Steam Powered Giraffe - Little Birdie Lyrics

Hello, little birdie
I like your silly little hat
You go, oh so, so high
In the sky
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I want to be your friend
We could sail the sky
Eating moonpies
In the stars
In the stars
In the stars

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Steam Powered Giraffe Little Birdie Comments
  1. SquishyMissyMinecraft

    I don't know why people don't like this song. This is my very first listen and I love how chilled it is!

  2. Ash Tree Yggdrasil, The World Tree

    This sounds so much like Jack Stauber it isn't even funny.

  3. Nibelhim

    Inspired by the beatles?

  4. meredyth with a y

    What emotion am I feeling right now?

  5. Protagonist Jones

    I like the song, but there's something that just seems so un-SPG about it. I just don't have a name for it. I dunno.

    Ash Tree Yggdrasil, The World Tree

    It sounds more like Jack Stauber's HiLo album than anything.

  6. dustin chiasson

    This is definitely not their worst song. I'd say probably "Please Explain" would be closer.

  7. AtrophyBelladonna

    This isn't a bad song, but it's the worst one SPG has ever made.


    disagree, I actually love this one rather than a lot of other of their songs

  8. megamorgan88

    "you go oh so, so high" so was  the person wrote this song

  9. Blockistic

    Why does David hate this song? It's so quirky and cute...

  10. nuggie


  11. Megan Burdett

    I'm trying to find the song they made about the girl that visited and eventually left her music box

    Megan Burdett

    @Stingray McCartney Yes that one!

    Zander Jones

    Turn back the clock

  12. Wilted Warsong

    Hello, golden cinnamon roll. I like your silly little hat.

  13. Jay

    The Jon's songs definitely have a Beatles feel going on.
    They also manage to be both absolutely terrifying and incredibly charming.
    Which is just as well because that's how I choose to describe The Jon.

    (I think I summed up like 99% of comments, don't even bother scrolling down anymore XD)

  14. Kat Haim

    Such a cute song!

  15. Meg Anderson

    Love this song in such a weird way. It takes a moment to get used to, but after a few listens its so cute and quirky

  16. Sphynia- Cat

    this song makes me really uneasy-- but in a good way?? I don't know how to explain it >.>

    Alexander Crimson

    Goodbye Mr moon man probably.

  17. Aidan Mitchell

    I've always thought that this song had a darker tone, that I just wasn't really grasping...

  18. SlackJaw

    The Jons songs to me were very slow and peaceful, yet vivid and whimsical, I LOVE IT!! Can't wait to see YOUZ GUIYZ IN MAY-GearBox


    P.S. CAN YOU GUYS UPLOAD "THAT'L BE THE WAY HOME", AND CAN THE SPINE ANSWER MY MESSAGE? Is okay if ya don't, just when ya get the time

  19. tj leonard

    Quirky cute little gem. Love this.

  20. Tyler Green

    Isn't this David's all-time least favorite song?

    David Michael Bennett

    +Auntie Inari Nah, I forgot to dislike it. Thanks for reminding me :)

    Auntie Inari

    @David Michael Bennett *lol* No problem dear... Auntie <3's you ^ _ ^

    heck life

    Yes, it is.


    Why do you hate it?
    It is adorable.


    Yeah why? I'm curious

  21. Nick Highbury


  22. Malfunctioning Emi

    is it just me that really likes this song?? ♡

  23. Liam Cole

    I adore Jon's songs. They're all so quirky

  24. Zack Tyler

    Bunny is the one who does the drawings right? They're very well done.

    Siren Eclipse

    Actually, if you look in the bottom right of this one, you'll see that it says John Sprauge.

    Zack Tyler

    +Emma Nekaf oh, dunno how I didn't see that.

    Generic Wrestling

    +Zack Tyler It also says so in the description, they do it for most all these songs from the older albums

    Zack Tyler

    +Jack Biggs I know they did, I just thought I read somewhere that bunny drew them, my mistake.

    Cyndi Crawford

    oh, she draws some of the artwork--and she did do some of the ones on this album and the previous one as well.

  25. BlinkinFirefly


    Auntie Inari

    +BlinkinFirefly Yeah, I definitely get a Beatles vibe off this one... very nice ^ _ ^

    Dianne Steitz

    +BlinkinFirefly Exactly!  This is from when they were Fab! :P

    Angel Samael

    +BlinkinFirefly Rabbit in the sky with diamonds.

    Cyndi Crawford

    definitely. I feel like the Jon is trying to channel John Lennon sometimes. they're all good songs, tho.

  26. Shiny

    I really like Jon's songs, they're really nice and 70's-ish


    +Shiny you got that right

    Cyndi Crawford

    his songs always sound so very much like Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club/White Album/Abbey Road (etc.) Beatles to me. I thoroughly enjoy them, but I just can't shake the thought that he's basically trying to be a robot John Lennon sometimes.

  27. King Leonidas

    its a pretty nice slow song

  28. JetblackThemeTime

    This sounds like it should be on Sgt. Peppers or Yellow Submarine.

    alejandro aponte

    RIGHT!? it reminds me of being for the benefit of mr.kite

  29. Rheroa Loliquot

    Aaand another song with the word "Star". I Love it!

  30. She-Lock Holmes

    That's so cute ♡

  31. Jen steed

    I love that you're sharing all these gems, thank you <3