Static-X - New Pain Lyrics

Misdirected, I'm awakened
Manifests in, into my head
I feel new pain, becoming part
Of my every, every moment now

New Pain - you told me you wanted and hated me
New Pain - you kill me now this becomes part

I'm so sure I'm, so confused I'm
All things to you, nothing to you
I feel new pain, in these shadows
Of my every, every moment now

New Pain - you told me you wanted and hated me
New Pain - you kill me now this becomes part

New Pain - you told me you wanted and hated me
New Pain - you kill me now this becomes part

You told me that you wanted me
You told me you hate me
Tear for our suffering
Told me that I'm the one
You wanted to kill me
And now it makes this all ugly
Becomes part of me
Turning into this new pain

Your horse I ride, bite down hard
And now I suffer
My heart to my mind it burns
Rips it hurt, it kills

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Static-X New Pain Comments
  1. Dave M

    Hate the newest shit shut it down

  2. noname noname

    Песня такая же новая как и боль

  3. ROSG24

    Wayne is the man

  4. Michael Reynolds

    Man I JaM and rock and roll and Dig this shit Static X is Legit, huh ppl have bad habits idc.

  5. Anton A.

    Man, if Wayne was still around, Static X would keep slaying the shit out of our ears. Wayne actually wanted to start using 7 and 8 string guitars for his music and tune even lower than B. Imagine how hard their current shit would sound. .

  6. Björn viðar Aðalsteinsson

    Rip Wayne static :(

  7. Kinghulk K

    This song helps me face my fears. I love this song!!!!!

  8. androthalas

    Completely under rated band people dont know how to disect music R.I.P Wayne Static.

  9. Benjamin Yearley

    I get hard listening

  10. Benjamin Yearley


  11. STAMinalization Kd

    Rip to the best metalhead!!

  12. MarieSueMax

    I really want to see the faces of the people who disliked this

    david benda

    sad and stupid faces...

  13. Asmah Noordin

    serj + daron = you got wayne static... all in one

  14. Larus Ferreira

    remembers me alice in chains in the beggining

  15. Saci

    Sound like System of a Down a bit...


    except you know, it doesn't sound like someone tripped over a radio and got the song stuck on fast forward

    david benda

    No, sounds like Static-x!

    Allan F that is included guitar, bass and drums? This is much more of a nu-metal industrial kind of sound than system of a down...

    George Montgomery



    He's talking about the vocals...

  16. Trish Drew

    static of a down

  17. Say Hello To The Robots

    Is this Tony Campos growling "New Pain"?


    no its wayne static

    János Kele

    No its Tony

    Nick G

    Say Hello To The Robots I'm pretty sure Wayne did it in studio and layers it in and Tony did it live.

    Blackshrk Music

    Tony campos is a Chicano, Hispanic blood

  18. No Extremism

    Rip Harambe

    Gus Renteria

    that's pretty disrespectful

  19. Chris Rustad

    Bri <3

    ugh she's Gold... blahh

    miss her

  20. Vladimir Bali

    system of a static x (SOAD)

  21. Coffee with Meshuggah

    This album rocks

    polloyonAiou ambrosiavilla

    Meshuggah via coffee?

    polloyonAiou ambrosiavilla

    Nice tag mane

    Joe L'Horri


  22. Ville Valo

    15 people have old pains lol

    Halldor Lord

    it seems that one more has old pain too :P

  23. milos2478

    My fav :)

  24. James E.

    He definitely inspired me! Damn I'm gonna miss that guy they were bad ass live!

    Heath Boggs

    you seen them live!?

  25. David Korpiewski

    Has to be one of the best Static X songs ever!!!  I can't stop listening to it since I found it weeks ago!

    Dar Year

    @David Korpiewski +++, also the only and control it

    TonyBologna 69

    Dirthouse and just in case are also good and if u got those listen to so and Set it off ;). He will be missed by metal fans everywhere


    Oh my God! I just found it too, I can't believe how much ass this kicks!

