Static-X - Black And White Lyrics

Lost in my own World
Lost in my own World
Lost in my
Lost in my own World
Lost in my own World
Lost in my
Getting to the right
Getting to the wrong
Getting mine
Getting to the right
Getting to the wrong
Getting high

Losing your mind
Losing your mind
It's bluring
It's fading
Your soul's on fire
It's black and white

Burning inside
Burning inside
Burning into white
Burning inside
Burning inside
Burning into night
Yourself collides
Yourself collides
Yourself into mine
Yourself collides
Yourself collides
Yourself splinters like

Losing your mind
Losing your mind
It's bluring
It's fading
Your soul's on fire
It's black and white

Blurring the light
Blurring the light
It's ours for the taking
Flickering colors
It's black and white

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Static-X Black And White Comments
  1. Tony Diablo

    My soul is on fire

  2. RIan H.

    Why doesn't there seem to be an official version of this video on YouTube? This is not Hi-Def.☹️

  3. Et Mercé Toto !

    2019 here

  4. Nicole Branscum

    One of my all time favorite songs, EVER!

  5. 619 OG

    This was my shit.

  6. Blu MasTec


  7. JenDar! BeastStar!

    No, It is all Orange and Purple, Here.

  8. HypnoPants

    When did Beakman go metal?

  9. Onecrunchypickl

    Such a tragic loss ....

  10. A cheesey guy 610

    I loved this song around 9 years ago...but I never new the name of it?! Or that it was by static X 😂 only today as I'm writing this comment is when I found out...there was me just listening to static X thinking I never heard them before :/

  11. Todsen Leaman

    So underrated

  12. Dash Hazard

    Miss ya Wayne. RIP.

  13. Antwaun Broughton

    BC Rich guitar is so dope!!



  15. Shane C88

    So Miles Dyson is responsible for Judgement Day and Static X...?

  16. Siviu Marcu

    RIP Wayne..u live thro us listenind to your music

  17. Mickha Damara


  18. MuchVines

    New Dark fate trailer looks sick.

  19. Shark Tooth

    If you lift iron, you need Wayne and the boys on playlist. Adrenaline. RIP X

  20. Mafaman

    We're losing our minds without you Wayne.

  21. Bill Doody

    Still badass

  22. Sentanyl3

    Damn I love that dissonant main riff sooo much. And Wayne Static's vocals are at their absolute peak here, when he goes "it's BLACK AND WHITE!" has always been so satisfying to me. Sick video on top of everything too. Miss him so much, these guys were a huge part of my younger years

    Frank Zumbado

    Man You have reason the sound the riff is amazing

    Frank Zumbado

    When say Black and White is pure energy

  23. Дмитрий Митин

    The angggry parody of Soulfly

  24. Harvey Tinseltin

    Not My Coat though, It has Many Colors, Tecno Colors! Like my Shadow!

  25. Harvey Tinseltin

    Don't give me no Static Boy.

  26. Mind and Spirit

    Coming from a guy that only knew only "push it", the rest of his songs are freaking just a good if not better now that I'm looking into them. Great music.

  27. David Gardner

    Excellent song and Video 🥁👍🏻

  28. frikendo09 /ayrton sena

    Their best song.

  29. MadHatter1337

    Xer0 better study the hell out of these videos... Big hair and big shoes to fill 🤘🏻 we miss you Wayne!

    Located In Nothing

    Wayne is unique, but Xer0 is doing a pretty good job. Still no one can replace Wayne Static (True Legend). If they decide to continue with Xer0 with some new music in the future, I will support them, but I think they should change the name of the band. What they are doing now is fantastic, but for me Static-X without Wayne isn't Static-X.


    Located In Nothing I agree 100% from what I’ve seen Xer0 is doing Wayne justice. I was fortunate enough to see Wayne on his last tour. It wasn’t under the Static-X name but it was easily one of the best shows I had ever seen!

  30. Mr.SoloDolo

    Possibly my favorite static x song. RIP Wayne there will never be another like you.

    Bill Doody

    What mr solo said

  31. Charlotte Taylor

    The good old days of mtv 2

  32. Jose Cerato

    Static X buenisima la cancion son unos crack Viva el Rock chicos 👌🤘👹👍😈☻

  33. Medaroz Carmine null


  34. Dániel Papp

    greatest song on planet bildÁr

  35. jesseFNjames

    Anyone else think this was a Korn song the first 20 seconds?

  36. Lemonchino Reviews

    Miss you Wayne :(

  37. Kelvin Maynard

    Miss you bruh never will forget you RIP 🥀

  38. Richard Jackson

    2019 still awesome!

  39. Bones ss

    This is how the t-1000 should look !

  40. Kerruko Kerk

    Hi 2019

  41. Wite Bizkit

    1 of a kind voice. ❤️

  42. Aeirial echols

    Psalms 83 lamentation 4

  43. John Koepke

    I feel like lots of there songs are about pushing off.

