Steam Powered Giraffe - Daughter Of Space Lyrics

In the life I led in my past
I tried to live by the earth

The cosmos seemed so far away

But I now know
That place is
among the stars

Back in time in the depths of space
there was a little girl born to the human race
She had fire in her eyes
She was brimming with hyper cosmic ultra vibes

My squad had just deployed
When she came of age and visited our world

She was a
Daughter of space
Oh, Daughter of space

Her laser hair cut through beams of steel
Her claws of energy cracked my canopy
The sonic voice smashed my deflectors into pieces
The cabin depressurized, I hit my escape releases

Daughter of space
Oh, Daughter of space

I floated around for an hour or so
She had wiped out my squad now my oxygen was low
She soared right next to me
Her freckles glowed of cosmic energies

My suit was falling apart
but right before I passed out she took me in her energy field
I was spared by the

Daughter of space
Oh, Daughter of space

Her laser hair ripped moons in two
Her claws grasped a comet and we flew
Her sonic voice lulled me to sleep with deep conversation
I've never met a human born from the constellations

Daughter of space
Oh, Daughter of space

Daughter of space
Oh, Daughter of space

Daughter of space
Oh, Daughter of space

I've been taken by the Daughter of Space
I may never see Earth again.

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Steam Powered Giraffe Daughter Of Space Comments
  1. Shaira Maldonado

    This is one of my favorite songs, I honestly love the lyrics and can't stop listening to it! Love you Steam Powered Giraffe💖

  2. Ash Tree Yggdrasil, The World Tree she single

  3. Chronos

    Kamen ridef fouze in a nutshell

  4. Void Priestess

    Oh my gawd I love her design so much. She is very pretty 10/10

  5. Joy Cowan

    I love this so flippin much!

  6. Warrior The Amazon

    I kinda question if Comica was meant to be evil from the beginning, to me she was so curious then she starts destroying things for amusement weather it was right or not cause she did spare the astronaut

  7. Alex Kruger

    I used to listen to this song on repeat a few years ago. I had the privilege to meet Bunny (Ms Bennett? I dunno, is that too formal? I'm terrible at everything) at an event and she was my lil trans butt's first role model. It's been an age since I listened to SPG's music, but man is this a nostalgia trip.

  8. Jason & Max

    This song makes me think of the new Captain Marvel

  9. Hope Helsel

    I guess Dan Avidan got his wish, but does he know he has a daughter?

  10. GodKingVivec

    The most upbeat song about someone becoming Chaotic Evil ever.

  11. Corrupted Studios

    This song gives a very Starset feel owo

  12. Brooke Bush

    This is what I like to imagine happened to Major Tom.

    Ash Tree Yggdrasil, The World Tree

    oOH YES

    Void Priestess


  13. Jeff Wilkinson

    Definitely the standout for me, on the first album!

  14. Dimo Moryakov

    You're just making less and less robot songs, aren't you?

    Rick Wolf

    Nah this is just a bit of an adventure, they've done other non-robotic songs before, besides, SPG is actually mentioned in parts of the tale. Oh and there's W.I.N.K. the Satellite too!

  15. Cyndi Crawford

    this one reeks beautifully of Space Oddity vibes. I love it so very much.

  16. xtomass

    Reminds me of the Daughter of Time trilogy.

  17. Amie Svg

    You may not seem big, but to the people who love you guys, you are big to us 😊

  18. Jatu

    Ho boy, I always get the chills when I listen to this song..

  19. lillian kinalwa

    love this song in a weird beautiful kind of way.

  20. BoltFire

    I love the art

  21. vib-ribbon

    this song is really nice...

  22. Autumn Sweatt

    I want to see a mini movie made out of either animations or music videos for VQ so badly. What a great album all around.

  23. Dana Miller

    I'm dying, in the first minute of the song there's a part that sounds like quaking duck it's genius ,a true masterpiece


    The Apocalypse 0:33

    C H

    Dana Miller It reminded me of Rabbit's stutter

    Foxy Cleave

    Dana Miller Ah, the majestic Space Duck

    Juan Reyes

    @Foxy Cleave I thought that was Krillin.

  24. Cha

    I just don't get where she got this necklace... Wasn't it Holly's one (I think the name of Peter Walter IV's lover is Holly)? Someone please explain X)

    The Aether

    Charlimagine if not mistaken this IS holly just in an alternative timeline. (Been a-while.)

  25. The Engineer Empire

    I like listening to this while playing Starbound

  26. matt carter

    Just amazing, nothing else, just amazing

  27. karakura322

    my coworker just showed me this group, and I already feel like I won't stop listening to them

    tyler c

    thank your coworker

  28. CapnTeddyPants

    this song makes me think of River Song from Doctor Who.


    Yeah! Me too! Except she would be the Daughter of Time ^^

  29. Socio

    Thanks a lot for all of your songs

  30. AutomaticArtist

    I love this song, so much art has come from me listening to this song, it's an inspiration gold mine.

  31. Kiely Sarah

    one of best weeks ever besides a memorial service haha and the other albums songs' being uploaded ^×^

  32. CoolSkeleton95

    This is wonderful! No more words need to be said...

  33. Athena B

    no one has disliked this yet and I'm so happy.

  34. Morski Kot

    My favourite one from VQ so far!

  35. OorusevenFiibaa7777


  36. RayPulse

    essa música é minha vida

  37. Princess Luna

    So, this cosmically powered woman wiped out his squad and then messed about a bit with him. She sounds like a bit of an ass, frankly.


    +Kiely Sarah
    Like a giant cosmical child! ^w^

    Kiely Sarah

    +MrRithexTheSilent kinda haha


    I see you have not read your fanfiction...

    Holly Smith

    She is an ass lol

    Devin Blanchard

    She was from the human race

  38. MC. Gemstone

    why does this remind me Princess Roserlina from Super Mario Bros series? I mean I guess it's because she from space and stuff so yeah XD


    Omg YES

    MC. Gemstone

    @BlueKokiri3 yeah! I'm not the only one that thinks this!

  39. Prime Ape

    Favorite song on the album. the art on the lyrics page is awesome

  40. OgieSifter

    man I have both versions of this and I'm so happy hearing these back to back. like it fills a pit in my soul man

    Ben Simon

    What's the other version???

    Ben Simon

    Oh I see it in the Engineer site now. It was DMB original ^_^ I'll have to download it when I get home from work. Nevermind!

  41. Get Lolimanced

    yoooo that art is amazing

  42. erin

    +steam powered giraffe I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! My dream is to one day see u in concert. keep being u!! You guys have come so far!!!! I'm so proud!! love ya!!

  43. Fabulous Raine

    This is a perfect theme song for Cosmica. Love it

  44. Eevee Army

    There's a lot of space... wait I just noticed why, wow how did I not notice this before


    Mind explaining?

    Eevee Army

    It says a space opera I guess I didn't read that part XD

  45. julia hummel

    having all these songs uploaded like everyday is making me so happy. thank you guys for doing what you do! :>

    julia hummel

    i also forgot to mention, idk if this is just me but this song literally gives me shivers-pretty sure it's the harmonies :>

  46. dєѕєrt ʍօօղ