Steam Powered Giraffe - Starlight Star-Shine Lyrics

Starlight, starshine, please come back into my life
You left me all alone, can't you see that my, heart’s your home

There's a void in my soul (and it leaves me feeling cold)
Will I ever find peace from it's tolls

Starlight, starshine, all of my mind couldn't unwind
What it was, what it'll be, what future can I hope to see

I am not in a dream (and there's no reason to scream)
And this is not the end, or so it seems

You were like starlight, just like starshine
Casting down on me

When the light would go down and the darkness was found
You would shine hope to me

Starlight, starshine, no longer do you shine so bright
The sun frowns, the moon sighs, sad is the universe through my eyes

l am not just a machine (through my heart I will sing)
I'm just a person holding onto a dream

You were like starlight, just like starshine
Casting down on me
When the light would go down and the darkness was found
You would shine hope to me

You were like starlight, just like starshine
Casting down on me
When the light would go down and the darkness was found
You would shine hope to me

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Steam Powered Giraffe Starlight Star-Shine Comments
  1. The. Darkest Hour

    How Awesome!!!!
    Thank-you (Crazyguy that plays games)

  2. Micki Moritz

    Ok... I found this band through my kids...
    I'm an old lady and I love them!
    Silly old lady....

  3. Pedro Félix

    I don't have words... It was just the right moment today to find this song. Thanks

  4. LordKellthe1st

    Smooth voice, dang. You just cannot underestimate all the work that goes into this.

  5. Jamal Cooke

    I'm considering using this song to propose. Either this or I'll rust with you.

  6. Damain Hering

    This is my favorite song by y'all.

  7. Silas Stryder

    I like all the characters, but I can't help but love The Spine the most. He's got three distinct singing voices all in one. He could have made a whole singing career off of just one, but he uses all three with expert skill.

  8. Emily Butler

    Hey, have you thought about doing a show in Utah? Just saying, it'd be pretty cool to see you guys perform. You're just so amazing!

  9. Chuk Blak

    My day was great 👍

  10. justtellme

    I love the joy of life as I watch your videos and for that I cannot express my proper thanks.

  11. Bonnie Hendrix

    Absolutely love all their music, my son came to me said mom, listen to glad we now listen together!😁😍

  12. Sally W.

    The Spine is my favorite. :)

  13. melhope

    Ok, I'll watch the ads. But only for you, Spine.

  14. Zeal Lavigne Troublemaker

    Oh Spine, you’re too sweet.

  15. dark_matter_man

    I love this song helped me get through a rough time now I’m doing great thanks guys

  16. wcthesecret


  17. Digioverride

    Absolutely beautiful.

  18. Qyuzacew loves art

    I love this song
    Starlight Starshine ☉

  19. Roena Caldwell

    Still my favorite SPG Song

  20. Hugo Lalumiere

    His makeup accentuates his facial expressions so well.

  21. Artscapades' Escapades

    A robot ad played before this song and it confused me for a second.

  22. Rosekiller400

    For real tho I stay to the end of this video everytime. And I tell spine how my day was wether it was bad or good, and then I ask him how his day was.

    When he responds to me it always makes me feel better, especially when it's been a shit day like today

    "My day was okay, better now that you've watched this video." Allways puts a smile on my face, thank you spine <3

  23. Seth Berkstresser

    I wanna see how he would play joker

  24. Liam Fiddler

    My day was also ok I guess until I watched this video the spine, thanks for asking.

  25. BiohazardOrange

    my day was fine thnaks for asking

  26. Ace Lightning

    This has an almost country-western sound to it - steam/country?

    Ace Lightning

    Do machines have emotions? Can a machine love? Can a machine's heart break? Those questions can break a human's heart. (I happen to be very fond of machines in general, and I *know* they can behave as if they have emotions. When my father gave me his old car, he told it to take care of me, and it did.)

    Ace Lightning

    The webpage is a bit vague about future performances, but I hope SPG comes to the New York metropolitan area. Even on video, their performances are amazing, but it's always best to see people perform live and in person. And the members of SPG are as skilled as Brent Spiner portraying Data, in their ability to display the soul of the machine!

