Steam Powered Giraffe - Soliton Lyrics

Space and time could come undone
and with a blast create a conundrum
Then particles of light could seethe
and burn rainbows across the galaxy

The moon could crumble before our eyes
then break apart and vaporize
The stars could explode and boil Earth’s seas
and rip the fabric of reality

Well I don’t care if all that happens
everything is fine as long as there’s a you and me

Even when the sky is falling
Back to you I'll travel and escape with
no matter how many times it should be
I'll keep you moving on

Like a soliton, a soliton, a soliton
I'll keep you moving like a soliton, a soliton, a soliton

Even when the moon shatters the tide
I will always follow you through the pain
You can always count on me through everything
And I'll keep you moving on

Like a soliton, a soliton, a soliton
I'll keep you moving like a soliton, a soliton, a soliton

Solitons keep on moving on, waves of
solitons pulsing out and on, from where they
started from. Yes they sustain their runs, as
solitons, by moving on

We don't have to worry anymore
You have torn a path for us to escape through
We can take our time finding our way in this world

Oh yes, and keep us moving on
and we'll break through the dark and find a dawn
yes we'll keep on moving on
yeah keep on moving on
like a

Like a soliton, a soliton, a soliton
We’ll keep us moving like a soliton, a soliton, a soliton

Soliton soliton soliton, I'll keep you moving

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Steam Powered Giraffe Soliton Comments
  1. Moa Morgenstern

    David, you have the most beautiful voice in the universe. It’s like balm for my broken soul. Thank you.

  2. Raye Soucy

    Is that Morse code in the very beginning?

  3. Robert's House of Ribs and lovemaking

    Still so beautiful. <3

  4. Cartpotato

    This song makes me tear up but I still love it.

  5. Britt J.L. Halliburton

    Is it me, or does he die at the end!? Oxygen deprivation? Causes hallucinations? That's dark o-o. Also one of the best songs I've ever heard.

  6. C S

    Thank you for this

  7. Captain Barbosa

    My Favorite SPG song

  8. HeartsTheSteambot

    This song reminds me of Starset they sing about space and have a new album y'all should check out!

  9. Owen Wills

    This has turned out to be one of my favorites, really good for those quiet, contemplative, solitary moments

  10. Captain Barbosa

    I cry everytime I hear this song

  11. Forgetful Hatter

    im rather confused but happy with the end result.
    i googled "inteinfies" trying to find the correct spelling "intensifies"
    because dyslexia and the 2nd video result was this video. :)
    i was literally humming this as i was cycling home from work. i consider it a calming song for when you just need to keep going.

  12. KezzDaddy

    She-ra S3 anyone?

  13. Ace Lightning

    Amazing harmony!

  14. Leon Brown

    I like it 👍

  15. Isis4211

    Oh, I sent this to my Lady, thinking what an intense feeling I get from this song. Thinking, I got this thing with her that makes me feel a closer connection with the song.. but now that I know more... I'm not gonna turn into a super villian ...right? I already feel like I have these new super powers. A renewal of the self motivation I used to get me my most proud achievements. Nah, surely, not. If that happened... It'll be like Honeybee. Now you have to go.

  16. Aku From the future

    David's vocal range is amazing.
    Best out there

    Too bad he's lost in space looking for steamworld..

  17. Celtic Tiger


  18. Lavina Lewis

    Mr. David Bennett, Sir...You rock my Universe, Sir.

  19. Captain Barbosa

    134 people have never known what it's like to truly love someone

  20. SirTKC

    Chelsea has such a beautiful voice. Wow !

  21. BBCotaku

    This song just makes me think of Rose and the Doctor

  22. Commenter Commenty pants

    I have this fantasy of laying my head on David's chest while he's singing, just to listen and enjoy the sound of his voice. I mean, he could be singing that he'd just strangled my grandmother with my intestines while force feeding me her toenails and I could still fall asleep to his voice like he was singing a lullaby.
    Also, his chest and shoulders look like prime cuddling real estate, but mainly the first part.

    Alexandra Apollo

    This went from 100 to -10 to 50 to 60 real quick

  23. Warrior The Amazon

    David that’s YOU??? I almost thought u were bunny.....omg twin for real😝good job by the way ❤️

  24. smile dog.png

    I love the version of this at the end of Oh no

  25. Eveningkiss

    This has a bit of an 80's feel to it. Not bad, just unexpected.

  26. Colter Robertson

    Is this the astronaut from “fire fire”?

  27. Thomas Rhoden Smith

    I want him so much, I think he is so hot

  28. Frank Dexter

    I love this song dearly. I have to watch the video frequently it soothes me

  29. Rick Wolf

    I like learning, so I had to look up what a soliton was. I have to say, very few people probably realize how proper that is for this song.

  30. A Welshman

    Honestly, SPG is one of my favourite bands ever. Not only is their music excellent, but it also speaks to you on a personal level. I feel that very few bands and artists can do that successfully. The only other artist I can think of who can do that is Joyner Lucas.

  31. Cat Burger

    Even years later im still listening to this

    Its just so beautiful and i love it

  32. Fall Is here.

    there is no more you and me. we went away.

