Static-X - Bled For Days Lyrics

it's meaningless [3x]
i take the hold [4x]

it's mindlessness [4x]
i bled for days [4x]

get to the race
the healing of it fucking with it
conceal the scab you don't want to show (fate)
into the hate
i channel all the negative and
i bled for days now i take the hold

i don't believe it
fuck me, read me, get me
(bled for days)
smile on my rage i'm scarred by age, i bled
(bled for days)

it's uselessness [3x]
make my weapons [3x]
take the hold

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Static-X Bled For Days Comments
  1. ʇooɟ ǝɥʇ ʎq ƃunɥ

    Pretty much describes how it felt when I let one of my chick friends wax my chest. 🤦‍♂️

  2. Shannon Medders


  3. Topsy Kretts

    What a tune!

  4. Joseph Berg

    If You ever saw them LIVE.... You're jamming this in 2020 and beyond

  5. Blue Zkittles

    ,Jan 2020 Wayne

  6. J.K. Stringer

    Industrial Metal at its finest. Can we have a revival of this unique sound in 2020?

  7. MetalGearKirby

    It's meaningless [Repeat: x3]

    I take the hold [Repeat: x4]

    It's mindlessness [Repeat: x3]

    I bled for days [Repeat: x4]

    Get to the race (hate)
    The healing of it fucking with it
    Conceal the scab you don't want to show (fate)
    Into the hate (no)
    I channel all the negative and (break)
    I bled for days now I take the hold, go!

    I don't believe it
    Fuck me, read me, get me (bled for days)
    Smile on my rage I'm
    Scarred by age, I bled (bled for days)

    It's uselessness [Repeat: x3]

    Make my weapons [Repeat: x3]
    Take the hold

    I don't believe it
    Fuck me, read me, get me (bled for days)
    Smile on my rage I'm
    Scarred by age, I bled (bled for days)

    I don't believe it
    Fuck me, read me, get me (bled for days)
    Smile on my rage I'm
    Scarred by age, I bled (bled for days)

    Bled for days
    Bled for days

  8. Harry Clams

    Stripper -X

  9. Jonathan Huff

    This album will never get old

  10. another04 STi

    Goosebumps at 1:02

  11. Leonardo Pedroza

    Just how did Wayne got those harsh vocals out? I love them, they are very unique

  12. T D Rocker fortnite

    I....... i ........ i ........ bled for days out

  13. Arro Robinson

    Seems sexist, love the song i use it during my work outs, but y is bleeding for days considered manly? Women do it all the time n they have no songs 2 my knowledge

  14. Dustin Reyhl

    Music sucks now 🤷‍♂️

  15. Kraven Snow Moon

    Shout-out to the girl who engorged herself in my neck at Websterr during static x in 2010 ...

  16. Dave M

    Amen to the warriors of 2019

    Thomas Anderson

    Fucking miss this shit man

  17. Fred Nunes

    I suffered for days.

  18. jay jay

    Girlfriend loves it when I pump this on the cycle

    Thomas Anderson

    That's one hardcore chick

  19. Larry Furr

    Listening in 2019!!!!!

  20. Dima Kh

    Man this album is awesome. This, KMFDM, and Fear Factory was my shit. RIP. BTW id say Im With Stupid is the best song on the album even tho its mostly* instrumental

  21. Amber134 Xo

    R.I.P. Wayne Static 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  22. I Rage

    The dead will rise if he wants to...

  23. lawrence tsosie

    S-x stills brings on the notion the bust your head open. Bleed on. Hahaha!

  24. codimis

    I totally forgot about this song til a dude at work mentioned it. Oh yesss

  25. John Goulet

    Static x is the balls but,too bad Wayne static is not around anymore!