  44. Simon Broberg

    Didn't live long, but, did something when he was here.

  45. Nelsonba Win

    Asuma is a Metal Head

  46. NM Rc

    2019 😏

  47. TheRetronator

    This was their best live song ever. So crushing \../..\../

  48. Highlander

    Love this track. Bloody love the guitarist wearing a Manowar top as well. Hail and Kill. RIP Wayne.

  49. James Fehr

    My brother recorded a bunch of metal videos in vhs while he was in the states and push it was one of them and machine was the first album I ever purchased with my own money... so great.

  50. Sub Zero

    My youngest goes "I want to listen to the Black & White song." Proof that Wayne Static was and still is a legend.

  51. Fromaggio

    A real loss, at least the music lives on.


    R.I.P. Wayne Static

  53. Heber Banegas

    aca esta el comentario que buscabas en español ..¡¡¡ puta que años de oro del metal ¡¡¡

  54. TheGuitNewb87

    Static-X is one of those bands that they make the exception to sell to synths.

  55. #AshWave

    Going to see them in June in S. Carolina with Devil Driver and Dope. Sick! Gonna be a blast.

  56. Lindsay Wheatcroft

    *Won’t you take me to*

  57. Dinorex Vasquez

    Me quiero suciedar esta puta vida apesta

  58. naywahn

    I remembered this coming on "Extreme Rock", on MTV2 back then at 1am. I thought this video was, for some reason, the coolest video that I'd ever seen. Now I know why, this looks like it was made last year...

  59. BeheMotors

    Manowar Battle Hymns! :-D


    BeheMotors I noticed that too. So awesome.

  60. black stone

    i remember john john y the father?

  61. TheRandom BlackGuy

    After 9 years, I still don’t understand why this song doesn’t have the most views. This is hands down my fave band and song ever. RIP Static Wayne.

  62. Phillip Navarro

    You've always had balls Sabrina good job and of course your Nino loves you kid

  63. Abhinav Sharma

    I had literally become a fanboy of Static X in my school days especially after listening to their song "The Only"...they still are my favourite...

  64. Newland 1978

    Ahhhhh Sporting the three stranded beard during Machine ! Good how I miss new music from these guys! I still jam all of there releases daily! R.I.P Wayne

  65. wild,cat T

    Just in case you didn't know it's black and white stingray

  66. zJ xFrisky Bro

    Ohh the kerrang and Scuzz days

  67. Jim Sinister



  68. A Palmer

    2001? This song is fucking light years ahead of its time

  69. LordPain254

    Man i haven't heard these guys in so long.

  70. Perfect Stranger


  71. Salih A. Hassan

    I love the song of static X
    But I miss Wayne static

  72. Liberalistische Endphase

    this song would be perfect for a kitkat commercial

  73. Jacob Watkins

    Imagine how amazing Wayne's music videos would have been with modern editing...

  74. rotting in vain

    Fuck yes.

  75. Dan Stone

    Obviously anyone called Wayne is a turd burgler

  76. максим кожухов

    so fucking underrated song

  77. Facundo Vallejo

    it's missed Wayne

  78. D. Cantu

    Trip Eisen wearing a Manowar shirt... Irony.

  79. Edvinas Kalambetas

    R.I.P bro... great stuff

  80. Sarah

    One of the best times I have seen them in concert, they fucking slayed! And the bassist had a shirt on saying "Can I have a hug?" <3

  81. LadyScarface Angel

    I’m so glad I got to meet him before he died. I made it to one show in Atlanta back in 2005. I almost got signatures of the whole band. Only lacked the drummer’s b/c we couldn’t find him after the show. Wayne was just hanging out with everyone around back & my hubby & I ran into him. He shot the shit with us for a little while. Really cool guy! He didn’t act annoyed or in a hurry. RIP

  82. Mero

    Korn style

    Jacks Of All Trades

    Mero no....

  83. ZhekaCherkasoV

    sound like korn

  84. Vinny Gonzales

    idk y but this kinda sounds like panteras avoid the light.

  85. Mi Scusi

    This song is so simple yet so powerful. RIP Wayne.

  86. Isaac Westawski

    100% of comments:
    R.I.P. wayne.

    But tbh rip. My fave band is and always will be static x.

  87. Marilyn Ruiz

    My own world!

  88. Claudia Giselle Cesena

    (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ) Wayne ❤️

  89. tony campos


  90. Citrusflames 1

    R.I.P Wayne being in 2018 doesn't help the fact that we lost one of the most unique artist out there may your spirit fly head bangers for life

  91. Charlie Doktor

    Best VIDEO! :)

  92. дмитрий е%иванов


  93. Grand Old Soul

    this one is for the feminists

  94. Laryssa Castellanoz


  95. Laryssa Castellanoz

    Yaaaaas roboooots

  96. Martin Inoasantiago

    Siempre te recordare wayner static

  97. Arnaldo Bianchini

    it was a trio?!?