Steam Powered Giraffe - Electricity Is In My Soul Lyrics

You came home last night and seemed far away
I could not believe
that you were alright with everything

Night is the key that unravels everything
When it all comes down
And people tend to erupt without a sound

I know you don't like how I feed
But please try to remember it's natural for a thing like me

Electricity is in my soul, soul
Electricity is in my soul, soul

I snuck outside once you fell asleep
and I walked down the road
to give my electronics an overload

It's easy to be angry at something
that you don't understand
And people tend to be stubborn with where they stand

I know you don't like how I feed
But please try to remember it's natural for a thing like me

Electricity is in my soul, soul
Electricity is in my soul, soul

Electricity is in my soul, soul
Electricity is in my soul, soul
Soul, soul
Soul, soul
Soul, soul
Soul, soul
Electricity is in my soul

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Steam Powered Giraffe Electricity Is In My Soul Comments
  1. Jade Auburn

    Still one of my favourites! Love the 70-80s rock vibes <3

  2. Ciprés

    1:46 is that a meow?! is he singing to a cat or i'm going crazy?

    The American YouTuber

    I hear no meow...

  3. Ace Lightning

    Electricity is in *my* soul. I am not steam-powered; I run on electricity, and I'm especially fond of lightning storms.


    I came back after a good couple years, and this song still makes me cry.

  5. Kregger

    I woke up with this in my ear, again! Stop it! Stop making me sing about electricity being in my soul! People are starting to talk.

  6. Paul Sternhagen

    One of those songs that you just close your eyes and listen to.

  7. That One Ardi

    Another favorite! The art is gorgeous too! Have you guys ever considered selling prints of your art? I'd buy like fifty!

  8. cryo genic

    Came here from rockband 4

  9. Mayai The Egg

    I just realized The Spine is holding a knife and fork, boutta take a bite of that electricity. Look how happy he is haha. I'm just imagining him singing this song to a live electrical wire before munching on it.

  10. MissMog

    i love how ELO this is

  11. Corey Slater

    It's so weird not hearing upgrades voice in this version

  12. Jacmine N

    1:39 Is this part also the Spine? Nobody ever sings this low part in live shows. (Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised. That dude is insanely talented)

    airsoft community321

    No, the low part is Rabbit due to them having the same vocal range during this time periid, albeit this can't happen anymore for reasons.

    The American YouTuber

    airsoft community321 (Actually, it can. She just prefers her higher vocal range now.)

  13. Johnathan

    I like this, I have no idea who "Rabbit, Spine, Upgrade, hatchwork and Jon" is, but the music is nice!

    The American YouTuber

    Johnathan Welcome to the Steam Man Band!

  14. James Bruney Jr.


  15. Princess kyloren

    i found this back in 2014 and i couldnt listen to it until i got over my personal issues so thank you for reminding me every year you change <3

  16. The Modern Shoe

    I wish I could find the version with Upgrade. Really enjoyed her part in this one ):

  17. 21 Century RavenRen

    At 1.25 speed, the speed is slightly faster then steamworld heist.

  18. elween noctiluca

    that reminds me an astronomic period that i have , i love us <3

  19. Michal Horanský

    Wait... aren't they steam powered? Is this even steampunk? WHAT IS THIS
    well it's good for sure

    The American YouTuber

    Michal Horanský XD
    “Water is heated, turns into steam and spins a steam turbine. After it passes through the turbine, the steam is condensed in a condenser. Worldwide, most electric power is produced by steam-electric power plants, which produce over 80% of all electric generation.” - Quora

  20. Григорий Битнев

    Why you erase girl out of that version? That was little but very much needed snippet that i`m originally falled in love with. Whole song is great, and i really like it, but that snippet jumped me to pure love.

    The American YouTuber

    Григорий Битнев She left the band so they rereleased the album. Some people own the original Album One, but I don’t think it’s on YouTube.

    The American YouTuber

    Also, she had taken the rights of the parts she had written and sung, therefore, they had to remaster the songs without her vocals. They’re still available on the original copies.

  21. cunt nugget

    My sweet angel and I love this song with all our hearts <33!! When he showed me this group I was immediately blown away, that man knows so much good in this world. I love him so much.