  26. Dan Banks

    Meanwhile someplace on earth....ahhhhhh

  27. Rufus Herman

    Sadr city 2007-08

  28. Vayned

    2:03 lick my wet foot ♫ lick my wet foot ♫ lick my wet foot ♪

  29. Modder Warfare

    Rip the legend we all know and love that new album is in good hands

  30. rahmspinat

    └📁Static X
    └📁 Bad Songs
    └⚠️ This folder is empty

  31. JeepZJ 101


  32. Infredable D

    Limp Bizkit is better than static-x but still fuck with static-x

  33. TheMarioMan247

    Reminds me a lot of the Mortal Kombat 3 Select Screen

  34. Jason W. Panetti

    Make my weapons! Make my weapons! Make my weapons! Take the hold!

  35. Aidrew Lopez

    Just seen 'em in San Antonio, bad ass show!!!


    I can't wait for the new album to drop!

  37. Seth Chapman

    I thought he was saying "take the whole... ahhh" and implied dick for the longest time.

  38. Sean Liles

    R.I.P ✖️

  39. Anthony oOOo

    I fucking love Static-X. !!!

  40. Plurrster

    It's meaningless [3x]
    I take the hold [4x]
    It's mindlessness [4x]
    I bled for days [4x]
    Get to the race
    The healing of it fucking with it
    Conceal the scab you don't want to show (fate)
    Into the hate
    I channel all the negative and
    I bled for days now I take the hold
    I don't believe it
    Fuck me, read me, get me
    (Bled for days)
    Smile on my rage I'm scarred by age, I bled
    (Bled for days)
    It's uselessness [3x]
    Make my weapons [3x]
    Take the hold

  41. Brian Lutes1

    Spokane WA December 12, 2019, GOT MY TICKETS!

  42. Tayler Enissee

    Who's going to the concerts in 2019?
    I am at hard rock inside anthem boi.

    Matthew Jojola

    Have fun! I'm catching the show in Albuquerque

  43. dat_tea 12345

    Was this in Bride of Chucky?

  44. lawrence tsosie

    Pick my nose and bled for one second. Hahaha!

  45. scifiaudious2

    IIIIIIII bring my whale punch
    bring my whale punch
    bring my whale punch
    take a hold-

  46. Red Reaper

    The start sounds like professional murder music slow

  47. Hamisxa

    Going to see them in Leeds on the 28th. Already booked tickets and hotel

  48. Stanislav Gopnik

    When the volume wont go any loader

  49. Dan Banks

    Play it loud

  50. Matthew Jojola

    I miss Wayne.. I'll never forget seeing his solo tour for 10 bucks in Albuquerque!!

  51. Oliver John

    So groovy and heavy classic late 90s
    Perfect combo

  52. G Roland

    Where is it???.

  53. Tremeca Battle

    2019 Everytime I get pissed I listen to this lolz r.i.p wayne

    Jen Snyder

    SAME 😠

  54. Crystal Kennedy

    No one gets this song..I wonder if anyone else gets any of about the world not menstrual and it's meaningless...listen to the words and u shall see

  55. lostfromwithin85

    Still lit 2019 💯💯

  56. Sean Liles

    X forever in are hearts

  57. Nancy M

    I really miss this guy!

  58. Sushi-San *

    Im only 15 and just found this band and fell in love with it sadly never knew that this man died but to him from a fan rest in peace

    The Negative One

    Sushi-San * Same here. :T

    Thomas Anderson

    Better late than never i was like 7 when I bought this album

    Kane Williams

    I don't think he's going to check your comment.. There's probably a couple other better ways to pay your resepects than through a random YouTube comment section, "fan".

  59. Donnell Powell

    2019 And this still goes HARD AS FUCK !! 🤘🏽Had some damn great times to this song back in the day !!

  60. MCRN ORB1T4L

    If any book worm reads this, please read the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy from Richard K. Morgan, that shit is insane ! The series is visually impressive but meh lore wise overall. Fuck it, you know what to do.

  61. bugshat

    ✌🏻2019 RIP BROTHER

  62. Joseph Howard



    Who jamming this in 19

    T D Rocker fortnite

    Rip Wayne static

    PogoCorpse PeepShow

    saw the them live in Cincinnati back on Friday,SO HAPPY to see them live - the "new" vocalist did such a great job too

    Swede & TT

    Haven't heard in about a decade, forgot how much i miss this shit!!


