Steam Powered Giraffe - Fire Fire Lyrics

Hope I can make it
Stop it and break it
The doors are all locked down
I'm flying on my feet
gotta reach that corridor

Sirens are blaring
Screams from the starin’
as they watch him cry
He's holding on as he's ripped from the room
engulfed in flames, but they'll be out soon

Oh it's such a shame, of all the things to go wrong while out in space

Fire, fire burns much brighter when oxygen is the supplier
Fire, fire is killing his desire to not be cold as he expires
Oh, burning in space
Oh, burning in space

I wake from a cold sweat
how could I forget
I've seen this all before
The red lights are spinning now
'round and 'round as I hit the ground

Warnings of pure dread
heard on the overhead
in a monotonic tone
There are men and women trapped in that room
flames scorching them, but they'll be out soon

Oh it's such a shame, of all the things to go wrong while out in space

Fire, fire burns much brighter when oxygen is the supplier
and fire, fire has killed their desire to not be cold as they expire
Oh, burning in space
Oh, burning in space

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Steam Powered Giraffe Fire Fire Comments
  1. Michael Fox

    Pretty good for SS13

  2. Reid Bronson

    Jackie is still the oldest. I’m only 66. But I love the wonderful vocals. These guys are pros. What great music these people produce. You have to love it.

  3. Moa Morgenstern

    There aren’t enough words to describe the love I feel for you.

  4. Jonerico

    Nice of you guys to promote my mix tape guys, never gonna forget this <3

  5. creazyboi1099

    This song makes me cry... Good job

  6. somoke not dope

    Favorite aussie song of 2020

  7. LordKellthe1st

    Some popular artists can't even reach his vocals in a studio, with autotune....

    This is the real deal:)

  8. Laura Robinson

    In love with The Spine's Vocal range frs frs. How can he go so high and also so low? 🎶

  9. umbraemilitos

    Oxygen doesn't burn on its own. You can't light oxygen gas on fire in space. You would need an organic fuel to consume the oxygen after ignition.


    Phenomenal. I’m so glad I stumbled upon Steam Powered Giraffe.

  11. Todd Taylor

    what is the name of guy playing as rabbit?

    Chris Walls


  12. Moa Morgenstern

    Spiney-boy has an amazing vocal range. I’m crying. So beautiful. And Hatchy is iconic as usual. And Rabbit is just so badass and beautiful, I love when she plays the accordion. I for real watch this every single day.

  13. Elliot


  14. BoxyBrown

    Still my favorite song from them.... sorry I don't care for the hole asticic of the robot bit, but damn this song bops.

  15. Doughy Guy

    I've watched this video so many times in the last year or so, and one thing that always still amuses me is Hatchwork's Burl Ives-ish cheerfulness when signing about humans on fire.

  16. Sirena Hart

    Is this before Rabbit goes trans???
    Just making sure is all

  17. Abbie Ramsay

    Ground control to Major Tom, you’re circuits dead there’s something wrong.

  18. Margherita Parenti

    See you space Normandy SR1


    I see what you did there. Fav game/Fav song.

    Margherita Parenti

    @nicwhole23 <3

  19. Channel Email

    Late to the party with this band but they are great! Fantastic aesthetic, hypnotic movements, powerful songs. So good! Small minded people judge before listening because of the "weird" look but anybody who's not a bore will surely give them a chance

  20. The Devil In The Circuit

    The airline lost the drummer and keys players' bags.

  21. Noise Tank

    3:53 bro she sounds like the monster from monster hunter

  22. dєѕєrt ʍօօղ

    My 2 cousins and I discoverez you guys when we were in middle school, you guys définitely enhanced those years!

  23. Kay L Bown

    This channel deserves way more than 255k subs

  24. Cear Farseer

    Hail the anthem of mankind!

  25. Light Morning

    Хей, есть кто русский?...

  26. Kevin Farrar

    The harmonies are amazing from Hatchworth's tenor to Spine's lead and Rabbit's baritone.

  27. goran ferenzia

    Great song... great talent

  28. Carol Ramos

    I fucking. Love. The Spine.

  29. Grant Dennis

    I've had the pleasure to see SPG in concert many times. Great band and they are an absolutely wonderful bunch. The best Walter robotics has to offer.

  30. Joseph Guerra

    The humans are dead. Affirmative, I poked one it was dead

  31. Saria Oconner

    i am always late to the party i SWEAR!! i just found SPG a few weeks ago. was listening to a "neckbeard" story bout a joker called wolfbeard. so i searched, found SPG & REALLY love the music!!
    been partial to steampunk for ages.
    funniest part is i am sitting here singing this to my grandson and he is DIGGING it!! he's 4 months. eh, age not an issue, he has good taste!! :D

  32. Isaiah Cannon

    Lmao crying right now, remember when SPG was a street show?

  33. Pelz Kreativ

    🤩👍 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  34. Alexanders Alarms

    Who else found this amazing group by searching fire fire when they were bored?



  36. rick szabo

    If I close my eyes , swear this could be Death Cab for Cutie.

  37. Senpai Hasashi

    I Came Here From some random vr chat videos

  38. Evangel Tepes

    I think I like this one better than the studio version.

  39. Mischa

    It's odd, but I actually prefer the live version over the audio one. There's just something so awesome about it! (Still love both, don't get me wrong, SPG should be on every radio station out there.)

  40. Jevil the trickster

    God I don't know why but for some reason my heart beats whenever I hear you guys sing

  41. I am probably sitting on the toilet right now

    This guy is freakin amazing!!! This is live and it sounds perfect

  42. Gabriel Domingues

    I dont Know how this band doesnt get more recognition

  43. FlorY floR

    I don't know how to explain how good this is.

