Steam Powered Giraffe - Clockwork Vaudeville Lyrics

When I was a young boy I went down to the county fair
Brought myself a nickel, bought a pickle, had change to spare
Thought I'd spend a cent or two to see what the robots could do

There were wires all around
Electrical sounds
Steam from their exhausts
Gears and coils all criss-crossed (Ah, ah, ah ha ha, Eay!)

Everybody's going to the clockwork vaudeville
Everybody wants to see the show
People crowd the door and scream and shout for more
While music and song fill the air

Clockwork vaudeville (Clockwork vaudeville)
Clockwork vaudeville (Clockwork vaudeville)

There were four metal people dressed oh so sharply
They sung and danced a catchy tune with automaton robotic ease
Their guitar strings hummed to the beat kept by their tambourine

Boilers making steam (ah ha ha ha ha)
Metal gleaming (ah ha ha ha ha)
Songs with a good tune (ah ha ha ha ha)
That would stick with you all through the afternoon (Ooo, ooo, ooo who who)

Everybody's going to the clockwork vaudeville
Everybody wants to see the show
People clap and stop their feet and join in with the robot beat
While music and song fill the air

Clockwork vaudeville (Clockwork vaudeville)
Clockwork vaudeville (Clockwork vaudeville)

A man came up to me after the show, after the show
(He had a moustache)
And asked me if I'd like to meet the robots up close, the robots up close
(Not programmed to bite)
Well they greeted me and one shook my hand, one shook my hand
(Absolutely cool)
And asked me if I'd like to join his robot band, I said oh yeah
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-ah-ah

Everybody's going to the clockwork vaudeville
Everybody wants to see the show
People crowd the door and scream and shout for more
While music and song fill the air

Clockwork vaudeville (Clockwork vaudeville)
Clockwork vaudeville (Clockwork vaudeville)

When I was a young boy I went down to the county fair...

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Steam Powered Giraffe Clockwork Vaudeville Comments
  1. The American YouTuber

    I love the tuba in this. 😂

  2. Rita de Cassia Camara Oliveira

    Good vibes!

  3. Ash Tree Yggdrasil, The World Tree

    Wait is that the Steamboat from Steamboat Shenanigans? And the swamp from Suspender Man?

  4. Chris Amburn

    Is it wrong that I imagine this as a FNAF style situation where the boy is forced to become an automaton for the delight of future patrons?

  5. Phantom 2003

    For a trip down memory lane, put the video at 1.25x speed

  6. SilentSlaughterParty


  7. Nostalgia At It’s Best


  8. Chase Zdrazil

    is this Michael Reeds backstory.

  9. Numonatoe f4683

    My mom gave me a nickel
    She said to buy a pickle

  10. Ü L T R Æ V Ï Œ L Ë T

    I just stoped doing my Spanish homework at 6:55 P.M. to just sit, relax, and draw to this
    I love this album

  11. Spells Word

    in the quest for the something a something, rabbit says she called Peter A. Walter, Pappy. In the banter, someone says Pappy! Does that mean that Walter built the S. S. Biscuiteer?

  12. The Modern Shoe

    3:16 wtf is that a chicken noise coming out of a human automoton

    todd shoemaker

    Tis rabbit

    The American YouTuber

    I think that’s Jon. 😂

  13. Sushi Siblings

    I'm sorry but that scream makes me laugh every single time


  14. Tovey Baker

    this is a masterpiece

  15. I hate you, vyvanse

    People say that Steam Powered Giraffe helps with their depression, and they also help me with another mental disorder I'd never expect them to help with- my severe ADHD. This song in particular, it keeps me calm and helps me keep my mind straight, and it's simply amazing.

    Ash Tree Yggdrasil, The World Tree

    I also have ADHD and i hate dead silence and I have panic attacks easily so SPG helps that too!

  16. What Is A Name?

    Does anyone feel like the verse about meeting the band is kind of sinister?

    The American YouTuber

    What Is A Name? Naah

  17. Rick Wolf

    They haven't lost steam. They've changed members. Yeah they don't sound the same. Many bands change over the years, some change their sound. These guys still go back and do their old stuff, even if it sounds different, it's their music. They still do the robotic stuff. People can't compare their stage shows to their music videos. It's a different format. Get over it, enjoy the music. Embrace change. Rumors about why people left the band don't help either. Always take information direct from the source.

