Steam Powered Giraffe - Rex Marksley Lyrics

Rex Marksley
Finest marksman in the west
Rex Marksley
When it came to gun slinging, he was the best

Rex Marksley, at an younger age,
shot holes in cans without a-missin'
sadly they were in the pantry
so beans painted the whole darn kitchen

His parents then let him shoot
the empty cans out on their fence
but Rex trick-shot out all the nails
so out the fence all their cows went

His father cried

Rex Marksley
Finest marksman in the west
Rex Marksley
When it came to gun slinging, he was the best

Rex Marksley was a tinkerer
an engineer extraordinaire
He made quick-reloading gadgets
so he could fire non-stop with panache and flare

He became a gun for hire
and a hero wherever he roamed
he disarmed forty bandits one time
with two gunshots all on his own

Rex Marksley
Finest marksman in the west
Rex Marksley
When it came to gun slinging, he was the best

He had heart and a righteous stand
and they tell of his stories across the land

He jammed the guns that fired his way
by shooting bullets into their barrels, they say

He shot lightning from his hands with a miraculous invention,
and zapped that evil demon train back to its own dimension

That giant copper ore golem, oh it was a fright,
till Rex projectiled pick axes with dynamite

He fought the corrupt Rattlesnake King and it hissed in agony,
then Rex taught all the jackalopes to yodel in harmony

Here we go now!

Rex Marksley rode across the West bringing justice to the land
He tamed enormous vultures, reined and flew them with one hand

All the women blushed and fainted when Rex winked his eye
and the bad guys always fell to their demise

The man was a legend and hero through and through
and Rex was a friend to the battered and the bruised

He had seen a lot of wonderments in his glory days
and he died an old man alone on the prairie, they say

Rex Marksley
Finest marksman in the west
Rex Marksley
When it came to gun slinging, he was best

Yeehaw, yeehaw
Bang bang!

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Steam Powered Giraffe Rex Marksley Comments
  1. Robert Kelley

    This sing just made my day!!! Love you all:))

  2. Moa Morgenstern

    This brings the biggest smile on my face. “Sadly they were in the pantry so beans painted the whole darn kitchen” gets me everytime. And also, David is a very handsome cowboy.

  3. Silly Pea

    I want to live on a ranch with Rex where we raise yodeling jackelopes....

  4. Jaylen Hemmings

    Ok hear me out, a cinematic universe of all of the heroes they've created and throughout the whole adventure SPG is just running after them trying to make a song out of it

  5. misscanadarain

    This song is always in my brain thanks david, you handsome man

  6. corey beltran

    We need a Rex Marksley movie and book series ASAP.

  7. FurbyBuddy

    I never realised how much David is just *leg* until now

  8. Jacob Tyler

    Pretty sure both Rex Marxley and Captain Albert Alexander could be made into some pretty amazing action/adventure movies with the right kind of vision and passion for the craft coupled with a decent budget.

  9. Tim Bond

    Their harmonies reminds me of the Sons of the Pioneers & this song really proves it!! I love this group!

  10. TheOnlyTherazan

    The rope in the title looks like a 2. I was excited to listen "Rex Marksley 2"!

  11. Awakened-Saxon

    Hey, you stole my life story! Heh...

  12. Larry the lobster

    The new red dead redemption game looks great

  13. Charlie Woodruff

    Imagine not knowing they would be filming and seeing this guy with a metal hand walking around and pointing a gun at random things.

  14. Hyperion Core

    You know this would make an interesting origin story of the term marksmen

  15. Telendar

    A giant copper ore golem... You guys play Dwarf Fortress aren't you ?

  16. a human being


  17. SeriosProductions

    Rex Marksley vs. Vash the Stampede for ultimate pacifist gunslinger?

  18. Commenter Commenty pants


    "Yep, that's a hill alright.

    "Time to die, nature."

  19. Sul Opreym

    Spine take the human face off that's offensive
    God how would you like it if we put on robot faces

  20. Gregori Viegas

    Guys, he is probably the “big iron” son or grandson. It fits perfectly.

  21. Amber Russo

    I literally have the biggest ear to ear grin every time I watch this video. I love it so much. Love the art, love the song, and I love David's goofiness! <3

  22. Alexis Croyle

    This is the most appropriate use of what I'm 90% sure is Arizona-

  23. PurpleRacer Gamer

    In red dead redemption 2 my character almost looks like The spine. No I can make Rex Marxly. Thank you spg

  24. 8-Bit-Relic

    I would love to watch a show with his adventures

  25. Johnsmovies

    What I'm getting from this, is that a child was the worlds greatest marksman, and as he grew up, he built shit, made a speed loading revolver, a lightning flinging gauntlet, and had a robo-horse.