  22. call _me_lulu

    My fav :')

  23. Wyatt Sinclair

    In all tech understanding you cant have a electricity in your soul. its just a presence within your body.

  24. Johny Than

    Эта песня бьет электричеством в самое сердце, заставляя его биться чаще. По всему телу расходится заряд, пробуждающий жажду к действию и творчеству. Спасибо Вам за эту песню! Она со мной до конца моей жизни.

  25. Zharizard

    Por alguna razón me recuerda a 31 minutos :D

  26. Linda Westlund

    Love this song I go rollerblading well lisening

  27. Sophia and Youtube

    I m allways happy when i listen to spg😃

  28. Linda Westlund

    I love steam powered giraffe it's awesome and I'm always happy when I listen to u guys u rock!!

  29. GhoulLette Projects

    I think it's because the spine cooks perfectly

  30. Kate Frost

    This actually might be my favorite song of all time.

  31. The Unknown

    Anybody know the chords? I'd like to learn this song.

  32. Maddy Is Unknown

    Look at there eyes very closy

  33. Tiberius the grand

    Does 2:15 sound like boss music to anyone else.

  34. Bahyek

    Am I the only one who sings Upgrade's part when its her turn but there's no vocals?

  35. DJMelodic

    El-ect-ricity is in my... so-fa-so-fa-so-fa-o.


    Disclaimer: I do not have an electric couch.

    Rad Zilla

    Goood one😂

  36. Rory Giambalvo

    The last "electricity is in my-" is so cool, one of my favorite parts of an already great song

  37. Bad Catholic

    Anyone think that album 1 is the best album?

  38. Jacob Horton

    question for Steam Powered Giraffe (or any super smart fans) is there anything in the lore (on that's talks about The Jon and Upgrade's leave? I've been looking but I can't find anything in the lore


    I know that the lore behind The Jon is that he was powered on a rare crystal soda that is no longer produced, so he's traveling the world now before he runs out. I'm not sure about Upgrade, and part of me wonders if she was erased from their history.

  39. William Lookabill

    This album is still my absolute favorite.

  40. Felicia Rotsson

    I love this song so much. It was on my Spotify discover weekly playlist thing over two months ago and I listened to it so much that I had to check out the rest of the band's discography and immediately became a fan. Well done!

  41. Christy Hansen

    I'm trying to find the original Album One with upgrade. Not this updated version with out upgrade I want both versions of the album.


    I feel so incredibly lucky, because I was able to get my hands on a copy of their original recording of Album One with Upgrade (signed in person too!). Every time I hear this song and they get to verse 2, I expect to hear her sing and it surprises me that its not there. Kind if makes me cry inside. At some point I want to upload the Upgrade versions of the songs onto YouTube from the disc I have.

  42. Jessica Mckenna

    I've heard this song somewhere before but I can't place it and it's really frustrating me.. But i absolutely love this song.

  43. Nessie Garner

    When "oh ah oh ah oh ah oh" is sang, it strongly reminds me of something, but I can't put the name on it... Does it remind anyone else of a game or song or anything?

    Jilly Boel

    It reminds me of something to, but I don't know what




    It's a pop song. It's played at the movie theatre sometimes. But I don't remember the lyrics or the name.

    Amanda Brice

    Green day . and . Queen. and . Bon Jovi. combined in a silly way but I love it

    Eduardo Vela

    It reminds me of my soul

  44. Meki

    this is like if Queen and Daft Punk had a child. i love it

    Gotcha Fatboy!

    Check out their Daft Punk cover.


    Have you ever heard of ELO?

    Void Priestess

    You're right

  45. gracie1010101

    i run on steam powered giraffe

  46. Bodhisattva47 Arhat

    where is the original/ music video

    The American YouTuber

    Bodhisattva47 Arhat Physical copies of Album One.

  47. Norah McCarty

    This was the first SPG song that I had heard. They changed my entire perspective on music and my life has been better ever since. I haven't listened to this song in such a long time and it's really taking me back.

  48. GNK-387

    God bless youtube to mp3.

  49. Friends With Space

    I actually have this whole album, and I would definitely recommend it.