  27. Jim Panse

    This band is so underrated. They earn 1million Abos or more.
    Sorry for my Bad english, im A German.

  28. Jasmine

    just ignore this--

  29. Suzanne Elizabeth

    My favorite song of all ⭐️❤️⭐️

  30. Rosekiller400

    God danm he is so fucking beautiful

  31. Roberto Medina

    Ever since I saw the last part of this video I have never skipped any ad in your videos :)

  32. Hathus

    Still listening to SPG in 2019...just never gets old

  33. Emrys Croi

    Spine is so handsome

  34. Kikinara Kitty

    I love this song but it makes me think about what'll happen to my boyfriend if I kill myself

    F H

    Anything that keeps you here with us. Remember you are loved and needed. <3

  35. TheBlarggle

    This is one of your best songs.

  36. SlimeBy Sharah

    This made me laugh hella hard no hate the music is teally good im just so confused 😂😂😂

  37. Мэри Сандерс

    Можно сказать что я в шоке

  38. Jerry b

    this is one of my favorite SPG songs. Davids voice is pure gold!

  39. Piper Theos

    "better now that you've watched this video." Spine, can I just hug you?

  40. Xavier Drehwing

    Bro Mr.X is so sad in this

  41. Tom Z

    This is actually the first time I enjoyed watching the credits of a YT video

  42. Paige Hitt

    I need a 2 hour loop of JUST the ooooooOOOOoooo part for my birb, he only likes that part of this song 😭😭😭😭😭 why, birb?? I wanna hear it all 😢

  43. Amber Russo

    One of my top three favorite Steam Powered Giraffe songs <3 You're so awesome The Spine!!!


    Lars with glasses Sent me here

  45. tones mac


  46. Rachel McIguire

    Beautiful song. Love the Spine. His range is amazing.

  47. Chrissy Amber

    The Spine confirmed for Werewolf

  48. Randi Szöküld

    The fact these guys can play and move like animatronics is pure talent

  49. Mr. Tortuga

    I still cannot get enough of this song... <3

  50. Benjamin Olsen

    Three days ago my relationship with the woman I hoped to marry ended.

    I called her Starshine.

    There's a void in my soul (and it leaves me feeling cold)...

    Benjamin Olsen

    I don't know if finding this video today was a good thing or not.

  51. Nicole R

    I love this song, not enough good artist like this these days

  52. Daniel Gudi

    Why did I discover this band so later!

  53. Thomas O'Connor

    My day was good, thanks for asking.

  54. Just bat

    Every video i watch by these guys all i can think about is how much i wanna hug them all!!!
    I can't even picture more sweet and loving human beings than them.
    You have all my love and support you kiddos 💗💗

  55. nikki nolan

    This is the kind of song you hear as he tries to get back the girl and mid song she smiles and falls for him

  56. bethany patton

    So beautiful made me cry❤🌹

  57. Coffee Cat

    This is the first group since Gorillaz where I've wanted to get their album right after hearing 2 songs. Incredible work.

  58. Deus FromOTF

    This resolution is off the charts! Also, it was playing while I was working and ten I heard this voice asking me how my day 3:45

  59. Ashley Schuchman

    One of my favorite videos and songs.

  60. Thomas Rhoden Smith

    I want you Spine!!!!

  61. Mac The Kaczmawrecked

    Found you guys from Downloading the steam powered giraffe radio mod for Fallout 4. Have to say this song is my favorite and was by itself worth installing the mod. Keep up the dreams and shine down for the ages.

  62. Miss Cellophane

    So. This video always seemed odd to me.
    Until I thought about it.
    This just looks like Rabbit is filming her brother sing and dance about in their back yard like an idiot.

  63. Lorraine Nimeskern

    I can stop imagine Rabbit holding the camera, telling the spine what to do, how to act x)

  64. Michael Mellon

    I just love this band.
    The vocal harmonies are truly amazing.

  65. shadowplay kilgannon

    Am I crazy? Or is Rabbit doing the backing vocals?

