Static-X - Cold Lyrics

We kiss
The Stars
We writhe
We are

Your name
Your flesh
We are

We're so cold
We are so
We're so cold

Your mouth
These words
It turns
We laugh
My head
Falls back

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Static-X Cold Comments
  1. Aki Ra

    He was such a beautiful man

  2. Kohlenstoffisotop12

    I remember seeing this on MTV for the first time, and I still dig that song.

  3. Marcos Vinícius

    Gta San Andreas iv ps2 ano 2008 feito pela geomatrix saudades essa música tocava quando eu pega a moto ou carro..

  4. gijesteroif

    2020, yup this music is timeless

  5. Brandon sampley

    2020 🎧🎼

  6. Yoshi Gaming 101

    That's winter for ya 👍

  7. Shadow Zone

    2:32 is not the dope vocalist?

  8. Diego Alberto

    2020 🇧🇷🤟😥

  9. Tinky Weed

    Bringing in 2020 the right way with this flashback of my 20s lol

  10. Thyago Souza

    Gta San Andreas

  11. Socrahontas

    Heh. First in 2020.

  12. Anthony Lopez

    Man, such a unique sound, vocals and music. RIP.


    ALGUIEN 2020 😎

  14. peter jay figueroa

    Good taste in music never dies! RIP Wayne

  15. Андрей Саяпин

    Question : 2019-2020???
    Me : Forever !!
    R.I.P. Wayne Static 😭😭😭

  16. dc technoblood

    Who's still listening in 2020😃🕸️

    Ultra marin

    11.01.2020 🤘

  17. AlbeertOH

    I love those riffs

  18. Jared McClendon

    To the great Wayne static.we all miss you.i grew up with static-x

  19. MANOY TV

    2020 anyone???

  20. Blain Yeager

    great reference to the book of richard matheson (im legend or the last man on the earth)

  21. rob Howard

    This video is a more accurate depiction of the book I Am Legend than that god-awful Will Smith movie.

  22. Tomás Saavedra

    i feel like a oldman :(

  23. Dwayne Voisey

    2019. Wayne was a beast!

  24. Patrick Willian

    GTA San Andreas mod Rio de Janeiro bring me here.

  25. Patrick Willian

    GTA San Andreas mod Rio de Janeiro bring me here.

  26. mohd amin mohd azhar

    December 2019 guys..

  27. Heber Banegas

    La banda mas hija de su perra madre ..que existió en el hard

  28. Leon Hann

    Soon as I heard this on queen of the damned I knew it was Wayne s voice

  29. Ariston Lim

    Decrembre 2019

  30. 7bravo

    this song is legendary!!!

  31. Joseph Cribari


  32. billy white

    raises the bull horns ;p

  33. charles charlestonJUGGALO

    Almost 2020 RIP wayne!

  34. kiIl-chan

    why pick this one for the video instead of permanence?

  35. The _DEADSHOT_

    Моей Матери,61 и она любит эту песню!!!!!!!

  36. Av V

    Fuck u too. Cold

  37. Имя Фамилия

    Ты в моем сердце

  38. Sarah Beth

    Rip Aaliyah and Tara Ray and Wayne Static

  39. Sarah Beth

    Why do the whispers have the misconception that only bunnies have metal running in their veins?

  40. MrPajamaShark

    I love how you can see this was inspired by I Am Legend

    McFrog 418

    Except that it came out 6 years before it and is off the soundtrack of Queen of the Damned.

  41. Jacob Mcgrath

    Love The X

  42. Josh Russell

    Listening to this song with window open in late November.

  43. Edwardo Xxx

    R.I.P Wayne :(

  44. Megan Roberts

    Still a good track for the playlist

  45. Richard Tipton

    We miss you Wayne, it's cold down here

  46. karl lindsey

    Wayne static is rockin out in heaven probably right now with the angels making alot of noise and complaining about how he misses earth.🌎

  47. Raidel Hernandez

    Deftones vibes😍😍😍

  48. This is Ajang

    Me when it's snowing outside : Cold, It's So Cold, We Are

  49. System X

    Such a good song!!

