Steam Powered Giraffe - Honeybee Lyrics

You didn't have to look my way
Your eyes still haunt me to this day
But you did. Yes, you did

You didn't have to say my name
Ignite my circuits and start a flame
But you did

Oh, Turpentine erase me whole
('Cause I) don't want to live my life alone
(Well I) was waiting for you all my life

Set me free, my...honey-

You didn't have to smile at me
Your grin's the sweetest that I've ever seen
But you did. Yes you did

You didn't have to offer your hand
'Cause since I've kissed it I am at your command
But you did

Oh, Turpentine erase me whole
I don't want to live my life alone
I was waiting for you all my life

Set me free, my...honey-

Hello Goodbye, Twas nice to know you
How I find myself without you
That I'll never know
I let myself go

Hello Goodbye, I'm rather crazy
And I never thought I was crazy
But what do I know?
Now you have to go

Hello Goodbye, Twas nice to know you
How I find myself without you
Hello Goodbye, I'm rather crazy
And I never thought I was crazy

That I'll never know.
I let myself go.
But what do I know?
Now you have to go.

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Steam Powered Giraffe Honeybee Comments
  1. John Sandiego

    What the fuck, how the hell can they look so animated yet real?! All I knew about these guys was that they didn't go to Dashcon which earned my respect.

  2. Bones Malone

    the mask 4

  3. Dante Steel

    So here I am a 57 year-old guy wondering what my 16 year-old daughter was listening to.. and I like it!

  4. Alex McCorkle

    This song became the goodbye anthem to the seniors in my high school musical group. It’s after this song literally every guy in the room cries

  5. Svyatoslav Russkiy

    i just want a dog......

  6. Chuk Blak

    I am back again 👍

  7. jhc1971

    This song is way prettier than I was expecting

  8. Craig Schad

    8 years later and still in love with this song


    Different but sounds good

  10. YukoValis Sword

    The song is ok I guess. The video itself is pretty damn well done.

  11. Shoobe

    So who's the one main vocalist here, and who's the suspenders one?

  12. TriggrdBigfoot

    Anyone know exactly where in San Diego this was filmed?

  13. Esequiel Vasquez

    First song I ever heard from this band. My oldest brother showed it to me years ago. Still one of my favorite songs. Still love the band too!

  14. Michael Fox

    Very pretty song

  15. Emerald Fire

    even after all these years i still cry to this song

  16. Kelly E Montana

    I would pay big money to see Slipknot kick these guys' arses in a bar fight.

  17. Madison Garland

    This is just beautiful, so much talent.

  18. None ya Biz

    Never seen or heard of these guys til now.
    I'm a convert!

  19. Liv Animations

    "Rabbit." Ah shoot Fire Fire!

  20. solid comms

    This song is a byproduct of American made Motorola mosfet
    This harmony sadly is not available any longer .the parts to repair certain models of droids have been discontinued. And China has bought the tooling. The new mosfet models are not the original Quality. Sadly :(

    This message is from
    Walter robotics
    Tech support.

  21. GrannyGinVSG

    So relaxing! Soothes the savage soul!

  22. Mokimanify

    I remember when this video barley had a million views

  23. Brandon Mcrorie

    this music is so gay

    Mysterious Regality

    @Brandon Mcrorie it wasn't intended to make it less gay
    If you don't like it gtfo and listen to whatever you want to

    Brandon Mcrorie

    @Mysterious Regality ok im sorry

    Brandon Mcrorie

    @Mysterious Regality that this music is homosexually transgender

    Mysterious Regality

    @Brandon Mcrorie well I'm sorry that you are an intolerable asswipe

  24. hayden heller

    This really is a truly beautiful song

  25. clr

    I found this song- probably in 2018? I played it when I was on the bus to school every day. I just now remembered the song. It's so good and just puts a good feeling in my chest.

  26. Kallel Roman

    You made me cry at work, assholes

    5 stars, amazing

  27. Joe Heavner

    Why this was in my suggestions I will never know. But I'm glad it was. I am on a deep dive listening to all their music now.

  28. Colt Slow Toke Taylor

    The harmony reminds me of Queen. That’s high praise.

  29. Marie m

    eight years since this came out, and i still listen to it all the time, without fail.

  30. Bob Is a fish

    Who else is here from ATF?

  31. B D


  32. Bingu21 smd

    and they say white people dont have culture

  33. Joey Jenesis

    One Of My All Time Favorites From This Band

  34. Snarky Mcsnarkles

    how awkward would this be to just stumble across one day at the beach

  35. Jynx Rad

    I miss you... ❤

  36. PowerfulVeganHands


  37. Sage Grim

    i uhm might have memorized all of rabbits movements so i can do it now and i do the "you didnt have to smile at me" part with out thinking about it sometimes....

  38. Gracie Rine-Cole

    So much more Robin when your eyes are dilated. D you cant see shhit

  39. miles selim

    Whenever I see these guys I always watch the full video, I just enjoy them!

  40. Tendy- D

    This will be played for my wife at my funeral

  41. BandTube High Definition, LLC

    Never heard or seen this group before.. but this is a great song.

  42. Miss Lily Grimm

    Played this at my wedding... but a year later I had to set my Honeybee free...hello goodbye it was nice to know you, how I find myself without you...that I do now know 💔🐝

    But its okay. Ill find another honeybee

    Chocolate Tampon

    A year later lol... Pathetic. Should never let the state manage your love life. Divorce is a billion dollar a year industry you know..

    Brittney Bracht

    @Chocolate Tampon their honeybee may have passed away :/

  43. yindyamarra

    Very underrated group,

  44. doachore 64

    Oh I'm at this part of the internet again.

