Steam Powered Giraffe - Burning In The Stratosphere Lyrics

I told you I’d hold you

Hold you till the mornin’ light
You save me, I’ll save you

Save ourselves from our own plight

I will return [x3]

I will wager misery

I will wait, just you see
I will live for tomorrow
I won’t set myself free

I will be first to confess

I will stray into darkness
I will not lay it to rest
I will not remember light

Burning in the Stratosphere
Burning in the Stratosphere
Waited so long I no longer care
I’m burning in the Stratosphere

Come and smash all my stars
Come and smash all my stars
I prayed too hard and I'm back to it
Just burning in the Stratosphere

We’re all just burning in the Stratosphere

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Steam Powered Giraffe Burning In The Stratosphere Comments
  1. Jacob Briley

    This song gives me Hold Me vibes

  2. meredyth with a y

    I love Rabbit's deeper voice so much. Also the Burning in the Stratosphere part sounds like a Southern gospel/spiritual song, I love it so much

  3. Louise Haas

    You guys are the most creative, complex and complete band I've seen in a very long time. Thank you for the great and true work you're making and, please, come to Brazil soon!

  4. David

    This album is just me crying for the entirety cause I love it so much aaa

  5. Cyndi Crawford

    the last part, starting with "burning in the stratosphere" reminds me of those old gospel songs. lovely. <3

  6. Travis Dicks


    Cyndi Crawford

    Hold Me is the response to this one--and that melody pops up at least one other time in this album. :D

  7. the herobrian hub

    the first part sound like hold me

    bts fan 1112

    the herobrian hub that's because it's connected and she's singing about losing him

  8. vuise

    I cry at the beginning of this song a bit too much.

  9. Filipe Augusto

    SPG, I've been listening you guys for a while and most of you music from this album get me very good ideas for writing some stories, I want to know if there's any problem with that, since I'll be using the scenario from your musics

  10. Ríղ Ƙɑցɑʍíղҽ [ qմҽҽղ օƒ ѵօςɑӀօíժ ]

    Holy crap, I love this song so much
    It's sung so well, you did a really good job Isabella!

  11. Neo Knight Nyran

    So just to absolutely clarify

    this song is about Peter Walter leaving behind his human love, no? Now, is this the Commander Cosmo Peter Walter, or The Astronaut Peter Walter? Because if the latter, I can't help but be amused in a twisted way at how he left behind his human love immediately for a space girl.

    charles Wilhite

    Technically it's both, the timeline hadn't split yet if I remember right

    Josh Watkins


    Aiden Gumaer

    I mean, he didn’t really have much of a choice. I suppose ideally he would be eternally loyal, but he was essentially kidnapped by the Daughter of Space to spend an eternity with her

    Kikinara Kitty

    I believe that the unknown energy at the end of the song led to a split timeline, in one timeline hitting Walter and leading him to become Commander Cosmo, in the other hitting Holly and leading her to become the Daughter of Space, though I'm sure she's altered beyond recognition she still would have a deep love for him and as such would kidnap him.

  12. chelsea canady

    oh gawd the beginning damn near made me cry

  13. kittenclaws

    This made me cry a little because just earlier I was talking with someone about Columbia and how sad it had made me, but it was a good cry and I love you all. Thank you for being lovely and talented, Bunny! <3

  14. heck life

    I can finally hear Vice Quadrant songs.
    Now just another year before I can hear Quintessential.


    Rick Wolf

    Buy 'em, it's worth it!

  15. OorusevenFiibaa7777

    Dang, that Commander Walter has a pleasant voice! ;)

    Steam Powered Giraffe

    Thanks! That was me! ^_^ - Isabella


    (Eeee she replied somebody hold me) I know it's you! I love how you do all the different character voices! OwO

    jose ignacio Farias

    holly cheese! is there something you cant do?

  16. Blue Eyes And Chubby Thighs

    Hold me is one of my favorite song's, and now hearing this one just blew me away. I love it and it brought tears to my eye's.

  17. Shanara S

    O wow I know the other part to this ..yay love it ! ^_^ <3

  18. resighnedgrub97

    ily sm rabbit you and your voice is so beautiful


    this song ties in with star scrap correct?

    To The Ranch!

    it's like part 2 of Hold Me

    Cyndi Crawford

    Hold Me is part 2, and this song is part 1.

    Rick Wolf

    I do wish Starscrap was on this album I feel like it would have fit quite well somewhere.

  20. Restless Thoughts

    I LOVE THIS SONG. One of my absolute favorites. It's tragic and just sounds fantastic :,)

  21. Josie Sloan

    Just got misty in here.

  22. Tumblnugget

    I dig it!..Thanks for the video :)

  23. nishbrown

    You just can't write any songs that suck, can you?

  24. Syd SugarSkull

    breathtakingly beautiful, what more is there to say?

  25. MC. Gemstone

    aw that was such a sweet story

  26. Karla Velazquez

    oh sweet Lord baby Jesus! I'm having such a horrible day, sick and in pain, but I got the notification of this song and it just made me so happy! SPG seriously always brings up my mood, no matter what.

  27. Kiely Sarah

    "I will wait, just you see
    I will live for tomorrow
    I won't set myself free."

    these lines seriously help ;-; but this is an amazing song! I love rabbits voice in this so much and the story to it!!

    MC. Gemstone

    agree <3

  28. Conductor Ry

    of all the things to go wrong out near space

  29. Epileptic Duk

    This has to be one of the calmest songs?


    listen to out in the rain it's pretty calm

  30. Le FluffyNagi

    god DAMNIT youtube notifications

  31. Monty

    Is it weird that I ship Commander Cosmo and Cosmica


    Not that weird. I ship Commander Cosmo and Rabbit. ...And I'm pretty sure they're played by the same person. (Though that may be why I ship them)

  32. Mothman -


  33. Mara Dimitroff

    I love this song and the art

  34. reecejsymons

    great song guys

  35. Jerfox

    Very nice. I really like the mood this one sets!

  36. Jerfox

    Very nice. I really like the mood this one sets!

  37. reecejsymons

    first !