Steam Powered Giraffe - Automatonic Electronic Harmonics Lyrics

Ever since the first time I opened my eyes
I've awakened to the same thing
Other automaton friends roughly built like me

The first time I opened my mouth to speak
steam escaped to the air
and black oil dripped from my lips
and onto the ground

Well daylight struck a chord with my
Night greeted me with a sea of stars
Our eyes all flashed blues and greens
through the night

It's just our

Ahh automatonic

People are soaring, always exploring,
higher than they've ever been before
But we are still down here,
feet on the ground near
what will rise us up with the rest

Our thoughts are quixotic, stark and robotic,
mechanical in nature all the time
And pulses are firing in our head wiring,
guiding all our actions and beings

It's just our

Ahh automatonic

I am not an unimaginable thing
My thoughts are tangible
though they're full of springs

I don't have the heart to send you untruthful words
My skin is cold to the touch and made from the earth

They say

Oh, oh it's so down, but baby it's sound
makes your worries cease to pound

And oh, maybe it's alright, 'cause baby it fights
for some time just to be held tight

And oh, maybe it's not wrong, 'cause it sings a lovely song
one that drifts on for so long

And oh, baby let's not lie, it's eyes are alive
and pointed up shining light to the sky

It's just our

Ahh automatonic

Epic and so cool
Epic and so cool
Epic and so cool
Epic and so cool

Ahh automatonic

Ahh automatonic

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Steam Powered Giraffe Automatonic Electronic Harmonics Comments
  1. Sir Frederick

    Had Overdrive stuck in my head yesterday, and today it's this song.

  2. The American YouTuber

    The Jon’s hat defies gravity.

  3. CoffeeQueen

    This song introduced me to SPG. It still has a special place in my heart.

  4. ThriftyWitch

    I'm addicted again now. Thanks rabbit thanks spine time to put together a power playlist of my favorite songs put on steam power repeat

  5. Jeff Conn

    Sooo yea. I just found this band. Only heard honeybee before this. That tall one is awsome. I will be watching more.

  6. AAA

    2020 and i still miss "The Jon" Bring him back!

  7. Darius Arken

    How in the hell does this have over 1,000 thumbs down? Those people should have their thumbs broken!

  8. Pacific coast piper

    Who's this bot with the top hat and goggles??

  9. John Macmillan

    The ONLY reason I know about this bands name is because of internet historian's video on 'rainfurrest', Not a clue why this is in my recommendations though, Watched that video long ago and dont listen to anything remotely like this.

  10. Ericka Palmer

    The sheer talent just blows one away.......go got this

  11. Jorge Orozco

    Well this is one of the positive things about YouTube. Discovering. Where in the world has this Band being. Why are they not yet a World Success. This is so different, this is Visual and musical Art.V

  12. Marcus Rühl

    Even in 2020... this is still my favourite Song from this great Band :)

  13. Koraart 10


    The Spine and Rabbit have trenchcoats
    the look suits them

  14. alwaysxnever

    It is trippy to see how well the make up has improved from here. This is still my favorite track Spine-lead track.

  15. caycaw

    E P I C
    A N D S O O O C O O L

  16. Sir Frederick

    This should be the theme song to West World

  17. Karl Oestreich

    way better than the new stuff.....

  18. ElectricDoggo

    3:20 Rabbit and Spine: *Put on Trench Coats*
    _I wanna be a cowboy, baby!_

  19. ShakedownDreams

    Yo silver dude's got some mega range the fuck

  20. GroovyGreaser

    I like how it seems there's a constant breeze on Rabbit as soon as she gets her coat...a breeze that somehow isn't affecting anyone else... 😄

  21. Robert Caughell

    Whats the name of the guy in the goggle hat?

    airsoft community321

    His stage/character name is Rabbit, his real name is Christopher Bennett.

  22. Alex Nia

    robot cowboys

  23. Richard Howe

    I hear a touch of magical mystery tour album in this 👌😁

  24. Melissa Culbertson

    Wow... absolutely 15 year old daughter turned me on to your band. I am so speechless and so thankful for it.

  25. Christopher Rodriguez

    I love dis song

  26. Christopher Rodriguez

    But you’re right

  27. Christopher Rodriguez

    Umm what do you mean

  28. Celestial Fanessa

    Every video is entertaining. 🎵🙋❣️👏👏👏👏👏😁

  29. aaronias

    The hat though

  30. katt berckley

    this song takes me somewhere beautiful

  31. KR Huffaker

    They looked like they had so much fun making this video. I thought it was hilarious that it looked like the wind was only blowing on Rabbit during the "Epic and so cool" part. They're all just so awesome. But I'm absolutely in love with Rabbit and Spine's voices.

  32. Donna Hilton

    My favorite!

  33. Confused Crimson

    The way spine says baby has me feeling some sort of way

  34. Rita de Cassia Camara Oliveira

    Best music!!

  35. Lyle Schoepflin

    How the hell is there 1K dislikes? Is that many people that have that shitty of taste in music?

  36. Antonio Jose Ramos Devesa

    Gran descubrimiento,buenísimos y originales!

  37. Lilit eve

    Epic and so cool love you guy´s im happy to find you now i have a lot of stuff to watch so cool

  38. xanfus

    The Spine's voice makes zero sense! How the hell can he have such an expanded range?!

  39. The haunted Flame

    I like how the starting reminds me of the house of the rising sun

  40. bloodspawn64

    My favorite spg video

  41. Zee Weiss

    The spines vocal range is hugeeee

  42. Sky mortan

    These guys RocK...

