Static-X - Permanence Lyrics

Everything is as cold as ice
Everything is as dead as life
Take another as screaming eyes
Take another as curled up cries of



Permanence it's
Permanence it's
Permanence it's
Permanence it's gone

Scarred and scared you crawl across
Everything is as no one thought and
Echoes cover your spirit size
Echoes ring on your sweating cries of

Sacred rituals I comply
Cold and curdled are my insides but
Everything is as this surprise
Everything is as curled up cries of

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Static-X Permanence Comments
  1. Steven Spence

    Almost 2020 and I still listen to these classics never gets old

  2. Rodrigo Pinto

    This is the best Static-x album

  3. Dylan Colson

    Static x more then a person is power rest in power og wayne

  4. The MPrachtkl1

    One of my favorites amongst many!

  5. ManOfEck 1812

    I drank so much, I puked in the parking lot behind Peabodys Down under that 3 years later the asphalt was still stained. Jagermister and Mickeys.

  6. ManOfEck 1812

    Cleveland 99. Fear Factory Static X System Of A Down. Lost a tooth in the pit. Fucking A

  7. FUK U


  8. 2r4w

    OK so it's been many years and I just realized today that this song does not say Turbo dance

  9. Robert Francis Spurling


  10. Wicked Wonderland

    For those wondering, the part at 2:10 says, "We entered your minds. We changed them. We entered your minds. We changed them... for you." It's from the 1985 movie Lifeforce. You can see the original scene here:

  11. Robert Smith

    EVIL Disco !!!!


    God I wish he made a music video for this song.. could picture how bad ass it would be

  13. Drawyoursword420

    The song for when you find out sunnydale has no slayer

  14. Tremeca Battle

    20199999 whea my metal heads still head banging to this in 2019

  15. ray32245mv

    dun dun pah
    dun dun pah
    dun dun - dun - dunpah

  16. 1985year

    Pleaaase someone take me back to 2001.

    Chris RJ

    Pre-September, please.


    1985year I know. MAGA.

    Michael Dog

    @ray32245mv I was born this year!!!

  17. pzkpfwiv freak

    carlos eduardo. c'mon man, this deserves a little more respect than that. lets see you surpass the achievements of these artists, then you can smack talk. yes, it sounds similar, but not that much

  18. karl hilo

    good song

  19. saar144


  20. Jason Duncan

    Why do all the heroes die do soon? Wayne, dime, vinnie paul, etc.....seems like they are only here long enough to make their mark on our souls then they leave us

  21. Michael Stokes

    That electronic part at 2.08, ohhhh yes.

    Wherever that was from, its the shizz

  22. ExplodingButton

    What does the woman say at around 2:10?

    Static Resurrection Official

    ExplodingButton I think she's saying: "we've entered your minds, to change them, forever" probably one the most beautiful moments in Static X legacy.

    and then at the end saying
    "Your mind is unimportant" ? 3:25

  23. BenGeo

    Anyone know the lyrics at 2:10 in the song?


    “We’ve entered your minds. We’ve changed them. We’ve entered your minds. We’ve changed them, to live.

    Static Resurrection Official

    ExplodingButton I think she's saying: "we've entered your minds, to change them, forever" probably one the most beautiful moments in Static X legacy.
    and then at the end saying
    "Your mind is unimportant" 3:25


    Do you know what the sample is from? I can’t find anything about it.

  24. Andrew Nelson

    Celebration of talent

  25. Row&Ryan Green

    This is one of Wayne's best songs if you ask me

  26. John Sargeant

    may wayne static's hair forevermore stand tall in the afterlife.

  27. brett slater

    Static is its own genre of music. Love it forever. RIP Wayne Static.

    brett slater

    There is no other artist like him. Nor will there ever be. It wasn't industrial, or black metal it was and still is SAVAGE metal.

  28. DIABLO318

    purple nexus

  29. JackDrw

    Плохо, бля, ударил, ещё раз по ебалу!

  30. Mikhail Krassavin

    Пятая Бригада - Бей по ебалу


  31. MultiScoffer

    the drums on this freakin song are awesome!!!

  32. Nishank Tiwari

    The best thing about Static X is that they used to make music for Fans & not for the Critics. Love you Static X, RIP Wayne. 😔

  33. Chris Vasquez

    Fucking epic.

  34. Adrian G

    I like this Herbal Essence commercial

  35. yawyd

    This reminds me of Ministry Jesus Built My Hot Rod

  36. Brandon Burden

    I found about this song in a MK tribute to Sub Zero, I'm into MK lol and I loved the song.

  37. Colin K

    they used this song in a Buffy the vampire episode.. biker hogs from hell gearing up to this song. check it.out


    What season?

    Yoda O

    ya this song made that scene gangster af

  38. Psycho Chicken

    3 people are sad that "permanence is gone."

    Daniel Varley-Barrett

    Plasticity demands happiness

  39. silico

    Rest in peace, Wayne Static and your beloved Tera Wray.

    Keep the mess hall moshing in your realm in the after life.

    Enabran Tain

    +silico Well said dude, the world is a lesser place with out Wayne, Terra and Static X

  40. Cameron MedicineEagle


    Philip Berry

    Herbal essence. (Voices in background) --Rince repeat.

    James Entroscasastronomicaltroscaso

    Carlos Eduardo Imagine a whole bunch of dudes with long hair headbanging for the parody music video 😂😂😂😂



    FUK U

    Bruh🤔😔 you just fukt this song up for me for life!!!😅😅😅😅

    Derrick Adams


  41. vaga888


  42. John Attila

    let us remember him because his musics helped the humanity rip Wayne

  43. Shannon Grimm

    These guys were so good live! RIP Wayne!!!!

  44. Corn Flake

    RIP Wayne...God Bless n Keep u Bro

  45. Lenny_ Busker

    Ahhh this brings me back to high school.

  46. thekeefer690

    This had to be the best Static album .Death trip was great ,but this album was special, R.I.P Wayne.

    Joshua Jay Vielle

    fuck yeah brotha

    Joe Nunez

    Wisconsin Death Trip started it all bruva...I would play Duke Nukem in 1999-2000 for the ps1 and N64 and the intro song was Push It ...saw them live in 2001..

    Joe Nunez

    As did I brotha....the intro song to the game..

  47. Cristal Caldwell

    RIP Wayne :(

  48. xvirthnorth

    Had really good times, thanks Wayne for this gift called Static-X. It is so sad that you are no more here with us. R.I.P.


    hopefully wayne is jamming up there with jimi hendrix, michael jackson, and everybody else whose music lives on.

  49. Markdorsett22

    <3 rest in peace.

  50. Cairo Sanders

    You will be sorely missed.

  51. isabel zamora

    RIP Wayne

  52. JayWrecks

    Album is the tiiiiiiits!!

  53. skullleader85

    The album that sent me down the path of metal.

  54. Tyson Stringer

    80 likes. (not a lot). But then again, there's no dislikes. Amazing,

  55. Steve Hasse

    Wow this brings back memories.

  56. screechandmoan

    So cool. I've always loved his wordplay methods, like in the chorus when he ends with "gone" instead of saying permanence again. Excellence.

  57. Abram montes

    42 likes and counting no dislikes

  58. Aetheretic

    Been a few years since I listened to this, the nostalgia's flooding in. Fucking love this album.

  59. DIN UDE

    yesssss.........perfect gym music

  60. Jeremy Owens

    @TheMarksman2012 i bet thats hardcore bro

  61. steve marksman

    i love listening to this in the humvee OX