  26. Hippie Hobo

    Ok, I can see that a lot of people are commenting about Spine. But my question is who did the bass singing for the chorus. It's amazing and I want to have that vocal range.


    Hippie Hobo Rabbit, the pretty girlie :)

  27. Ersatz Films

    This is a typical DnD character.


  28. Magdaléna Králová

    The line about the demon train from another dimension gives me a strong 'The Dark Tower' vibe. Maybe you guys are Stephen King fans? Or is it just a coincidence?

  29. Alfred F. Jones

    Rex Marksley needs to play Red Dead Redemption 2.

  30. Somewhere-Here

    Me: I hate country music. It’s so cringy.

  31. BizMarkie91

    Even Hatchworth is an artist too? Why does this band have so much talent within just 3 people???!! Rabbit draws extremely well, and here I find out another one does as well. Where's my talent?!!

  32. Blue J

    What a story, I love it 💙

  33. Joe Poutre

    When is the movie coming out? This need to be a film!

  34. nikki nolan

    Omg i am in love with this band thanks to my fiance Michael. Love you guys!

  35. Sushi Siblings

    Good human make-up, Spine. Just work on the walk

  36. Evil Betty

    You magnificent dork <3

  37. john tracy

    I get a Tex Ritter vibe from this song.

  38. LissaBunny

    Great! -Can I marry him now?-

  39. Deus FromOTF

    Great song and some very nice animations/drawings.

  40. Will Good

    Am I the only one who ships Rex Marksley and Captain A. A? Yeah? Is that weird? Yeah? Okay, I'll just go...

  41. Brandt Hammack

    I need a rex marksley comic. Now.

  42. PopTV

    Anybody know the location for filning?

  43. poolfur56

    This gave me life! 😂❤️

  44. Kaeda Sonata

    I suppose somebody should teach you how to touch a horse... Mr. Marksley..

  45. Tovey Baker

    can someone please make this into a video game

  46. Dominique Pearce

    I love how this video is 40% David just being a cute


    40% David being cute.
    50% David being David.
    10% David not sure What to do so he improves.

  47. Thomas Loves Trucks

    Beware, those 50 dislikes Rex is coming for you.

  48. Satarey Haney

    I love u but I'll wait until I'm 20 years old to merry

    Satarey Haney

    I'm 16 years old I love hugs

    Satarey Haney

    Does that make sence?

  49. Satarey Haney

    U are so beautiful David Michael Bennett.

  50. Terence Sellars Sr

    He's wearing a chef shirt

  51. Jak Be

    My step-dads name is Rex so this is his theme song

  52. Damien Jarlen

    This honestly begs the question though.

    How the hell did Rex or his descendents end up meeting with an alien and eventually end up bringing Ravaxis Starburner into being?

    Since he's confirmed to be a descendent of Rex Marksley's.

  53. ItsPokeTrainer0

    Rex Marksley vs Captain Albert Alexander

  54. Kuro Princess

    Hagsworth is a good artist, and Spine's acting are decent. Wonder what type of skill Zero has ...

  55. Greyshirk

    0:42 "His father cried"

  56. gayve strider

    I love how Bunny and David are twins so when I watch this video I cannot tell whom is singing because this is when Bunny has a deeper voice

  57. Paige Merrill

    *takes out gun* *does nothing with it* *puts it back*

  58. Static Misery

    I want bloopers

    Myla Coleman

    Sunshine And Peppermint Tea this entire video is bloopers

  59. El Catrin C

    Oh, don't cry the Jon, its just a story , a REAL story

  60. Le Boocey

    Omfg this would be perfect in fallout new vegas

  61. hannahcracker

    Help, I've fallen for another fictional character and I choose not to get up. 💕

  62. Jack Toohey

    It's High Noon

  63. Kawaii Desu

    is it high noon?

  64. Maui Randall

    I still can't get over how funny the name is

  65. Bethany Scarbrough

    Who's this David person everyone keeps talking about. That is clearly Rex Marksley, the gunslinger Colonel Walter modeled the spine after.

  66. Uberwenis

    He reminds me so much of Ray Palmer (or Brandon Routh if you prefer) in this.