  43. Patrick Holt

    Classic sound

  44. Golden Films

    I wonder what happen to the other guys

  45. Bradly Henson

    Vocals   remind  me  of   ZIGGY   STARDUST  for   some   Reason.

  46. Bradly Henson

    This  was    Recommended    caught   my  Eye,   glad  I   Checked  it  out.   Very  Talented  and   Entertaining.

  47. Nina De

    Could somebody tell me their names? I know spine but who are the others?


    It was The Jon (on drums) and Rabbit.

  48. Max Marshall

    Borderlands Anyone? And that was fantastic by the way. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤

  49. Logastellus

    How can someone NOT love them? Ahhh!

  50. Tetro Music Project

    Haha just noticed that Michael Reed’s Guitar strap falls and he laughs at 5:00.


    I hadn’t noticed that before and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this. I was too focused on Rabbit at that point. Ha.

  51. Sarah Yong

    Are those 5 belts on a robot??

  52. Lucy Lynn


  53. Wyatt Earp

    Dude. I miss this. A lot. I remember when this was new. I was amazed. Id never heard anything like it.

  54. Noodles4Anime

    Goggles(is that rabbit?) looks like the result of programming too much emotion and flavor into your robot. And I enjoy that.

  55. Nicodemus708

    I would love to see a new music video of this with Zer0~

  56. Mikaela Colwell


  57. Robert Caughell

    Whos the name of the guy with the goggles?

  58. Jason Larson

    they look so odd but COOL at the same time.

  59. Blooky Stormblade

    My boyfriend introduced me to you bots. Now I'm hooked

  60. Carmen Jance

    Those mouth shapes though 👌👌👌👌

  61. Edward Marmion

    Spines voice and range is epic . Rabbits got the opera thing going but the that deep sound of spine is just unmatched.

  62. Nicole Martin

    You guys... Why did I just discover them in 2019?? 17 yr old me NEEDED this !!
    Welp, better late than never😅

  63. christopher miles

    yo i forgot how much this song slaps

  64. Wyzax76

    Steam Powered Giraffe... Awesome band name and a fantastic song. Are they influenced by Klaus Nomi?

  65. johnbiggscr

    My favorite of theirs I think. Love this song.

  66. Jeremy Daly

    Kinda want a full robo-western album from the Spine

  67. Rose Wolf

    I envy Spines vocal range

  68. Slove the Absolver

    Always loved the song but I can never watch without being bothered by how extra Rabbit is

  69. marzinjedi

    Perfect with out fault

  70. Elliot


    Praise you Internets for leading me down this path. Amen.

  71. RetroCandle

    having never seen or heard of this band, i saw the thumbnail and expected something HEAVY. I was very pleasantly surprised

  72. Ágnes Keresztury

    So, I listened a few songs from you guys about a year ago and I was like 'ok, nice music, funny looks', then I forgot about you. But today a friend of mine shared your Rihanna cover, I listened to it and I completely fall in love with Spine's voice. I ended up listening to your discography on Spotify. So, it's official, you have a new fan. 😍

  73. Coffee Sloth

    I don't know what it is, but I really love this song.

  74. Argent

    I'm still in love with Rabbit's trenchcoat and goggles!


    Im with you, I love the way the trench coat flows.

  75. cthlulu

    anyone else get extreme tally hall vibes from this band??? wish they could’ve done a collab, back when tally hall was still around :’(

  76. milky oxide

    finished reading do androids dream of electric sheep & THIS SONG KEPT PLAYING IN MY BRAIN LIKE THE WHOLE READ COULDNT STOP

  77. Ziethus Fozzy

    I really love the first half of the song, but hate the second half. Seriously who decided to stop writing lyrics and just keep repeating the phrase "epic, and so cool"

  78. nogosnoqt

    I really want Rabbit's coat. It's epic and so cool.
    But really.

  79. yes sir

    love me some cowboy robots

  80. MonkeyStar 365

    Stumbled across a very interesting song. Robot Cowboy Quartet? Didn't know that I needed it.

  81. KryptLynx

    among other things, they just are good singers (for some reason I'm remembered Queen)

  82. nogosnoqt

    Enough belts to be in a JRPG. I like it.

  83. endersblade

    Still the greatest song on the internet.

  84. para11ification

    Still their best song 4 me!

  85. Max Brandt

    Proof once again good music is out there, you just have to look for it!

  86. Giovanny Ü Solis

    when i first saw those guys, i really thought they were 3d renders

  87. Lee Wolfe

    Currently I'm not going through a very happy time in my life, but their music just makes me oddly happy on the inside. Also: Can someone please point them all out to me with names? I only know The Spine

  88. Anthony Cupps

    Who else got Detroit: Become Human vibes from this song?

  89. Heck Off Mate

    I like how all the songs I've listened to so far are just "I am robot, I contain oil"

  90. Matthew Timothy

    Even at 150% speed it is pretty good.

    India Dior Watkins

    yo you’re right
    also 125% speed kinda reminds me of Nightcore almost lol

  91. Emerald

    woah this kind of sounds like ghost

  92. James Allred

    Man spines a badass

  93. yeet hitter

    Automatons pretending to be humans pretending to be automatons
    This is beyond science

  94. 그레이시아리아나

    Um I just sang the whole song like I listen to it every day and I haven't heard it it years wtf how

  95. Clubbed Sandwich

    Rabbit's costume was so on point back then. I mean I understand the change, but the top hat, vest, and face paint looked bad ass.

  96. Void Priestess

    Thank you Misters and Miss Giraffe. Very cool.

  97. PorcelainDoll

    So fucking beautiful

  98. Broadcast Brandon

    This was my old town road