  50. The Black Berets

    This version is way better than the original. Sounds like it's tuned down to A#.

  51. Pepe Luis Nava

    Noviembre 2019 y sigo cantándola como en la secundaria

  52. Holger Diessner

    RIP Wayne :3

  53. Elisângela122 Santos

    Cd os brasileiros?

  54. Sarah Beth

    Lol static used to be my permanent gamer partner. He was a bassist who loved Wayne Static and I liked his name 😅

    So sad he passed away tho :(

  55. Richard Queen

    i still cant believe hes gone

  56. Raul Ochoa

    Badass band.

  57. Mortal Kombat

    Hold me now I'm so cold

  58. Dan RV

    Vengo por recomendación de Cristian Castro :v

  59. Kevin Yates

    No body rocks better. Duh!!!

  60. Carlos David Alvizures P.

    RIP Wayne.

  61. priit mölder

    That guitar riff is the chorus of the whole song!

  62. Rae Lynne

    You maybe gone but not forgotten. RIP Wayne Static, rock on in heaven! 🤘🏻

  63. Joe

    I miss em. All of them. RIP

  64. Prønøunced Dead

    Such an awesome song and Video. R.I.P. Wayne Static

  65. Huds S

    That plucky synth lead is amazing, it gives the song so much atmosphere for being a simple melody.

  66. Joy R.

    bellos recuerdos con este video good

  67. Bestnuggz The

    2019 still rockin

  68. Dominus Noctis

    I love this band!

  69. eddie macias

    Remember When Vampires were awesome? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  70. 5SC Basher

    "Cold, we're so COOOOOOUULD!"
    Shit just pumps you up.

  71. Sepultura Community

    Such a legendary band.

  72. MrSnuka3000

    When my friend, and I go outside during a snowstorm, and we forget to wear our coats.

  73. Mark Martinez

    The first time I saw Static X was during the 2001 Family Values tour in Detroit! RIP 🤘

  74. Rose C

    Lol at the little sideburn hairs sticking out that he purposely styled that way

  75. Bul Elangbam

    Tripp eissen spining guitar is cool,rip wayne..QOTD..ost..

  76. Ghost8386

    RIP Wayne.

  77. leonardo. beldadjr08

    Early 90s&2000s are the foundations of Rock,Nu metal, Hardrock,Alternative Rock,emopunk,britpop,etc..Even Tapes📼 are played🤔

  78. el barto 358

    Gta san Andreas con el parche jajaja que recuerdos...
    Gracias brasucas

  79. Vinicius Schlosser

    *GTA San Andreas*

  80. Robert Porter

    Tinted goggles and MIG gloves while angle grinding. Interesting.

  81. HeavyMetalThunder

    What's that noise in the beginning. What instrument

  82. R.J McCready

    Remember when We Go!...
    It's Accidental probably mixed with a bit of Selfishness.

  83. Alex Paz

    RIP WAyne Static!!
    Arriba Asesino X

  84. Molly Tilford

    me I saw them live

  85. PlaySkillTV

    Still Listening 29.09.2019

    Ultra marin

    1.12.2019 🤘


    @Ultra marin 1.12.2019 🤘

  86. Akasha Lilith

    Queen of the Damned ❤

  87. Austin Paulsen

    Add power chords

  88. Crystel Xoxo

    2019 anyone?

  89. saint nic cage

    Queen of the dammed had the most amazing soundtrack

  90. YorGie Avila

    Static x... a fucking... King bro.

  91. Juan Carlos Muñoz

    Eres y seguirás siendo un Cabron! 🍻🤘🏽

  92. Blog Leitura Avulsa

    Top no Brasil

  93. Sir Hudson

    No other will ever be like static x

  94. Killer LOL

    Aca en cali conoci de esta banda por play tv de telepacifico alla en los 2001 buena musica