  50. DuckloverX2

    I'm feeling the ELO in this! I wonder why ;)

  51. YunFila

    I have been following this band for a week now and am pretty hooked! So I subscribed, dragged my best friend to listen to SPG, and now she's hooked too, and now we're the only people in the country who knows what SPG is, and that's pretty cool too... sigh.

    I doubt I will ever get to see you guys in this part of the world, what with the creativity restrictions that we have here. Ah, the internet is a God sent gift (I will be condemned by my own society for this statement, lol).

    Love (very very much) from Malaysia.

    Elesh Lee

    Ayuni Rafilah Hey guess what it's another Malaysian SPG fan

    David Sain

    Ayuni Rafilah music is freedom. While your mind and soul are free, you are free.


    Hiiii! Fellow Malaysian here as well! :D

    The Crit Machine

    Another one reporting on from Malaysia

  52. Aesthetic Memelord


    Amanda Brice

    Aesthetic Memelord John!!!!!!

    The American YouTuber

    Electricity is in my quesadilla...

  53. AnamolyZen

    I love it and it makes me cry

  54. EmmaW5

    My headcannon is that the "electronic" voice, especially in the live version, is Beebop singing with them xD

    heck life

    That's actually really cool, and it totally makes sense. At least in the universe where there are singing robots that used to be war robots.

    Cyndi Crawford

    I like that headcanon--but that voice to me sounds way more like Qwerty than Bebop.

  55. MiruPinkBitch

    Guys you are saving me from a strong depression.
    I know you'll never read this, but every song you've got makes me feel identifiedm and all your live versions makes me feel so happy.
    I'm going every night to sleep with a smile in my face, and stop thinking about everything just singing your songs in my head.
    You are saving me. Really.
    Thank you.

    rebbekah cannons

    This is one of the best communities on YouTube everyone is so positive and happy to help each other through issues, I love that positive bands and music can bring positive fans together to help each other get through the difficulties of life :D

    valerio rocket

    how have you been handling it man?

    General J & Troops - War Thunder

    "I know you don't like how i feel, but please try to remember its natural for a thing like me"

  56. Adrianna Spadaro

    Easily my favorite SPG song!

  57. B.D_ Blockz

    This is my new favorite song by them XD

  58. BlinkinFirefly

    I love when The Spine goes "Oh ah oh ah oh ah oh". It makes me happy. Just sayin'.


    i pretty sure its "so-ah oh ah oh ah ohl"

    steriotypical Outlaw

    BlinkinFirefly Same though

    Jacmine N

    BlinkinFirefly Yissss. It’s beautiful.

    kig thing

    I like sandwiches

    Roll of the die

    BlinkinFirefly oh ah oh ah oh ah oh yeah!

  59. Znander Pertander

    I found these guys through this song! :D

  60. Handir

    I don't know why, but I get a kind of "Queen" feel from the way they sing their vocals and play the instruments in some area's, like the start.

    Estrella Villarreal

    That's what I was thinking.

  61. Felt Puppets

    Does anyone know songs that sound similar to this? I've been looking but can't find any!

    The American YouTuber


  62. JordynUnfamous413

    Tbh, this sounds best in 1.25 speed like, it captures a more swing to the song and I'm absolutely o b s e s s e d



  63. Sychius

    This sounds epic at 2x speed :D


    @A Man of the Spiral
    Ok you have to be like twins with Pillar Streamstar, you are making no sense to everybody but yourself, and even then I'm not sure you can understand it either. Can you try to form a coalescent sentence for once in your life? One that uses grammar and spelling correctly, with even a hint of punctuation?


    If you'd look at his profile pic, you might see the joke he was going for, although still shit it makes sense with that


    @Supre Nova I didn't just stick a whole pill up there. I dissolved it in water, filtered it, and then squirted it up my ass. What kind of savage do you think I am?


    @A Man of the Spiral Ah, I thought you would be a powderize kind of guy, and then just snort it while pretending its cocaine.


    Premature ejaculate is a myth created by the government

  64. orpheus

    Crying? No, I'm not crying; yeah, it's just there's this robot stuck in my eye. Yeah, that's all.


    Does the oil that is leaking mean this is a cry?

    Lissy Lis

    Rexen Ronja Will I ever be something with feelings to hide?

