Steam Powered Giraffe - Starscrap Lyrics

It’s like a dream, or some silly fantasy
I want to live in, waiting just for you

I’d trade my soul or my weight in gold
To have a smile here, that was my own

Yet another night I’m alone
With no home, I’m here without you

I’ll search ‘till you’re found
I’ll be down in the Starscrap

It’s all just star scrap

I’ve never seen it or had a taste of it
It’s such a shame waiting just for love

I have no hold, no way to control
I see a smile that’s not my own

Yet another night I’m alone
With no home, I’m here without you

I’ll search ‘till you’re found
I’ll be down in the Starscrap

It’s all just star scrap

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Steam Powered Giraffe Starscrap Comments
  1. CQC

    2:00 Hatchworth looks... almost sad. Not insane-sad, but legitimately down. I wouldn't have believed it.

  2. Pikadillycode

    I'm addicted

  3. Khananiel - Joshua Shimunov

    Rabbit, I think this is your best look!

  4. DevinNation

    Usually I get the steampunk vibe from these right off the bat, but in this particular video, I had instant WH 40K vibes from Rabits outfit. Like, someone gonna burn some heresy vibes.

  5. Brian Molter

    awesome as always keep up the great work

  6. Mug Shorty

    This video is such a wonderful piece of art, and Hatchworth looks so good in it 😭

  7. Lily Rubin

    If The Spine and Rabbit got leather, then where was Hatchworth's?

  8. Moa Morgenstern

    Is Rabbit having a vacuum cleaner hose on her arm? I like it.

  9. Darknight 3725

    This song makes me tear up every time I hear it. It’s just so meaningful and emotional. You can really tell that a tremendous amount of work and dedication was put into it ❤️

  10. Evan Lanuza

    The melody's progression is from something, i cant quite remember what its' from but it's put to such good use here.

    Evan Lanuza

    I've finally remembered, ITS EASY BY LIONEL RICHIE soooooo good. Good job guys:)

  11. MrMcCrazy

    heard the song in the background of a bar in the game "steamworld heist" and had to immediatly check the song out on YT

  12. Jack BuSu

    I was going to say something about how huge bunny's mouth looked in this video, then she pulled on a huge spiky gauntlet and i decided against it.

  13. Araxie Rose

    That ending is haunting as hell. Also, the valley is very uncanny with this video.

  14. Nobodyhasthisbot

    I loved Steamworld Dig, started but never finished the sequel, but I love turn based RPGs, so I was on the fence about getting Steam World Heist, but the fact that Steam Powered Giraffe did the music?? Now I dont know when I can get the game fast enough

  15. El Tomster

    Awesome song !!!!

  16. Crystal Lacomb

    A funny coincidence, Malfunction the video before this ends with the beginning sample of this song. Then this song plays next in my playlist.

  17. That One Ardi

    Song: makes me weepy.
    Music video: THE HECK IS GOIN ON
    bunny looks FANTASTIC
    and hatch doesn't even have to do anything different he's just...himself

  18. Warrior The Amazon

    the song starts out so lovely...what am I saying the whole song is lovely just as lovely as they people who wrote and sang it

    plus this is just me, but this song sounds like something bunny wrote when Peter Walter the 6th went to space and went missing afterwards

  19. Hugo Jonathan

    the song is cool but she scares me in this video

  20. The Grim One

    Today my baby is going on a trip half way across the country, I am staying in TN to work and this song makes me miss her so much morw

  21. butterfly mcqueen

    I have mad love for Bunny. She can make a bad better anytime.

  22. kiwami dude

    Is it just me or does rabbit remind me of a steam punk Eric Draven from the crow. Rabbit just gave me an idea to do a steampunk Eric Draven cosplay.

  23. Wendy

    SPG cover of Sweet Dreams?

  24. Crystal OO

    I am a fan of Bunny. I am not a fan of this look. Reminds me of a clown... and I do not like clowns...

  25. ZaZZyBry


  26. ZaZZyBry


  27. Lenny

    I'm getting a lot of Borg vibes from Rabbit here....


    Steampunk-Borg. Awesome.

  28. Angel Wade

    This song is like a dream...

  29. AngeliqueDaemon

    Can I just be that asshole, and say that Bunny has always had the NICEST legs? I want to know what her secret is!

  30. Katie Harris

    I get goosebumps every time I hear this song without fail.

