Steam Powered Giraffe - Brass Goggles Lyrics

(Attune your ears to the grinding gears)
Come with me I'll show you how to be a metal man
When the gears are turning and the fires are burning
When the world ticks around you,
voices talking all the time
And you live for sleep you've never slept
because you cannot sleep

Colonel Walter was shocked
when he learned from the Nile
Copper African elephants turning hostile
So he built these wonderful automaton bloaks
And a very big steam powered giraffe what smokes

Now the war is passed and over
We're left to sit and wonder
What is life and what is real?
And why do living things need feeling?
(One, two, three)



How'd you like to try pumping
lead through your veins
Or have a heart so wet and cold it starts rusting
When the world ticks around you,
voices talking all the time
You live for feelings you've never felt
because you cannot feel

And what is this leaking affecting my eye?
Does the oil that is dripping mean this is a cry?
Will I ever be something with feelings to hide?
Or am I just a boiler with nothing inside?

I want all today
Don't want to hear you say
You can't do this, you can't do that
You're not a living thing with feeling
(One, two, three)



Wind me up, turn the gears (Brass goggles!)
Wind me up, turn the gears (Brass goggles!)
Wind me up, turn the gears (Brass goggles, goggles, goggles!)
Wind me up, turn the gears (Brass googles!)

I want all today
Don’t want to hear you say
I love you, I love you
I love-love-love you

Colonel Walter was shocked when he learned from the Nile
Copper African elephants turning hostile
So he built these wonderful automaton bloaks
And a very big steam powered giraffe what smokes
Wind me up, turn the gears
Wind me up, turn the gears
Wind me up, turn the gears
Wind me up, turn the gears



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Steam Powered Giraffe Brass Goggles Comments
  1. Sam Masters

    Pure cringe

  2. JediMasterDracus

    Dem harmonies. It's amazing

  3. bingbongboop

    I had a hot dog vendor sing this to me in Reykjavik. Magic.

  4. Corwin Chapman

    i cant believe in 2019 we still have a band performing in blatant brassface. disgraceful. Did we learn nothing from Martin Luther Klink and Malcolm X-3 marching on washington?

  5. Schwoopsie Daisy

    Is Hatchworth before he was Hatchworth playing the drums?

  6. Simon Madception

    If anyone knows where I can find sheet music for the piano part, for the love of god please tell me

  7. Thellos

    I can't tell if those are real people or not. Good job.


    Thellos They’re real! They have new music out that is amazing. Go to their channel and see!

  8. edster612

    Wasn't sure what I expected to see when I clicked on this...These guys are pretty good and the genre isn't something I've heard recently. But then again the video is almost 8 years old...


    edster612 You can’t really put them in any genre. Their music is so diverse. Check out their latest video “Hot on the Trail”. Then you’ll want to see the other two new ones. And then browse through all their other stuff. There’s so much!

  9. The Invisible Gentleman

    So basically this song was written by warforged.

  10. Codename -Sarcasm-

    You are legally required to listen to this in your underwear with a bag of pork rinds and a sandwich or else you can and will face jail time up to 50+ years

    Maddiline Franklin

    I'm a criminal then. Pork Rinds are absolutely the worst thing imaginable.

  11. furry boy

    I'm very confused but dang this song is a banger

  12. Ash Tree Yggdrasil, The World Tree

    "Sing loud and proud!"
    [Proceeds to scream the lyrics in class]

  13. Tovey Baker

    i just noticed that Hatchworth is the drummer

  14. Marlaina Morey

    Just realized Hatchwork is on the drums

  15. BestShadow

    Never seen such realistic robots

  16. Juan Marquez

    I thought visual kei wa weird but this in another level.

  17. Mark Hernandez

    I usually don't care for anything like this. That being said...I would go and watch these guys. Just as KISS was a cut across the norm of rock n roll. So these guys set a new and very interesting look. Musically...very impressed. Hard to sing at a pace behind the lead. Wonderful.

  18. Randal Buhler

    I believe in Steam Powered Giraffes, don't you? If you believe clap your hands!

  19. paulala rideout


  20. Gotham City Girl

    🤖💓💓💓🤖 @ 🐰

  21. Judah Rininger

    My favorite part of the song: 🎶this is a red star🎶🎵don’t sing these lyrics🎶

  22. Emerson Futral

    I can totally see your music being in a steampunk game

    lucy Catherine

    They have actually! Their music appears in the game steam world heist and they also make an in game appearance

  23. Chuk Blak

    Love this song

  24. The American YouTuber

    So many babybots...

