I never wasted one thought to what music John Mulaney might be listening to - This makes so much sense that I should probably have known nonetheless

  35. jj roman

    Yo Vanessa Yo

  36. sabrina gonzalez

    shitttttt this jams stilll

  37. Jugg and Finesse

    Sample used from this song in Wiz Khalifa and Smoke Dza's record

  38. Randall McCormick

    great song, one of my old time favorites

  39. Marguerita Parsons

    I love all of them Always have .......

  40. Axle Grind

    their faces are melting into the horns at the end

  41. philaman1972

    Every time I listen to this song, I am compelled to write a comment as a toast to its greatness!

  42. gooberz19

    Steely Dan has some tight rhythms.

  43. Chris Henderson

    214 people have their eyes on fire...

    Linda Perkins

    maybe they are just dead...........

  44. Jack Masi

    I have come here from Mulaney on Fallon.

  45. Kelly Ison

    the drum lick at 3:35 is what perfection sounds like

  46. Slam

    So good.

  47. Tacomadome24

    Awesome song:the sad part is, when I typed Josie to find this tune Josie and the Pussycats comes up first.

    Exit StageLeft

    Tacomadome24 nooooooo

  48. Harry Styles II

    Does it get any better than Steely Dan? Don't think so.

    Maggie Loughran

    No they are amazing

  49. gnaagren

    3:37 onwards... Jesus CHRIST, those horns are on point! It's a simple line, but the timing! The PHRASING!

  50. stephen spouse

    The best intro and outro tracks ever !! Steely Dan can seriously improve you well being.

  51. Crecia Bonner

    Still listening in 2019. 🙋‍♀️ Steely Dan still the shittt!! That bassline tho!!! 😎👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  52. Josie Bradley

    Why am i JUST NOW finding out ABOUT this song? 👍👍👍 rock on🎶🎤

  53. Sergio Rivera

    Steely Dan

  54. Tony Cultreri

    I think the best drum fill in (jazz-)rock history is Bernard Purdie in this song after 1:25...

  55. Eddie Willis


  56. Chris Kirilov

    Is there anyone who doesn't know this huge , intellectual creation 100 all times confused ...

  57. Jason Obuobisa

    Jim Keltner brought me here

  58. Linda L

    What a fantastic song! Please react to more Steely Dan.

  59. Crypto Tharg

    She prays like a Roman, with her eyes on fire! Oh yes, she do!

  60. Dan H

    This shit makes me wish I was like 17-27 in thd 70s.


    Sure doesn't take this song to make me wish that.

    Dan H

    @museack I suppose this song just brings those thoughts to the forefront would be a better way to describe it.

  61. Mean MrMusician

    I think this might be my least favorite song on Aja, and yet for any other band, it would be their masterpiece.

    Graham - Bag

    This song was voted Aja's weakest on Reddit Steely Dan, but it's probably my favorite from the album. The title track doesnt do a whole lot for me.

  62. Josie

    My name is Josie lol

  63. jaco5187

    Rick Beato brought me here. He talks about SD all the time.

  64. Jesse Loera

    After Rick Beato Explaining the Lady Gaga lawsuit, he mentioned this song has unique chord progressions or riffs and it brought me to listening to the song. It has a nice beat to it.

  65. heret1c

    Thanks Rick!

  66. Tarantulisimo

    Donald Fagen – synthesizers, vocals
    Walter Becker – guitar solos
    Victor Feldman – electric piano
    Larry Carlton – guitar
    Dean Parks – guitar
    Chuck Rainey – bass
    Jim Keltner – drums, percussion
    Timothy B. Schmit – backing vocals

  67. Fallen Nephalem

    Thank you John Mulaney

  68. Jimmy Lewis

    That opening riff sets it all up. A masterpiece.

    Edward Sholar

    Yes it is.

  69. Diana Peterson

    Great song R I P Walter Becker miss you. :((

  70. Mannix Music — Mixing & Mastering

    BAD ASS.

  71. Agnes Philomena

    The raw flame, the live wire, Prays like a Roman with her eyes on fire . . . (have you ever known those unusual people who are intense and self-actualized . . . and it's really who are, not an act . . . they'll change you)

  72. Agnes Philomena

    The joy . . . time to let loose . . . decompression

  73. Ian Ellis

    Shit this is sped up, thus the key is higher.

  74. allie L

    haha, everyone is here from the John Mulaney story :). I thought i'd heard steely dan before- in my head it was blues/rock, sort of akin to ZZ top. Nope, guess I was really wrong! and I do agree with his wife, this is NOT my jam (literally listening long enough to leave this comment and then getting the heck outta this video)

  75. clyde elliot

    laughter..the best medicine....4 u lonely people....looking for something lasting....

  76. Maynard Becker

    What does it mean to "scrapple"?

  77. itsALLartVideos

    Music for grown-ups.

  78. slion


  79. M P

    "Throw down the jam till the girls say when ... "

  80. Noa Baak

    Gays and hooters in the street (Union Sq. to be exact), I forgot how time passes. Find my sanity listening to this. - NYC, 6/30/2019

  81. Nick Robinson

    Lay down the law, then break it 😀

  82. suk1123

    Larry's guitar playing is exquisite! The intro chord sequence is one of the most beautiful chord sequences I have ever heard.
    Here is a link to Larry playing this solo...

  83. Charles Maeger

    Josie's back in the neighborhood - tonight, a major lunar eclipse - Halloween fireworks - burned rubber - battle apples and sandals twisting in the sand.

  84. Ken Perk

    Song's like this is why there is no longer any good music. NO WAY today's farts could hold a candle to this sophisticated kind of work. NO WAY. So they don't even try.

  85. Joi Lewis

    These gents layin it down. Still fire in 2019.🔥

    Dave Brown


  86. Thomas Snapp

    Steely Dan was the best drivin' around drinkin' beer tunes on the cassette player in the late hours when I was in HS in the late 70's.

  87. TDIReloaded

    Hold for applause

  88. ALF Club

    Jackson Parodi brought us here.

  89. Jack Barlow

    My favorite steely dan tune

  90. Carl Castle

    If a song is timeless ?

  91. XxRōšë_GòłdxX

    Hey my name is jozie

  92. Damon Kinney

    When setting the sound for a concert, why do the sound men love using Steely Dan music? What is the significance?

  93. Raheim Jumbo


  94. nm mm

    Can i throat punch the thumbs down people? 😆

  95. QuantumMelody29

    Learning the drum part to this atm... So difficult ;-;

  96. 78sansz

    Tetszik ez a fals refrénes dinamika!

  97. Electronic Adventures

    Magic. Notice the capital M.

  98. louis martin

    imagine if this song played in Sonic Adventures Dx

  99. Mark

    Josie had to be the coolest girl on the east coast

  100. Maggie Cloisters

    I just bumped into recently, it’s soooo cool! ‘Jody comes home so bad’... it sounds like my song, ah!