  18. The Aether

    I pilot the ship in Skyrim (Dev Azera) with spg playing it's strangely calming and I can't get enough :)

  19. Tiberius the grand

    This song really changed how I thought of Brass Goggles.

  20. Joshua Austin

    I was always interested in the eccentricity and free expression i found in the steampunk gengre. Your band was the first i discovered. The other day actually "Brass Goggles" . i couldnt stop watching videos after that! Ive struggled alot in life but i feel like i fit in here :) the freedom of gender expressions, all of it is amazing. In a time of great anxiety and depression i found something that was worth holding onto. Your music. Thanks. Honestly. Thankyou.

  21. Derp LeDerp

    I think that this and Brass Goggles were the first two songs my dad bought for me

  22. spiritualgurl25

    Would anyone be able to give me any recommendations of other good steampunk bands or other good songs from this band? I just started getting into the steampunk genre not too terribly long ago and find myself LOVING it more and more! <3 Looking to be able to come across as many good bands/songs in this genre as possible ! :) Thanks so much

    Madelyne McCann

    I don't really listen to much steampunk music but there's The Cog is Dead and I liked New Albion from A Steampunk Opera

    Derp LeDerp

    I would recommend doing a definite binge of this band. Very good. Because I am a total nerd, here is my run down of the albums.
    Album 1 very folksy very vaudville
    2 cent show Road trip of epic ness
    Mark 3 The punk rock makes an appearance. Still many time period
    Vice quadrant Is literally a 2 hour story
    Quintessential I hav not listened to enough

  23. spiritualgurl25

    I really don't think I could ever get tired of this song :)

  24. John Sias

    i have found a new band ._. thank u person i know

  25. Branham Gatten

    I have an album called for the dudes, its for when me and my pals chill. This is the top song.

  26. Red

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate The Spine's glow up with his make up now?

  27. LINK21200

    I just found out about SPG because of Steamworld Heist, I think I found my favorite band.

  28. FeatheryMendicant

    Honestly people who say SPG is a bunch of sellouts now are wrong. They're entertaining their fans and theyve just changed a little. Everyone does. Can we ignore it?

  29. Kregger

    Love you guys. <3

  30. Marsh The Mime

    I don't think I ever heard a song that filled me with this much happiness >u< I'm so giddy and I wanna go to the clockwork vaudeville!! <3

  31. Rory Giambalvo

    I love the sound of 3:52, but the backing lyrics are so silly that I cant sing them anywhere

  32. Cassius Coleman

    3:50 I love Rabbit's vocal transition here- it's so raw and powerful. Would love to hear this sound more!


    I think it's The Spine.

    He's made a similar voice in the Brass Goggles old version.


    Cassius Coleman That's actually the Spine!
    Their voices are hard to tell apart, because, well, they're twins, but I'm sure it's the Spine.

  33. KroggandMohawk

    Man, I was listening to Dr. Steel and it autoplayed me into some Steam Powered Giraffe. This takes me back. I saw them at Queen Bee back in November of 2008. The show was great and I got the entire band to sign my face with paint pens. It was a good night. XD Keep up the good work guys. Hope you come to L.A. soon so I can come see you again!!!

  34. Strong David Wood

    The opening reminds me of a Ink Spots opening, NICE.

    jose alejandro

    This is great not being the only one to notice that. heh

  35. Jordan Antonic

    Ive always this theory, that The Spine was an actual person and was turned into an automaton (havent really read the lore) but i feel like, if thats true, this would be the song to prove it

    Chase Zdrazil

    "There were 4 metal people. Dressed oh so sharply." I think its michael reed. The spine was already in the band.

  36. Foxiekins

    I like this better without Upgrade's voice.

  37. Arthur

    ITS SO COO0L I REaly liked

  38. Aric Krieger

    I love the random yelling XD

  39. Jay

    Not that this makes the song any worse but
    Who goes down to a fair
    Holding nothing but a nickel
    Buys a pickle, of all things
    And then proceeds to spend the change on singing AI.
    What kind of fair is this that the two best courses of actions are "Buy a less-than-a-nickel-pickle" and "Go spend a cent to see the world's greatest invention, A.I. sing and dance".
    I mean what kind of fair charges almost a nickel for a pickle but only a cent for, not only a live performance, but a live performance from fkn Artificial Intelligence. Priorities, man.

