Steam Powered Giraffe - W.I.N.K. The Satellite Lyrics

There’s a world out there, there’s a world out there, there’s a world out there waiting for you [x2]

Would you believe me if I told you a satellite paid me a visit (No)
A round metal mound with a telescope eye a tear trickled down as he told me his story
His tale was a blur, I couldn’t make out the words, I said, “Slow down, begin at the beginning, and, start with your name.”

Start with your name

[W.I.N.K.:] My name is W.I.N.K. the Satellite, mission aborted coming home from endless nights
W.I.N.K. #109, our mission was a failure, we’re running out of time

Sent to the Vice Quadrant to find us a new home
but unlike other satellites, I fear being alone
When I saw her green visage, it was love at first sight
but then the Space Giant appeared and took the first bite

[Hatchworth:] Ooh, that sounds bad.
[Rabbit:] It doesn’t sound too good!
[Spine:] Gang, we should do something about this.
[Rabbit:] Okay!
[Hatchworth:] Let’s.

We can get Peter A Walter the 6th
to turn you into a rocketship
fly on back and speak with this Giant (Yeah)

We can ask it to please leave, and hope that it agrees
you see, the key to conflict resolution is communication

[W.I.N.K.:] Let’s give it a try
How much could it hurt?

The name is W.I.N.K. the Satellite, mission reinstated let’s get up in that sky
W.I.N.K. #109 let’s save the love I left behind
We’re ready to fly

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Steam Powered Giraffe W.I.N.K. The Satellite Comments
  1. Xanthera

    There's something so incredibly sweet and wholesome about the idea of a satellite AI finding a planet that's so beautiful that it learns how to feel love

  2. BlinkinFirefly

    I love this one. Especially the beginning "There's a world out there waiting for you..." :)

  3. meredyth with a y

    There's a world out there, there's a world out there, there's a world out there waiting for you...

  4. Leila555

    Robots built in the 1890’s for war purposes and one of them says, “The key to conflict resolution is communication.” If that isn’t beautiful, I’m not sure what is.

  5. James VR

    Vice Quadrent was the Anthem of 2015 for me honestly. I'd just gotten over being suicidal. and this magnificent album comes out about exploring and space and adventure and these robots I'd fallen in love with. it really motivated me to get better that year.

  6. Martyna Krakowiak

    Who else simply wants to hug W.I.N.K.?

  7. Cyndi Crawford

    let's see... American Doll Posse by Tori Amos is my #1 favorite album of all time and has been since it came out in 2007. Schism by Andrew Huang (which came out in 2011) is my #2 favorite... I currently list Music by Madonna as my #3, but methinks it's gonna get pushed down to #4 by this album. time will tell, but so far, it's very promising.

  8. emily Miles

    I can't tell which of them plays wink- anyone know?

    Steam Powered Giraffe

    That would be Sam Luke (Hatchworth)!

  9. The Nerdy Girlie

    I love this song so much. I've never done animation before but if I learn how to do it is it okay if I make one for this song?

    Facade Cake

    im sure they wouldnt mind lol

  10. The Apocalypse

    beautiful raw harmonies

  11. Viktor Suuta

    Cutest band ever.

  12. David North

    This album is absolutely awesome. I am so stoked for Quintessential too, I love you all and your stuff so much.

  13. Handir

    So far it seems Vice Quadrant is hands down the best album....

    heck life

    It seems they're getting awesomer with every album.

  14. Dr. TC

    Crossing my fingers for Star Valley Night to be next!

    p Q

    I love that song so much, it's my favorite on this album.


    It seems they are releasing them in order so Star Valley Night will probably take a week ^w^

  15. Havelock

    This is so calming and relaxing.


    Not to mention the narrative within >w<

  16. Jay.

    Will you guys ever be coming to Canada?


    They have in the past! Here's hoping they'll come again.


    Really? Aw!! I really hope they come back again

  17. Gwendolyn Bedauren

    this is fantastic! <3

  18. Tazwa Zepeda

    really good one !!!

  19. Rana Wijayasoe

    Lovely song!

  20. Dio Brandooo

    Honestly vice quadrant was my fav album. I bought that as soon as is came out


    so did I! its such a great album from an amazing band!


    I am listening for the first time right now, and I was a bit afraid that I wasn't going to like it. But those fears have been quickly dashed aside.

  21. Awkweerdz

    Can't wait for Necrostar to drop on YouTube.


    Are you crazy!?
    It will destroy us all!


    But it will feel so right when it does.
    Better then hanging out with those weirdos The Withered Lords.


    Who are those again?


    I honestly do not know. I follow on +Steam Powered Giraffe on tumblr and in the lyrics to Necrostar it mentions the Withered Lords. But I do not know who they are. I'd like to know myself lol.


    The lil' mysteries in the lore!

  22. Tim Cline

    love it!

  23. DropKitty

    I think this is my new favourite SPG song - Such a wonderful intro !!