Steam Powered Giraffe - Starburner Lyrics

[Rabbit:] Even on a cloudy night
I know that my star burns bright
It’s high above my weary woes
It burns, it burns

I'll get by
If my star burns bright
Shine for me and take me home
Gazing at the sky above
Waiting for the band to call
I know I've found a star
That’ll save my soul

And even on a cloudy night
I know that my star burns bright
It’s high above my weary woes
It burns, yeah it burns

[Spine:] Starburner, you need to cut it out
You're burning up the galaxy
Starburner, red dwarves won't save your soul
What you need is binary
[Rabbit:] Then will you save my soul
[Spine:] Oh no
[Rabbit:] Will you save my soul
[Spine:] Oh no

[Rabbit:] Can I get by?
Will I lose my mind?
Won’t somebody save my soul?

[Hatchworth:] Whaddaya talkin’ bout?
[Rabbit:] Will you save my soul
[Hatchworth:] Sorry, Rabbit
[Rabbit:] Will you save my soul
[Hatchworth:] Nope!

[Rabbit:] If I can’t get by
I will lose control
I need someone to take me home
[Hatchworth:] I’ve been burning in the stratosphere
Trying to swipe at stars
Lemme tell you it don’t work
They can’t save your soul

[Spine:] Hatchworth, it is pointless
To try and snatch stars from space
Don’t you know that they are billions
Of light years away

[Rabbit:] They call me Starburner, but they don’t know me none
They say I’m burning up the galaxy
Starburner? Ha, what a travesty
I’m just seeking out an amnesty

[Spine & Hatchworth:] No one can save your soul
[Rabbit:] Oh no
[Spine & Hatchworth:] No one can save your soul
[Rabbit:] Oh no!

If I am damned
What will become of me?

And furthermore what about your souls?

[Spine:] Huh... Good point, Rabbit. What about our souls, Hatchworth?

[Hatchworth:] Do we even have souls?
[Spine:] Well, that’s what the song suggests…

[Hatchworth:] Oh boy...
[Spine & Hatchworth:] Who will save our souls?
[Rabbit:] Not me!
[Spine & Hatchworth:] Who will save our souls?
[Rabbit:] I don’t care!

[Spine & Hatchworth:] Will we get by?
[Rabbit:] No!
[Spine & Hatchworth:] Will we live or die?

[Spine:] Starburner, please save my soul.

[Hatchworth & Rabbit:] Yes, oh yes, we’ll save your soul.

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Steam Powered Giraffe Starburner Comments
  1. Lilly Hacker

    Can I animate this!?

  2. Mystical Isa

    Slight nitpick but isn't Rabbit the one who says "oh boy" after Spine's "that's what the song suggests"?
    Edit: huh I was sure it was Rabbit..

    Either way. I like the dynamics between the three and the song itself ^^ and the three are precious robots.

    Clockwork Couture

    It does sound like her

    Mystical Isa

    @Clockwork Couture yeah xD

  3. That One Ardi

    The Spine: ("crying") Aaaaah-hah-haaaaah, uh wait...why am I crying?
    Rabbit: Because you're a dummins, remember?
    The Spine: Oh.

  4. That One Ardi

    1:09 - 1:15 When The Spine jumps a freakin OCTAVE without batting an eye.

  5. Thomas O'Connor

    just eating Cheetos using chopsticks and doing accounting homework with my left hand (because my dominant right hand is holding the chopsticks) while listening to this song.

  6. Trevan Willowbuff III

    " I don't caaarrre!!!" Hahahahaha... yesss. Wow, I am absolutely in love with these beautiful humans. They have truly befriended their inner spaz.

    Kikinara Kitty

    They're robots lol

  7. Arsenic Dream

    i LOVE rabbit in this song soooooo much,,

  8. Rick Wolf

    Just bought this album tonight, just got to this song, last part had me laughing :D

  9. Aryel Bargas

    I definitely love this song <3

  10. Gabriel Frost

    do we even have souls

  11. Neil is Alive

    SPG should have been featured on Sesame Street. It'd have been timeless episode.

  12. BloodyEmily Official

    I love this song so much!

  13. XxYoursTrulyxX

    "Do we even HAVE souls?!"
    "...that's what the song suggests!"

    Spells Word

    Wait, if they don't have souls,
    Where's the electricity?

    That One Ardi

    Spells Word somewhere...?

    That One Ardi

    "...ohhh boy."

  14. Wabin22

    I would love for his answer to "Why am I crying?" to be "Because you're a dumbass remember?" XD

    Rick Wolf

    Aw but "dummins" is much more Rabbit :D

  15. kitty the steam-powered robot

    i love these guys so much!! so funnily adorabubbles. or would it be adorkabubbles? who knows. me, thats who. just me. mwahaha

  16. d e e r s k u l l

    I love how all throughout the song they're all just like "ew no I won't save _your_ soul" then once Spine asks for someone to save his soul both of them just go "ah yes sos save our spine"
    I love you dorks

    natral skitsophrenia

    Hi fren!
    Also Yee XD

  17. Chief Artist

    This song is by far one of my very favorites! This band if freaking awesome! Visit us in Florida some time, Please? :D

  18. Mandy Olsen

    come to Florida

  19. Mandy Olsen

    amazing band!!

  20. Bard

    Will you ever come to a place like Louisiana? It's so rare that anything plays down here, and it's actually something I enjoy.

    Anxious Sherlockian

    I second this. PLEASE.

    Damien Jarlen

    You might see the Suspender Man.

  21. Charlie's hands

    I have to say I just love when these three argue this way ^^

  22. Dezi Andy

    hatch doesn't have a soul

  23. Qrowe

    The part at is your voice so perfect!?