  33. Bill van Deed

    This song is when I'm forgetting every good and every bad around me and just float in a feeling of absolute bliss.

  34. Michael Perez

    10 out of 10, fantastic

  35. neuropiano

    Just magical

  36. Faeron Mor

    Gracie Wheeler

  37. Mutant Llama

    Solitons are taking me over and driving me. Solitons don't stop, we all like this feeling.

  38. dustin chiasson

    Is that David? Doesn't look like him.

  39. Mokimanify

    My wife thinks the white hair is creepy ... I think its hot

  40. John Friesen

    Transcends space and time. Eternally beautiful

  41. Elizabeth Gresham

    This is just so beautiful...just..thank you David Bennett And all of SPG really,I'm currently stuck in this weird abusive relationship. And I'm trying to find a easy way out. And it seems each night I lay down and over think my life..what I'm doing to it..why I find myself so worthless and honestly why I often find I don't want to live anymore.
    I'm going to start antidepressants soon and just paring that little glimpses of hope with this music..something so vary beautiful and makes me happy. It makes me feel like I'm not alone and holds my hart warm. Where only here for so long and I want to do something beautiful for people to enjoy. This band has given me that joy in my life that drives me to want to create something for others to be so happy. So just...thanks everyone.

  42. Лес Слендера

    Game "Out there"??

  43. randomeuropeanguy

    he has such a huge vocal range its insane how someone that talented is so unknown, its criminal even.

  44. scot j runyon

    Who is the purple girl? O mybe is it rabbit. Or mabe im rong its still a fun song.

  45. Bethy Prescott

    The song is so beautiful, and the video is so simple, yet to elegant. Absolutely amazing.

  46. Barefoot Everywhere World Awakening

    Another beautiful song. Thank you Spine.

  47. Богдан Дроздов

    Видеоинструкция о том, как снять клип, если у вас есть только шлем космонавта, хромакей и фантазия.

  48. Jace B

    I had to read math and do research just to understand the onion layer that is this song. <3

  49. Daniela García

    This is the perfect day to listen this song 💜

  50. Edward Nirenberg

    I have to admit guys, when I saw the thumbnail for this, I thought it was going to be dark and spooky and remind me of The Pulls. Instead I got an adorable love song with a physics term. x3.

  51. Kendra Bragg

    I always knew Chelsea was an uber-powerful space goddess.

  52. PirateGirlChar

    When I first listened to this song I didn't like it as much as the other SPG songs (not anything wrong with this one, I just didn't like it as much).  Now I can't stop watching this video and the song is stuck in my head.  Darn those Bennetts and their evil catchy tune writing and singing powers.  We can only pray they use their powers for good...which it seems like they've been doing.  lol.  Yeah, I'm totally buying this off iTunes when I get home.

  53. haylz simpson

    a path for us to escape through....weres? plz guys lol

  54. haylz simpson

    i sing this song over and over in my mind, in my head . thankyou david for this song, and isabella for everything else and all your songs. i love you both thanks for making me feel free and like i matter xxxxxx

    haylz simpson

    tomorrow we will be back to fight the same deamons yet again <3

  55. Joe Dimeck

    Also.. I feel like this song is for bunny. Amazing people all of you xxxx

  56. Joe Dimeck

    This song pulls my soul out ...spits oil in it. Makes it bleed goo.vThen tells me to shut up, calm down , then be true

  57. Mage-of-Space-12

    this song is my life

  58. Joe Dimeck

    I fall in love with every song

  59. Rain First

    I love steam powered giraffe, but I really like this song because It's not about the robot stuff and is very different.

  60. helpme buddha

    Why do I want Markiplier to sing this to Amy? I think it would be cute

  61. Geeky Singer

    I just realized.... This is the astronaut from Vice Quadrant and the Daughter of Space.... *mind = blown* HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT BEFORE???

    Geeky Singer


  62. deceasedSpeaker

    I love this song... but damn, cosmica looks so... off-putting. Dunno why >.<

  63. Jacob Harrison

    God I love this man! The most beautiful range.

  64. Alex Bauer

    This is one of the most beautiful music videos/songs I've ever heard.

  65. GeneralFatman27

    This is one of the most goddamn beautiful songs ever made.

  66. Nova

    With enough makeup The Spine turns into Vinny from Vinesauce

  67. l0wkey_kl0ud

    Can you spot the diffrents :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D D :D D :D :D ;D did you get both of them theres 2

  68. daniel Mc-Mc

    i wish they would make jenny as a part of the robots,

    buff waldo

    who is jenny?

    Grace Clausen

    james fairfull Jenny was rabbits first love, a toaster that she bought from sears, they spent eight glorious minutes together, and in that time rabbit wrote on top of the universe, rabbit proceeded to drop Jenny on the pavement and that was the end of Jenny

    buff waldo

    oh i knew about jenny was a toaster i just didn't know the name thanks

  69. Torre Castle

    in case I ain't mentioned this and Oh No are my fav Vice songs. Is that Chelsea briefly singing at the end and during the Las though? the voice sounds distinctly female in a way Rabbit can't imitate


    Torre Castle I think it's Sam, he has a pretty high voice. But I could be wrong.

