Static-X - Push It Lyrics

tainted by my sin
I'm spilling blood
and I can hardly contain it
hallowing the hand
stiffened I eat away
eat into the surface

yeah you push it

more violent more violent
all consuming throbbing
strait to the circle
move on reaction
I slow it down I slow it
down, down, down, down, down

yeah, you push it

I see it. I need it
I see it. I need it

my mind is corrosive
I trip on corrosive
I freak
see through me
my eyes are explosive
I feed on it
black out
crucify me

yeah, you push it

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Static-X Push It Comments
  1. James Oliver Garcia The U.N. Sovereign Ruler

    I love this song!

  2. Corey Taylor

    Rip brother..saw many of your shows..salute

  3. q-q oxi

    Wayne Static = Paul Phoenix

  4. Paul Powers

    Dude, I hope you like this. Many of us saw your dad as an extremely different avenue that could be taken. He shed his light, and it was bright. He made a difference. For many of us. Sorry to get all "sappy" but myself and the music world misses him. Cold, but so cold... We are...

  5. Dylan H

    Sounds like a rob zombie song. You guys got me.

  6. Oliver Marks


  7. ANIME GUY 117

    R.I.P Wayne😞

  8. Jet Black

    Oh my...i didn't know he passed
    Push it is my favorite song play over and over and over bad deal.

  9. Hearing Visions

    Rest in peace wayne. dearly missed right now 🎸🎙💔

  10. William Jefferson Clinton

    When I was a kid I never cared for Static X, Powerman as an adult in my late 30s it is a solid go to

  11. Rosanne Waters


  12. neil Taylor

    he has that powerman3000's scream. daum good

  13. Universal Bulbasaur

    Is it just me or does these lyrics kinda sound like foreshadowing his death because he said “crucify me”

  14. menckencynic

    I like the guy who looks eternally surprised.

  15. All Things Man

    rip Wayne

  16. Callum S

    So fucking addicted to this song!

  17. PC SUCKS

    Love this band but worst recording......worst engerning fail ever! Super thin no bass .

    Craig Hennessy

    You got to be deaf


    @Craig Hennessy to each there own? Not sure if you are hating on them or saying they are awsome? Eather way I like them. Way bigger things to worry about in this world than dands? But do you.


    I have a massive system and always have to re mix my equalizer? Just saying.


    @Craig Hennessy there recordings are dry good but dry. Not talking shit man calm down. I'm on your side. Christ....everyone has a chip on there shoulder?

  18. Baby yoda

    You are not tool.

  19. Ninja Sean

    Nothing better than putting in earbuds, turning up loud as possible and blasting on the highway on my ninja 🏍👍

  20. Xenoprism

    I remember back in the days of KaZaA and I downloaded a dragon ball z amv with this song and i was like YOOOOOOOO THIS IS SICK

  21. pauljolry

    far out

  22. xBirdmanX

    god, Static-X was way ahead of its time.. It's a shame Wayne passed so soon.. I wanted more Static-X

  23. Corey Thomas

    Great metal music 😁😁

  24. Replicant Battyman

    sung in german this could easily pass for a rammstein song

  25. Austin Bartose

    A very Tool like video

  26. Aaliyah Hett

    My mom plays metal songs in the car this is my favorite one

  27. Kenny Casey

    2020! ya

  28. JAUNTY

    I have this problem where I simply can't stop pressing replay after the song ends.

  29. hugs2003

    Omfg high school flashbacks!

  30. Barry AsILayDying McHugh

    Wisconsin Death Trip CD costed me $27 but it was worth every penny & one of the first CD's I bought.

  31. Chili Phil

    Jesus Christ, came up on recommended, how did i forget this tune!

  32. Austin Stueland

    When I finally fool a woman into having a child with me, I will have to play this in the birthing chamber


    Birthing chamber?? 😂😂

    Charles Anthony

    @hugs2003 : Definitely a more metal term than Maternity Ward. Rock the walls of that Birthing Chamber!


    @Charles Anthony 😂😂

  33. country boy

    Steven crowder?

  34. dravensvlogs124

    Hidden message it sounds like one of the songs from type o negative with the quiet voice

  35. AJ Hargett


  36. Sir Procrastinate

    Th is song turns me into a beast

  37. William Baker

    I remember Mtv.....

  38. Hortissimo

    Yeaaaah, you’re bullshit.
    Yeaaaah, you’re bullshit.

  39. Christopher Strong

    Awesome song to lift weights to , just push it

  40. K Comm

    This song is about playing with a puppy.

  41. 1000 subscribers with no videos

    Reminds me of the tool pushit

  42. Andrew Burleigh

    It sounds like a mix between Rob Zombie and Powerman 5000.

