Static-X - Structural Defect Lyrics

I don't care what you say and
I don't care what you see and
There's still a better way a
Structual defect
I don't care what you do and
I see the real you and
There's nothing here to stay
A structual defect

Crowbar to force the hold
Drill into it drill into it
Eat all the problems leave
Bleeding from it

Commiserate me and
Try to elate me and
It liberates me and
Structual defect
Commiserate you and
Try to elate you and
It liberates you and
Structual defect

Explode reloading and
Coerce controlling and
I'm overdosing
Expose it forcibly and
Escape emergency and
The inconsitency

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Static-X Structural Defect Comments
  1. Mike Querty

    Can we please get a music video for this song?

  2. Izzy Bolden

    Aaptiv brought me here 😜 Thanks Jessica 🙌🏾

  3. Bitra Mizuri

    Drill it do it drill it do it yeah

  4. JCI1990

    IM not your puppet

  5. Cory Anthony

    My favorite Static song 💪👊

  6. Alejandro Anzaldo

    Simplemente lo mejor.

  7. Bobby E Hricko


  8. Mason Smith

    Groovy industrial grind

    Nathan de Groot

    Industrial nu-metal, evil disco

  9. Darien Diaz

    I'm so happy but deeply saddened that I had a chance to see him for my first and last time in McAllen, Tx before he died. :( Hands down best show I have ever attended and most likely my last.

  10. Mark Dunn

    RIP and Godspeed to you like Ozzy I'll see you other side

  11. Alan Fox

    This is great.

  12. Alan Fox

    RIP Tera

  13. M. Bax

    my favorite song from static x. awesome

    otsego Doe

    +Michelle Baxter ... in a bag best song^^

    ARSL 2020

    +Michelle Baxter I'm loving this song more and more each day, groovy and heavy

    Schecter 7

    +otsego Doe ^^ permanence

  14. secretlady646

    I miss him everyday

    Ramones Fan

    +secretlady646 me to... <3


    me too, so sad

  15. Corn Flake

    Sledgehammer groove..

  16. Jonathan Camacho Silva

    Rest in peace bro, We´ll always have your music \m/. This track is awesome. makes me wanna break shit. They dont make music like this anymore. You guys came out when Metal was cool!!! You guys made it so 

  17. highlandpark2007

    RIP Wayne Static!!!
    This is my favorite song and album!!!
    Saw them play at Extreme Steel Tour 2001 with Pantera, Slayer, Morbid Angel and Skrape!!!

    The Enforcer

    same here and met Pantera bye their bus the best of times RIP DIME

    Izzy Bolden

    What the?!? He died?!? 😰 But I just discovered these guys!!! 😭

    Eric Dufresne

    That’s a pretty good line up for a metal show actually....

  18. Christopher Halpin

    One of my favorite Static X songs. I just wish I got to see them live before he passed. Awesome dude.

  19. Thomas Justice

    R.I.P. Wayne Static \m/ May he forever rock on.

  20. 7StringSlaughter

    Check it out, they included the guitar tablature for the whole album right there on the cover! In all seriousness, though, I love this album. \m/

  21. fr3aky0u

    Machine metal got its name from this cd

  22. daemonicwarrior

    haha :) i cant do that right now tho, im in the middle of putting up my christmas tree :P

  23. MrBtw999

    holy hell....just burned through "pighammer" then went on to "wisconsin death trip" and now I find myself plowing through "machine".....2 solid hours of static x and I want more !!!!!!!!!.....

  24. daemonicwarrior

    one of my fave songs, if you dont like this you either have robot ears or a structural defect!!
    wonder if anyone will get the less obvious reference :P


    daemonicwarrior n

    Izzy Bolden

    It’s my workout song!!!