  25. Frost Quake

    Am I the only one who thinks their lead singer has enough facial expression to make a potentially amazing Joker? That's all I can see him as, even under the robot makeup.

  26. bro_robinson_boi

    This is what happens when a bunch of warforged bards get together 😂love the song ❤

    The American YouTuber

    bro_robinson_boi Have you read the lore? 😄

  27. Zero LEGION

    ....have we all subconsciously ignored the Chihuahua head?

    Zero LEGION

    .....dear god. I meant it as a joke.......I never actually saw it before.....It only took 27 times to actually see the Chihuahua's a miracle i'm still alive.

  28. Bonnie Hendrix

    Such a fun song, love the 20's vibe they have

  29. Aya Strawberry

    Why am I able to sing along to the song after so much time has passed wtf its too good

  30. the one guy?!?!

    what about the KORGi head

  31. Emily Elizabeth

    The HELL
    Is this the first time I've heard this incredible group?!

  32. DarthBane113

    Every time I hear "got your bag of pork rinds and or sandwich?" I lose it and start giggling like an idiot

  33. eks oh

    i got sad when there was no pug to follow, until i saw the pug i was supposed to follow ^_^

  34. iamsaztak

    i really appreciate your work for a lot of reasons. but one of them, is that I can show you to my grandma! so many artists go crass or dirty, but you guys are just 'weird'. I bet she would get a kick of you guys too! that's a mark of great art, honestly!

  35. Danbi JK

    The make-up, instead of a machine, it made me think of Jojo....

  36. Nicholas R

    Automatons are more likely to be in the future more than elephants

  37. Low Sanity Art

    It's super cool seeing how far Bunny has come. Her voice sounds quite different now but Rabbit is still the same crazy automaton ❤

  38. Simon Gutierrez

    A friend of mine introduced this to me, I think I am hooked.

  39. TheDentedMilk

    I just found out about this band, but i really hope they have more songs that are this style, the bioshock-esque radio music. Love it nonetheless

  40. The haunted Flame

    Is it me or are they just the real fnaf lmao

    But they are good at singing

  41. Elite Loli

    When i first heard this song in steamworld heist my mind was blown

  42. edit_er !

    this is fucking unique

  43. Golden Films

    data=tim burton= these guys

  44. MARZ1911

    DRUMMER: robots don't have mustaches.

  45. Theresa Gainey Cole

    The songs Weird Weird West by Professor Elemental (Steam Powered Giraffe also participated in the song), Dark Carnivale by Frenchy and the Punk and this song have become song crushes of mine this week! Cool songs!

    Amber Harrington

    Just wanted to say thanks, I've just discovered Weird Weird West because of you!

    Theresa Gainey Cole

    @Amber Harrington You're welcome. I'm glad I could help. Cool song, right?

  46. Qmocean

    Bravo good sirs! You have a new fan. Wow!

  47. sheller153

    A very big steam-powered G. Reverend Smokes

  48. lukeraynor85

    Thankyou steamworld heist...

  49. J rocs

    This is true entertainment dude.

  50. Grinnar

    It pleases me that no matter how much time goes by, there are still thousands of people watching this regularly. Thanks for being classy, friends.

  51. Ariel Isabela

    Spine: *sings in a higher pitched tone*
    Me: ????? Where is this voice is coming from

  52. Abdul-Wahaab Barday

    That moment you sabotage Karaoke night

  53. Madgirllolly

    Where have these guys been all my life?

  54. armoured intellectual

    I followed the red star what you guys gonna do?


    *Eyes role back into head* Quod stella in rubrum te in oculis capti fodere cubilia daemoniorum

  55. Skalderdash

    Data probably plays their whole discography in his head at rapid speed on a loop.

  56. quietFangirl

    I absolutely love the just-barely uncanny valley of their movements!

  57. Moa Morgenstern

    Meow meow meow meow meow

  58. Un-uh, peeling

    They be singing, and playing, while making robot movements? While also harmonizing?? How can a group be so talented?!!?!?

  59. Kim Peek

    I love these guys!!

  60. Andrew Hall

    Steam Punk band. Now that's a new one on me. Loved it.

  61. Cosmic K13

    Reminds me of ghost in presentation, but 70 years prior

  62. Toffe Tofu

    I had a hard time telling wether i was animation or makeup

  63. Chris Bolland

    Very fallout-y. I can't get over how they move like animatronics.