    Zach Mckeehan

    Lissy Lis Or am I just a boiler with nothing inside?

    rebbekah cannons

    Microbots stuck in the eye? use the new and improved microbot removal eye cream only mild side effects (itchy eyes metallic tears explosions blurry eyesight and awesome taste in music) sold at your local discount shop.

    Edit: sorry I think I ruined the sing along

  65. Patricia Fitzgerald

    I wish they would do a remake of the original version of it, with Hatchwork doing Upgrade's part. It may have only been three lines, but those lines had the strongest impact on me, and the song lost some of its special meaning without them...

    David Sutter

    +Tricia Fitzgerald There's a remake on the Steamworld Heist soundtrack but I haven't heard it yet so I can't say how close it is to this.


    This c:


    +Tricia Fitzgerald They do have a new version with Hatchy in Steam World Heist, but the lyrics are slightly rewritten. He got his own line.

    Steam Powered Pines

    Tricia Fitzgerald what did she say?

    Patricia Fitzgerald

    "It's easy to be angry at something that you don't understand; and people tend to get stubborn with where they stand"

  66. adam alilili

    i'm a simple man. i hear a good song, i like.



  67. Abby U

    This song gives me life @[email protected]

  68. Phonix

    This song has helped me through alot.... thanks SPG

  69. Caitlyn WIlliams

    I really love Spine and Rabbit's voices in this video. they blend really, really well together. That is the plus to being twins with a similar vocal range.

    Plum_ Pie

    are they twins?

    Jacmine N

    Plum_ Pie Yep. Isn’t that awesome?

    Plum_ Pie

    whoah yeah thats cool

  70. CaptBlackFriday

    Is it just me, Or does The Spine sound alot like Light from The Protomen?


    @CaptBlackFriday WAIT. You meant Raul Panther, right? However, i don't think so, raul is on another planet ;)

  71. Sidney Labelle

    Really calming to me... Thank you SPG for being so good at what you do. I like different music and I found it here. Love you all!

  72. fonnesbechs

    Is-is Spine holding a knife and a fork in the picture?

    Neko-kun 1906

    Look at the lyrics. It talks about someone not liking how the robot feeds. Not sure what the symbolism is but I'm sure someone already knows the message.


    he’s hongry...…..,,,

    That One Ardi

    Well what's the guy s'posed to do? Eat with his hands?

    Void Priestess

    He sure is!

    Ash Tree Yggdrasil, The World Tree

    He's going to do some crimes.

  73. Nicole Cox

    How could you not like this?

  74. Dean McGregor

    I've been gettin' into Steampunk as I'm considering writing a novel about it (just for the net n' all) and I've been looking into it as a fantasy/sci-fi genre and a culture and such and I find that I quite adore the music.. Steam Powered Giraffe being one of my more favourite artists. Particularly due to their song, "Brass Goggles."

  75. Bob Hurst

    You guys have some songs that are very reminiscent of Beatles, particularly the Abbey Road album. I love it!

    Ezra Block

    +TertiusOculusOris Some of the Album One stuff I agree.

  76. Jacob Sloniker

    This is a great song!

  77. Zachary Morritt

    Steam Powered Giraffe needs way more people to see their videos/performances. If people did, I bet a lot of people would love it.

  78. ZipKickGo

    I wish they'd make a second version of this song built solely on the introduction theme. A darker, slow, bassy, and heavy feeling song. A song to hum heavily too. That's pretty heavy considering how much the song is already ;P

  79. NotMartha

    I have two different versions of this song on my itunes. I have this version which is straight from Album One and then I have a version with Upgrade that I got off youtube or something. I have to say that as much as I love Upgrade to bits, I prefer this version because David's harmony parts are brought out a LOT more in this version and it makes the song's over all sound 110% better.