    Dark Will0w

    Well clearly you don't get the point in old fashioned music, if you actually pay attention, their songs are mostly about the olden times, sorry but if your gonna just complain don't listen to the music, they are amazing and yes a nickel was classed as a lot of money back in the day, trust me I should know, the industrial Times is the time period I study so yh

    Abalone Waters

    Young people. Y'all literally don't get it.

    Chrome Squire

    Abalone Waters I think it was supposed to be Taken as a joke.

    Al Po

    @Angry Squirrel Productions *legendary comment*

  40. Angry Squirrel Productions

    Is that a tuba I hear?

    The Apocalypse

    I think so. But I'm not sure how cause none of them play brass right?

    Clara Baker

    Keyboard Synthesizer prolly.

  41. Viktor Suuta

    So did the little boy just joined the band, or did they make him a robot (I do not want to imagine how)?

    Eloise O'Dea

    some people think that this is the jon's backstory

  42. HetaliaCalifornia

    Speed it up by 1.25. It works either way.


    +HetaliaCalifornia Woah


    Lol, sounds more like the live version if you do. I like this in both speeds but a bit up tempo does sound nice too.

  43. Moongem

    Kind of jumped at the line, "when I was a young boy."

    Food Is Good

    +BlackSheepNara He said "will you defeat them?"

    Lil Sloth

    Clikky Bait the plans that they have made

    john carter

    because one day I'll leave you

    Allyson N.

    john carter a phantom

    Ash Tree Yggdrasil, The World Tree

    when i was
    a young boy
    my father took me into the city
    to see a clockwork vaudeville
    he said son when you grow up
    would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned?
    'cause one day,
    i'll leave you, a phantom, to lead you in the summer,
    To join the steam man band.

  44. Yuki Muto

    my friend said that SPG was weird and i said that weird is just a side effect of being awesome :3


    Let me guess, he likes Little Wayne, Kate Perry, and Maroon Five.

    I know those type of people; my friend thinks Trace Adkins, Sugarland, and Toby Keith are great but says Smashing Pumpkins, Poets Of The Fall, and Steam Powered Giraffe are silly and not artistic.


    +Joshua Does your friend have a soul? I thought 5 part harmonies across 5 people was quite difficult to pull off properly, but maybe that's just the musician in me talking... Oh wait.


    @Hawkeye TheDarkAvenger What do you mean?


    I meant brain. It's not artistic is what I was aiming at, because that stuff is hard to pull off.

  45. LeHott

    All your songs are pretty awesome, but this one always gives me the chills. I wish you do more songs in this style :)

  46. Subsktro

    so is their music genre electro sling? because it sounds like it alot and i dont mean to offend anything. I just have a question and hope someone can tell me :D


    +August Puzzleskit and i love the music so much i cant believe im so late with it.


    A lot of their stuff is folk rock not really electro swing

  47. Caitlyn WIlliams

    there is a section that sounds like Me and My Baby. i am wondering which song was written first. Me and My Baby or Clock work Vaudville.

    Azure H

    Oh that's true


    +Caitlyn WIlliams I think this one was written first I've seen a video of them performing this on the street but i didn't find one of me and my baby

    Caitlyn WIlliams

    @jwkp9090 Same here, i have seen street performances of this but not me and my baby, so its just one of those things i guess only they could answer, because David could have had me and my baby written before SPG for all we know. We can only speculate.


    True lol

    Charlie Armendariz

    I don't know if you found the answer...but Clockwork came first me and my baby was a harmony lyric. only reason I know is because I found an old video with them singing clockwork back in balboa park rabbit would sing me and my baby love Saturday nights.

  48. Siras13

    Is it wrong that I can picture this song playing at Freddie Fazbear's Pizzeria? Seriously, just listen to that third verse and try not to think about it.


    Five Nights At Freddy's sucks.

    ExtraTERRORestrial !

    +Siras13 No.

  49. Sierra Laurelle

    3:16 sounds like Rabbit scream/laugh :)

    The American YouTuber

    Sierra Laurelle I think that’s Jon. 😂

  50. Mikaila Baker

    I love this so much! >w<

  51. daphne pinette

    Dead from the scream in the background at 1:29

  52. Squeaky Mousedragon

    Not programmed to bite! LOL

  53. Canadian Kid

    Probably about Michael reed joining or sum thing like that

  54. Viixiie Eerie Reed

    My life goal is to hear this song ft. Rabbit's cute femme voice 
    That is what I need

    The Apocalypse

    indy weasly they're both awesome

    Ya Boi

    I think they played this one at their 1st April live concert :)


    They've played it on their youtube concerts

    Gothic Porcelain

    I lived your dream last month

    Emerald Gale

    they uploaded a practice video with Rabbit 2.0 and Zero!

