Steam Powered Giraffe - Sky Sharks Lyrics

Down from the sky
Go run and hide
From their catastrophic path
Big teeth in jaws, that’s what we saw
And now they’ve chomped my car in half
They fly in the sky
They look totally crazy
Their wings are superimposed
What kind of god is so lazy
How can we hide?
How can we survive
Flying Cartilaginous Genocide?
Be wary of the Sky Sharks
They want to nom on your blood
If you want to have a future
Heed my warning or you'll lose it
And please avoid their dreaded eye ray
Run and hide and fight another day
Practice cardio, increase your pace
Preserve your human race
Lets run away
Yes, lets run away
The Sky Sharks are here to stay

Now they’re eating all our fried fish
And all the seafood that no one will miss
Hundreds of grandparents mourn the loss
Of every Long John Silver tartar sauce

We tried to stop them but they’re too quick
Dodged every whiffle ball and wooden stick
Well what else can we throw their way
How ‘bout that copy of 50 Shades of Grey?
I wish there was a formula
Of extra-special things to drive them away.
But instead we'll need some legs
So grab your sneakers and flee the fray

[Prof:] A reign of terror flying past
When I first heard I had quite a laugh
Look up in the sky, flying shark
Teeth like knives that bite in half
Things get weird. I take up the slack
I’m the man for the job or I’ll eat my hat
Laser-guided orcas live without water
Fitted with wings, engines, mortars
Old-fashioned grit and I fire like this
“Let me try” -oh I insist!
Aim, fire, strike with a tiny risk-
Oh blimey, spoke too soon- I missed
Shark repellent is ineffective
London's done for chums, I’ve wrecked it
Sharks are landing, grey and vicious
On the other hand this hat tastes delicious
[Rabbit:] Well, we’ve tried everything, what else can we do?

[Hatchworth:] I hear there’s still safe houses left in Old Peru
[Spine:] Please heed our warning, these sharks will never tire

[Hatchworth:] Wait a second, hold on, did anyone think about using… fire?
[Rabbit:] Huh… fire.
Hey Hatchworth, hand me that stick over there
Professor, do you have a lighter?
[Professor:] Oh yes I’ve got one here, there you go
[Rabbit:] Thanks.
Back, back!
That’s a bad sky shark!
Back, back!
Oh my gosh, it’s working! Ah it’s working, guys!
They’re leaving! We’ve done it! We’ve done it!
Spread the word, guys, they don’t like fire!

[Crier:] They hate fire, spread the word!

So be wary of the Sky Sharks
They want to nom on your blood
If you want to have a future
Heed my warning or you'll lose it
Please avoid their dreaded eye ray
Run and hide and fight another day
Practice cardio, increase your pace
Let’s preserve the human race

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Steam Powered Giraffe Sky Sharks Comments
  1. Gracie Rine-Cole

    Can I just say that "preserve *your* human race" smacked me in tf he face

  2. master skull

    These guy's rock

  3. Moa Morgenstern

    Gosh these lyrics makes me laugh, great job Bunny!

  4. CartThunder

    This is such a strange song... I love it.

  5. Miya Miyuke

    sharknado???? xD So lovely music <3

  6. Mystical Isa

    Does this happen in the timeline with the Daughter of Space? Since there's no Commander Cosmo people would rely on the Steam Powered Giraffe robots instead. Oh great song! Not on my top but still good!

  7. Ace Lightning

    Flying Sharks, doo-doo doo doo doo-doo...

  8. The Lone Gungan

    If you happen to read this

    Have a nice day.

  9. snakekiller667

    This hat is delicius

  10. Chronos

    Skybite terrorize

  11. scott rayner

    Pe and spg ? Its steampunk mania

  12. WalkingDead97

    Rabbit actually sounded a bit sorry..

  13. Bomb hed Madness





    welcome to MK III

  14. V-Bot Gamer

    I absolutely love this song. the " wait what?" at the end it perfectly timed.

  15. Aly May

    Is is just me or is it always London that is getting invaded by some alien or other worldly creature?

    Maya Zulf

    Aly May That’s why I moved :p


    That's why I wanna move there xD


    where are the daleks?

  16. CarnelianAndrasCornelius

    *This was the song that turned me gay for Rabbit-*

  17. William Qin

    The one SPG song I don't like that much.

  18. Rouge Narwhal

    the perfect song doesn't exis-

  19. XxwolfmeetstheskyxX

    *casually eating hat*

  20. Rosemary Kaye

    That is so hilarious! The end bit with Rabbit! Lol.

  21. Julio Montoya

    Hands down best track in the album (Alongside "Progress and Technology" and maybe "The Pulls".)