  45. Pyagrl*16

    I think they need some oil.

  46. William Eckerd

    OK...googled these folks...the singer is Rabbit...but Rabbit is a woman? Im confused. Who is the singer?

    Roan Dooley

    Rabbit is trans. This is before her transition. If you watch I'll Rust With You, the singer is also Rabbit, post transitioning.

  47. L OL

    so this is what the weirdos at lunch watch

  48. Mervy

    I feel like this is pretty. odd. and discovery's Child (panic at the disco, daft punk)

  49. Battle Bard

    I discovered SPG back in 2015 when I fell asleep listening to Amanda Palmer on Spotify. When I woke up in the middle of the night, Spotify had transitioned to Amanda Palmer radio, and Honeybee was playing. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the night listening to everything they had released up to that point. I love seeing how people discover SPG.

  50. Sean hornof

    absolutely gorgeous song

  51. PocketChange 9000

    I heard this song long ago, found this band by accident, listened to the first few seconds of this song and then went to Brass Goggles, I decided to try this song again and the memories came flooding back after 30 seconds in

  52. Steve Young

    What beach was this shot at?

  53. Shannon Morgan

    WHAT how have I not heard of them before

  54. LordKellthe1st

    Positive nostalgia and the smoothest vocals you can ask for. Love it! 🦒

  55. Carter Routt

    There is only ONE steam powered giraffe.

  56. Reid Bronson

    Just discovered this band. Weird. But fantastic. The vocals are amazing. Having been in choir in school and church, I can appreciate their vocal ranges. Simply amazing. And the lyrics....also fantastic. For awhile I thought Rabbit got replaced by some chick. Then I got it. Anyway, I have listened to Honeybee some 50 times. What a heartfelt song. Love these guys, girls.

  57. Usamah Aghis

    Not the music genre I would expect from these band, ngl

  58. 37thraven

    They recorded this video so their song would live on when we replace our holographic singers with androids

  59. DCdangerbrooks

    There’s lead there’s bass and there’s the guy that says I

  60. Lucretia Murphy

    This group is so talented with singing music ideas costumes and acting they are all out amazing

  61. kid2119

    Thank you.

  62. Sickly Boy

    I'm listening to this song now that my bf went to basic training and I didn't know how much this song could hurt until now.

    This was our song

  63. Katara Hol

    Accidentally discovered the band last night.   Have fallen head over hills in love with you guys.   So good.

  64. Thomas Twilley

    Very artful and creative video very sad but I can feel a good vibe concurrently. Cool name for a band.

  65. •taxicab•

    who knew some robots could make me cry

  66. red potato

    Even in 2020 this song still hits me hard

  67. Max Biggs

    Commit heart attack

  68. Princeofmellon

    03:37 bird

  69. Barbed Wire

    God, these guys are amazing! They move exactly like robots, to jerky yet to smooth to be human. Heck, a few times while watching this I wasn't sure if it was the singers themselves or just really good CJI

  70. Kevin Norwood

    Love their voices.

  71. stareatthesunman

    My girlfriend showed me this and now it reminds me of her forever.
    Love you, Jinny 💖💗

  72. marie shoulders


    Mysterious Regality

    You said it

  73. AldoBr549

    I think this is the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.

  74. creazyboi1099

    😢 this reminds me of my cat 😭she died her name was iggy
    We made a grave with a stone, sang this song, and said bye 😔

  75. Akemus

    Found out about them from an image board where people talked about their favorite bands, and when my initial "OMG SUCH UNIQUE MAKEUP AND CONCEPT" calmed down I had so many questions..

    -How do they tour when shows are hours long and the makeup can get smudged and messy? Are they characters with personalities and answer questions in interviews according to that?

  76. Shirley Ann

    Is there anyone here in 2020 still hardcore crushing on spine and crying over this song and absolutely ecstatic for their new song? Cuz hi there. Same.

  77. punkrockghost

    this was in my recommendeds and now im crying

  78. Davie Duckett

    If there is ever a purge, I now know who I'm hunting down

  79. Judith Kriner

    This song is truly wholesome :)

  80. Gary Strickland

    Wow! Thank you

  81. Leonard M

    What kind of weird emo geek 20s guy is this

  82. Lee McCormick

    Who else thought this was CGI at first?

  83. Patricia Pearson

    Wow! New fan here! 🏆👍🏻

  84. Shawn Forrest

    Nice music.

  85. fester01

    Need drugs for this

  86. Wendy Roman

    Okay! Love the harmony! Very well done! 👍🌹

  87. Glen Miller

    If I had to chose one song to hear for the rest of my life, this would be it. Its entertaining, soothing, brilliant and stuck in my brain.

  88. Emu Gad

    *S U S P E N D E R S*

  89. Jennifer zee

    Me and my boyfriend found this song on utube we were kind of mesmerized by it. I would consider it our song now.

  90. Rowdy Bunch

    3 am mushrooms why am I here now

  91. Just A. American

    Good harmony, and stage presence

  92. Abby Rose

    The first time I saw this I thought it was animated.

  93. o r i c o mオリコム

    Nina, please dont go

  94. Dan Akers

    The evolutionary end product of the Sons of the Pioneers.
    Very cool

  95. 50ShadesOfNguyen

    This is the *best* of Steam Powered Giraffe.

  96. Twix

    Play this at my funeral

  97. JesusBoy

    Listening to this song crossed it an enjoyable experience. Now I just gotta listen to it on shrooms🤑

  98. Pickle Pants

    night man, aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Mysterious Regality

    Oi Rick hiiiii

  99. Vanilla Wood

    Please come to Denver.