    Judy King

    The Daughter of Space is in fact Chelsea, if that's what you're talking about. She sings those parts too.

    Torre Castle

    Judy King i knew ittttt. listening for like the 20th time cause had to reply :p xD

  70. soap

    @Steam Powered Giraffe
    how do u get the ideas for these songs?
    i mean, in Please Explain.....bat meat?!
    you never cease to make me laugh (in a good way!)
    i luv u guys

    buff waldo

    you could listen to their podcast and they wanted to do this album since the 2 cint show

  71. soap

    i love soliton and all of the other songs
    ive heard a lot of them
    but i have malfunction stunk in my head.......not complaining ;)
    but yea.....soliton is unique but then again the other songs are too!
    keep on going
    bryan zero and bunny and spine and eveyrone else

  72. Sebastian Minguijon

    Well I don’t care if all that happens
    everything is fine as long as there’s a you and me

  73. Marcus Catan

    It's so sad to see such Masterpiece with less than 7 digits :(

  74. Skittyskit

    Thanks spg for this wonderful piece of art.

  75. Ezra

    D: i'm new to this whole band...I'm so confused as to who Bunny is...omg D: a band that has such a complex naming system is a band worth looking into :O

    Blake Rorschak

    Isabella Bunny Bennet is a transgender woman, her transition took place in 2014 i think... in 2016 it was legally finalised that he is a she


    Oh sheeit! Thanks Mist

    Torre Castle

    Mist also she goes by Rabbit in the band. the female robot of the group

  76. FIF Studios

    Had no clue what a soliton was, so I looked it up. Still have no clue what it means, I didn't understand the definition. 😅

    Gunslinger Rose

    Raining Daily just keep looking for knowledge and you will get it

    Phoenix ASMR

    It's basically that ring thing when things go boom.

  77. Thomas Whiteowl

    I friggen love you

  78. Richard Georges

    It's been only 2 week since I found your band on youtube... And I have already listen all your song! Will you make an international tour? (in real I just want you in geneva just for see one of your concert guys)

  79. Cruise Merc

    My Name Is Soliton..Seriously

  80. Jihanne YG


  81. James in Real Life

    I love this song

  82. Ti Thrift

    Thank you for this amazing piece of art. It's beautiful.

  83. Roger Cline

    This reminds me a little of "The Commander Thinks Aloud" by The Long Winters. Just in the space theme and the musical style.

  84. Professor 1863

    Very impressed The Spine! Must have taken hours in makeup to look human.

    The Apocalypse

    @Brandon Davis obvious trolling is obvious...

    KaiPon Visp

    I have to admit, this comment made me laugh a lot harder than I'd like to admit.


    the robots obviously need a lot of work to disguise themselves. how else will they take over the world?

    Izzy Da Beast

    hahhahaha I'm so late

  85. Michael Perez

    this song makes me happy

  86. The Apocalypse

    is it just me or does Chelsea look like Michael Reed in this vid?

  87. The Apocalypse

    i hate steam powered giraffe. without them, I might actually sleep... there just so fucking addictive 😂

  88. Hayden Nelson

    I came here not knowing what to expect, but I'm glad I clicked on that thumbnail. This is a beautiful song.

  89. zoowee mama

    Thinks about Doctor Who


    I don't even know if you are directly referencing something and yet it's still oh so true.

  90. Julian Milam

    This is one of my favorite SPG songs.

  91. oliveoil

    I'm a new fan of this band, can anyone tell me other songs where David sings like this? Don't give me wrong, I love The Spine's voice, but this just sounds so real and raw and aahhh I need more!!!

    Get Lolimanced

    Olivia Santos you should check out Starlight star shine but by now I bet you have.. oh also electricity is in my soul from steam world heist those two are fairly similar


    Olivia Santos diamonds

    Dawn Kladerman

    "Wired wrong"

  92. TenpennyRand

    Along with Captain Albert Alexander and Honeybee, this was my girlfriends and my songs we adored.

    You guys are wonderful.

  93. William Sullivan

    ily spg

  94. Thatheadbangerguy110


  95. Shark Toffee

    who the heck is this dude i don't recognize him at all


    The Spine without hours of makeup lel


    Zentrix what do u mean. I thought spine put on make up to look human...

  96. RainbowKidDoesThings

    Chelsea looks amazing as Cosmica! <3


    so THATS who she is, thanks!

  97. Alex McCumber

    If I could love a song instead of just like it, I'd love this one. It's absolutely beautiful and I think it's relaxing. It helps me go to sleep tbh <3

  98. Sam Alvarez

    Seen these guys twice and met them. Sweethearts

    The Apocalypse

    lucky sod


    Sam Alvarez Lucky! I wanna meet them. Especially rabbit... She helped me accept myself and actually decide to come out in the upcoming summer so I just kinda wanna thank her for that (And the others for the fabulous music)

    walmart brand kurt cobain

    Wow, lucky!!!! I’d love to meet them <3

  99. kaycee kelly

    I have so many emotions right now Idek what to do