  43. Matt B

    Wayne is not dead, he lives in all the 80's and 90's kids who fucking LOVED the music he created. Shame Warner Records is making money off of this shit considering they stunted the reach of his music so much when he was still around.


    I wish I could remember seeing them live years back

  45. SpiderWaffle

    RIP, another victim of US health insurance, pharmaceutical industry and pill pushing politicians.

  46. Andrew Guerra

    Getting some Tool vibes.

  47. pie bald fawn

    Homie looks like a Serj Tanken prototype

  48. GamerUK

    Силаа !!!!

  49. Omenisshere YT

    Listen on 2x speed, you’ll thank me later.

    Ethan Rickman

    Holy shit man im dying

    Goldfish Crackers

    It gets really good at 1:36 too! 😂😂😂

  50. 777Lateralus

    this guy needs to snap into a slimjim

    vzdorr b

    777Lateralus man I was watching that 2 days ago YouTube recommend it to me for some reason


    R.I.P. WAYNE

  52. infernalHeart

    Is this crashbox

  53. SilverShadow550

    First time I heard that in the into to Duke Nukem Land of the Babes at the age of 12 (yeah parents did not comprehend the rating system)

    One of my fav bands to this day

  54. Jeremy Hardin

    Static X, Me, Nsometoot 👀

  55. Dan Barnett.

    R. I. P Wayne

  56. Krishna kriss

    2020 : Anyone still listening this song??

    Right!! Me too.


    Fav band bro


    I SEE IT .... I NEED IT

  57. Arizona Bassist

    They ripped off this song from SaltNPeppa, but I prefer this version. 🤘

  58. Luis C

    Slim Jim

  59. We ́reTheNobodies

    So, 2019 just past and it's January now. Since there are 12 songs on this album, I will learn each song in order on this album on my guitar per month, all the way to December. Starting with Push It.

  60. Steve Lowry

    STILL 'Pushing it' in 2020.....

  61. pantelemoon ponermenko

    Rip 2020.
    Its a shame i got into this band years after he died.


    Luckily I got a chance to see them live and even meet Wayne. He was just chilling in his truck talking to fans in the parking lot before they took the stage at Ozzfest. He was honestly cool as shit and a super nice guy. RIP

  62. Mario Calderón

    Super Cool Chihuahua México 2019


    I remember watching this video on the old static x website along time ago. The video player was small and square. Listened To there album playing Dreamcast and ps1

  64. Goldenhordemilo

    evil-disco spec

  65. cracker borealis

    Odd, I don't remember this episode of Crashbox.

  66. Saltine American

    if dane cook was in a metal band

  67. Butterfly knife Basics

    The fandom is still alive

  68. Cheryl Cromp

    Lol my neighbour is a grumpy asshole but idgaf he can suck it !! *Blasts at full volume*

  69. Christian Paez

    Idk why, but this band reminds me of power man 5000.

  70. madmuffinz

    At the very end, he pushed it

  71. Ryan Ryan

    What the fuck is this shit my head started to hurt as soon as heard his voice

  72. OpiZoid

    soulja boy

  73. DevilMaster

    I will always think of Duke Nukem when I hear this song.

  74. ehill1536

    "Yeah!!! Your bullshit." Try un-hearing that.

  75. cocaine dance party

    I'm so dru k what Ami dong here

  76. Liquid Mike

    one of the first times I heard this was the intro to Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes..
    it gave that game credibility in my eyes

  77. Эйрена

    2019 here ?

  78. nathan hopkins

    Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes, anyone?

  79. rOY mOnster

    I want to see those vocal coaches react to this!

  80. rOY mOnster


  81. coolrunnings

    Siiik song 😍😍😍😍😍🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  82. FreeKing Awwsome

    12 12 2019 FreeKing Awwsome

  83. Mx 64


  84. dstubby82

    When you're trying to set an new bench max...

  85. FleshMutilator

    push it too hard and you'll get Haemorrhoids

  86. Lets Go Blues!!!

    Man Wayne dies from an accidental overdose I presume and then his widow commits suicide like 15 months later, thats so fuckin sad

  87. mike bernhardt

    Wayne static = psymon stark ssx tricky

  88. spawn

    When I listen to Static-X so do all my neighbors.

  89. Dalton Robert Pepple

    Out here lookin like tool

  90. Matt Rose

    I would rob a bank to this

  91. Ismael Cardenas

    That hair tho

  92. Flash HarelKrash

    His voice is the auditory equivalent of the cApItAl AnD lOwErCaSe LeTtErS bEiNg AlL fUcKeD uP.

  93. Hanif Abdullah Salam

    Rip Wayne.

  94. Josh Copeland

    I always thought he was saying your bullshit. xD

  95. Gabriel Grigsby

    Ridiculousness anybody?