Static-X - This Is Not Lyrics

Lines and the light stream
Screaming by me scream
Burned down
Not me you see me suffer
Haunted by your spirit
Undead by your spit
Taunted by yourself alive

Dazed and burning state
Hazed and spinning fate
Dazed and burning
I say I can't come
You say this ain't home
Hating this I mouth your name

This is not my life
This is not my home
This is not me
I hate this

Your voice in my mind
Come home it ain't time
Burned down
Not me you see me suffer
Solace to inspire
Lowness to my life
Taunted by yourself alive

Dazed and burning state
Hazed and spinning fate
Dazed and burning
I say I can't come
You say this ain't home
Hating this I mouth your name

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Static-X This Is Not Comments
  1. Niko Roulias

    This was his cry for help....seen many Static X shows, but I was young n loaded out of my mind. Im sorry I couldnt be there you my friend. He was a Titan whos self awareness was shit. RIP Wayne....

  2. Dude Guy

    God I listened to all of their albums a shit ton when I was younger. First started listening to them when I was in 6th grade and I had Machine and Wisconsin death trip. Well they were the only 2 out at that time. Then shadow zone came out when I was in 8th grade. And damn I listened to that CD so much it wouldn't play anymore. Rip Wayne. You will always be missed and loved. Never forgotten, your music legacy will live on forever.

  3. Archangeldawn

    2019, another year , another day of to remember. Wayne will forever live in our hearts and memories!
    Long live Evil Disco!

  4. priit mölder

    The only song that should represent Static X in Underground 3!!!

  5. Tyler Merlin

    I disown this society.

  6. melanieisdemented

    shit i actually just got the news that Wayne has been dead for a while now. one of my favourite vocalists ever. i had the fortune to see them live, opening for slipknot in stockholm, at least. and they played all my anthems. and the mosh to this song was out of this world.

  7. H M

    ... guess this is not then...

  8. 5SC Basher

    THIS IS NOT METAL. This is Evil Disco.

  9. deltavagen

    This music is so danceable! Even though its metal. I can imagine sexy Girls moving their hips to this ♥

  10. Bert Francis

    Man I bet he was a fucking beast on stage!

  11. Revol. Nona

    Thank you for everything Static-X 🌻✌📌

  12. Mike Sommers

    super tight!

  13. Susan Kinnan

    Love Wayne Static

  14. Greta G

    Really bad Ottoman nu-metal. The worst!

  15. Mr. Cheese

    Rest in peace, the one, The Only, Wayne Static.

  16. Blaine Woodruff

    Don't let me in the pit. 6 ft 5 well 4, add a few millimeters. Round up. =)

  17. milo pkl

    2019 and I just saw this live in person on the Regeneration tour, it was a dream come true. Long Live Static X RIP Wayne

  18. rosy rosie

    Why oh why is Ed Sheeran recommended after this video

  19. Lily Munster

    Studying. "I hate this!" Making it worth it, Static.

  20. Mr G


  21. The6Dark6Lord6

    Where you been my whole life?

  22. Niko Roulias

    My nigga..well shows ever. RIP my friend. \m/

  23. suky uppal

    Rip Matt hardy :(

  24. John Stitz

    S/O to Shaun Palmers Pro Snowboarder for getting me into Static-X. Seeing the Wayne tribute in Baltimore next month

  25. Schultz

    Рос на этой музыке, респект полный...))

  26. Schultz

    Это не для моей жизни, это не для моего дома, это не для меня...

  27. Alex Gusev

    Как же это кайфово ✌

  28. Mafaman

    This song is great for cardio.

    Lily Munster

    Yesss! All Static-X is great for dreaded exercising.

  29. ham selv

    Static-X is still a FUCKING BOMB!

  30. Metal nation Dr_Shibeh

    really underrated. When i have seen "the Cold" first time i had chance to save it on Video Tape (2003)! and that was best song for me that i have recorded by myself (belongs to my best 20 metal clip i ever seen) and i have thought wow! could i missed this one!

  31. NM Rc

    2019 😏 rip Wayne

  32. Papa Joe

    This is not
    This is the first album by them I bought in cassette I still have it somewhere

  33. Joshus Geier

    Wayne you were the first band I've ever seen live when I was 13. You played at ozzfest 2010 at alpine and You put on a show that shattered the heavens. There's no other artist like you then or today and I'm so glad you took my first concert virginity card. Thank you for all you did

  34. Dylan Hatfield

    Does anyone know the cause of his death?

  35. Matheus Olds

    i love this shit

  36. foxafox

    I cannot understand what is he saying.. the fuck ?!

  37. Grzes Wolf

    fucking great song when i was 16 yo old i remeber this album ideal r.i.p wayne :(

  38. ajcetl187

    Love this song for the fact that is what I feel about this place👊🏾🌵🇲🇽👨🏽‍🌾💪🏾.!!!

  39. david mish

    I’d kill to have ever gone to a Static x concert. I remember buying Wisconsin death trip back in 99.
    I was in the 8th grade

  40. Heath Lyon


  41. Alan

    Awesome song. Heard this for the first time the day before 2019? Anyone else?

  42. isa simulation

    Esto es lo mejor

  43. TheWikkdOne

    Came here to share this song with a buddy of mine, didn't realize Wayne had passed and got sad immediately. RIP

  44. Andrey Kovalev

    Rest in peace, Wayne

  45. Uzi Corn

    Warner Bros. Records ПОЛНОЕ ГАВНО! статик единственное что они записали нормльное


    Rest in peace Wayne. Incredible band!!!