    @walkergentry how about still jamming this album in 2020

    Walker Gentry

    Crowcide always.

  64. Jonelle O'falt

    GET SOME!!!

  65. dustin brixey

    95 are meaningless

  66. Anthony Bailey

    Oh full volume now am deaf

  67. Tony Garlitz

    2019. Still rocking. Only band I've pre ordered the new album plus some in support of up coming tour. R.I.P Wayne.

    Taven Brunette

    people never die they may not be here but they are known

  68. frank GFish21 ferrante

    uh bled for days..... I ... uh bled for days.....i....uh bled for days.... I ....

  69. Mostasteless Alkemy

    I was there at the 1999 WBCN River Rave ! Amazing show !

  70. Jason Calvert

    RIP Wayne. One of my generations best.

  71. perv erted

    an ode to cutting

    Jen Snyder

    Hell yea

    Teen Suicide

    @Jen Snyder lol no, that's idiotic.

  72. EQOAnostalgia

    Slept for days i, slept for days i, 100% Resident Evil 2 and i, SLEPT FOR DAYSUH!!!!!!!

  73. Clay Mack

    How can people not like this song

  74. CH7

    I feel like I want to train for Mortal Kombat

  75. Shiva's Chimera

    Need a bloody emoji.
    My back is still bleeding you fucking worthless doctor's.
    Im gonna take all their certificates away soon. If they dont listen.
    Drive a fucking nail into their tongues

  76. Joseph Miller

    RIP Wayne Static

  77. Joshua Aleman


  78. Stephen Manley

    Rip brother

  79. Plato Quemado

    Aww I probably lost my virginity to this song! 😁💕😘
    How sWEEEEEEEEEEEEEt......

  80. Belakor Venator

    Wife told me she cut her toe and it bled for days. Instantly heard this in my head. And here we are.

    Edward Navedo

    Did you promise her she'd makes the money?

  81. Moonchild34

    RULES OF NATURE!!!!!!!

  82. Mafaman

    It sounds amazing even for today's standards.

  83. jason lindsey

    Bleeao all the sheep

  84. Koinu .dorei

    Look it up Project Regeneration unheard tracks from Wayne spread the word US Tour then a World Tour

    The King

    Thank you!


    I bought my tickets for Sydney, can't fucking wait!

  85. Stephen Manley

    Rip bro

  86. Justin Willoughby

    Who else is still here in 3047?

    Thomas Butler

    If you've figured out how to fix our extra dimensional industrial metal time machine, I'm all ears.

    Jamie P

    Lol wut

    Taven Brunette

    always forever music is timeless never put a date with music

    Arro Robinson

    Its wierd how extradimensionals influence our pop culture

  87. Louis Harrmann

    R I P Wayne Static you will be forever missed & never forgotten 🖤🖤🖤💯🤘💀☠✝🔥🔥🔥

  88. Philosopher's Tone

    Like long distance running? Play this on repeat - its like a trance.

    Sam Westphal

    The trance is the motion

  89. Brandon Goodbear

    I jam this for my homegirl who got murdered. She was kool as fuck. Head Bang for my girl. RIP. /w\`

  90. Barry Conley

    Is it "Bled for days" OR "Bled four days"?

    sexytrap 666

    u hav to find it out urself use ur powers

  91. Adam Splittah

    Koichi made this album. When he left and they got Tripp it went south


    And he barely speaks English at that time

  92. matt 2525

    Never trust anything that bleeds for days and doesn't die.

  93. Adam Splittah

    Nobody touches Static-X to this day

    Shadow Nightroad

    Til the new album comes out with others finishing what Wayne didn't before his passing. Looking forward to it


    They replaced Wayne with the X headed guy

  94. Smiley of Humpalot

    This was my first Static-X song. Heard it back in 99 on a San Antonio rock station while visiting with family.

  95. Trina marie

    scarred by age