  31. Sushi Siblings

    Bunny's voice is absolutely gorgeous in this song. Better than always! Also, I was not ready to see The Spine in leather. I can't handle all the greatness in this song

  32. George Bernstein

    Great stuff! Rabbit's character looks like it should be on top of a jewelry/music box. :-)

  33. cordy joseph

    Me: ooo I haven't seen this video yet, I'm ready for this!

    Me 2 seconds after seeing a mass amount of lore and The Spine in leather: B**CH I WASN'T READY!

  34. Shearman TheWeeb

    This disturbs me

  35. Mike McMullen

    The song is both tragic and uplifting at the same time. With a beauty that cuts right to the motherboard of your processor array.

    Ethan Smith

    Their music makes my transistors tingle

  36. Actual Fucking Garbage

    i'm going to be completely honest. This song makes me tear up every time i hear it. It's just so damned beautiful

  37. David Evans

    Holy shit... 2:39

  38. Tristan Maxwell

    Rabbit's voice has the same depth that nina Simone's has at least for me

  39. Ethan Smith

    Y duz Rabbit mak me cri evertim?

  40. imamoose007

    "What props should we use?"
    Rabit: "USE THEM ALL!!!"


    Who is this "Rabit"?


    EfectoR the robot?


    Its not spelled like that, its Rabbit.

  41. Vozdemetal

    I want to give more likes to this, but only one is allowed. Life.

  42. Обыкновенный Стример

    If it were not for this masterpiece, I would not have found out about this masterpiece. Think what I meant! And so and so I will say the secret correctly! :P

  43. Lilac Underworld

    This is so beautiful! You guys keep making fantastic music!

  44. amine mk

    The reason i always play SteamWorld Heist

  45. Tasha Chamberlain

    I love the darker/steampunk look of the band in this video!

  46. guardianwaldo

    why do you guys put the wrong lyircs at least for this video???? i always i grasp to hold it have no way to control it but the lyrics say i have no hold

    Norok Vokun

    it propably was fans who put the lyrics up not SPG themselves...

  47. Elizabeth Gresham

    I love this to a unhealthy level. It's all I've been listening to.

  48. Johannicus

    This is by far my favourite SPG song so far! Im so glad I discovered this group =)

  49. Averie Setser

    You guys are amazing I found you guys about a year ago and you are amazing

  50. rat

    im scared

  51. Ward McCreery

    Rabbit's make up is a little too jokerish!!

    Rick Wolf

    I'd say mannequin-ish, it seemed to fit this song, in my opinion

  52. Jacque Jac

    Listening to the lyrics of this song and some others make me think the robots lost an automaton buddy to space at some point and went to look for them. *hugs to the bots*

  53. FA Velour

    wow those are some crazy makeup jobs

  54. Marissa Foley

    BeauTIFul song and Rabbit's mime here is just wonderfully incredible!

  55. peachy_keen

    i feel slightly out of place bc everyone in the comments are die hard fans. i just heard a part of this song and had to hear the full thing, bc holy hell its good. not gonna lie though, i'm a bit terrified...but a little intrigued? is there a story to this?


    check out their website for a quick rundown of the story and the band. There's a pretty large story/background. Highly recommended

    Rick Wolf

    Don't be terrified. Check their other work out, trust me. They have a history and everything, even an alternate history split at one point. Basically this is a group of musical automatons, that's all!

  56. monstro do pântano

    The songs in this game are incredible, sometimes I stop at a bar only listen to the music

  57. scot j runyon

    Rabbit could be on rupauls drag race . She could go all the way.

  58. Nat Ronald

    The simplicity and beauty of this song gets me every time (wipes away a tear).

  59. thespinoff100


  60. Toby Dominguez


  61. Isabel The Ace Gal

    A beautiful dress to match Rabbit's old umbrella

  62. Little Miss pixie

    OMG the spine in leather ❤️❤️❤️❤️I'm in heaven, I think I'm in love 😍 omg bunny has an amazing voice. The spine is hot but in leather, give me a minute, hot sweat 💦 oh god I'm in love 😍

  63. Rydell Grimes

    0:20 Thinkin' out loud here

    how can Rabbit trade her soul if she's a robot

  64. Sarah Bugg

    This song is probably my favorite one written for Steamworld Heist.

  65. lali laliop here...who is who? I see some people saying name like rabbit, heatch! Just who is who.