  22. Xanthera

    "Their wings are superimposed, what kind of god is so lazy?" Pure lyrical genius.

  23. imamoose007

    Is it bad that I loved both SPG and professor elemental before this?

  24. Kasunex

    I hope they have a movie for their Robot-sonas at some point... No matter if there's a plot, it'd be surely hilarious.

    Nicholas Snyder

    they technically did it was during jons time there


    Really? What is it called or does it go by the same name as the song?

  25. ItsPokeTrainer0

    I'm from Peru and here we have safe houses.

    Jose Martinez

    Don't forget we come in at the last moment and shoot things with our laser vision.


    plus furries?

  26. AtrophyBelladonna

    Why does Rabbit need a stick and lighter when she has a flamethrower mouth?

    Nichelle M

    BlackMania given she’s prone to’s best to use the stick...

  27. Rick Wolf

    Wait, What?

  28. Jacque Jac

    *Warning:* Don't sing this song at the beach.
    It freaks people out. (<.<) (>.>) Learned that the hard way.

    Void Priestess

    Pfft no you COWARD.

    *BLAST IT. BLAST THE SONG. But if life guards come then turn it off because you don't wanna be rude ^^*

    Hehe this is coming from a person that wouldn't blast anything at the beach... Sorry for disturbing the serenity of the comment

  29. Jacque Jac

    Wait. Why did Rabbit need a stick on fire? Was the flamethrower malfunctioning?

  30. Miss Cellophane

    This is still such a bop

  31. Cyndi Crawford

    this should have had a music video--I think it would have been mindblowingly *EPIC*. (and so cool, etc, etc. :P )seriously. I can see it all happening in my head as I listen to it right now.

  32. EMC 2

    who would honestly give rabbit fire?

  33. MusicNinjas

    I swear I heard core from Portal.

  34. adeadfreelancer

    who says "Wait, what?" at the end?

    Linkin Zero


  35. Cyndi Crawford

    ~insert Beavis laughing and saying "fire, fire, fire!" here~

  36. Kiesman


  37. Ken Ray Wilemon

    Ok, I understand p.elemental is not Bunny but in this case it seems, according to Isabella at the bottom of this thread, that Bunny did a Prof. ELemental impersonation to begin this song and then possibly the later rap section. I am still questioning who is whom(?)

  38. Penumbra505

    Oh those are DEFINITELY consorts!

  39. 神影Kamikage

    Flying Cartilaginous Genocide could be a band name in itself, I've never heard such an epic concept.  PS. The southern hemisphere will miss the seafood.

  40. Droxy 56

    okay, i made a joke about this song being inspired by syfy shark films, but i've come to find out THERE'S A MOVIE ABOUT SKYSHARKS. how many shark themed movies could there possibly be?!

  41. Annie K

    Oh, mah goodies, I've just played this for my Youngest and he cannot stop giggling out, "dreaded eye ray". This song is a bright spot in our rather horrid September. Big thanks, SPG, and big hugs.

  42. Toy 884

    so sky sharks don't like the song Fire, fire? Why not? It's so good.

    Kikinara Kitty

    The explosion that happened in that song is probably why they're fleeing space in the first place

  43. PercySeidon

    Isabella you are so amazing! :)

  44. Nope, why?

    There's a movie coming out in 2017 called skysharks...

  45. Nacho -Marti

    Does this song have anything to do with the 2017 movie sky sharks?

    Nope, why?

    funny thing is that this was probably made before the movie was thought of...

    Nacho -Marti

    @Suzzy Flowers ikr?

  46. Ríղ Ƙɑցɑʍíղҽ [ qմҽҽղ օƒ ѵօςɑӀօíժ ]

    One of my faves

  47. ThatWhiteGuy

    At first I as like "Ya Professor Elemental!" then I was like "Oh god Rabbit has fire.... run!"

    Mary McGinnis

    The really scary thing is that Rabbit already has a built-in flamethrower. Run for the hills!! 😲

  48. Ewan Law

    I was listening to the soundtrack while playing space engineers. I heard this song and I just let my ship fall to the planet surface because this song takes priority.

    Nordic Beast

    I too listen to this album well space engineering!

  49. Kirill Obraztsov

    they should sing this in the theme of Skyfall

  50. nukejaws

    this song still feels like it was made for the sharknado films even more when i figure in that it was posted within days of the premiere of sharknado 4

  51. ComicallyMacabre

    Rabbit's ending narration here never fails to slay me. Seriously.


    Forget global warming, we need to burn the forests because we have flying sharks!

