Static-X - Dirthouse Lyrics

My dirthouse
Watch it happen from the box
Mind wanders
Dirty dirty word
My dirthouse
This is where it all comes down
Look into my eye
You feel my skin, its dirt

Drive me wild
Remember when you blew my mind?
Cut through me
Living in the dirt
These dogs are curled up in a little ball
These dogs are freezing their asses off

Go, go , go
Pick up the pieces
I wanna call this my home
Go, go, go
Pick up the pieces
I've got some pain of my own

Open the box
See whats inside
You make the call
Sick of it all again

Tear me down
Pushing on my every nerve
Scares me
I hope i don't get burnt
Look closer
Look into my dirty mind
Feeling sick inside
My blood has turned to fucking dirt

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Static-X Dirthouse Comments
  1. insaneoflex01

    Man. Where can I find a shirt like Wayne’s? I’ve been wondering since I was in middle school

  2. Kevin Pederson

    You all sock bunky lick....haha ... FAHQ censorship!

  3. Der Joker

    I Love This Shit! German: Ja auch in Deutschland habt ihr immer noch Fans Static-X!

  4. Joey Ramirez

    2020 anyone?

  5. Jessica Alvarez

    2020 🤟🏻

  6. Wolf Lee

    Damn that s a heavy drum , the heaviest i ve ever heard , i can give names like lamb of god or avenged sevenfold but this is way heavier i admit

  7. Felipe Küllinger

    R.I.P. Wayne Static 2019 feelings

  8. jaime386683

    2020 gang represent 🤙

  9. The Vinyl Truffle

    I hopped in my buddies car today to go get some weed and this song was playing. He started it over and turned it up to 20. Goddamn. Miss you Wayne.

  10. Acheesyboxplane

    RIP Wayne Static
    I love this song
    This is the song of my childhood

  11. Carl Goring

    Fuckin hell I found out 5 years later Wayne died 😔 fuckin tragic and another irreplaceable Nu metal legend, the genre never died it's just resting in peace currently, nu metal could have gone 2 ways, it could have evolved into something special instead everyone got suicidal and depressed and fucked the genre up.

    not mentioning no names but Corey Taylor, Jonathan Davis, Aaron Lewis, Chester Bennington and multiple other artists all took a depressing emotional turn not sticking with the original gameplan and creating music so people would rise up and fight for what they believe in, not rise up and grab a bottle of pills swallow them and if you survive write a song about it.

  12. Nicole

    Listening in 2020 because this is & will always kick arse🤘🏼 Miss you Wayne! We will never forget ❣️

  13. Enrico Franchi

    I love this song!

  14. Rampage Schnitzarki

    R.I.P. Wayne, you were, are, and will always be, one of my biggest inspirations, and idols.

  15. Black Clouds

    one note song xD hehehehe

  16. Cor Draconibus

    I walked to walmart at three am as a kid to steal this album

  17. Dude Guy

    Always takes me back 15+ years ago when I was in middle school and jamming this shit all the time. Love all of static x and waynes solo stuff. It all kicks fucking ass!!!!

  18. KmanA !

    Not very creative

  19. Edvinas Kalambetas

    1:43 😍😍😍

  20. jay jay

    Me - this is music
    My neighbours - shut that shit up its 2 am
    Also me - no.

  21. weiderth br


  22. ScrapTime

    My birthday is this year.

  23. Shawn Tenorio

    Fukn badass.....

  24. Floyd Mora

    Block the video.i don't give a fuck. They still rock

  25. Freddy007 ____


  26. Serph1983


  27. kasтрюлькин хуй

    Песня одного аккорда

  28. jimmiemclovin

    what a groove!


    00:04 😲🤘

  30. Jason b

    Rest In peace to this fucking legend you will forever be missed wayne your music gets me through some tough shit,keep rocking eternally wayne thank you for what you did on this earth love you brother rock the fuck on.🤘

  31. George Burgess

    This still bangz

  32. Kip Sullivan

    Wayne Static....A TRUE original!

  33. SGTSnakeUSMC

    Static X makes me want to break things.

  34. SUNIKI

    They wrote a song thats this catchy with essentially one note.

  35. James Condliffe

    Go! Go! Go!

  36. 420SupaK

    Who here still jamming some Static X 2019? Will love this band forever. R.I.P Wayne.


    Never stopped, don't plan on it ether!

    Destry O

    Just saw Xer0 and the rest of the band a couple weeks ago. Sure miss Wayne, but damn they did well in his honor!

    Лена Юрчук

    2020,RIP to Wayne Static.we do not forget him,his wife Terra and his songs

    Лена Юрчук

    Static-x 's one of my favourite rock bands



  37. Imad Elhilali

    The beats of drum makes wanna fly

  38. AzRaeL

    damn i miss him :'(

  39. Lunita Romi

    Rip wayne static you are the best lml

  40. Lorenzo Torres Burgoa

    METAL ROCK!!!!!!!!

