Steam Powered Giraffe - The Space Giant Lyrics

In the marshlands, a spaceman lands,
pleading his demands, to the robot band
[Rav:] “Please hear my plight, to save the green apple in the sky, from the space giant’s appetite, for depraved delights.
He followed W.I.N.K. the satellite, W.I.N.K.’s trail of blue matter bright,
the giant’s got a one-track mind, and will eat everything just to find the robot band.”

What'll you say, when asked to saved the day, what would you do to save a world?
Over bleak horizons and under dark conditions let the robot band do the work

And so it was, Steam Powered Giraffe set about to confront the Space Giant

The robot band started work, to meticulously convert
W.I.N.K. the SteamJunk from the sky, into a functional transport device

[Spine:] Rabbit are you ready?
[Rabbit:] Oh, you bet your butt I’m ready.
Hatchworth are you ready?
[Hatchworth:] Yes, but I’m not certain what for.

Launched into space to save the human race and the green apple in the sky
Ride W.I.N.K. the Satellite into endless night, at speeds of near light
The journey long, the destination nigh, the green apple planet-sized
And missing a bite, alone in the night, W.I.N.K. shuddered with delight

In the Vice Quadrant, there loomed the Space Giant, it’s grin the horizon, it had found the band

[SG:] “Finally you’ve come, the parallel universe I’m from
Steam Powered Giraffe is done, they left a hole in me
So I’ve come all this way, all the while my appetite could not be sate
so I want one last show, before I go.”

But first, the Space Giant needed proof that this truly was Steam Powered Giraffe,
so it proposed a duel and revealed a guitar made out of the cosmos.
The ensuing duel would come to be known as the most awesome duel in all the universe.

The duel ended. The Space Giant streamed tears like waterfalls under the green apple sky, healing her, and giving her a salty ocean.
During the course of Steam Powered Giraffe’s impromptu performance, the Space Giant shrunk down into the Space Miniscule,
and then into Nothing At All. The robots and W.I.N.K. returned to Earth. There, W.I.N.K. spoke his final words.

“My friends return home, I must journey alone, to the green apple in the sky,
If there’s a thing called love, it waits for me above, it’s time for goodbyes.”

W.I.N.K. your bravery, will not be forgotten, your love will not be lost
The Space Giant gone, Earth’s peace prolonged, humanity carries on… at least for now

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