    Kenedy González

    Me too ! 😂

    A skates

    dude the whole album is fantastic. static-x rules!

  26. Ashton Priest

    Such a shame that Wayne died.
    R.I.P. Wayne Static. He inspired many bands to become what they are today.

    j krk

    +Ashton Priest You are Goddamn right. This is a legend now.

  27. Kinnon Jackson JR

    I agree with you xpickupyourfeetx this song could be your wrestling entrance

  28. Knux Kitsune

    @Godzilladeathmatch This is their third studio album, Wisconsin Death Trip (1999), Machine (2001) and this is from Shadow Zone (2003).

  29. Neequasor LP

    It means in french : new Bread :D

  30. izovlog

    heh... I just got out of high school when this album came out. I had Wisconsin Death Trip and Machine though. A bit less emotional albums and a lot more fun!

  31. Daron Malakian

    Static X definitely has a lot emotion to their songs, I feel every single on of them.

  32. audrey c

    New Pain You Told Me....ouch

  33. iNoMercy QR

    Nostalgie ! *--* <3

  34. Samy Macqueen

    awkwardness wins

  35. Samy Macqueen

    take a schnief

  36. Moon Devoured

    are you sure you got all the way THROUGH high school?

  37. jasfromoz

    Apparently you barely made it THROUGH high school.

  38. Fox Favinger

    My favorite Static X album. I still wanna punch the guy in the face that stole it from me.

  39. mark Chapman




  41. Lee .Dowling

    bless yah

  42. xPickUpYourFeetx

    When I was 12 and wanted to be a WWE superstar this was going to be my entrance music

  43. Michael mitermeier

    my favorite!

  44. wil miranda

    algun dia mi banda sera a base de la tuya, eres un genio wayne...wil-x

  45. Ace Luckly

    this was good shit back in 05 !

  46. HakureiSM

    Third, second is called Machine

  47. Rachel Stormcrow

    you told me that you wanted me you told me you hate me... tears for our suffering... told me that I'm the one you wanted to kill me and now it makes it so ugly... becomes part of me... turning into this new pain... FREAKING EPIC SONG... kill your idols is good too

  48. Aaron Baldwin

    3rd, first one is by far the best

  49. Wolfpackgaming

    so can some one tell me is this there second album?

  50. meniver

    He was so excited, that he couldn't aim the like button.

  51. Mike Neville

    1 Guy listen to Britney Spears!!!

  52. Shootingstarr

    only good thing about the NFS of the early 2000's
    goddamn static-x :)

  53. Steve Hampson

    Shame they changed so much after this album, still a great band though!

  54. Trixy Brix

    I love this band =D They're my fave by far still, ^_~

  55. ihateusernamesgrrr

    @THEMURDEROUSMOSHIE yeh Machine did that for me :) ... i fuckin love this band, theres only 1 volume level for Static-X - MAX VOLUME ... i blew some old speakers listening 2 these guys haha, so naturally i have a much more power stereo system now 2 the detriment of my neighbours hahaha

  56. KageegeeDJ

    @DanceLikeANitwit Are you fucking kidding me?

  57. Sock Lobster

    @KageegeeDJ justin bebo

  58. KageegeeDJ

    @DanceLikeANitwit What is better than Static?

  59. Sock Lobster

    @MrDenverdan you're

  60. Sock Lobster

    I listened to this when I was 12, and now I listen to good music instead, but it's fun to remember simpler times~

  61. mudvayneWoo

    @UsakosAngel "this song is a copyright of Static-X and i dont own it in any way, shape, or form." there ya go

  62. Anthony Paiva

    wish could use up there Like to get rid of one dislike, then all of youtube will be balanced

  63. MadMoogle Gaming

    @YoHannahShutUp Damn trolls. lol and thats probably exactly what happened.

  64. Nahueltastico

    Nu Pain!

  65. Otakuneru

    @demonhorns87 i bet the one person who disliked did it in spite of your comment.

  66. MadMoogle Gaming

    Favorite song off the whole album thanks for posting. Cheers.