    Sebastian Graham

    Lali Laliop Rabbit/Bunny is main vocals, hatch or hatchworth is the moustachioed bassist in the bowler and the spine is the dapper gentlebot plating the guitar in the fedora

  66. Punkass Parker

    i just have to say, rabbit looks a little horrifying. no less attractive, just... horrifying.


    the only thing i hate is the bad green screen

  68. Sylv

    It's still a mind fuck hearing such a feminine voice coming out of a guy with a bushy mustache- aka Hatchworth. xD

  69. John Smith

    does anyone know what genre this would be

  70. Ex Bon

    I don't know if Jon (for got his realname)is still around but I wish for this video they bring him back

    Ex Bon

    Mr.Know- It All that's what I mean since this video seems like it's based on memories

    Swish Fish

    He apparently left on pretty poor terms. They don't even acknowledge his existence in lore anymore.

    Ex Bon

    Swish Fish wow id think hed be in there somwhere since he was a founding member and his name i think is jon sprague

  71. Jonathan Collison

    It's very rare that I stop playing a game to come on youtube and find out what I just heard

    Ethan Smith

    Thats awesome. What game was it on?


    @Ethan Smith steamworld heist

  72. EchoBatGames

    SHE LOOKS SO CUTE AS A GIRLBOT GAASDBYFS I'm going to die. ;//3//;

  73. The Phoenix-Feathered Raven

    Isabella! I have that same jacket! I'm gonna wear it next time I see y'all!! <3

  74. oopsadaze

    Great Video for this song. Especially, Love the end, very COOL!

  75. Hillary Poole

    My heart melts when I hear this song.

  76. Serapha.Claire.Cosplay

    Well I found the new song I'm addicted too. <3

  77. oopsadaze

    WOW, NAILED IT! Brought tears to my eyes.

  78. 神影Kamikage

    I love this song, but Rabbit"s facial design here looks way too angular, it's unnerving and kinda slides into uncanny valley territory. I'm glad she decided to go back to a more framed looking faceplate, but I'd like to see a design similar to her original male paint and clothes, but more feminine, like her bunny ears outfit.

    Her movement is unbelievably mechanical looking though, and I love it just a bit more than her current loose movement style.

  79. anon nico

    Rabbit is fucking SERVING LOOKS

  80. Josh Matthews

    this song always makes me cry

  81. Sassy Siren

    Rabbit scares me in this vid.

  82. Josh Matthews

    made me cry I love it

  83. Semaj Jarrett


  84. ChaoticEntity

    I want those claw things she was wearing

  85. Денис Иванов

    Its a trap!!


    when i released vectron in steamworld heist piper said:Scrap


    i think you get this song when you defeat big sue chomp

  88. Fe Fe

    why is every song they make good


    maybe they put a little bit of feelz into it. Making music is a feeling situation. If you don't feel what you make, your doing it wrong.

    Gaming mimigma

    Why Not?

  89. Bushido Dragon

    so I have been wondering is bunny rabbit in drag?

    Bushido Dragon

    ReddehWow thx

    Grace Clausen

    bushido Dragon bunny is Isabella's nickname (the actress that plays rabbit)

  90. prussiaslilgilbird

    Overall, Bunny's alright. The costume is top notch but the way her lips/face contour is done.. idk. It looks a little off, like it's disproportional. Idk. She looks fine in the more recent ones

    Ian Cavon

    +prussiaslilgilbird Yeah, her make-up here is somewhat..."Joker-ish"? She's much prettier in every other SPG video.

  91. Spine McDangernoodle

    The way they can harmonize so well makes the song even more pretty.
    And the way Rabbit's voice sounds is so perfect.


    anyone got to tabs to this song i wanna learn it on guitar

  93. J Johnson

    female rabbit is awesome.

  94. Derek LeStrange

    The Spine is killin' it! Just listening to that fella mellows me out

  95. Burnt Toast

    creepy as fuck.

  96. Tiberius Power

    Strong shoulders on this gal

  97. David Sain

    They found a way into my heart. <3

  98. drzhivago1963

    Accidentally listened at 1.5X speed! :D 1X best but actually pretty good at 1.5 too. :)

    I feel like .75X would be good if they had that speed. 1.25X is good too. Now I have to go listen to a few other SPG at altered speeds. :D

  99. zero

    Isn't this the tune of when Bunny was singing "meow" to Sandwiches that one time?

  100. Daniel Bennett

    was this song inspired from other songs cause if it is its really good