  41. Too Much Sus

    Ahh that 2005 quality lol

  42. Bitra Mizuri

    Fucking sick

  43. legalize homicide

    Hell yeah

  44. Garret Roland

    [ ]

    Garret Roland

    what under they want?.

  45. Garret Roland

    in yu yo show.

  46. Chris Davidson Dimpal

    Who's to this awosome song right now? 2019 May,02

  47. Garret Roland


  48. Garret Roland



  49. The Sedrick Channel

    2019 gang where you at?

    Kry Kry Stott

    @SGTSnakeUSMC same 😂😂


    Italy present.

    Klebson S Alves

    Excelente banda, com músicas presentes em diversos jogos, como Need For Speed e Duke Nukem

    Doug Schmit II

    Illinois represented!

    Paigan Brady

    2020 static x gang more like now.
    Yeeeahhhh!!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  50. Nathan Thompson

    It would have been nice to see Wayne growing old and rocking the same look as his hair began to thin.

  51. John Willis

    L.A... Skater thru s.f put'em

  52. Alfonso Ruiz

    I never listened to them back in the day because I though wayne looked like every other shitty new metal artist. What a shame, they rock.

  53. William Bostic

    If you have been exposed to mesothelioma you are entitled to compensation

  54. kapten por

    2019 tetep asiiiiiik! 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  55. Tyler Gibson

    It’s out of sync man.... Damn

  56. Jeff Ramsaur

    Miss you Wayne! 🖤🖤

  57. Dan Novik

    My Favorite Static X tune. RIP Wayne.

  58. Li Kaui

    Sooooooo Goooooooood!

  59. Google Casenio

    2019 March 24?. .up

  60. scifiaudious2

    These dogs are freezing their asses off, warnmer brothers🌚

    I think the dirthouse is where he did a fuck load of heroin while writing the shit, so much as to add his discontent for being there bc he was forced to write more songs for the album

  61. Jason Bottoms

    Open the box. See whats inside.

  62. Stevanie Angel

    Very nice

  63. Evan Cruz

    A friend got me into UFC. I was watching with him for many years. Then one day, when a fighter was getting Vaselined up on the side of the ring...there’s Wayne with his *Mario Fortress* hairdo.

  64. Change Notcoming

    Twenty fucking nineteen

  65. Romney Mcgruber

    Miss you, Wayne. Rock is gheysause now. Better you not see the lameness

  66. Mudvayne & DyingFetus8

    2019 everyone?

  67. kartracer5G

    It sucks he had to make that final death trip to Wisconsin I had tickets to go see them live a month after he had died... if you never knew of static x before he died and we lost a legend I'm sorry for you... he was the man...

  68. Lani Wilkinson

    i looove you

  69. Bradley Magnuson

    This and trance is the motion are definitely my two favs. I remember seeing these guys in Milwaukee with no one even heard of them they were opening for Fear Factory at a little Auditorium and was just captivated by then when the lights went down for trance is the motion and you could smell the herb everywhere was just a memory I won't forget r i p Wayne

  70. Matthew Tarpley


  71. Rogatich

    Does it can djent?

  72. Mafaman

    "Pick up the pieces, I've got some pain of my own..." That line is what makes this song fuc**ing awesome!

  73. Ty Boviys

    Evil Disco baby

  74. Larry Stapleton

    in 2010, I went on a 3 year quest for the perfect Metal song, this was my conclusion. It still holds.

  75. Michał Kucharski

    2018 still awesome!!!

  76. john vanmeter

    R.I.P. Wayne Static u will be sorryly missed

  77. Aiden Zaker

    Aiden zaker

  78. Chris Hurless

    Respect the craft!

  79. Jennifer Parker-Bell

    Still keeping me moving

  80. Motorheadmike

    Good times back in the 90’s.

  81. Jamey Alford

    I love watching campos attack that bass. This band was so under appreciated.

  82. butter beer

    Now i think about it when people say they sounded exact live they prob just sang it and played it how its supposed to be played

  83. Wolf Lee

    At 2:05 the drummer starts to drum from right to left this is pure talent you can t teach that

  84. Wolf Lee

    Such a heavy drum

  85. Danny Griner

    Gone but never forgotten.
    On this day nov 1 2018 1 year gone

  86. Richard Tipton

    Dimebag vinnie paul and wayne static in heaven playing the godliest shit

  87. Happy ClamGuy

    RIP man

  88. Ron Crowell

    Still great in 2018. RIP dude

  89. Vinicius Oliveira

    Static-X and Wayne forever <3

  90. crow offroad

    Little puppies in my head, They won't let me Go

  91. MBWrestler87

    I was disappointed that they used this song as the 2nd music video of the album. They had such classics like enemy and start a war to use