  66. Luinmir Avafaila

    I mean, I would marry him. Even as a robot.

  67. Spritewave 111

    Roy Orbison , The Beatles, The Monkeys , The Beach Boys , Appalachian blue grass music ,, Ian Brodie Lighting Seeds , Air Supply , The The ,, EDM music Erasure Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Rocky Horror Picture show ,, Wizard of Oz , Judy Garland ,,Francis Albert Sinatra , when I listen to Steam Powered Giraffe these are just few of the artist i can hear to me in there music .

  68. Shy Kitten

    Idk why but I was so happy I cried. It reminded me a lot of my old friends and how we use to hang out and shit..... my feeling don't know how to feel right now..... HOW DO YOU GORGEOUS PEOPLE DO THIS? ;v;

  69. Blue Streetlights

    This is gonna be a big thing to ask, but I need some help. My sister really loves this band, especially this song, and I'm trying to learn it on guitar for her. Does anyone know the strumming pattern? It's hard to figure it out when listening to the song by itself, and I can't find anywhere that says what the pattern is

  70. rebbekah cannons

    "Will I ever find peace from its toast?"

  71. Jasmine Koidhis

    Who broke your heart I will fix it Spine 🎸🛠🔧🔩

  72. Jasmine Koidhis

    You are so beautiful Spine

  73. stevethesalty

    This gonna be me when i get turned down today

  74. Cool Chicken

    makes me cry everytime

  75. Michael Mellon

    I love it.

  76. Empress Vayden

    Don,t stop making songs just because some people don,t like steam powered giraffe doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t,t like them I think their amazing and their my absolute favorite songs and I listen to them like all the time cause their so beautiful

  77. Izzy A

    At the end it made me feel sad 😿😿😿😿😿😿

  78. Azerrad Mournes

    Please don't ever give up

  79. Janelle Kimzey

    Y’all ever think about the fact that all the Walter Workers are humans, so they have to keep being replaced throughout the century? So the robots have to keep watching workers that they’ve probably befriended or gotten close to die, while they keep on living because they’re robots.

    Rick Wolf

    Are they though? Blue hair, over white skin. Doesn't seem very human to me :D Almost makes me wonder if they're a form of robot themselves, or something else.... DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNNNNNNN....

  80. Satarey Haney

    Spine shines forever in my heart as a shinning star!🐹

  81. Hopp Zombie

    Why does he look like a shibe tho?

  82. Elesh Lee

    Sometimes I imagine that this song is about the same girl as Me And My Baby(Saturday Nights) and the thought cracks me open each time I think it.

  83. Theodore Hogan

    The Spine’s performance in this video is outstanding. They all keep refining their craft over time, and it shows.

  84. Kuehne T

    Yes I'll press that replay button! So glad I found Steam Powered Giraffe while scrolling this evening.

  85. Hunter Young

    today's mood: "there's a void in my soul"

  86. Лес Слендера

    Nice sound! Soulful!)

  87. tortison

    His movement is impeccable

  88. tortison

    I cannot stop listening to this glorious, beautiful, awesome song

  89. Rick Wolf

    The video has a surrealistic touch to it, quite smooth. Love the music itself.

  90. Nadia Harris

    1:43 wolfy spine :)

  91. Khlet Tay

    I'm really confused, I want the name of all of then, like, wheres Jon and the other that I don't know the name? He's the only one that I doesn't know the name

    Rick Wolf

    Jon and Upgrade left a long time ago, Hatchworth more recently. Zero is the latest addition. The main members are The Spine and Rabbit.

    Rick Wolf

    Oh then you have the walter workers, it's all on their website! Check it out.

  92. Magali Lopez

    One of my favorites from you guys.

  93. Derek Mcfadyen

    Love the video 😁

  94. Austin H

    No The Spine, your support is appreciated!

  95. Liz Scott

    dammit love u guys alot

  96. Kinnaday


  97. hung nguyen

    I love that

  98. Lainey Distroe

    I find this song so beautiful im sick right now but this song is so nice i relax and can breathe better