  55. Alexis Cavender

    Nice song! :D

  56. Tetrelle

    The scream at 1:30 makes me laugh everytime xD 


    +KiwamiClaud EAY!!! I FOUND SOME-- Oh, you guys are recording, k, soz.

    kindii b

    always makes me think its steve but i don't think it is

    Angel Carrasco

    3:16 is where i lost it

    Emerald Gale

    That's the one thing i don't like about the modern versions, they could never do that scream justice

  57. Jack Madsen

    So im new to the whole SPG thing so i decided lets listen to the begining and not just the present and god i dont regret it

    Azure H

    Omg me too, and now I'm totally obsessed with them

    Ü L T R Æ V Ï Œ L Ë T

    Personally i prefer the older songs, the new stuff is good but ive always been a sucker for the classics lol

  58. Kaelah M.

    Bands gotta change and evolve over time, that's just how it is, but I'll always love the old stuff the best

    Ü L T R Æ V Ï Œ L Ë T

    That seems to be the case with a lot if good bands these days....
    Nothing can replace that nostalgic feel

  59. PikachuJackskeling94

    I love all there songs! Only one I cant stand is the one where they try to rap.

    Drillbee Automaton

    +PikachuJackskeling94 I don't think that one really counts as an actual music video. They're entertainers as well as musicians, i think that was really just for laughs.


    if that as it then it was funny but if it was supposed to be a song then it didn't work at all in my opinion :)

    Drillbee Automaton

    yeah, if it were a song i'd be pretty dissapointed


    You have to remember that while Steam :Powered Giraffe is musical act they're also a comical act.

    Look at Go Spine Go and Walter Robotics Rap as joke songs.


    i know that

  60. Matthew Spaulding

    Holy hell, Hatchworch is in this one, Lore is an amazing thing

  61. DeltaF1

    The opening reminds me of Honeybee :D

  62. Wesley Rodin



    Maybe cause Jon is no longer in the band?

    Maria Vallance

    It’s actually not happy if you listen to it’s lyrics. A kid goes to the fair for fun, but is tricked and turned into a robot to forever play music and slave away. Soo

    Gotcha Fatboy!

    Techinically, he wasn't tricked. The kid agreed to it.

    Chris Manuel

    Too pure for this world

  63. allison robertson

    i love you guys <33333 not really into music like this but how can you not love them

  64. Kinshi

    Awesome! One of my favorites. ^_^

  65. Gabreiella Janice Wissell

    very easy listening ,,i Love stream powered giraffe cant wait for video

  66. Anon What Have You Done

    Anyone else notice that a lot (if not all) of the live versions of this song (at the Globe of Yesterday's Tomorrow, for example) is missing an entire verse?

  67. Ben Rusk

    love this song! <3

  68. GizmoFoxx

    I adore this song ^-^

  69. KiddsockTV


  70. Miyu Limlíriel

    My favorite part of this song (and all of its iterations) has always been the funny noises and random shouting :3

    ゴ ーエ ア

    Memes man

  71. Victoria Lowe

    I like how nice and chill this song is, especially after a stress filled day at work. 

  72. Anthony Pena

    Out of all of your guys songs this is my favorite one!!

  73. Deja Rasberry

    *Sigh* Such warm fuzzy feels. I was hoping they would do a couple of their earlier songs like this at the SPWF. Other than Honeybee(which was fantastic) they didn't. S'all good though. 

  74. SkepticalFilmCritic

    Ah! This is my favorite SPG song :3

  75. larvitarse

    God I love this song so much <3 thanks for uploading it guys :)

  76. Luxsensei

    This was the first SPG song I ever heard

  77. sophie Jackson

    @Vaughn Winter The band used to have four members, Rabbit, the Spine, the Jon and Upgrade.