  52. Droxy 56 guys were watching the syfy channel when you thought of this song weren't you?


    i was it was cheesy shark movies all week i love that type of movie

  53. The Viking DIYer

    Does this remind anyone else of "Muse"? I really enjoyed this one.


    Oh, absolutely.

  54. Amy Sykes

    So i guess the sky sharks don't like fire fire

  55. The Real Schmelala

    I used to be a fan

    Now I'm an air conditioner :)


    Your comment is so precious I love you

    Thomas O'Connor

    I was expecting "I still am" but that still does work, good job (I guess?)


    OH MY GOD I WANT TO HIT YOU! but that was amazing, so you get a high-five instead

    Steve Randle

    I used to like tractors, now i'm an extractor fan.

  56. Derwin Thingamajumbo

    There isn't a word for how utterly charming this song is.

  57. Sebastian Giraldo

    WHOAAAAAA, AMAZING!!! When can we expect the album in Spotify?

  58. DragonKazooie89

    Sky Sharks? Sounds like something from The Aquabats! They do have the Shark Fighter after all.

  59. Joshua

    You know this song was inspired by Sharknado!


    thats what i thought (like your profile pic by the way m8)


    Actually, originally it was about tripods but t they couldn't do that because of copyright reasons

  60. The Lead Ballerina

    One of my favorites! Made me giggle so hard the first time! Still does actually, devoted so much drive time to learning the words!

  61. MC. Gemstone

    I think this is my favorite song so far from this sound track

  62. Christopher Carpenter

    now that you're adding The Vice Quadrant to Youtube, would you consider adding the album to google play?

    Vincent McClintock

    It's been on there for quite a while now actually. I was waiting for it too and it just showed up

    Christopher Carpenter

    +Vincent wow it is, thanks. last I heard they were avoiding it because they made less money on the play store versus alternatives, guess they changed their minds.

  63. Brooke Holly


  64. Photobunce

    fabulous! my new favorite song, me thinks.

  65. WorkInProgress

    Just when I think I am tired of listening to the same shit, Steam Powered Girrafe puts Sky Sharks on YouTube.

    Rick Wolf

    1 year later, I know, I hope you've listened to the rest of their stuff!

  66. Benjamin Blake

    this song was about sharknado

    MC. Gemstone

    @Suzzy Flowers awesome! what is it about? 

    Bedizenin Cosplay

    It REALLY wasn't.

    raphaela ratzlaff

    Then why didn’t they use fire in the first one?

    S. L. B

    This song predicted Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

  67. Miss Trini

    "Wait, what?" XD

  68. Angel Samael

    Was that the Vice which does Tight?

  69. Fabio Abate

    prof elemental remember me of whitley, amazing song by the way

  70. GodlyChalupa

    oh goodness im early... but I love it😊 keep up the good work my dudes

  71. Eevee Army


  72. Tomos Chappington

    Like War of the Worlds...... with sharks!

  73. destiny kendall


  74. TheJorgeFilms

    Sky Sharks should be an interesting Doctor Who episode :B

    Jer Whooves

    well there were Sky Sharks in an episode in fact it was one of their Christmas specials lol

    Bravo Hotel

    this song sounds like a doctor who


    true tho

    Thomas O'Connor

    I think they already did that, but not attacking London, hold on, SPG-Doctor Who crossover would be neat

    haxdiamaria rivera

    @Thomas O'Connor would make a good comic tbh

  75. Firetone 07

    Prof. Elemental: Wait What!

    Gray Daze

    +Isabel Rojas I don't think they were talking about you.


    Isabella is Bunny's name. She's got an AWESOME range (the ups and downs her voice can go)... Spine too. I can't get enough! <3

    Ken Ray Wilemon

    Isabella is Prof. Elemental? I don't grok.

    Matt James

    +Ken Ray Wilemon nuuu Professor Elemental is an actual steam punk artist too! His real name is Paul Alborough. You probably figured that out about now but yeah hehe XD take care :)

  76. Kiely Sarah

    I loved this song when you sung a snip on a twitch stream I was laughing so much but you should totally make a video for this! that would be cool but I understand your all soo busy!!

    Kiely Sarah

    *all soo busy making more music! sorry it sent to soon haha

    Sam Noble

    Making amazing music at that!

    Nacho -Marti

    i can work on an animation but i need help :(

  77. Get Lolimanced

    this is great

  78. Calwo

    so far this is my favourite song in this album :)

  79. ViolentViolet


  80. Drillbee Automaton

    Oh my gosh I love this song!! It's great 😘

  81. Silver The Hedgehog is pretty awesome

    I'm so early oml

    MC. Gemstone

    oh a sonic fan nice 0w0