Statler Brothers, The - A Letter From Shirley Miller Lyrics

I got a letter, today, from Shirley Miller
She's living in Ohio in a Presbyrterian Home
She's married a preacher and raisin' a family
She said she wrote the letter 'cause she was scared to phone
She said she still remembers things she said she wouldn't
She asked about my travels and if Cleveland's on my route
Shirley says she's chilly in that cold Ohio weather
But I think she's warmer than the Hell, her husband talks about

She said she was happy, and hoped that I was too
But I could read between the lines knowing Shirley like I do
She can't hide the way she feels behind the perfumed note
I could tell her hand was shaking in the letter Shirley wrote
Shirley said she didn't expect me to answer
She said she only wanted to get a few things off her chest
I tore up the letter and said a prayer for the preacher
I'll let him and the Good Lord take care of the rest

She said she was happy and hoped that I was too
But I could read between the lines knowing Shirley like I do
It's probably just a passing thing, I think she'll be all right
And I'm glad that Shirley never wrote what she sat down to write

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Statler Brothers, The A Letter From Shirley Miller Comments
  1. liberty Ann

    The former Miss Shirley Jean Burrell??

  2. Linda johnson

    I just came across this song.. this is and will always will be my most favorite group. Lew’s voice is beautiful and it was sad when he left the group but he hand picked Jimmy to replace him! That says it all!
    Jimmy replaced him perfectly. 34 years ago we had “My Only Love” sung at our wedding. I love Jimmy’s voice. So with Lew or with Jimmy the Statler Brothers are perfect!🥰

    Linda johnson

    I know I’m not the smartest person when it comes to songs, I LOVE this song but can anyone tell me what this song is about?? Is she dying?

    Fred Franklin

    former girl friend thinking back and wondering what might have been


    You're spot on with your comments about Lew and Jimmy. Both are the perfect one for their time.

  3. liberty Ann

    They always were a class act no matter what the topic.

  4. 1978garfield

    "I think she's warmer than the hell her husband talks about."
    That is a great line.

  5. Steven Osterhaus

    Lew's voice is one of the best

    liberty Ann

    Steven Osterhaus
    They were never the same without him but I loved them anyway.

  6. Roy Lawrence

    Is it just me or is Lew DeWitt's voice absolutely unbelievable ????

    anne mott

    it's not just you. As much a I like Jimmy, no one could ever truly replace Lew.

    TJ Garrison

    Lew was in a league of his own

  7. Roy Lawrence

    another jewel by the Statlers .....Lew shines in this one !!!!