  47. Alex

    Lines and the light stream 
    Screaming by the scream 
    Burning down 
    Not me you see me suffer 
    Haunted by your spirit 
    Undead by your spit 
    Taunted by yourself alive 
    Dazed and burning state 
    Hazed and spinning fate
    Dazed and Burning
    I say I can't come 
    You say this ain't home 
    Hating this I mouth your name

    This is not my life 
    This is not my home 
    This is not me 
    I Hate this

    Your voice in my mind 
    Come home it ain't time 
    Burned down 
    Not me you see me suffer 
    Solace to inspire 
    Lowness to my fire 
    Taunted by yourself alive

    Dazed and burning state 
    Hazed and spinning fate 
    Dazed and burning 
    I say I can't come 
    You say this ain't home 
    Hating this I mouth your name

    This is not my life 
    This is not my home 
    This is not me 
    I Hate this

  48. Francis Stevens

    This needs more views...

  49. MrAsaf1984

    0:31 hold it will smith hold it will smith

  50. Cool The Fool

    There just isn't anything else in the world like Static X.. What a blessing to have gotten the tunes we did <3 So hyped they are managing to release something new for the 20 year! I have to catch them live this time around, even without Wayne <3

  51. дмитрий е%иванов


  52. Kryptönïtë Scï Fï Sïnïstër

    Airblade, Burnout, Dave Mirra, Fast & Furious, Jackass, MHBMX, SSX, THPS, Twisted Metal, WWE, X - Games & XXX

  53. Michael Marchant

    2018 madafakaaaaaaaaaa

  54. Jackson Langford

    i used to fuckin rage to this song in my room when i was 11 and angsty

  55. craig thomas

    RIP WAYNE!! Still here in 18'

  56. Christin Griffith

    Fuck yeah grandma!!

  57. korzenians

    beginning sounds like roots ^^

  58. 00blaat00

    Getting some strong Sepultura / Soulfly / Max Cavalera vibes from this song!

  59. Lucas Reid

    Ah! Nothing like Evil Space-Disco to get your blood flowing

  60. Kyle Mcquillan

    I remember I was 12 when I first saw the music video cold damn this guy was awesome

  61. David Oles

    I was so dumb to never see them live...

  62. Adam Splittah

    No band has EVER touched how good they were live. It really depresses me that I cant show my friends how insane they are in concert

  63. Pavlo- Czapelya

    легендарная группа

  64. Piet Padda


  65. A D

    love the hair

  66. Xenophagia

    They played so perfectly live. I'm lucky to have been able to see them, and at an awesome small venue at that.

  67. James Parker IV

    I know i shouldnt pick on him, but, its just fun. Hi, Sugar, no, i am working. You? No, Sweaty, i run USMC. I don't sing, alot. I was sneaking up on all of them big bastards and i jumped on their bsck laughing. And they said are you fucking, Nuts? I said, i dont know give me your gun. I said, Yep, cool, wanna drink? And who knows, we had fun, im sure if they were with me

  68. TMFO 125

    I saw Wayne Static climb the stage in 2004 at Lubbock Texas. It was amazing. My first big show. I was 14. He climbed 30-40 ft in the air. Static X was kicked off stage when he came down. He sang the entire time he climbed.

  69. Rafael Slim

    RIP Wayne Static curto pra caralho 🤘 o Static X

  70. kenna olney

    good for anyone listening in 2018

  71. Nicole

    Miss you always!! Rest easy !! You are my escape from my pain & now I listen to cherish you!!

  72. Anonymously Anonymous

    0:11 when you go to a family reunion

  73. Vesuvius Panthera

    Why wasn't this song played in the film "American Beauty?"

  74. My Name Is Jeff

    Shaum palmer's pro snowborder ?

  75. Pickle Riick

    Love Static-X

  76. Gedalyah Reback

    0:43 I say poe-tae-toe!!
    You say po-tah-toe!!!!

  77. Dimitra Kagioudi

    Wayne static😞

  78. jnerdsblog

    RIP Mr. Static, you won't be forgotten in my lifetime.

  79. mb61j2

    I’m so glad he’s dead

  80. Brok Homz

    I bought this album in highschool I forgot how good this was!

  81. AZ Nevermore

    RIP Wayne Static, this song have amazing drums incredible

  82. Skummy Skelly

    my alarm clock tone sense high sckewl

  83. KeKe115

    xiao xiao

  84. FE Rebekah

    These videos don’t do him justice. Seeing him live was like nothing else ever.

  85. icemasterk

    So happy I got to see them back in 01' just after Machine was released. First Mosh pit 14 year old me went into.

  86. david mish

    To bad trip was screwing under age chicks because BC rich gave him his own line of guitars and he clicked well with tony and Wayne

  87. david mish

    Tony and Wayne where both the driving force of static x

  88. andy wright

    Why him and not Justin Bieber

  89. dwayne dub

    How in the fuck have I never seen this vid I thought I have seen every static x vid smh lol

  90. Martin Korn

    I A agree 100% this not my home...

  91. CarlosZapo333

    No puedo creer q este muerto!! Nooooooooooo 😱 yo los mire en Guadalajara long time ago, y apenas me doy cuenta q ya murió fuckkkkkk noooo 😢 R.I.P Wayne.

  92. Ana Maria badia

    wayneeee me inspiraste vivo y muerto mas...

  93. TheEprom101

    Fuck!! I still hate the fact Wayne is dead man. Makes me want to scream.

  94. Lena Ayres

    Rest in peace 💔