  24. Disgodly

    when you run out of lyric ideas.

  25. Zentrix

    I swear there's a tiny chuckle after Hatchy's "NOPE!" xD

  26. Airship007Johnston

    The irony in all of this is that they're all atheists. Loved how they where questioning it in the song.

  27. Dizzy4Dayz

    I can imagine a video shot to this song being filmed in those really early black and white films, with the green tinge.

  28. Triever Studios

    Favorite song in the album, gg Steam Powered Giraffe ;)

  29. spazz2600

    From a Tally Hall to here, wow, I'm having a great day. :D

  30. Advanced_Sand

    I love-

  31. Joe Baum

    I didn't realize it earlier but I needed that song

  32. Handir

    You gotta appreciate how the pace and tune of each song differs greatly from the previous. SPG knows how to keep their content a nice, refreshing surprise.

    Thomas O'Connor

    Ya, something that can make me lose interest in a group is if I listen too much to their music, but with this band it's possible to just switch songs and get something different while getting un used to the other songs enough that it's a matter of listen to some of their other stuff. Sorry if what I'm writing is way too convoluted.

  33. Rex Personthing

    Probably one of my favourite songs off this album <3

  34. chiveshorses

    I've waited so long for this to be uploaded to YouTube!!!!!!

  35. Marie La Fée

    You are the BEST band EVER <3 there is not one bad song in all of your albums, all are amazing ! <3

  36. MGeary Art

    Am I the only one that doesn't understand the dialogue at the end? is Rabbit saying "cuz you're a dummins?" What's a dummins? Please explain.

    Mark Wylie

    basically she's calling him dumb/stupid but in a more affectionate way

    MGeary Art

    That's what I figured but I'd never heard the term before so I wasn't sure. Thank you!

    Trevan Willowbuff III

    I believe it's is a barb towards the spiritual bullies who spend their time looking down upon and oppressing decent people for the way they are and the way they live, all under the guise of trying to save their soul from hell, eventhough there is no evidence to support the existence of either. I could be, however, projecting my own resistance towards the bully-humans, but.... " I don't caaaarre!!!" :)

    Warrior The Amazon

    Poor spine cries 😞❤️

  37. Elaina Thompson

    I don't think I'll ever get over this band. Their voices are all wonderful and they're so playful and I can't get enough of it (especially The Spine's flawless ability to go from deep bass to high tenor)!
    Please come back to Southern California!

    Steam Powered Giraffe

    Thanks Elaina! We've performed in California three times this year- hopefully we'll be back in your area real soon! ^_^ -Isabella

    Elaina Thompson

    +Steam Powered Giraffe Awesome! I've been watching all of your live shows on here and I can't wait!

  38. The Green Heart

    One of my favourites of the album

  39. Soleil Benoit

    I've listened to this song five times now and I still crack up at Hatchy's little 'NOPE!'

    I'm literally in a laundromat right now

    SPG why

    Nazynn Taintedveil

    At least you weren't on a bus, and realized you've been singing The Spine's parts in "Go, Spine, Go!" - then stop like "Have I been singing since "It's impossible for me to have diarrhea?"

  40. Sailor Quinzel

    This song is freak'n amazeballs!!!

  41. Miss Trini

    These robots are so adorkable! LOL!

  42. Shieldmaiden 17

    Beautiful, and uploaded on my birthday too - so lucky! :D

    Siren Eclipse

    Happy birthday! Eat lots of cake. (Unless it's a lie)

    Shieldmaiden 17

    +Emma Nekaf Aw, that's nice of you; yes it really was my birthday and I really did eat lots of cake! XD

    Siren Eclipse

    +Shieldmaiden 17 actually I ment unless the cake is a lie. It's a Portal reference.

  43. DonutLookingAss

    will you guys ever play in Aus?

  44. Syd SugarSkull


  45. DaeGiTron

    This song is fucking hilarious, these stops in the song is brilliant!

  46. mishot1000

    Gosh this is so good!

  47. Watching U FrMBhindU

    won't somebody save my soul

    OWEN HArris

    I'll save your Soul

  48. Mays0 Chan

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that Steam Powered Giraffe deserve more fans cuz damn, I'm new and i seriously am addicted to them

    Brandt Hammack

    New to the band? Aw man I envy you hahah

    Lilly Hacker

    I agree with you because THIS STUFF IS FRICKING GOOD

  49. She-Lock Holmes

    Man, I love these guys.

  50. julia hummel

    goshhhh I love all of SPG's songs why is this band so perfect???

    Abstract Top Hat

    Because they're BAE

    julia hummel

    +Abstract Top Hat yES. I finally found the answer as to why they are the best! I gotta tell everyone! :>

    Hopp Zombie

    julia hummel Spread the word!

  51. OorusevenFiibaa7777

    I would really, really want to see this one live!

  52. Rheroa Loliquot

    Stars are always a good source of insipration for SPG

  53. Nemenian

    Delightfully weird

    The Apocalypse

    weird is usually awesome😉

  54. Soleil Benoit

    This song is too pure and perfect and musical theatre I CaNT

    Trevan Willowbuff III

    And their creative metaphors that relate fictional characters to real life troubles... well, if one streatches far enough to qualify our social conventions as "real".

  55. Siren Eclipse

    First! Wow that art is really pretty.

    The Apocalypse

    yeah. rabbit's so fucking talented it's unfair

  56. Chipmunk Bad medicine

    I fucking love these guys.

    Chipmunk Bad medicine

    Are you trying to correct me or agree with me?

    Chipmunk Bad medicine

    Yeah my guy