Steam Powered Giraffe - Me & My Baby (Saturday Night) Lyrics

Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing?
I ask myself that everyday
That is until the weekend comes and the sun has gone away to sleep
Then there's only one thing on my mind (a good time)

That's right

Me and my baby love Saturday nights, Saturday nights
Yeah, Me and my baby love Saturday nights, Saturday nights

With The dancing and the singing,
like the weekdays never happened
I could be, I should be dancing right now 'cause

Me and my baby love Saturday nights, Saturday nights
Yeah, Me and my baby love Saturday nights, Saturday nights

The talk of the town is where we're headed next
cause everywhere we go is the best
(The very, very best)

It doesn't matter the company but we're pretty good company
for you to have around
(Around, Around, Around)

And Me and my baby love Saturday nights, Saturday nights
Yeah, Me and my baby love Saturday nights, Saturday nights
(Me & My Baby love, love, Saturday)

With the dancing and the singing,
like the weekdays never happened
I could be, I should be dancing right now 'cause

Me and my baby love Saturday nights, Saturday nights
(Me & My Baby love, love, Saturday)
Yeah, Me and my baby love Saturday ni-ha-ha-haights
(Me & My Baby love, love, Saturday)

Here we baby & I, My baby and I-hai...My baby!
We're goin' dancin' tonight!

The dull-drum of the work week gets me feeling down
misery and sorrow follow us around

But when that music hits and the band starts to play
Please, you better get out of our way

'Cause Me and my baby love Saturday nights, Saturday nights
(Me & My Baby love, love, Saturday)
Yeah, Me and my baby love Saturday nights, Saturday nights
(Me & My Baby love, love, Saturday)
Me and my baby love Saturday nights, Saturday nights
(Me & My Baby love, love, Saturday)
Me & My Baby love, love, Saturday

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Steam Powered Giraffe Me & My Baby (Saturday Night) Comments
  1. Hylebos75

    I wish I had been able to show my grandmother SPG. She would have loved their immense musicality and silliness.

  2. Gil Cortes

    Very cool

  3. Jason Stamwitz

    One of my wife’s favorites! We enjoy how this song ends on the 10 yr. anniversary concert.

  4. Stephen harris

    You guys need a new get up

  5. Tophat Gaming

    Every time I try to tell my friends what makes this band so cool they just say "That's weird"

  6. M M


  7. Sayori

    I. love. this. song. I could listen to it all day, sighing. My boyfriend and I just got us a Melodica, and I enjoy practicing the 2:08 part so much. I hope the new album will contain more songs like this. I adore you, SPG! <3

  8. Oarf

    I got the same guitar as the spine o.o

  9. Irrbloss Wisp

    this is a heartwarming song giving butterflies. Well delivered

  10. Nero Knightingale

    I completely misinterpreted the title. I thought you were performing this on Saturday Night Live until two minutes in.

  11. ScooterSammy82

    Loving it 😊😎

  12. normal demoknight

    Anyone: do you like saturdays?
    Spine:*vietam war flaskbacks*

  13. yanick bouchard

    Best vocals ever heard

  14. Abe Haynes

    What instrument is Rabbit playing?

    lucy Catherine

    Its called a melodica and its a pretty cool instrument

  15. Krogan Popy

    I like Saturday nights too.

  16. yanick bouchard

    Just too strong no group can say they are as strong as you!

  17. Brendon Nel

    Guys honestly. This is the coolest idea for a band and music I have ever heard. You guys rule & I fucking love you.

  18. Neomancer

    Nogla and Lui brought me here

  19. paperbug

    it's disconcerting that i'm not sure at times who is singing

  20. Katie Harris

    Made on my birthday and I'm crying. It's such a beautiful song and I feel blessed to be gifted with this amazing melody. ♡♡♡♡

  21. Sam Pinter

    I need more people to acknowledge Michael's and Rabbits coordination between the guitar and melodica for the little 'solo'!!!!! They're like, perfectly in sync!!!! And it sounds beautiful!!!

  22. Whosmymuse?


  23. Ruby Blue

    If I were your baby I'd love every night. Seriously. Marry me. Spine, I love you.

  24. Ghost_in_Wolf_skin

    anyone else listening to this on a Saturday

  25. Rick Mcginnis

    All I can say is the Spin has one hell of a range and voice. They are GREAT! I have know idea how I found them. Glad I did...

  26. Alexis LaClair

    Perfect song to listen to after I just got done crying.. My bf showed me this song, he's all I can think of when I listen to this.. And I smile.. Like an idiot. Such a great band, honestly. Last thing i'm listening to before I hit the sack.

  27. Psychotica 93

    I'm glad that The Spine later added stripes to his neck. He seemed naked without them lol

  28. Blue J

    This song evokes feelings I never knew I had 💛🤖

  29. Aurongroove

    I love this song too much.