  64. Corey Sinisgalli

    I sung the red star lyrics. What ya gonna do about it

  65. Faerie Flor

    WTF is this? 😍

  66. Darksilverjesse

    idk why. but Youtube removed my like. make sure yours is still intact...

  67. Timothy Beaulieu

    Rabbit <3

  68. drofmadness

    I just can't get enough of this song. The musicianship is incredible, the harmonies superb .

  69. Dandalore

    How are you guys not 'UUUUGE?! I'm a metalhead with a taste for classical, I never used to look the way of this sound. Yeah, the steampunk thing isn't exactly mainstream but the entire package just has me charmed. The singing is just so, I dunno, clean. Come to Scotland, I'd pay to see you anyway.

  70. GhostFace TheProxy

    This song makes me so damn happy.

  71. welcome2havoc

    Band auditions

    Band: "Ok so you're trying out for keyboards, just so you know we all dress up as Steam Punk characters."

    Keyboardist: "Nah I'm not going to be doing that"

    Band: "You're HIRED!"

    The American YouTuber

    welcome2havoc Michael was there before the keyboard was there. 😂

  72. Land of Randomness

    A place a Metalhead like me can relax and take a break from the headbanging I do everyday.

  73. darren leonard

    you guys fucking rock, im showing you to my friends

  74. angela lee

    Thank u so much for inspiring me into music, ya metal heads! I am now ten years old, been listening to ya'll since I was six years old. Didn't start myself, tho. My daddy did.

  75. Phantom 2003


    I WANT SPINE’S VOCAL RANGE!!!! I can already reach his low notes but the high notes is what I’m struggling with. I can sing the low notes since my voice is naturally deep

  76. tetsukki

    mom, i fell in love w/ a robot

  77. Jeremy Daly

    Man their drummer is killing it man

  78. Autumn 46

    Does anyone know where I can find the version where the person saying "attune your ears to the grinding gears" is a lady?

    клубничный йогурт

    Autumn 46 It is in the 2009 version of Album One

  79. SaiyukiGS

    Wait, so the one who spoke in the beginning and sang most of the lyrics is rabbit? damn no i wonder i was so confused and wondered where he disappeared to.

  80. Christina

    can we all just appreciate david's range for a hot second

  81. not greg

    2019 and still rockin

  82. HOSWELL444

    Spine and rabbit had the best harmonies.. change my Mind

  83. Josué Naim Zárate Cordero

    Steam Powered Rarity here



  85. Туборцева Мария

    Привет из холодной России) Ваша группа удивительна. Я с удовольствием прочитала на вашем сайте историю этих автоматонов) песня прекрасная, но для полноты картины надо ознакомиться с историей! И отдельные аплодисменты парню в очках гоглах, ты просто шикарен!!!)

  86. Sam Selcer

    Can they please put this version on spotify, this one is so much better


    it is on there, it's a live version called Live at the Globe of Yesterday's Tomorrow

  87. Nathan Fenster

    In 134 years this song will be an anthem for the AI civil rights movement

  88. gardenofthedogs

    I love this! But was hoping for a song named steam powered giraffe!?

  89. Way2Spooky4U

    The only thing disappointing about this video was that there weren't lyrics with bouncing dog heads and stars for the whole thing.

  90. Matthew Housham

    Youtube. It may take a while, but when you deliver, you deliver.

  91. HeartsTheSteambot

    This makes me want a band so I can play with them...

  92. VickiDaGurk [Purple-Guy's-Admirer]

    please forgive me, but what are their names again?


    The Jon, The Spine and Rabbit (from left to right)

  93. KatsaPoBane

    I am actually in my underwear at the moment

  94. angela lee

    This is a red star... dont sing these lyrics.... my favorite lyric.

  95. Angela Ponder

    Music is pretty cool.. movement is giving me motion sickness. Sigh...

  96. Mark Van Gorkum

    Who is the lead singer in this song? Can't find him.

    Amber Harrington

    Isabella Bennett

  97. DJ Quazzy Evil

    ear worm...

  98. ParaPerception

    I love when they layer the lyrics towards the end. The Jon’s part is my favorite.

    “I want all today, don’t wanna hear you say, I love you, I lo-o-ove you, I love, love, lo-ove you!”

    It’s so subtle, but when I hear it, it makes me smile.

    The American YouTuber

    ParaPerception It makes me miss him even more. I do love Hatchy and Zero, but neither of them quite get that same passion.

  99. Dirtybroke Ndhungry

    These guys are the strangest bad asses I ever seen

  100. Onyxx 61

    2019 Anybody?


    Onyxx 61 nah bruh I’m listening in 1876