  78. Creature of Habit [CoH]

    I love this song so much. It's one of my absolute favorites as far as music by any artist goes and I never get tired of listening to it (like, seriously... I've caught myself listening to it on repeat about ten times over before I stop and think, "Wait, wasn't I supposed to be doing something?") Thank you so much for uploading it! I love you guys! <3

  79. Idk Productions

    When it is slowed down it sounds like a steam powered giraffe vocaloid!

  80. Jorden Patterson

    I absolutely adore their new stuff but I get this crazy warm feeling listening to their early stuff.

  81. Jeb B

    I love songs that tell a story and don't get caught up too much in the chorus

  82. fonnesbechs

    Everyone's going to the Clockwork Vaudeville! (Except for me 'cause I live far away)

  83. Vaughn Winter

    I noticed a little discontinuity in the song. The lyric, "There were FOUR metal people, dressed oh, so sharply". There were only 3 band members, unless you count Micheal Reed, and Sam Luke, but that makes FIVE. Anybody follow me?

    Melody Grace

    They meant upgrade. She's not mentioned too often now.

    Vaughn Winter

    "Upgrade"? Who is that?

    Vaughn Winter

    OH! HER! I DID notice her in the background... And in some of there street performances.

  84. lordturtlemonk

    Always felt like this was an origin song for someone... 

    Chrome Squire

    lordturtlemonk That’s what I thought. I personally think it’s Micheal Reed.

    The American YouTuber

    Chrome Squire yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes

  85. Driftwood Scarecrow

    would love to see some of this older stuff in the live shows but I also like a lot of the current music and am looking forward to vice quadrant!

  86. Patty Graham

    *bops along to the song happily*

  87. Tyler Bryson

    I can't be the only one tired of seeing every SPG video comment section filled with remarks about how they 'used to be better' or how they've 'lost their touch' -___-

    It's like, we get it, they're soulless sellouts now because they don't dress like they used to or write the same songs over and over again...can we move on maybe?

    Hopp Zombie

    This reply section just made this so much more interesting, I have no idea what's going on anymore, and I love it.

    Chris Manuel

    ....what the fuck


    I know I'm kinda late, but do you happen to have any more cookies?


    @ThatOneFreak 'sall good

  88. Righteous Fondue

    Were there different versions of Album One made? I thought this album had Upgrade in it...

    jackdaniel holt-ellison

    it's okay friend just trying to help. thank you for the info, just one day hope to come across a version of this album with upgrades vocals just to be able to hear what she sounds like with the whole gang


    Yeah, I don't think that really exists anymore. Sorry!


    Kinda sounds better without Upgrade anyway.

    Derp LeDerp

    here are two with some quality Balboa park material
    trekkiebeth (also has top notch zoo material)
    -your friendly nerd

    Chris Manuel

    That makes me so sad :(

  89. battyangel

    Love this song :]

  90. TheJakeRay1

    The mood of this music is just to my taste.

  91. Boris B.

    One of my favorites :)

  92. FabioThePickleMan

    I love this song! Thanks for the throwback to the old days

  93. Matt Brayton

    So have ya'll decided to upload all of album one?

  94. David Sutter

    So why are you guys advertising the first album? Trying to get it out of print?


    From what I remember, on their last Q&A, the subject of revisiting the older songs they made was brought up. They said they'd start Doing that and or they like the idea.

  95. Meighan Robinson

    This song makes me want to drink lemonade on my porch.

    Deja Rasberry

    @Joshua Graves Really?  Seems a natural reaction to me(Although I prefer Sweet Tea) Think Southern US, front porch, rocking chair, and waving to the neighbors ;). 

    Dominique Pearce

    Then you might also like It's Alright by Poor Man's Poison. It has a similar feel

    Gotcha Fatboy!

    When I play card games, I would play this and Heist Ho!

    Chris Manuel

    I feel that

    Greasy hair

    I read this as "this song makes me wanna drink lemonade out of my pouch"

  96. El Dentonio

    When I was a young boy, I went down to the county fair!

  97. IronFluttershy

    I don't know why this is happening but I'm glad that it is.

  98. This one is tests

    Is this song about a boy being turned into one of the robots at the fair, to be honest, that's a bit messed up.


    @Turanikan would you like it more if they sung about sex twerking and alcohol? ... or shooting logs and washing dogs..because honestly I wouldnt X"D


    @Justin Baker Without any further ado: ATTUNE YOUR EAR-SS. TO THE GRINDING GEAR-SS.

    The American YouTuber

    I thought it was Michael. o-o