  67. daniel Mc-Mc

    i want this to be a game,

  68. Isabel Ayala

    I low key miss when The Jon acted as Rex Marksley

  69. AnxiousRobot

    I keep thinking he's a Courier in Fallout New Vegas

  70. DJMelodic

    Rattle-rattle, rattle-rattle-rattle, rattle RATTLESNAKE KI-IIING~

  71. Wilkins Family

    I want to see a TV show about Rex Marksley!!!😁😁😁

  72. unearthlyminionofgod

    head canon: captain albert alexander is rex's son. inspired by his father rex, albert took his love of the sea and turned it into an adveturous life dedicated to helping all life, animal and human much like rex did with the jackalopes. that's why rex would die alone on the prarie like the legends say, cause his son had sadly passed in the ocean.

  73. Chief Artist

    Watching a man pretending to be a cowboy in HD?
    Best decision ever.

    Rick Wolf

    A STEAMPUNK Cowboy at that.

  74. GodKingVivec

    Too bad he didn't have kids to carry on his legacy...

  75. Beckylovessoup

    You can tell David had fun with this one.

  76. Aninha Brunner

    Now looking better, Rex Marksley looks like a more badass Percy No Mercy, from Critical Role. Lighting gloves, gadgets and firearms, you know ;3

  77. joeseatat

    Oh man, there needs to be a television series about the "Adventures of Rex Marksley". I would watch the hell outta that!

  78. Fra Ne

    This should be in Fallout

  79. helpme buddha

    So wait why did it look like he hung himself?!? Ummm dark much?

  80. Shirley R.

    What am I doing here the fandom died 2 years ago

  81. 神影Kamikage

    Does anyone else find it funny Rex Marksley's parents would refer to him as the 'finest marksman in the west'?

  82. SC Newztown

    This is just awesome! Davids faces all the way through are gorgeous! I mean... its damn cool! But kinda awkward I'm laughing all the time xD

  83. GameProse

    I would like to make a fangame about Rex Marksley based on this song. Wanted to ask SPG before making it. I wont be selling it, I just want to get permission before going ahead with it and using this song in the game itself. It'll be made using Fallout 1/Fallout 2 styled graphics and will essentially be Western Steam Punk.

  84. thecatlord

    its HIGH NOON

  85. Nate Jacobs

    why have I never seen this ;-; this video is so nice <3

  86. eddiester 3609

    Rex Marksley in a team with captain Albert Alexander shooting bandits and sailing the seas

  87. Sound Effect Studios

    We need an ultimate team up of Rex Marksley, Captain Albert Alexander, and Salgexicon.

  88. ZOMG Pinkprints

    Watch out for that road apple,Marksley.


    Dang road apples

  89. Southpaw

    Just discovered you guys (and gal!). Your voices are beautiful 😭

  90. K9 Pepper

    Every time I hear this song, it makes me more determined to write a script for an actual TV Series of 'Rex Marksley' as part of my university degree. (I'm majoring in Screen, Cinema and Sound.)

    It wouldn't be something I'd make money off because copyright is a thing for a good reason but damn, I really just want to see a TV show of Rex have this as like the intro/outro.

  91. Marsh The Mime

    The only appropriate way to end a song is "yee-haw, bang-bang" from now on.

  92. Hahazombie

    David should star in a Firefly spinoff.

  93. Vaughn McLoughlin

    "Okay Spine, this obsession of yours has gone TOO FAR" Rabbit probably

  94. A cool guy

    Iron horse! I saw it you can't trick me! Rex marksley is the iron horseman

    Riva Houkes

    Horse??? Nah dude, thats a steam punk baby giraffe

  95. SquishyMain

    Dis here is a horse.

  96. Miss Cinny

    omg This song lol Love it.

    Miss Cinny

    I've been within the "US" fandom since August, but yes >.>

  97. Jordan Antonic

    Can i just say, I love Sam's art

  98. ChaoticEntity

    I would easily buy one of those gloves. They're amazing.

    A cool guy

    ChaoticEntity right there with you, and a pair of bunny's googles

  99. Luc Hanson

    Does anyone notice that he huNG HIMSELF FROM THE CEILING‽

  100. mudawott

    Im not straight but like. David is hot as hell in this

    Griffin McKenzie

    I, too, am not straight and I fully support your comment.

    Violet Anaoxia

    I'm incredibly gay and am so glad I'm not the only one.


    @Griffin McKenzie is that porn

    The Itinerant


    Research Complete: Results Inconclusive; Status; Likely

    Soul Condidtion; Damaged 😞