  30. Pink Army

    0:24 WILLIE NELSON is who i hear at that spot every time i listen to this.
    and i love willie's unique voice.

  31. TheZombieman1999

    "Is there such a thing as to much of a good thing" sounds like we got ourselves a slaanesh follwer here

  32. Thomas O'Connor

    There isn't such a thing a too much of a good thing, but there can be too little of a bad thing.

  33. Scott Luke Dwyer

    I love the vignette of Michael Reed at 2.08 to 2.16

  34. Skye McLeod

    What do him and his baby love again?

  35. Matsa Sune

    Man at the start of this endeavor I thought the steam punk one was the talent. I am starting to think from all ive seen living statue guy or ( silver face ) as I call him might be in actuality. This band is cool. An interesting mix of styles. This was almost western-ish in a really cool way.


    They all have their strengths, actually! And their music style changes over the years, as well as the types of songs they do!
    If you're looking for good recommendations of theirs to show their range, look up "Honeybee", "Brass Goggles", "I Don't Have a Name for it", "Ju Ju Magic", & their cover of "Diamonds" by "silver face" as you call him ;)

  36. Wyoming Han Da Wae

    Play this song as I get ready for Saturday night out in downtown

  37. D Man

    This song made me hate Saturday nights

  38. David Sain

    I do love SPG! I want a breath (steam) powered keyboard like Rabbit plays!

  39. Sushi Siblings

    I want to see a comparison of Brendon Urie and Spine's voical ranges. That would be interesting

  40. Oh Cassiopeia

    I want to waltz with The Spine. New goal in life.

  41. Roberto Tellez

    There´s only one thing on my mind...a good time!!

  42. Britannia U.K.

    Absolutely brilliant as always. Love them, especially Spine and Rabbit..

  43. Spritewave 111

    The most intelligent artist I have seen in many years ,,these songs are simply beautiful ...and the live art dancing its hard to find words to express how fresh and new this is thanks is what I want to say ,,,, whats wrong with me and my baby loves Saturday night ? nothing beautiful melody beautiful harmony such a talented group of gentleman .

    Oh Cassiopeia

    If you notice, they don’t put as much of a robotic front in this video. It makes me rather happy though. The human side of them is just as warm and joyful.

    Spritewave 111

    What ever they want to do I am convinced would be very nice great talents I am proud of them I Love the songs almost instant classic to my ears and if they dance fine to Steam Powered Giraffe is my new found favorite band ,,God bless all ,

  44. NemesisProducts

    For the longest time I was 100% sure Rabbit was the one singing the chorus. But considering her and The Spine are twins, it´s not that surprising they can sound the same.

  45. Skeleto Cadáver

    Hermosa Canción!!

  46. Nana-Gel NG

    Love his deep voice, AWESOME music guys ^^

  47. Damien Spies


  48. Damien Spies

    I'm starting to really like this

  49. Spritewave 111

    Beautiful song

  50. Théo Boutroy

    Moi aussi j'aimes les nuits de samedi

    Enfin je crois...

  51. Ed Champion

    Really enjoy these guys. Authentic creative talented. They could cover polkadot bikini

  52. Wrex Rexson

    During the chorus he sounds a bit like Micheal Bublé

  53. sunnysea24

    I always assumed Rabbit sang lead in the chorus and I was a bit mindblown when it was The Spine, I known they're twins but it still caught me off guard. 😅😂

  54. VGpunx

    This is such a great song.

  55. Scara Mouche

    I think easily the most talented twins in the entertainment history. Hope they are getting paid.

  56. Hoang Le

    I searched for another "Me and my baby" song, but Google suggest me to try this one, happy to stay here :) Nice song!

  57. Leonardo Gois Silva

    Musica que mais marcou minha vida

  58. Caboose

    On top 1:40 from left to right,
    Walter White,
    The Tin Man,
    And Mr. Guitar guy from Jeff Dunham.....

    This is a jest not a actual assumption of identities

  59. Magali Lopez

    Gosh this brings me back :)

  60. Jazalyn Evans


  61. Som Dum Goi

    How the hell am I just now discovering these guys? They kick some steam powered ass

  62. Jeremy Clement

    Such talented guys

  63. ZalamalFaulkwing

    ah the golden era.

  64. johnny reaubourg

    wow , Exellllllent...

  65. Bethy Prescott

    Can you be attracted to someone's voice...?
    Not like... Romantically, or anything...
    I just want to hear more of it, and all the time...

  66. Benny Rodriguez

    Can I ask what the time signature is? Asking for research purposes

  67. Bahyek

    Mike is phenomenal in this!!!