  80. sarah mcmahon

    My boyfriend showed me this <3 you bae! :)

  81. Skeeter Zephyr

    hey ive been purchasing your music and supporting you fellas since i first saw you downtown at the cabaret event , i kissed my first girlfriend to clockwork vaudeville at that show, and ive been pleased to see you at balboa and other parts of my native san diego. ive been so excited to see how much popularity and recognition youve earned, thats why i felt so disheartened when i got the copyright notice from you :/ im exposing your music that ive purchased before to a new audience, i will continue to support you, i just wanted to share with you my experience.. in case you dont remember, it was The Josh Acido Video

  82. Mamamew TheRani

    I can't be the only one who thinks of K.K.Slider at 2:17 to 2:42

    Sphynia- Cat

    *le picturing* I see that X3 does sound like what he does XD

  83. DragonMaster2012

    I love that Steam Powered Giraffe is on Spotify. :) Keep up the amazing work

  84. DeltaF1

    This song is so hard and so soft at the same time. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it manages to be really intense, while being incredibly gentle to the listener at the same time. SPG is amazing!

  85. n0_0bystyle

    This is my fav song ;-) Like it so much ! tx you guys for your talant ;-)

  86. Canary Tapioca

    I wonder what's the meaning behind this song...

  87. TheDreamsypher

    Has SPG half hour and SPG hour stopped? Are they on a break? If someone knows would you please tell me. 

    Driftwood Scarecrow

    it hasn't officially stopped but they haven't had time to do one lately. there should be one coming eventually



  88. Jason Golding

    God, this song is gorgeous.

    So, so gorgeous.

  89. Scootie_Pootie

    That's really nice! Btw, how bout some music videos? Those are always fun :D Totes understand if you're too busy tho.

  90. stanthemanfan steamusername

    I love upgrade's lines, we all know which

  91. jimUkay

    so far no one thumbs down the video. that's good : )

    Trey Schell

    now its 5

    Earthstar Review

    This is why we can't have nice things!

    Zachary Morritt

    Nine. XP

    Александр Белов

    Who cares how many dislikes there are if the song is great

    Zachary Morritt

    Good point, we just like to point out things. It's not useful, but hey, we're bored. :P

  92. PastelRainbows

    why can they still use Jon but not Upgrade? don't call me stupid if it's obvious cause I'm a relatively new spg fan :T


    "Upgrade" (Erin Burke) has legal rights to whatever she had written in this album. She asked that what she had written, along with her vocals, to be taken out of the albums, and it was re-released without her. Jon either didn't ask or didn't care about what he had in the albums, so none of the songs had to be remastered. 

    At least I think that's how Jon's work went...I'm not so positive. It's an easy mistake, as I'm sure I messed up somewhere in there...oh well. I hope this kinda answered your question!


    ohh, okay. thank you! it really helped. :)


    No problem. :)

    Kenny White

    i looking back found street performances of theirs upgrade the pink one im correct didnt seem have lot lines in song. from ones i found on youtube

    Penny Thomas

    She took the rights to all her vocals and asked to be removed.  Jon did not make that request and so they still have his vocals. 

  93. Sean Kelly

    So glad that I discovered this band from RB3.

  94. AnimalHouseforReal

    I wonder if the group Queen has influence on their music.  This song reminds me of Queen. Excellent song!

    David Sain

    AnimalHouseforReal I think SPG would do a fantastic cover of Queen's '39 .

    Alopex The Wanderer

    Sounds like The Beatles to me

    Boo Radley

    Electric Light Orchestra too.

    Nicole Craddock

    I tried to tell my brother they sounded a little similar and he got angry and defensive about it, but yeah, I definitely hear the similarity between them.

    Shawn Hopkins

    I mean, a lot of people have been inspired by them, honestly.

  95. Komichi

    My favorite! <3

  96. Vander5

    I understand why they can't have Upgrade in this, but I still miss her, especially because of this song. Either way though, this is my favorite song from Steam Powered Giraffe so far.


    When she left, she took the rights to her vocals and contributions to the songs with her.

  97. SomeoneCalledDana

    Yessss one of my other favorite SPG songs.

  98. daclyde

    I love this song, but am always annoyed with the pronounciation of electricity as "electricidy" after the first line.  I realize that's how we Americans mangle the word, but it sounds bad in song form.  I kind of wish it could be re-recorded just to fix that one imperfection.


    Whyd you have to point the out. lol


    *shakes fist*  Now I have to practice my enunciation again...


    I say it like that...


  99. Kanrail

    Recently found out this song was available on Rockband and have played it so much ^_^, absolutely love this song.