  44. what? the question.

    Misanthrope...Loser...Trucker... see you at the waterholes near the furthest edges of i80. 💖. From Kentucky with love.

  45. Suzanne Slifer

    This song reminds me of " Major Tom " by David Bowie .

  46. K1W1 BR41N

    My mans Hatchu joinin the black parade

  47. Evangel Tepes

    A modern-day "Space Oddity." I love it.

  48. Alexanders Alarms

    just found this band by googling fire fire for no reason.
    now my favorite band 100%

  49. Uncle Bean

    I usually don’t listen to their music but this song bangs ya know

  50. VRChat Dramaticz22

    So Im 9 And I Just Found This.....For A Old Song..... WOAH I LOVE IT!

  51. HylianPunch 5

    Fire fire is killing their desire to not be cold as they expire.

  52. David Hughes

    Love this group. I live in the UK and went in to my local HMV store looking for spg CDs. They said none available so how do I come by there music in phisical goods

  53. n jones

    bless yall your amazing

  54. Amber Russo

    I love this performance so much. This is definitely my favorite version of Fire Fire. SO AMAZING!!!! Love you SPG!!!!

  55. DragonInaGasMask


  56. Elizabeth Strand

    this is so beautiful

  57. joey Antony

    This is fire!🔥🔥🔥

  58. Vitória Braz

    Brazil loves you! <3

  59. Mike Anderson

    Watch at 1.25 speed from 1:23 - SO ENERGETIC!!!!

  60. Mike Anderson

    I think this song just restored my faith in current music.

  61. lol Zi

    Ultra fast speed guides it is

  62. DragonInaGasMask

    3:42 did someone just get stabbed?!

  63. Jenna Strange

    the Bennets are simply fantastic!! TY so much!! appreciate you dears so much and so happy your voic
    e is out there!!

  64. Nabilah Hisyam

    Im here because of shinmen takezo ultra fast speed guides..

    Jan Daniel Alvarez

    Hahahahaha same

  65. Amanoob105

    A good song to play FLT to.
    Because fire. Everythings on fire and I need to vent the air to put it out. The crews dead eitherway.

  66. Harmony Bade


  67. Mediogre

    Still a bop 5 years later

  68. Jared Ferren

    So when are you guys coming to Wisconsin again? Me and my wife would love to see you live

  69. Ti_loves_pandas

    I'm sad I only recently found SPG
    They are a beautiful band

  70. Daniela Cappello

    I have a crush on you guys

  71. Drolldur Meiersheim

    Epic ♥️💙

  72. Sam 669

    how is the live version better than the studio version

    Rachel L

    Their live shows are amazing, it's not often live performances beat studio ones in my mind, but they have so much talent

  73. Igor de Vasconcellos Sobrinho

    00:47 IS VERY EPIC!

  74. Subject to Change

    This band is a perfect rebuttal to the "music has gone down the tubes" argument. This is such pretty, and really smart, music.

  75. skudzer1985

    Geez this group is just amazing. They play so many instruments, simply stellar style, and do a killer live show. Why haven't they gone on something like the x factor? I'd love to see such a talented band actually get what they deserve.

  76. PhoenixTear

    Anyone else love the call and answer thing at the end with rabbit and spine

  77. CMDR DustyEggSauce

    Research Megaship;
    The Gnosis of Elite Dangerous,
    Canonn Research Group
    Sept 6, 3304 - Apx. 0700
    Never forgot those who had fallen to the Thargoid Menace that day. o7

  78. legasiguy

    Just found this band and they're brilliant! The drummer and keyboardist really should be dressed in costume.

  79. meme machine

    This is totally about Apollo 1, isn't it? Either that or the Columbia accident.

  80. Evil Avocado

    I didn't expect them to be good. I thought "Why would they need this gimmick if they were any good?" But then they were good. I was impressed.

  81. Katelund Mace

    I hope to get see you guys on the east coast some day!

  82. doctor. bird

    This is fabulous i wish I found it sooner .-.


    Same I just found it, too

  83. AntennaAngel

    I adore all of you, and this song sometimes makes me cry. I love it.

  84. Laurisa Reyes

    who else realizez how sad this is

  85. I hate you, vyvanse

    Sounds like an average Space Station 13 game

  86. Le Tutine Canyoning

    One of most beautiful of you!

  87. Garrett stauffacher

    I'm most definitely straight
    id marry the spine just saying....
    that voice though
    B E A U T I F U L

  88. ModGirly

    I was singing this out loud, and I only realized that my dad was in the same room as me after I finished

  89. Kika Boontjes

    Somehow, someway, this song brings me a lot of comfort... which confuses me since a) it's not a comforting song in and off itself, and b) I was just at my gran's cremation...

    Sam Dragonborn

    Kika Boontjes the first time I heard this song I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics, but I felt that there was a sort of melancholy comfort to the instrumentals. That could be it

  90. hotsaucefloatsmyboat

    I hope you come back to La Jolla. I would absolutely love to see you guys.

  91. Damien Spies

    fire, fire burns much brighter when oxygen is the supplier - I feel like this could apply to my science class and I'd have an excuse to listen to this

  92. Damien Spies

    it's so catchy I physically can't stop listening and the lyrics too

  93. Damien Spies

    The talent of this band never ceases to amaze me

  94. Damien Spies

    It's a daily ritual to watch this

  95. Damien Spies

    I can't stop listening

  96. Damien Spies

    It would also sound great with an echo at the start I'm actually do that now

  97. Damien Spies

    I LOVE this

  98. WaldorffLobster

    I personally take this song as a metaphor on life, if you can hear it, I do, and it’s pretty amazing. ❤️

  99. Hamlet Knight

    The lead singer has such good vocals :o