  68. Radess Crain

    I love when spine sings

  69. That One Weeb No One Likes

    They need to play this song on SNL (Saterday Nite live)

  70. Brandon Luffman

    This has been stuck in my head for days ever since seeing them at Dragon*Con... Such a catchy tune!

  71. DJMelodic

    90% of Rabbit's movements: head turning.

  72. Fantastical Dragon

    *Before they got rid of The Jon n Hatchworth could still stand them..*

  73. Static Misery

    thanks Rabbit! now I want a melodica!

    Static Misery

    I forgot I commented this. I may or may not have one now. I love it

  74. The19 Rosie Reeve

    Rabbit is so cute in this (Btw David Thewlis is my crush, i just think the faces Rabbit makes is cute)

  75. The19 Rosie Reeve

    I love what Rabbit's playing

  76. Darrin Davis

    Classic. The best! Good luck too you all with Zero.

  77. Roganz

    Absolutely love this song, but everytime I hear it I can't help thinking "My baby and I love Saturday Nights"

  78. thabi thabza

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  79. happybluedog

    I've been following SPG from the start but this is the best iteration of the band. I do like the new lineup, but I do so miss this grouping. Such Harmony, so talented. <3

  80. Robert Wilson

    I hope the SPG guys see this post. My son (who will be 4 in a couple months) absolutely loves this song. He sings along when it's on, and sings (what he can) from memory. I love what you do, and hopefully I can see you live in the near future.

    That One Weeb No One Likes

    Robert Wilson their used to be 4 peeps
    *The Jon
    Upgrade was a female and was in the band from the beginning then she left for a reason idk why


    Puppy Fart She preferred the acting over the musical aspect so it was somewhat her being kicked out for not doing the music up to everyone else's standard and also somewhat her leaving to pursue acting.

    Jon Donnelly

    I love this apart from the mouth keyboard break. Almost perfection.

    mel vaughn

    @That One Weeb No One Likes - if you look in Reddit, there's a post titled "Why does the third member keep getting switched out?" To which The Spine personally answers in depth with three huge walls of witty, insightful, sometimes brutally honest, text. I feel like I know this band a lot better after having spent the twenty minutes reading and rereading the response, and it answered literally every question I've wanted to ask these guys for several years. It shows how caring the Bennett twins are and how much they love their friends, their fans and their band, regardless of who it currently includes. 10/10 would absolutely recommend. 😍

  81. Blyss Bramasole

    Love this band makes me, so happy when I listen to them. :)

  82. Carmen Jane Crafts

    Love this!

  83. Jack Johnson

    I'd sell my soul for a voice like the spine,not even to make money but just to sing in the shower lol

  84. Michael Alvarez

    Maybe it's my growing up on country music, but I REALLY love this song! So bouncy and happy~

  85. m lynn

    Spine has such a great range, omg... guess that answers my question/confusion over Like A Diamond

  86. Cyndi Crawford

    the first time I'd ever watched this video, a couple of years ago, it made me cry a little. it was (is!) a very sweet song, and I definitely felt that. SO good.

  87. A Rhal

    this is the only group i turn my ad blocker off for....

  88. David86753

    When I heard the studio version of this song I thought Rabbit sung the chorus, The Spine's vocal range is ridiculous.

  89. HezakHQ

    so whatever happened to the guy on the left? he isnt in the newer videos. just curious what happened to him

    Kiwi Queen

    if you haven't already known, he left the band back in 2011-2012 since he wanted to pursue his painting (i think) career. And you know Sam Luke? The drummer, yeah he took his place for now throughout 2013-2015(?) until Zero took his place. It always is the left ones, It went from TheJon - Hatchworth - Zero, what's next? Negative- one? :L So yeah. That

  90. Erin Angel of the Light

    lol this is dark folk music , with meaning *smiles*

  91. playingWithMatches IsQuiteFun

    I have to say, my favorite spg song is the one I'm listening to at the time, I just love all the songs so much

  92. Nicklas D

    Mini piano Guy
    And bas Guy
    Wher are they now?


    the girl using the mini piano is still in the newer videos. she is transgender. mtf

  93. pacmon99

    I'd love to see them do a cover of the misfits song Saturday night.

  94. Blackpaw Foxtrot

    Stillllllllll love this song. 👍 When y'all gonna take me out though? It's been like 500 saturday's since we last went dancing. Explanation.

  95. dentxhead

    I wish you guys would make more music like this

  96. Michael Bulla

    I feel like having found a secret song of Bee Gees

  97. iamsaztak

    I'm enraptured! Such incredibly talented artists!

  98. Ethan Hill

    Who's the one in the back with the white guitar?

    Ethan Hill

    @gray k Ah thanks :)

  99. Scott Winfrey

    David has the best voice of all. Perfect bass.