SteelDrivers, The - You Put The Hurt On Lyrics

There's a light on in the kitchen
Where I've been losin' sleep
It seems to me since you've been gone
The dark got twice as deep

My mind tries to forget you
But my heart comes back for more
'Cause you put the hurt on me
Like I never felt before

Don't need a guilty conscience
To follow me around
Don't need no one to tell me why
The rain keeps pourin' down

Don't need another dark cloud
Hangin' round outside my door
'Cause you put the hurt on me
Like I never felt before

The flames have turned to ashes
But there's still some embers left
Missin' you is harder than
This whiskey on my breath

I never had a memory cut
A path as wide as yours
'Cause you put the hurt on me
Like I never felt before

The flames have turned to ashes
But there's still some embers left
Missin' you is harder than
This whiskey on my breath

I never had a memory cut
A path as wide as yours
'Cause you put the hurt on me
Like I never felt before

You put the hurt on me

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SteelDrivers, The You Put The Hurt On Comments
  1. Gabriel Micheal

    If you try and learn to sing this song, you will have a new respect for this man. His timing and settle melodies/embelishments that make just him and a guitar so interesting are both most original and complex, and are unmatched in any genre. Greatest vocalist of all time as far as I'm concerned.

  2. Mike Beasley

    I vote for a new music genre! CHRIS STAPLETON.

  3. Apex floor designs LLC/Jason Morgan

    I'm sitting in that light in the kitchen right now. Ugh

  4. spacewrangler68

    I love CS but I have to start calling this out: in this song I hear a melodic rip-off of "Seven Spanish Angels", of the late great Ray Charles and the living legend Willie Nelson


    The chord progression in that song is entirely different from this one.

  5. David Henderson

    best song ever written!!!!!!!!!! tf what your thinking!!!!!

  6. Nerrel Crowl

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it

  7. bigmike937

    Voice of gold!!!!

  8. Bryan Lewis

    Chris's vocals spot on the accompanying music is true as it can be to its roots. I was raised on country fell in love with rock. This touches my musical core.

  9. angie Stiltner

    He's ours guys were KY. Folks u think he's good u wouldn't believe the talent in these hills

    Apex floor designs LLC/Jason Morgan

    I wanna be in those hills!

  10. J.P. Ball PharmD

    Yes. This dude is something special.

  11. Johnny Ballinger

    38 thumbs down, really? people are just evil full of hate... spite.. smh...

    angie Stiltner

    U don't gotta listen dude

  12. Mr Breeze

    some low-down ass kick'n shit - whew

  13. TygrisAvon01

    this song breaks my soul......

  14. Jesse Hudson

    thanks gal playing fiddle is great

  15. finershiner1

    I agree Chris is a great singer but this is Gary, Chris had left before this recording

    EJ Nova

    This is undoubtedly Chris.

    josh scott

    definitely not Gary. he is good, but he ain't no Chris.

    Mr Breeze

    +finershiner1 - Song was recorded and released in 2009 on Reckless... and if you can't tell the difference between Chris and Gary then stay the hell out of youtube dumbass

    Sonya Grissom

    Mr Breeze well put

    Po Diddly

    finershiner1 bullshit. Gary sucks. This is chris


    I cannot wait to see him in Cleveland........ This song is a Heartclincher, IF you have ever been in pain from a women, Let me correct this, IF you even suffer from the blackness of depression, this song can take your life ! so go forward with care, Chris has a voice uniquely unheard since the days of real country...FINALLY COUNTRY HAS A HERO...NOT A CRAP SINGER

    Mr Breeze

    shut up runt

  17. Brian Butler

    I have been a music fan since I was 5 years old,I have never heard a male voice like his! He is best male singer alive


    +Brian Butler Hes blessed with some Merl in that voice a smooth whiskey roll!! Chris knows how to connect with his writing. Nothing compares to a singer songwriter. They reveal their soul.

    Brian Butler

    @MusicHeartofMine2012 I have never been a Bluegrass or Country music fan,I agree Chris connects with his writing,I had an opportunity to see him live,and although I wasn't around when the Beatles first performed in the States,the hysteria that ensued,but I did see MJ in concert and again hysteria,but at the concert I saw Chris in gave me chills and I actually felt as though I was going to pass out especially during Sometimes I Cry,AMAZING

    John Hendley

    Dan tyminsky

  18. Alejandra Villarreal

    my Juvy

    Mr Breeze

    da fuq??

  19. Michael West

    Chris can sing anything. Bluegrass, Rock, Country, Blues, any genre, and be the best vocalist in that genre. Man is one of the most amazing creative talents on Earth!!

    Mr Breeze

    how sweet

    Christian Mills

    Chris who?

    Christian Mills

    Iv been a fan of this band for years

    Christian Mills

    And don't tell me stapleton

    Goonish Goon

    Christian Mills Stapleton, since, you know, he’s singing on this track and all.

  20. Margaret Clark

    Love it

  21. Sharon Hindmersh

    Chris..what can I say I love your voice..your music..your beyond awesome

  22. boomerang379

    Another awesome song sung by Chris Stapleton!

  23. Official _aubrey

    Well it dont get to much damn better than that!!!  Chris!

  24. Skitz O'Fuel


  25. Mary Kay Tyson

    I feel every word.. beautifully written... soulful. ♥

  26. rebelawrenceify

    That voice is a force to be reckoned with, full of soul. And the words of man who's heart has been broken. Beautiful.

  27. msvicki50

    wow, are you so correct!!

  28. wpnichols024

    With this kinda talent in the world, how the hell does something like lil wayne or nicki minaj rule the airwaves?

  29. Randy Goodman

    The SteelDrivers and Chris Stapleton are an Awesome Sound!

  30. Hawg Busters

    Gyawwwwt!!! Put chills on ye